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                                                                                   Chapter 49

When Jesus had spoken, Matthew came forward and said: "My Lord, your spirit has stirred in me and your light has made me wise to proclaim this eighth repentance of Pistis Sophia, for your power has prophesied about it long ago, through of David, in his Psalm thirty, saying ”:

(Matthew, according to science, always says terribly divine things.)

(Certainly, Matthew is the Apostle of Pure Science.)

(Matthew's gospel gives all the scientific data to recognize the end times.)

(The important thing for us is our own Matthew, the inner Matthew.)

(Unquestionably, Matthew is one of the twelve parts of our own individual Being.)

(Pure Science is known and taught by Matthew.)

(The Intimate Christ teaches Matthew.)

(The Light of the Lord illuminates Matthew.)

(The wisdom of the Intimate Christ enlightens Matthew.)

(Matthew quotes Psalm thirty.)

                            Matthew interprets the eighth repentance according to Psalm XXX.


- In you, Oh! Lord, I have trusted. Let him never be exposed to ignominy. Save me according to your justice.


- Tilt your ear towards me; save me promptly.


- Well, you are my support and my refuge. By your name, you will guide me and feed me.


- And you will get me out of this network that they have secretly laid out for me, because you are my protection.


- In your hands I will put my spirit, you have redeemed me, Oh! Lord God really.


- You have hated those who cling to vanity; But I have trusted.


- And I will rejoice in my Lord and rejoice in his grace. For you have seen my humility and have freed my soul from its needs.


- And you have not thrown me into the hands of my enemies; You have set me up in an open space.


- Be kind to me, Oh! Lord, for I am afflicted; My eyes are disturbed with anger and my soul and my body.


- My years have been wasted in sorrows and my life is lost in sighs. My power weakens in my misery and my bones are separated.


- I have become the mockery of all my enemies and my fellow men. I have become a problem for my friends and those who see me move away from me.


- In your hearts I remain forgotten as a corpse and I have become like a ship in ruins.


- Well, I've heard the mockery of many around me and who, grouping against me, are advised to snatch my soul.

- But I have trusted you, Oh! Lord, and I said: You are my God.


- My destiny is in your hands. Save me from the hands of my enemies and deliver me from my persecutors.


- Reveal your face to your serf and set me free according to your grace, Oh! Sir.


- Do not let him be put to shame, for I have called you. Let the wicked be put to shame and returned to hell.


- Let the lips of hypocrites be silent; those lips that speak wickedly against the righteous with pride and mockery. "

(The Lord can save us according to his justice.)

(Doing Justice in us is the transcendental.)

(The energy of the Universal Spirit has its representation in the flaming sword and the latter corresponds to the sun.)

(The balance, in and of itself, indicates the need for weights and proportions.)

(In Alchemy, the open book has an extraordinary sense.)

(The meaning of the open book, characterized by the radical solution of the metallic body, which abandons its impurities and gives up its sulfur, is profoundly significant.)

(Closed book is the general symbol of all gross bodies, minerals or metals, as nature provides them to us or human industry delivers them to commerce.)

(The rough Quicksilver, that is, the Sacred Sperm not yet worked, is a closed book. We need to open that book.)

(From another angle, the open book is the Book of the Law of Justice.)

(Justice, Lion, Balance and Sword, are closely associated.)

(The robe of Ermine that Justice wears is embroidered with roses and pearls.)

(The Goddess of Justice has her forehead girdled by an oral crown.)

(The sword of Justice has a knob adorned with a radiant sun.)

(The peplum dress, which covered it completely, has slipped along the body, and retained by the protrusion of the arm bends in its lower part.)

(Justice within us is a self-conscious part of Being.)

(Justice within us must be self-realized intimately.)

(Minerva, daughter of Jupiter, within us and as an autonomous and self-conscious part of Being, is the cardinal virtue of Justice.)

(Minerva is also Divine Wisdom and full knowledge of all things.)

(Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom and Lady of Justice, is the flower of the Great Work, the Mystic Rose.)

(Justice is a Virgin with the golden crown, white robe and purple cloak.)

(The Goddess of Justice has a rich jewel on her chest.)

(The Goddess of Justice rests her left foot on a cubic stone.)


(In any case, we need to intimately realize the Goddess of Justice within ourselves.)

(The Christ - our Lord, within ourselves, can save us according to Justice.)


(In no way could we intimately realize Minerva within ourselves if we did not go through Buddhist Annihilation before.)

(The Intimate Lord is our Protector God.)

(We must annihilate the psychic aggregates and take refuge in the Lord.)

(The Lord can take us out of the ruthless web tended by the secret enemy.)

(In the hands of the Intimate Christ we must put our spirit.)

(The Lord rejects those who cling to vanity.)

(The Lord helps those who struggle to disintegrate the psychic aggregates of vanity.)

(In no way would it be possible to maintain correct relations with the Intimate Lord and with all independent and self-conscious parts of the Self if we do not annihilate all the psychic aggregates of vanity before.)

(Vanity destroys the possibilities of enlightenment.)

(Grandiose is the enlightenment, but this is only possible by annihilating the psychic aggregates of vanity.)

(Enlightenment is a grace of the Lord.)

(Only the humble can receive enlightenment by the grace of the Lord.)

(Those who have not annihilated the psychic aggregates of pride could in no way reach enlightenment.)

(The Lord never throws us into the hands of our inner enemies.)

(One is amazed at the madness of anger, the eyes of the angry reveal total dementia.)

(Very devout people inside his temple, seemingly very simple, become frightening during the rage attacks.)

(People who study our teachings, some even dedicated to the dissolution of the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry inside, suddenly, full of great anger, tear their garments, thunder and flash.)

(Multiple are the psychic aggregates of anger, there are those of jealousy, or of hatred, or for any frustrated desire, or for selfish monetary reasons, or for matters of lawsuits, or for terror, or for, mind, body and language moods, etc., etc., etc.)

(One must observe oneself during an attack of anger to really specify what kind of anger is invading us at any given time.)

(Sometimes anger is due to self-love or hurt vanity.)

(Sometimes anger is due to hurt pride.)

(Anger is associated with many psychic aggregates.)

(The wrathful fails in the Great Work of the Father.)

(The Kundalini ray must be directed against any psychic aggregate of anger, to pierce it and disintegrate it atomically.)


(Those who do not work on themselves waste their lives in sadness or in vain pleasures that only leave disappointment and their life is lost in sighs.)

(Those who do not work on themselves, here and now, become increasingly incapable, and their inner enemies, Seth's red demons, alive personification of their psychological defects, make fun of them.)

(Those who do not work on themselves, are not only full of problems but also and what is worse, they are a problem for the different independent parts of the Being.)

(Every person who has an ego, hinders everywhere, hurts, harms himself and harms others.)


(Whoever has an ego is a problem for himself and his friends.)

(Anyone with an ego is like a ship in ruins, sailing through the ocean of life carrying their misery.)

(We must work on ourselves and surrender our spirit to the Inner God.)


(The Intimate Christ departs from vanity.)

(Vanity is charlatan by nature and when it is wounded it thunders with great anger.)

(Many are the Saints who have clothed themselves with the clothing of vanity.)

(Aristipo dressed in an old robe full of patches and holes, held the staff of philosophy and went through the streets of Athens, when Socrates saw him coming, he exclaimed: "O Aristipo! Your vanity is seen through the holes of your garment. ")


(Vanity and pride are often associated dangerously.)

(A rich person would buy a car from the beginning of the last century to have it in his house, such a whim for pure pride; but for vanity he would prefer a brand-new car to ride the city streets.)

(Many things that we would accept by vanity, we would reject it by pride.)

(Anger, pride and vanity prevent the right intimate relationships with the various independent parts of the Being.)

(Our inner enemies, Seth's red demons, are advising each other to snatch our Soul.)

(What would be the use of conquering all the kingdoms of the world if we lose the Soul?)

(The Soul are Laws, Forces, Divine Virtues, Powers, etc.)

(He loses his Soul who does not crystallize it in himself.)

(We have already said that if the water does not boil at one hundred degrees, it does not dissolve what must dissolve and does not crystallize what must crystallize.)

(Likewise, if we do not go through great emotional crises, the psychic aggregates do not dissolve and neither do we crystallize Soul.)

(We repeat that we need to crystallize Soul.)

(Every time a psychic aggregate disintegrates, we crystallize some virtue or some power or some law, etc.)

(Thus we will crystallize the entire Soul, so we will possess our Soul.)

(Even the body itself must become Soul.)

(Whoever loses his Soul descends into the Hell Worlds.)


(We must work on themselves and trust in our Intimate God.)

(Our Inner God can save us from our inner enemies.)

(The Lord can show his face to his serf if the latter is working on himself.)

(The Lord can save us according to his grace.)

(The wicked will be put to shame and put into the Hell-worlds. The wicked are Seth's red demons.)


(The lips of hypocrites speak against those who have performed the Goddess of Justice within themselves.)

(Hypocrites believe they are saints and speak against the Alchemists who have performed Minerva within themselves.)

(Hypocrites believe they are saints and speak what they don't know.)

(Hypocrites slander the Adept who gets a Hermetic Vessel for his lab work.)

(The hypocritical Pharisees tear their garments and thunder and flash at what they do not know.)

(They hypocrites believe who know and don't even know they don't know.)

(The hypocritical Pharisees of today, yesterday and all time, dare to slander and judge even the White Lodge Masters themselves.)

(Bleached graves are the hypocrites, perverse generation of vipers.)

(Hypocrites put their nose where they shouldn't and judge what they think they know but don't really know.)

(Is it a crime to get an airtight glass when you do not have such glass?.)

(What do the hypocritical Pharisees know about the intimate life of the Sages?)

(However, the Pharisees dare to attack the Adepts of the Great Work.)

(Never did any Pharisee think he was wrong.)

(The Pharisees hate Christ and reproach him every time he comes to Earth.)

(The Pharisees will rise and  the Pharisees will rise up in rebellion, against the Lord who comes to teach them.)

(The Pharisees, believing themselves wise, judge the Christ and throw stones at him.)

(The most serious is the ingratitude of the Pharisees, they attack the Christ with the very words and teachings they learn from the Lord.)


(They use the words of the Lord to attack the Lord.)

(How absurd it is to judge by appearances and throw stones at the Christ.)

(Horrible Karma will fall on the hypocritical Pharisees.)

(The hypocritical Pharisees get into involution state in the submerged mineral kingdom of the Hell Worlds.)


(The second death and the burning lake of fire and brimstone await the hypocritical Pharisees.)

(The Pharisee ego exists within each person. Woe to those who do not dissolve the Pharisee ego! )


(Even the most virtuous men and women can fall into the abyss of perdition if they do not disintegrate the Pharisee ego.)



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