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                                                                                   Chapter 30

                                                              Mary wants to hear Sophia's story.

When Jesus said this to his disciples, it happened that Mary came forward to him and said: My Lord, I heard you say recently: Pistis Sophia is itself one of the four and twenty emanations. How is it then that it is not in your region? Well, you said: I found it under the thirteenth Aeon.

(Marah, Ram-Io, Isis, Tonantzín, etc., is a variant of our own Being but derived.)

(Marah, Diana, Isis, is thus our Divine Mother Kundalini, an autonomous and self-conscious part of our own Self.)

(Marah, interrogate the Intimate Christ within ourselves, about Pistis Sophia.)

(Obviously, Sophia, Divine Wisdom, Gnosis, emanates from the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton and is achieved with the Resurrection.)


(Once, in my capacity as Adept, I invoked Minerva, the goddess of Wisdom, within a Lumisial)


(In the center of it was a triangular stone held on a column.)

(The invocation was carried out in accordance with all the rules of the high Theurgy of Imblic.)

(Suddenly the stone shone and Minerva's blue eyes appeared on it.)

(Minerva's powerful voice, the one with the blue eyes, echoed in the Lumisial.)

(- I am Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, what do you want from me?)

(- Then I answered firmly: Wisdom!)

(-What do you want Wisdom for?)

(- To help humanity. Such was my answer.)

(Minerva was absolutely silent.)

(Silence is the eloquence of Wisdom.)

(When Minerva withdrew, the triangular stone held on the mysterious column remained there in response.)

(Obviously, the three ingredients of the Holy TRIAMAZIKAMNO emanate from the active OKIDANOK, omnipresent and Omni-penetrant.)

(In other words, we will say that the Three Primary Forces of Nature and the Cosmos emanates from the Great Breath, for itself deeply unknown.)

(Unquestionably, the Great Breath is rooted in the SACRED ABOLUTE SUN.)

(The Sacred Absolute Sun wants to crystallize the Three Primary Forces within ourselves, here and now.)

(When the Three Primary Forces crystallize in us and within us, we attain Wisdom.)

(Thus, integrated with Sophia, we ascend to Aeon Thirteen.)

(We could not crystallize in us the first force if we do not learn to do the will of the Father in the higher worlds as well as in the physical world.)

(We could not crystallize in us the third force if not previously produce within us ourselves the superior existential bodies of the Being.)

(The first force, the Holy Affirm, is the Father's Ray.)

(The second force, the Holy Deny, is the Ray of the Son.)

(The third force, the Holy Reconcile, is the Ray of the Holy Spirit.)

(These are the three forces, positive, negative and neutral.)

(Whoever manages to crystallize in itself the Three Primary forces of Nature and the Cosmos, will really know what Sophia is.)


(Pistis Sophia is, in itself, one of the four and twenty emanations.)

(The Twenty-Four Mystery, within which the First Mystery is hidden, is the Loom of God.)

(With infinite wisdom, the "Theomertmalogos" weaves and un-weaves its own loom.)

(The whole nature is the loom of God.)


(The Twenty-Four Mystery only works through the Sixth Mystery.)

(When Hermes's vessel is not spilled, the sacred sperm transforms into the Mercury of the Wise.)

(Connection of the Lingam-Yoni, without ejaculation of the Ens-Seminis, is essential for the preparation of the Mercury of the Wise.)

(The Mercury prepared ascends along the spinal medullar canal opening centers and revolutionizing the Consciousness.)

(The surplus of Mercury crystallizes in an upper octave in the shape of the astral body.)

(The surplus of Mercury crystallizes in a second higher octave in the form of a mental body.)

(The surplus of Mercury crystallizes in a third higher octave in the causal body shape.)

(The Initiate who possesses the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies , receives, for this reason, the Soul principles and becomes a true Man.)

(This is how the Holy Spirit crystallizes in us.)

(The Holy Spirit, crystallized within the Adept, makes the latter the gentle man, enlightened knight.)

(When we go through Buddhist Annihilation, when the ego is reduced to cosmic dust, we Christified, the Lord crystallizes in us.)

(When we give ourselves totally to the Father, the first force crystallizes in us.)

(The Divine Trimurti, in us, shines with Pistis Sophia.)

                                                              THE HISTORY OF PISTIS SOPHIA.

                                                          Sophia wanted to enter the world of light.

And Jesus answered and said to his disciples: It happened when Pistis Sophia was in the thirteenth Aeon, in the region of her entire family of invisibles that is the four and twenty emanations of the Great Invisible, that by mandate of the First Mystery, Sophia contemplated the light. She saw the light of the veil of the Treasury of Light and wished to reach that region, although she could not reach that region; but he ceased to realize the mystery of the thirteenth Aeon and sang praises in the light of heights, which she had seen in the light of the veil of the Treasury of Light.

(Pistis Sophia has its center of gravity in the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(The twenty-four emanations of the Great Invisible are within our own Being, here and now.)


(The twenty-four emanations of the Great Invisible are the twenty-four Zodiacal Elders.)

(The twenty-four Elders shine gloriously in the zodiac belt.)

(The powers of the twenty-four Elders are deposited at the bottom of our Soul.)

(The twenty-four autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being are the twenty-four Elders within our individual zodiac.)

(By mandate of the First Mystery, Sophia contemplates the light, she sees the mysteries of the secret Treasure of Light.)

(We have already said that to the Treasure of Light we must look for it within our own Being.)

(Sophia wishes, within ourselves, to reach the region where the Treasure of Light is located,)

(Sophia sings praises to the Light of the Heights that she always sees in the light of the Mysteries of the Treasury of Light.)

(The Treasury of Light is the Golden Fleece of the ancients always guarded by the Dragon that throws fire and sulfur.)


(The Golden Fleece, with all its precious stones and incalculable riches, is our own Being, Christified and Resurrected.)

(Blessed is he who comes to Christification.)

(Blessed is he who comes to the Resurrection.)

(Blessed is he who conquers the Dragon and takes over the Golden Fleece.)


                                         The Rulers hated her for having ceased her mystery.

Then it happened, when she sang praises to the region of heights, that all the rulers in the twelve Aeons, who are below, abhorred her for having ceased in her mysteries and for having wished to go up and stay above them. . For this reason they were enraged against her and detested her, (as it did) the great Triple Obstinate power, which is the third triple power, which is in the thirteenth Aeon, which had become disobedient, since it had not given purification of his light at the moment when the rulers gave their purifications, for he wished to rule over the thirteen Aeons and those below. 

(Pistis Sophia can go up or down, ascend to Aeon Thirteen or descend to Tartarus.)

(Pistis Sophia is within ourselves, here and now.)

(The Rulers of the twelve Aeons, who are within ourselves and who are self-independent parts of our own Self, suffer and yearn when Sophia rises to Aeon Thirteen, the highest part of the Being.)

(Whoever perfects the highest part of the Being receives for this reason the esoteric degree of ISIS.)

(It would not be possible to perfect the highest part of the Being if we have not previously disintegrated all of the psychic aggregates that we carry inside.)

(Psychic aggregates personify each one of our psychological defects.)

(Each aggregate specifies this or that psychological defect.)

(It would not be possible to perfect the upper parts of our own Being if we have not previously disintegrated all those undesirable elements that we carry inside.)

(In no way would the perfection of all autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Self be achieved without the splendors of Pistis Sophia.)

(When Pistis Sophia ascends to the upper Aeons, the lower levels of Being suffer terribly.)

(Those are the nights of the Soul in which the various parts of the Being feel Sophia's absence.)


(Deserts of the Soul, nights of the spirit, periods of solitude and tests for the aspirants.)

(The third triple power: mind, desire and s**, become independent and perverse.)

(Mind, desire and s**, with the fall in animal degeneration, become terribly perverse.)

(The intellectual animal, adulterer and fornicator, is always frighteningly evil.)

(The intellectual mammal, mistakenly called man, hates Pistis Sophia.)

(However, the third triple power, in last synthesis, comes from the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(The third triple power, full of pride, wants to rule over the thirteen Aeons.)

(When the third triple power emanates from its power in it, all its millenary purifications, everything becomes different.)

(For the third triple power: mind, desire, and s**, can emanate millenary purifications, Buddhist Annihilation is needed.)

(As long as the ego lives, purification is absent.)

(The Archons can give their purifications when the psychic aggregates are annihilated.)

                                                 Obstinate joins the rulers of the twelve Aeons

                                              and emanates a lion-like power to torment Sophia.

It happened then, when the aldermen of the twelve Aeons were enraged against Pistis Sophia, who is above them, and they loathed her greatly, that Obstinate, the great triple powerful of whom I have spoken to you now, joined the aldermen of the twelve Aeons and also became enraged against Pistis Sophia and hated her greatly for having thought about going to the light that is higher than her, and a great power with the face of a lion emanated, and out of his matter in him, a host of other violent material emanations and he sent them to the lower regions, to the parts of the chaos, so that they would remain there waiting for Pistis Sophia and take away his power, for having thought about going to the height that is above them all, and even more, for having ceased to perform her mystery, continually regretting and seeking the light she had seen. And the rulers who persist in manifesting the mystery, hated it and all the guardians at the gates of the Aeons, also hated it.

It happened since then, by mandate of the First Commandment that Obstinate, the great powerful who is one of the triple powers; he pursued Sophia in the thirteenth Aeon, so that he looked toward the lower parts, so that he could see in the region his power of light with the face of a lion and far beyond him, and go to that region so that his light could be removed.

(The Archons of the twelve Aeons, within ourselves, suffer because of Pistis Sophia, who is above them and cannot find what to do.)

(Obviously, the third triple power (mind, desire and s**), joins the general discontent of the 12 Aeons' Aldermen.)

(This means that the earthly man suffers for Pistis Sophia, you know that.)

(Mind, desire and s**, are restless because of Pistis Sophia.)


(Violent passionate emanations and lion-faced power reach the lower regions.)

(The dark powers, which dwell in the low animal bottoms of man, want to strip Pistis Sophia of his powers, they never forgive it that illuminates the mysteries that are in the higher levels of Being.)

(The Aldermen are disgusted because Sophia does not manifest her mystery everywhere; she hides her mysteries when she must hide: "Silence is the eloquence of Wisdom.")

(Our Being seems an army of innocent children, each part of the individual Being is self-conscious and even autonomous .)

(Blessed is he who achieves the integration of Being.)

(In the Underworld, the Adept must work to be enlightened by Pistis Sophia.)

(Pistis Sophia must also be assimilated by those who consciously work in the Averno.)

(In the Thirteenth Aeon has its center of gravity Pistis Sophia.)

(The third triple power cries out, prays, and asks Pistis Sophia for light even though she is on the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(Pistis Sophia moves in all Aeons; it goes up, down and also travels below the Aeons.)

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