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                                                                                     Chapter 31

                                     Sophia takes the lion-faced power of Obstinate by true light.

Then she looked down and saw her (of him) light in the lower parts; and he did not know that the light was of Obstinate, the triple - Powerful, but he thought that it came from the light that he had seen from the beginning in the height, which came from the veil of the Treasure of Light. And he thought to himself: I will go to that region without my pair and I will take the light and then I will model Aeons of light, so that I can go to the light of the lights, which is high above.

(The triple powerful, obstinate and earthly, has its own intellection and it is easy to confuse the light of the intellect with the Light that comes from the Treasure of Light.)

(The intellect, even feels very capable of stealing the Light of the Great Treasure to model Aeons of light or geniuses, and sequentially, reach the power that allows it to reach the Light of the Lights that is High on the heights.)

(We must make a clear differentiation between Sophia and the subjective reason of the intellectual mammal mistakenly called Man.)

(It is better to think with Objective Reason, but for that, we must know the three existing minds.)

(The first is the sensual Mind.)

(The second is the intermediate Mind.)

(The third is the Inner Mind.)

(The first Mind elaborates its content concepts through the data obtained with the senses of external sensory perception, therefore, nothing can know about the Real.)

(The second Mind is the repository of religious beliefs.)

(The third Mind only works with the data of the Awakened Consciousness.)

(In the first Mind it is the leaven of materialistic and incredulous Sadducees.)

(In the second Mind is the leaven of the hypocritical Pharisees who do not work on themselves.)

(In the third Mind is Sophia, the divine Wisdom based on the living and direct experience of That which is not of time.)

(Jesus, the great Kabir, warns us by saying: "Beware of the leaven of the Sadducees and the Pharisees.")

(The materialistic doctrines of the Sadducees always revolve within the vicious circle of external sensory perceptions, therefore, nothing can know about That which is the Real, about That which is beyond time.)

(Obviously, the Truth is beyond the body, the affections and the mind.)

(The materialistic and incredulous Sadducean fans are born in time and lost in time, they do not know the Real.)

(The hypocritical Pharisees believe but know nothing about That which is beyond time.)

(Only Pistis Sophia knows from direct mystical experience, but she only relates to the Inner Mind.)

(Real experience of That which is the Truth is only possible with Pistis Sophia.)

(However, it is only possible to open the Inner Mind and the advent of Sophia by awakening Consciousness.)

(Pistis Sophia is manifest experience as Objective Reason of Being.)

(The inner Mind could never function as an Objective Reason without having previously passed through the Buddhist Annihilation.)


(Without radical death, the absolute Resurrection of Being is more than impossible.)

(If you do not die your Consciousness will not be resurrected.)

(Only the Resurrection of Being makes possible the awakening of Consciousness, the opening of the Inner Mind and the advent of Sophia.)

(Sophia, Objective Reason of Being, Awake Consciousness.)

(Pistis Sophia with full functionalism in the Objective Reason of Being.)

(In Gnostic Christic esotericism six degrees of the Objective Reason of the conscious Being are always cited.)

(The degrees of development of the Objective Reason of Being are known by the number of tridents that shine on the in Lucifer's horns of individual each of us.)

(Obviously, the individual Lucifer of each of us is a reflection of the Logos within us, that's why it is called Christus-Lucifer.)

(Lucifer gives us the sexual impulse, Lucifer is, therefore, ladder to climb and ladder to go down.)

(Beating Lucifer, we climb, we ascend.)

(Lucifer, integrated with us, makes us Archangels.)

(When the Fourth Trident appears on the horns, the Objective Reason of the Being has been perfected until the sacred Ternoonald, and therefore, only two gradations are missing before attaining the Anklad degree.)

(The reason for the sacred "Anklad" is the most transcendental and luminous that a being can achieve, and corresponds to the Third Degree in relation to the absolute reason of the infinity that sustains everything.)

(The reason for the sacred Podkoolad is the last graduation before the sacred Anklad.)


(The Fifth trident on the horns indicates the degree of the sacred Podkoolad.)

(The Sixth Trident on the horns indicates the degree of the sacred Anklad.)

(It is necessary to know the Taurine Mysteries so as not to be alarmed with the luminous horns of Christus-Lucifer within each one of us.)

(Recall the Silver Horns of the great Hierophants.)

(The horns of demons with the fatal antithesis of the horns of light.)

(With each bad action grow the horns of the dark ones.)

(So let's not confuse the horns of demons with the luminous horns of Christus-Lucifer.)

(The triple powerful, mind, desire and s**, in degeneration, has nothing to do with the degrees of the Objective Reason of Being.)

(The intellectual animal knows nothing about Pistis Sophia.)

                                        She descended to the twelve Aeons and therefore to chaos.

Thinking like this, he left his own region, that of the thirteenth Aeon, and went down to that of the twelve Aeons. The Aeons aldermen pursued her and were enraged against her for having thought of greatness. And she also left the region of the twelve Aeons and entered the regions of chaos and approached that light lion-faced power, which would devour her.

(Sophia, leaving the Thirteenth Aeon, is something tremendous that invites us to the evident self-reflection of Being.)

(The Thirteenth Aeon, "13 Serpent," is frighteningly divine.)

(In the crown of the snake woman "13", it is the shape of the cross of St. Andrew.)

(Mercury and Sulfur, crossing and crossing each other, through the Great Work, lead us to Aeon "13".)


(The metallic soul of the sacred sperm is the Mercury.)

(Unquestionably, the Mercury of the Wise must be fertilized by Sulfur, that is, by Fire.)

(Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, must ascend through the spinal medullary canal, awakening in the human being all the powers that divinize.)

(Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, are the Vitriol of the Wise.)

(Only by multiplying the Vitriol is gold obtained for the superior existential bodies of Being.)

(The spirit of gold is in the Sacred Sperm.)

(Antimony is a part of Being, the Great Alchemist who fixes gold in the superior existential bodies of Being.)

(The golden bodies, penetrating and blend mutually each other without being confused, constitute the "TO SOMA HELIAKON", the golden body of the Solar Man.)

(The Intimate Christ, clad in this metallic gold wrap, is the Philosopher's Stone.)

(Whoever owns the Philosopher's Stone, the Red Carbuncle, can reach Aeon Thirteen by marrying Pistis Sophia.)

(Woman-snake, numeral thirteen, indicates supreme death and supreme liberation.)


(Pistis Sophia goes down to twelve Aeons when she considers it indispensable.)

(In no way do the Archons of the Aeons, who are within ourselves, like to run out of Sophia.)

(The Aeons Regents feel they are without Sophia when it rises to Aeon Thirteen.)

(Sophia can also penetrate the Chaos. Since Pistis Sophia in the background is Logoic, she can penetrate the Chaos.)

(We well know that "The Great Abyss" of the eternal waters is between Binah and Chesed, this is known by any Kabbalist who consults the Tree of Life.)

(The Divine Ray and Chaos, Pistis Sophia and the great Abyss, united, shine with pleasure.)

(Chaos, getting meaning through this union with the Spirit, sparkles deliciously.)

(When Sophia as Divine Spirit is associated with Chaos, the Protogonos rises, the firstborn light.)

(The Logoic Ray, impregnated by Sophia, makes the waters of life fruitful for the universe to emerge.)

(Marah, Mary, the Eternal Mother Space, is fertilized by the Logos.)

(Marah, Mary, conceives the Universe in the Aurora of Creation.)

(Marah, Mary, Chaos, is the Great Ocean.)

(Marah, Mary as the Divine Mother of the Adept, is Stella Maris, the "Virgin of the Sea", Devi Kundalini.)

(Marah, Mary, cries at the foot of the cross with her heart pierced by seven daggers.)

(The Virgin of the Sea is the wife of the Holy Spirit.)

("As it is above it is below"; within us Sophia must also descend to Chaos.)

(The sexual Force, the creative Energy, the Holy Spirit, must fertilize the chaotic waters, the Sacred Sperm, for the Solar Man to emerge, here and now.)

(Sophia must go down to work in the Chaos of our Being for life to arise, you know that.)

(The power of light with the face of a lion absorbs divine Wisdom.)

                                                                 The emanations of Obstinate.

All the material emanations of Obstinate surrounded her, and the great Power of Light with the face of a lion devoured all her powers of light of Sophia, she took away her light and devoured her and her matter was thrown into Chaos, she became an alderman with the face of lion in the Chaos of which one half is fire and the other darkness - this is Yaldabaoth, of whom I have spoken to you many times. When this happened, Sophia felt exhausted and the power of light with lion face set to work to snatch all of her powers of light from Sophia and all the material powers of obstinate surrounded Sophia at the same time and oppressed her in pain.

(Sophia, exhausted after being absorbed, suffers intensively.)

(The material powers of the obstinate intellect surround Sophia and unfortunately oppress her.)

(The obstinate intellect of the antichrist, expressing himself everywhere, looks down on Sophia.)


(The intellectual antichrist hates the Pistis Sophia.)

(The intellectual antichrist, living manifestation of the animal ego, performs false miracles and deceptive wonders everywhere: atomic bombs, supersonic planes, atomic submarines, remote control atomic rockets, trips to the Moon, etc., etc., etc.)

(With all these false miracles and wonders, the antichrist hates Sophia.)

(People all bend their knee to the antichrist and say, "There is no like the beast.")

(The power of false intellectual light, with a lion's face and dominance, laughing, usurps Sophia's place and works to snatch Sophia from all her luminous powers.)

(False doctrines spread everywhere, taking away from poor suffering humanity eternal values.)

(Absurd materialism and disgusting atheism want to snatch all of her powers of light from Sophia.)

(By these dark times of Kali Yuga, on the eve of "Katun 13", when the catastrophe that will completely change the physiognomy of the earth's crust and end all the human species, sits on the throne of Sophia the antichrist of intellectualism .)

(Real Wisdom, Sophia, is displaced by the wisdom of the rascals of the intellect.)

(But the antichrist, the Obstinate, thinks he owns Sophia.)

(Sophia's true substance must be sought in Chaos.)

(It is in Chaos that Sophia's glory is found.)

(Lux in Tenebris Lucet.)

(The Light shines in the darkness.)

(Sophia shines in the darkness.)

(Starry Water, prepared Mercury, a substance obtained in the form of shiny white metallic water, is the result of Hermetic Art.)

(What was diffused in the dark, rude and vile mass of animal sperm now shines through Sexual Transmutation.)

(From the sexual Chaos always comes the light of Sophia and this light shines in the darkness.)

(Sophia, like Verb, is Yaldabaoth in full action.)


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