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The time has come to abandon definitively the false modesty and prejudices related to the sexual problem.


It is necessary to understand clearly and precisely the sexual problem of adolescents of both sexes.


At the age of fourteen, the sexual energy that then flows overwhelmingly through the neuro-sympathetic system appears in the adolescent's organism.


This special type of energy transforms the human organism, modifying the voice in the male and originating the ovarian function in the woman.


The human organism is an authentic factory that transforms gross elements into fine vital substances.


The foods that we take to the stomach go through multiple transformations and refinements until finally among others culminate in that semi-solid, semi-liquid substance mentioned by Paracelsus with the term of Ens-Seminis (Entity of Semen).


That liquid, flexible, malleable glass, that sperm, contains in itself, in potential form all the germs of life, as well as the female sexual liquid of life.


Gnosticism recognizes in the sperm the CHAOS from which life arises with vehemence.


The old medieval Alchemists such as Paracelsus, Sendivogius, Nicholas Flamel, Raymond Lully, etc., studied with deep veneration the ENS-SEMINIS or mercury of the secret philosophy.


This VITRIOL is a true elixir intelligently elaborated by nature within the seminal vesicles.


In this mercury of ancient wisdom, in this semen, all the possibilities of existence are really found.


It is unfortunate that many young people, for lack of true psychological guidance, surrender to the vice of masturbation or deviate unfortunately from the infra-sexual path.


Children and young people are given intellectual information on many subjects and are put on track by sportsmanship whose abuse shortened life, but unfortunately with the appearance of the sexual energy with which adolescence begins, both parents and Schoolteachers, based on a false puritanism and a stupid morality, decide to silence critically.


There are criminal silences and there are infamous words. Silence about the sexual problem is a crime. To speak wrongly about the sexual problem is also another crime.


If parents and teachers are silent, the sexual perverts speak and the victims become the inexperienced adolescents.


If the adolescent cannot consult parents or teachers, he will then consult his schoolmates, possibly already diverted, in the wrong way. The result is not left waiting for a long time and the new teenager following false advice will be delivered to the vice of masturbation and diverted by the path of infrasexualism.


The vice of masturbation totally ruins brain power. It is necessary to know that there is an intimate relationship between semen and the brain. It is necessary to cerebrize semen. It is necessary to seminise the brain.


The brain is seminized by transmuting the sexual energy, sublimating it, converting it into cerebral power.


In this form is the cerebrize semen and the seminized brain.


Gnostic science studies endocrinology thoroughly and teaches methods and systems to transmute sexual energies, but this is an issue that does not fit into this book.



The adolescents must sublimate the sexual energies cultivating the aesthetic sense, learning the music, the sculpture, the painting, making excursions to the high mountains, etc.


How many faces that could have been beautiful wither!

How many brains degenerate! All for lack of a warning cry at the right time.


The tenebrous brotherhood of the enemies of the woman, nowadays has perverted organizations that astonish by their degenerated fraternity.


To many readers may be surprised too much this "degenerate fraternity" but we must not forget that in all times of history there have always been various brotherhoods of crime.


The morbid brotherhood of the enemies of the woman, is beyond doubt a brotherhood of crime.


The enemies of women always or almost always occupy key positions within the bureaucratic hive.



 It is urgent to radically and definitively abandon false modesty and point out to adolescents of both sexes frankly all sexual mysteries. Only in this way will the new generations be able to follow the path of REGENERATION.






Youth is divided into two periods of seven years each. The first period begins at 21 years of age and ends at 28. The second period begins at 28 and ends at 35.


The foundations of youth are found in the home, the school and the street.


Youth raised on the basis of FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION is in fact BUILDING and essentially DIGNIFICANT.


The youth raised on false foundations is by logical consequence a wrong path.


Most men use the first part of life to make the rest of it miserable.


 The excesses of youth are letters drawn against old age payable with very expensive interests at thirty years date.


Without FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION, youth becomes a perpetual drunkenness: it is fever of error, liquor and animal passion.


Everything that man has to be in his life is in potential state during the first thirty years of existence.


Of all the great human actions of which we have knowledge, both in earlier times and in ours, most of them have been initiated before the age of thirty.


The man who has reached the age of thirty sometimes feels as if he came out of a great battle in which he has seen many of his companions fall one after the other.


Most at age of thirty, men and women have already lost all their liveliness and enthusiasm and if they fail in their first enterprises, they are filled with pessimism and abandon the game.


The illusions of maturity follow the illusions of youth. Without Fundamental Education, the legacy of old age is usually despair.


Youth is fleeting. Beauty is the splendor of youth, but it is illusory, it does not last.


Youth has Genius alive and Judgment weak. Rare in life are the young people of Strong Judgment and Living Genius.


Without fundamental education young people are passionate, drunk, rascal, mordacious, concupiscent, lustful, gluttonous, greedy, envious, jealous, thugs, thieves, proud, lazy, etc.


Youthfulness is a summer sun that is soon hidden. Young people love to waste the vital values of youth.


The Old Ones make the mistake of exploiting young people and leading them to war.


Young people can transform themselves and transform the World if they are guided by the path of FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION ( That it is centered in the Presence itself here and now).


In youth we are full of illusions that only lead us to disenchantment.


The ego takes advantage of the fire of youth to strengthen and become powerful.


The multiple ego wants passionate satisfactions at any price, even when old age shall be totally disastrous.


.No pleasure lasts long enough. The thirst for pleasure is the most despicable ailment to INTELLECTUAL ANIMALS. The great Spanish poet Jorge Manrique said: "How quickly the pleasure goes, how, after having agreed, it gives pain, how in our opinion any past time was better".


Aristotle, speaking about pleasure, said: "When it comes to judging pleasure, men are not impartial judges."


THE INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL enjoys justifying pleasure. Frederick the Great did not hesitate to affirm emphatically: "PLEASURE IS THE MOST REAL GOOD OF THIS LIFE".



Absurd is to end the vitality of youth and then get married, the victims of such stupidity are children.


Many men get married because they are tired, many women get married out of curiosity and the result of such absurdities is always disappointment.


Every wise man truly loves the woman he has chosen with all his heart.



The young must marry and know how to form their home. We must not forget that the monster of jealousy destroys homes.


Solomon said: "Jealousy is cruel as the grave, its embers are embers of fire."


The man who jealous about a woman does not know who he has. Better not to have jealous of her to know what kind of woman we have.


The poisonous screaming of a jealous woman is more deadly than the fangs of a rabid dog.

It is false to say that where there is jealousy there is love. Jealousy is never born of love, love and jealousy are incompatible. The origin of jealousy lies in fear.


The ego justifies jealousy with reasons of many species. The ego fears losing the loved one.


Whoever wants to dissolve the psychological aggregates called plural ego must always be willing to lose the most loved.


Man and woman must be united voluntarily and out of love, but not out of fear and jealousy.


Before the GREAT LAW the man must answer for his behavior and the woman for hers. The husband cannot answer for the woman's behavior nor can the woman answer for the behavior of her husband. Answer each one for your own behavior and dissolve jealousy.


The basic problem of youth is Marriage.



It is necessary not to confuse LOVE with PASSION. Young people in love  cannot distinguish between love and passion.


It is urgent to know that PASSION is a poison that deceives the mind and the heart.


Every passionate man and every passionate woman could even swear with tears of blood that they are truly in love.


After the animal passion is satisfied, the house of cards goes to the ground.


The failure of many and many marriages is because they were married by animal passion, but not LOVE.


The most serious step we take during youth is Marriage and in Schools, Colleges and Universities should prepare young people and young ladies for this important step.


It is unfortunate that many young men and women get married for economic reasons or mere social conveniences.


When Marriage is carried out by animal passion or by social interests or economic interest, the result is failure.


There are many couples who fail in marriage because of incompatibility of characters.


The woman who marries a jealous, irate, furious young man will become the victim of an executioner.


The young man who marries a jealous, furious, angry woman, it is clear that he will have to spend his life in hell.


For there to be true love between two beings, it is urgent that there is no animal passion, it is essential to dissolve the psychological aggregate  of jealousy, it is necessary to disintegrate the anger, A disinterested to all proof is essential.


Ego harms homes, destroys harmony. If young men and young women study the FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION and propose to dissolve the psychological attachments, it is clear that they will be able to find the path of PERFECT MATRIMONY.



Many parents hide their daughters frightfully and do not want them to have a boyfriend. Such a procedure is absurd one hundred percent because girls need to have a boyfriend and get married.


The result of such a lack of understanding are the boyfriends secretly, in the street.


Young people and young ladies should be free to have their parties at home. Healthy distractions do not hurt anyone and Youth needs to have distractions.


What harms youth is liquor, smoking, fornication, orgies, debauchery, canteens, cabarets, etc.


Family parties, decent dances, good music, field trips, etc., cannot harm anyone.


The mind damages love. Many young people have lost the opportunity to marry magnificent women because of their economic fears, memories of yesterday, worries about tomorrow.


The fear of life, hunger, misery, and vain projects of the mind, become the root cause of any nuptial postponement.


There are many young people who propose not to marry until they have a certain amount of money, their own house, the latest model car and a thousand more nonsense as if all that were happiness.


It is unfortunate that this class of men lose beautiful marital opportunities because of the fear of life, death, what they will say, etc.


Such a class of men remain unmarried for their whole lives or they get married too late, when they no longer have time to raise a family and educate their children.



Many young women are left alone because they are choosing a husband. Women calculators, interested, selfish, remain single or fail flatly in marriage.


It is necessary that the girls understand that every man is disillusioned with the interested, calculating and selfish woman.


Some young women eager to fish husband paint their faces in an exaggerated way, they pluck their eyebrows, curl their hair, put on wigs and false circles, these women do not understand the masculine psychology.


The male by nature abhors painted dolls and admires the all-natural beauty and naive smile.


The man wants to see in the woman the sincerity, the simplicity, the true and disinterested love, the ingenuity of the nature.


The young ladies who want to get married need to fully understand the Psychology of the male s**.


LOVE is the SUMUM of wisdom. Love is nourished with love. The fire of eternal youth is love.



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