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                                                                               THE VOCATION


With the exception of totally disabled people, every human being has to serve for something in life, the difficult thing is to know what each individual is for.


If there is something truly important in this world, is knowing ourselves, it is rare that one knows himself and even when it seems incredible, it is difficult to find in life someone who has developed vocational sense.


When someone is fully convinced of the role he has to represent in existence, he then makes his vocation an apostolate, a religion, and becomes of fact and in his own right an apostle of humanity.


Those who know their vocation or who discover it for themselves, go through a tremendous change, no longer seek success, little interested in money, fame, gratitude, their pleasure is then in the happiness that comes from having responded to an intimate, deep, unknown call of his own inner essence.


The most interesting of all this is that the VOCATIONAL sense has nothing to do with the EGO, because although it seems strange, the EGO abhors our own vocation because the EGO only wants juicy monetary entries, position, fame, etc.


The sense of VOCATION is something that belongs to our own INTERIOR ESSENCE; is something very inside, very deep, very intimate.


The vocational sense leads man to undertake with true boldness and true disinterestedness the most tremendous enterprises at the cost of all kinds of suffering and calvaries. It is therefore hardly normal for the EGO to abhor the true vocation.


The sense of VOCATION leads us in fact on the path of legitimate heroism, even when we have to stoically endure all kinds of infamies, betrayals and slander.


The day a man can tell the truth: "I KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT IS MY TRUE VOCATION", from that moment he will begin to live with true righteousness and love. Such a man lives in his work and his work in him.


There are really only very few men who can speak like that, with true sincerity of heart. Those who speak thus are the select ones who have in a superlative degree the meaning of VOCATION.


Finding our true VOCATION IS OUT OF ALL DOUBT, the most serious social problem, the problem that lies at the very base of all the problems of society.


Finding or discovering our true individual vocation is in fact equivalent to discovering a precious treasure.


When a citizen meets with certainty and beyond any doubt his true and legitimate trade, it is made by this only fact Irreplaceable.


When our vocation corresponds totally and absolutely to the position we are occupying in life, then we exercise our work as a true apostolate, without any greed and without desire for power.


Then the work instead of producing greed, boredom or desire to change of job, brings us true, deep, intimate joy even when we have to patiently endure painful situations.


In practice, we have been able to verify that when the position does not correspond to the VOCATION of the individual, then he only thinks of it as a function of the MORE.


The mechanism of the EGO is the MORE. More money, more fame, more projects, etc. etc. etc. and as it is hardly natural the subject usually becomes hypocritical, exploitative, cruel, ruthless, intransigent, etc.


If we study the bureaucracy carefully we can verify that rarely in life does the position correspond to the individual vocation.


If we study in detail the different guilds of the proletariat, we can see that on very rare occasions the office corresponds to the individual VOCATION.


When we carefully observe the privileged classes, be they from the east or the west of the world, we can evidence the total lack of the VOCATIONAL sense. The so-called "GOOD CHILDREN". Not having found their place in life, they walk disoriented and become REBELS WITHOUT CAUSE as to "vary a bit."


The chaotic state of humanity in these times of global crisis is appalling.


Nobody is happy with their work because the position does not correspond to the vocation, it rains job applications because nobody wants to die of hunger, but the requests do not correspond to the VOCATION of those who request.


Many drivers should be doctors or engineers. Many lawyers should be ministers and many ministers should be tailors. Many shoe cleaners should be ministers and many ministers should be shoe cleaners, etc. etc.


People are in positions that do not correspond, that have nothing to do with their true individual VOCATION, because of this the social machine works badly. This is similar to an engine that was structured with pieces that do not correspond to it and the result must inevitably be disaster, failure, absurdity.


In practice we have been able to prove to the point that when someone does not have a VOCATIONAL disposition to be a guide, religious instructor, political leader or director of some spiritualist, scientific, literary, philanthropic association, etc. then he only thinks in terms of MORE and dedicates himself to making projects and more projects with unspeakable secret intentions.


It is obvious that when the position does not correspond to the individual VOCATION, the result is exploitation.


For these terribly materialistic times in which we live, the position of teacher is being arbitrarily occupied by many merchants who even remotely have VOCATION for the Magisterium. The result of such an infamy is exploitation, cruelty and lack of true love.


The true vocational teacher nowadays is very difficult to find and it is the greatest happiness that the students of schools, colleges and universities can have.


The VOCATION of the teacher is wisely translated by that piece of touching prose by GABRIELA MISTRAL entitled "PRAYER OF THE MASTER". Says the provincial teacher addressing To DIVINE, the SECRET MASTER:


"Give me the unique love of my school: that neither the burn of beauty will be able to steal my tenderness from all the instants, Master, make me endure the fervor and passenger the disenchantment, start from me this impure desire of misunderstood justice that still it disturbs me, the petty suggestion of protest that rises up from me when they hurt me, the incomprehension does not hurt me or the forgetting of those I taught saddens me."


"Give me being more mother than mothers, to be able to love and defend like them what is NOT flesh of my flesh." Give me the power to make one of my girls my perfect verse and to leave in it my most penetrating melody, for when my lips do not sing anymore. "


"Show me your Gospel possible in my time, so that I do not renounce the battle of each day and each hour for him".


Who can measure the marvelous psychic influence of a teacher so inspired with such tenderness, by the sense of his VOCATION?


The individual gives with his vocation for one of these three ways: first: The SELF-DISCOVERY of a special capacity. Second: the vision of an urgent need. Third: the very rare direction of the parents and teachers who discovered the VOCATION of the student by observing their aptitudes.


Many individuals have discovered their VOCATION at a certain critical moment in their life, in the face of a serious situation that demanded immediate remedy.


GHANDI was any lawyer, when on the occasion of an attack against the rights of the Hindus in South Africa he canceled his return to India and remained to defend the cause of his countrymen. A momentary need directed him towards the VOCATION of his whole life.


The great benefactors of humanity, have found their VOCATION before a situational crisis, which demanded immediate remedy. Remember OLIVER CROMWELL, the father of English liberties; Benito Juárez, the forger of the new Mexico; José de San Martín and Simón Bolívar, parents of the South American independence, etc., etc.


JESUS the CHRIST, BUDDHA, MAHOMA, HERMES, ZOROASTRO, CONFUCIUS, FUHI, etc., were men who at a certain moment in history knew to understand their true VOCATION and felt called by the inner voice that emanates from the INTIMATE.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION is called to discover by different methods, the latent capacity of the students. The methods that the extemporaneous pedagogy is using for these times to discover the VOCATION of the students, are beyond all cruel, absurd and ruthless.


The VOCATIONAL questionnaires have been elaborated by merchants who arbitrarily occupy the position of teachers.


In some countries before entering high schools and VOCATIONAL, students are subjected to the most horrible psychological cruelties. They are asked questions about math, citizenship, biology, etc.


The cruelest of these methods are the famous psychological TEST, index YQ, intimately related to mental readiness.


Depending on the type of response, depending on how they are qualified, the student is then bottled in one of the three high schools. First: Mathematical Physicist. Second: Biological Sciences. Third: Social Sciences.


Engineers, Architects, Astronomers, Aviators, etc. come from the Mathematical Physicists.


From the Biological Sciences come Pharmacists, Nurses, Biologists, Doctors, etc.


From the Social Sciences, Lawyers, Literate, Doctors in Philosophy and Letters, Directors of Companies, etc.


The study plan in each country is different and it is clear that not all countries have three different baccalaureates. In many countries there is only one baccalaureate and once finished, the student passes the University.


In some nations, the VOCATIONAL capacity of the student is not examined and the student enters the faculty with the desire to have a profession to earn a living, even when this does not coincide with their innate tendencies, with their VOCATIONAL sense.


There are countries where the VOCATIONAL capacity of the students is examined and there are nations where they are not examined. Absurd is not knowing how to VOCACIONALLY guide students, not examine their innate abilities and tendencies. Stupid are the VOCATIONAL questionnaires and all that jargon of questions, PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST, YQ index, etc.


These methods of VOCATIONAL examination do not work because the mind has its moments of crisis and if the examination is verified in a moment of those, the result is the failure and disorientation of the student.


The teachers have been able to verify that the minds of the students have, like the sea, their high and low tides, their pluses and minus. There is a Bio-Rhythm in the male and female glands. There is also a Bio-Rhythm for the mind.


At certain times the male glands are in PLUS and the female glands in MINUS or vice versa. The mind also has its PLUS and its MINUS.


Anyone who wants to know the science of BIO RHYTHM we indicate to study the famous work entitled BIO RHYTHM written by the eminent wise GNÓSTIC ROSE-CROSS, Doctor Amoldo Krumm Heller, Medical Colonel of the Mexican Army and Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Berlin.


We emphatically affirm that an emotional crisis or a state of psychic nervousness in the face of the difficult situation of an exam can lead a student to failure during the pre-vocational exam.


We affirm that any abuse of the center of the movement produced perhaps by sports, by excessive walking, or by hard physical work, etc. it can cause INTELLECTUAL crisis even when the mind is in PLUS and lead the student to failure during a pre-vocational exam.


We affirm that any crisis related to the instinctive center, perhaps in combination with sexual pleasure, or with the emotional center, etc., can lead the student to failure during a pre-vocational exam.


We affirm that any sexual crisis, a syncope of repressed sexuality, sexual abuse, etc., can exert its disastrous influence on the mind leading to failure during a pre-vocational exam.


Fundamental education teaches that vocational germs are deposited, not only in the intellectual center but also in each of the other four centers of the psycho-physiology of the organic machine.


It is urgent to take into account the five psychic centers called Intellect, Emotion, Movement, Instinct and S**. It is absurd to think that the intellect is the only center of Cognition. If the intellectual center is examined exclusively for the purpose of discovering the vocational attitudes of a given subject, in addition to committing a grave injustice that is in fact very harmful to the individual and to society, an error is made because the germs of the vocation not only are they contained in the intellectual center but also, in addition, in each of the other four Psycho-physiological centers of the individual.


The only obvious way that exists to discover the true vocation of the students is TRUE LOVE.


If parents and teachers associate in mutual agreement to investigate at home and at school, to observe in detail all the acts of the students, could discover the innate tendencies of each student.


This is the only obvious way that will allow parents and teachers to discover the vocational sense of the students.


This demands true LOVE from parents and teachers and it is obvious that if there is no true love of parents and authentic vocational teachers capable of truly sacrificing themselves for their disciples, such task is therefore impractical.


If governments really want to save society, they need to expel merchants from the temple with the whip of will.


A new cultural epoch must be started spreading the doctrine of FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION everywhere.


Students must courageously defend their rights and demand governments true vocational teachers. Fortunately, there is the formidable weapon of strikes and students have that weapon.


In some countries already exist within the schools, colleges and universities, certain guiding teachers who really are not vocational, the position they occupy does not coincide with their innate tendencies. These teachers cannot guide others because they did not orient themselves.


Real vocational teachers capable of intelligently guiding the students are urgently needed.


It is necessary to know that due to the plurality of the EGO, the human being automatically represents different roles in the theater of life. The boys and girls have a role for school, another for the street and another for the home.


If you want to discover the VOCATION of a young man or woman, you have to observe them in school, at home and even in the street.


This observation work can only be done by parents and true teachers in intimate association.


Among the antiquated pedagogy there is also the system of observing qualifications to deduct vocations. The student who distinguished himself in civics with the highest qualifications is then classified as a possible lawyer and the one who distinguished himself in biology is defined as a potential doctor, and the one who in mathematics, as a possible engineer, etc.


This absurd system for deducing VOCATIONS is too empirical because the mind has its ups and downs not only in the total form already known but also in certain special particular states.


Many writers who at school were lousy grammar students excelled in life as true teachers of language. Many notable engineers always had the worst grades in mathematics at the school and many physicians were at the school failed in biology and natural sciences.


It is unfortunate that many parents, instead of studying the aptitudes of their children, only see in them the continuation of their beloved EGO, psychological SELF.


Many parent lawyers want their children to continue in the law firm and many business owners want their children to continue to manage their selfish interests without being interested in their vocational sense in the least.


The "I" always wants to climb, climb to the top of the stairs, make itself felt and when its ambitions fail then they want to achieve through their children what they could not achieve by themselves. These ambitious parents put their boys and girls in careers and positions that have nothing to do with their VOCATIONAL sense.


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