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                                                                                     Chapter 32

And Pistis Sophia cried to the excess and shouted in the light of the lights, which she had seen from the beginning, in which she had had faith, and expressed her repentance, thus saying:

(Pistis Sophia shouts at the Light of the lights and cries out loudly.)

(Sophia, turned into intellectualism, is no longer Sophia, and as a consequence bad thoughts arise.)

                                                                              Sophia's first regret.

  1. -Oh! Light of lights, in whom I have had faith from the beginning; listen to me now, oh! Light, in my regret! Save me! Oh! Light, well, bad thoughts have entered into me!

  2. -Look, Oh! Light, towards the lower parts; I saw a light there and thought: I will go to that region, so that I can take that light. And I went and found myself in the darkness, which is in the chaos below, and I could not hurry back to my region because all the emanations of Obstinate were painfully seized and the lion-faced power took away my light.

  3. - And I screamed for help, but my voice did not come out of darkness. And I looked up so that the light in which I had had faith helped me.

  4. - And when I looked up, I saw all the aldermen of the Aeons, and as in their numbers they looked down and rejoiced at my expense, even though I had not done them wrong; but they hated me without cause. And when the emanations of Obstinate saw the aldermen of the Aeons rejoice over my cause, they knew that the aldermen of the Aeons would not come to my aid; so those emanations were encouraged and oppressed me painfully, violently, and the light that I did not take from them, they took from me.

  5. - Now and therefore, Oh! Light of Truth, you know that I did this in innocence, thinking that the power of light with the face of a lion belonged to you; and the sin that I have committed is open before you.

  6. - Do not let me miss my light, Oh! Lord, for I have had faith in your light from the beginning; Oh! Lord, Oh! Lord of powers, may I no longer suffer for lack of my light!

  7. - Well, for having induced me and for the love of your light I have fallen into this oppression, and I am covered with shame.

  8. - And because of the illusion of your light I have become a stranger to my family, and to the great emanations of Barbelos.

  9. - This has happened to me, Oh! Light, for being jealous of your dwelling; and the wrath of Obstinate has fallen on me, from him, who has not heard your command to emanate from the emanation of his power, because I was in his Aeon without fulfilling his mystery.

  10. - And all the aldermen of the Aeons mocked me.

  11. - And I was in that region, lamenting myself and looking for the light that I had seen in the height.

  12. - And the guardians of the doors of the Aeons searched for me and all those who remained in their mystery mocked me

13. - But I looked up to you and had faith in you. Now, and therefore, Oh! Light of lights, I find myself painfully oppressed in the darkness of chaos. If now you want to save me, - great is your mercy - listen to me then really save me.

  1. - Get me out of the matter of this darkness! May I not immerse myself in it, may I be saved from the emanations of the Obstinate god who has oppressed me, and from his evil actions!

  2. - Do not let me immerse yourself in this darkness and do not let the lion-faced power completely devour all my power ... and do not allow this chaos to shroud my power!

  3. - Listen to me, Oh! Light, for your grace is precious, and look at me, below, according to the great mercy of your light!

  4. - Do not turn your face, because I am extremely tormented.

  5. - Hurry up, listen to me and save my power!


  1. - Save me from the aldermen who hate me, for you know of my painful oppression and my torment, and the torment of my power that they have taken from me. They, who have placed me in all this evil, are before you; Treat them according to your desire.

  2. - My power looked forward from the middle of the chaos and from the middle of the darkness and I waited for my pair, the one who should come and fight for me, but who did not come; but that did not come; The one I looked for to come and lend me power, but I didn't find it

  3. - And when I looked for the light, they gave me darkness; and when I looked for my power, they gave me matter...

  4. - Now and therefore, Oh! Light of the lights, that the darkness and the matter that the Emanations of Obstinate have brought me, go to them in stalking, and that they be trapped there and punished, and that they be stumbled and not return to the region of their Obstinate.

  5. - That they remain in darkness and do not look at the light; Let them look at the chaos forever and not be allowed to look up.

  6. - Let their revenge fall on them and may your judgment remain in them!

  7. - That they do not come forward to their region, to their Obstinate god, and that their emanations do not come forward to their regions; for his god is impious and obstinate and who has thought that he did this evil for himself, without knowing that, had I not been brought under according to your command, he would not have had any authority over me.

  8. - But when you, by mandate, brought me down, they persecuted me more and their emanations added grief to my humiliation...

  9. - And they took away the power of light and fell against me, pressing me to the pain in order to take away all the light that was in me. That is why they have placed me that they do not ascend to the thirteenth Aeon, the region of Justice.

  10. - And that they are not considered in the batch of those who purify themselves and the light, and that they are not considered among those who will soon repent and soon receive mysteries in the light.

  11. - For they have taken my light and my power has begun to cease in me and I have been removed from my light.

  12. - Now and therefore, Oh! Light, that you are in you and in me I sing praises to your name, Oh! Light, glorifying you.

  13. - That my song of praise be to your liking, Oh! Light, as an excellent mystery that guides the gates of the Light, which those who will repent will pronounce, and whom the Light will purify.

  14. - Now and therefore, that all matters rejoice; May all light seek you, and may the power of the stars that is in you endure.

  15. - For the Light has heard the matters and will not leave anyone without having purified them.

  16. - That souls and matters praise the Lord of all Aeons, and may matters and everything in them praise him.

  17. - For God will save them the soul of all matters and a city will be prepared in the Light and all the souls that are saved will inhabit that city and inherit it.

  18. - And the soul of those who will receive mysteries will inhabit that region and those who have received mysteries in their name will dwell in it.


(The Obstinate and the lion face power absorbing Sophia's reflection.)

(Sophia finds herself in the dark.)

(Sophia, from the darkness, asks for help.)

(Sophia, in darkness suffers the unspeakable.)

(The Aeons aldermen resent Sophia when she changes places.)

(Sophia travels, she can be in Aeon Thirteen or in Chaos, or wherever.)

(Sophia, Wisdom, deep down is a concrete result, a symbiosis of the mixture of light with darkness.)

(Logos' descent into matter becomes dialectically understandable through the Cosmic Drama.)

(The immersion of the Spirit in matter is explained dialectically with the life, passion, death and resurrection of Christ in us.)

(Sophia is the result of the descent of the Logos to Chaos.)

(The power of light with the face of a lion, that is, the triple lower power: Mind, Desire and Sexual Degeneration, have nothing to do with That which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind, with that which is the truth.)

(The great emanations of Barbelos, the abode of Light, can never be understood by intellectual light.)

(The uncreated Light is as different from the intellect as water to oil.)

(When the Initiate drops, he can no longer enjoy the emanations of "Barbelos".)

(There are those who jealous of the abode of Barbelos, fall into darkness, where there is crying and gnashing of teeth.)

(The Obstinate ego never obeys and always emanates from itself what it should never emanate.)

(The Aeons aldermen mock the intellectualism that is confused with Sophia at first glance.)

(The Initiate, in the lower regions, laments and seeks the Light he has seen in the heights.)

(The Guardians of the doors of the Aeons want to give way to the Initiate, but seeing him so alive, they understand that he is not yet ready.)

(In the sexual Chaos, in the raw quicksilver, is Sophia.)

(We need to free Sophia from the darkness of Chaos.)

(This is possible by transmuting the Sacred Sperm into creative Energy.)

(There are two Chaos, of the Macrocosmos and of the Microcosmos.)

(The Chaos of the Microcosm is found in our sexual organs.)

(In the Chaos of Creation, the elements and principles, the darkness and the light, are confused, intermingled and unable to react on each other.)

(This is why many artists have painted Chaos under the figure of the World, which contains in itself the materials of our Hermetic Globe.)

(From Chaos comes the Cosmos and from Darkness the Light.)

(In no way could Cosmos and Light sprout in the Macrocosm or the Microcosm without the help of Pistis Sophia.)

(However, Sophia wants to ascend to Aeon Thirteen.)

(In the intellectual animal, subjective reason is a kind of inferior Chaos where disorder reigns.)

(Obviously, the chaotic disorder of subjective reason also catches Sophia completely altering her.)

(Sophia aspires to Aeon Thirteen, Sophia doesn't want to be in darkness.)

(Sophia expects the Grace of the uncreated Light to come to his aid.)

(Sophia wants the Light to turn her face towards her as she suffers among the Chaos.)

(Sophia wants the Light to save her luminous power.)

(The Archons protest Sophia, long for her and sometimes see themselves without her.)


(However, the Aldermen know that Sophia must illuminate the Chaos.)

(What would happen to the Aldermen? What would happen to us if Pistis Sophia did not enter Chaos?)

(How could we perform the "Great Work" without Pistis Sophia?)

(Chaos also needs his Pistis Sophia.)

(The Aldermen need Sophia in Chaos to be able to perform the Great Work within themselves.)

(The Essence, by itself, within each of us, could never perform the entire Great Work.)

(It is necessary that the aldermen, that is, the various self-conscious and independent parts of our own Being, work intensively in the Great Work.)

(Only in this way, working all the parts of the Being, can we reach the Intimate Self-realization.)

(The upper part of the Being must help man intensively, because if it does not help him, the latter fails, and if the man fails, the upper part or the upper parts also fail.)

(The initiate looks upwards enlightened by Sophia, observes from Chaos and from the midst of darkness, and waits with infinite longing for his peer, his Walkiria, his Soul Spirit, however, he suffers because it still does not come.)

(The Walkiria, the beautiful Helen, the Buddhi, is like a fine and transparent alabaster glass through which the Pragna Flame burns.)

(Integrating with the Walkiria, totally marrying the beautiful Helen, is only possible through the Resurrection.)

(Unquestionably, all the Christ Principles are contained in the Buddhi.)

(When the Causal Man integrates with Buddhi, it becomes Resurrected.)

(Man, as a whole, becomes enlightened with all that integration.)


(But, how difficult it is to achieve such integration.)

(In no way would such integration be possible without the prior elimination of the psychic aggregates that we carry inside.)

(The Causal Man is the true Man and the beautiful Helen, his real Wife.)

(The mental, astral bodies, and the physical vehicle with its vital seat, are only their garments.)

(Doctor Fausto, a doctor, charming and magician, was married to his couple, that is, to the beautiful Helen of Troy.)

(Once, Fausto made the beautiful Helen visible and tangible before a group of young students who were amazed by such beauty.)

(The Initiate, drunk by Sophia, seeks light and receives darkness, wants Power and receives matter, the aldermen punish him for his good.)

(However, the Archons also suffer the effects of Karma.)

(The aldermen, working in Chaos, suffer the unspeakable, would like to ascend and cry.)

(Obviously, it is necessary to work in Chaos to have the right to rise to the Light.)

(Every ascent is preceded by a descent, all exaltation is preceded by a terrible and frightening humiliation.)

(The Obstinate God, the earthly man with the animal ego inside, is always impious and perverse.)

(Sophia does not want the Obstinate god to be visited by the aldermen.)

(Sophia well knows what the ego, the Obstinate, is capable of feeling Lord of all.)

(The ego feels authoritatively over Pistis Sophia.)

(The Obstinate ego thinks that everything that happens to Pistis Sophia is by his power, by his authority.)

(The Obstinate is the triple lower power dominated by the ego.)

(The ego is, in itself, something plural, sum of multiple inhuman psychic aggregates, alive personification of the psychological defects that we carry inside.)

(Pistis Sophia goes down to Chaos by order of the Father of all lights, and by order of Obstinate )

(Pistis Sophia, adulterated and absorbed by the rascals of the intellect, turned into intellectualism, is the calamity of this age of Kali- Yuga.)

(Now Kalkiane personalities of this Iron Age abound.)

(However, the wicked believe that they have in their degenerated brains all the wisdom of Pistis Sophia.)

(It is those perverse of intellectualism, precisely those who oppose the rise of Pistis Sophia.)

(The rascals of the intellect do not want anything with real Spirituality.)

(The rascals of the mind do not want the rise of Pistis Sophia to Aeon Thirteen.)


(In no way should we forget that Aeon Thirteen is the region of Cosmic Justice)

(Obviously, mere intellectual functionalism cannot purify anyone. It is necessary, first of all, to go through great emotional crises.)

(If the water does not boil at one hundred degrees, it does not disintegrate what must be disintegrated and does not crystallize what must crystallize.)

(The disintegration of any psychic aggregate is only possible based on conscious work and voluntary suffering.)

(The Mysteries of the Light are only possible for those who have disintegrated within themselves the undesirable psychic elements that we carry within ourselves.)

(Sophia, destitute of her light, is the intellectualism of the obstinate ego, the antichrist.)

(Sophia sings praises to the Verb of Light.)

(The Light purifies those who truly repent of their mistakes.)

(Every time an undesirable psychic element disintegrates within us, a luminous power crystallizes in our personality.)

(This is how the luminous Soul crystallizes in us.)

(May the Power of the Stars last in each Initiate, it is our greatest desire.)

(The luminous Beings and the luminous Being, within us, wants to purify us.)

(Purification is only possible by disintegrating the undesirable psychic elements of our psyche.)

(It would never be possible to disintegrate the undesirable elements of the psyche, without the direct help of Stella Maris.)

(Stella Maris is the Virgin of the Sea, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers.)

(Stella Maris is a variant of our own Being.)

(Stella Maris is our own Being, but derived.)

(The Light wants to purify all beings and people.)

(The Light hears the prayer of all beings and people.)

(May people and souls praise the Lord of all Aeons, the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, is our desire.)

(God will free the Soul from all matter and the city of Heliopolis will open its doors so that the Perfect ones enter through them.)

(They will inhabit that City and inherit it.)

(That is the New Jerusalem of the Apocalypse of St. John.)

(The Initiates will live in the city of Heliopolis, in the luminous regions of the Great Light.)

(However, it is worth noting that only those who have done the Great Work can live in the city of Heliopolis.)







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