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                                                                              THE TRUTH


From childhood and youth begins the hard Way of our existence with many mental twists, intimate family tragedies, setbacks at home and school, etc.


It is clear that in childhood and youth, except for very rare exceptions, all these problems do not reach to affect us in a really profound way, but when we become older people, the questions begin: Who am I? Where do I come from? Why do I have to suffer? What is the purpose of this existence? etc. etc. etc.


Everyone on the path of life we have asked these questions, we have all wanted to investigate, to inquire, to know the "why" of so many bitterness, troubles, struggles and sufferings, but unfortunately we always end up bottled in some theory, in some opinion , in some belief in what the neighbor said, in what an old decrepit answered us, etc.


We have lost true innocence and peaceful peace of heart and therefore we are not able to directly experience the truth in all its harshness, we depend on what others say and it is clear that we are going the wrong way.


Capitalist society strongly condemns atheists, those who do not believe in God.


The Marxist-Leninist Society condemns those who do believe in GOD, but deep down both are the same, a matter of opinions whims of the people projections of the mind. Neither credulity, nor disbelief, nor skepticism, mean to have experienced the truth.


The mind can afford to believe, doubt, think, make conjectures, etc., but that is not to experience the truth.


We can also give ourselves the luxury of believing in the sun or of not believing in it and even doubting it, but the sun king will continue to give light and life to all that exists without our opinions being of any importance to him.


After blind belief, after disbelief and skepticism, there are many nuances of false morality and many misconceptions of false respectability in whose shadow the Ego is strengthened.


The capitalist-type society and the communist-type society each have in their own way and according to their whims, prejudices and theories, their special type of morality. What is moral within the capitalist bloc is immoral within the communist bloc and vice versa.


Morality depends on the customs, the place, the epoch. What in a country is moral in another country is immoral and what once was moral, in another era is immoral. Morality has no essential value, analyzing it thoroughly, is stupid one hundred percent.


Fundamental education does not teach morals, fundamental education teaches REVOLUTIONARY ETHICS and that is what new generations need.


From the terrifying night of the centuries, in all times, there were always men who went away from the world to seek the TRUTH.


It is absurd to move away from the world to seek the TRUTH because it is within the world and within man here and now.


The TRUTH is the unknown from moment to moment and it is not separating us from the world or abandoning our fellowmen as we can discover it.


It is absurd to say that all truth is half true and that all truth is half error.


The TRUTH is radical and IS or not IS, it can never be half, it can never be a half mistake.


It is absurd to say: the TRUTH is of time and that what once was once was not.


The TRUTH has nothing to do with time. The TRUTH is TIMELESS. The "I" is time and therefore cannot know the TRUTH.


It is absurd to suppose conventional, temporary, relative truths. People confuse concepts and opinions with what is the TRUTH.


The TRUTH has nothing to do with opinions or with the so-called conventional truths, because these are only inconsequential projections of the mind.


The TRUTH is the unknown from moment to moment and can only be experienced in the absence of the psychological SELF.


The truth is not a matter of sophisms, concepts, opinions. The truth can only be known through direct experience.


The mind can only say and opinions have nothing to do with the truth.


The mind can never conceive the TRUTH.


Teachers, of schools, colleges, universities, must experience the truth and point the way to their disciples.


The TRUTH is a matter of direct experience, not a matter of theories, opinions or concepts.


We can and must study, but it is urgent to experience for themselves and directly what is true in each theory, concept, opinion, etc. etc. etc.


We must study, analyze, inquire, but we also need with URGENCY to be able to experience the TRUTH contained in everything we study.


It is impossible to experience the TRUTH while the mind is agitated, convulsed, tormented by opposing opinions.


It is only possible to experience the TRUTH when the mind is quiet, when the mind is silent.


Teachers of schools, colleges and universities should indicate to students the path of deep inner meditation.


The path of deep inner meditation leads us to the stillness and silence of the mind.


When the mind is quiet, empty of thoughts, desires, opinions, etc., when the mind is silent, the truth comes to us.




                                                                           THE INTELLIGENCE


We have been able to verify that many teachers of Universal History in the western part of the world tend to make fun of BUDDHA, Confucius, Muhammad, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Moses, Krishna, etc.


Out of all doubt we have also been able to verify to the satiety, the sarcasm, the mockery, the irony launched by teachers against ancient religions, against the gods, against mythology, etc. All that is precisely lack of intelligence.


In schools, colleges and universities, one should deal with religious issues, with more respect, with a high sense of veneration, with true creative intelligence.


The religious forms conserve the eternal values and are organized according to the psychological and historical needs of each people, of each race.


All religions have the same principles, the same eternal values and only differ in form.


It is not smart for a Christian to make fun of the religion of Buddha Wisdom or of the Hebrew or Hindu religion because all religions rest on the same foundations.


The satires of many intellectuals against the religions and their founders are due to the MARXIST poison that by these times is intoxicating all the weak minds.


Teachers of schools, colleges and universities should guide their students along the path of true respect for our peers.


It is clearly perverse and unworthy the yokel who, in the name of a theory of any kind, makes fun of temples, religions, sects, schools or spiritual societies.


When leaving the study rooms the students have to deal with people of all religions, schools, sects and it is not intelligent that they do not even know how to keep the proper composure in a temple.


When leaving the classrooms after ten or fifteen years of studies, the young men and women are as dull and asleep as other human beings, as full of emptiness and lack of intelligence as the first day they entered school.


It is urgent that students among other things develop the emotional center because everything is not intellect. It is necessary to learn to feel the intimate harmonies of life, the beauty of the lonely tree, the song of the bird in the forest, the symphony of music and colors of a beautiful sunset.


It is also necessary to feel and deeply understand all the horrible contrasts of life, such as the cruel and ruthless social order of this time in which we live, the streets full of unhappy mothers who with their malnourished and hungry children beg for a piece of bread, ugly buildings where thousands of poor families live, the disgusting roads through which thousands of cars driven with these fuels that harm organisms, etc., circulate.


The student who leaves the classroom has to face not only his own selfishness and his own problems, but also the selfishness of all people and the multiple problems of human society.


The most serious of all is that the student who leaves the classrooms, even having intellectual preparation, has no intelligence, his conscience is asleep, is deficiently prepared for the struggle with life.


The time has come to investigate and discover what that called INTELLIGENCE is. The dictionary, the encyclopedia, are powerless to seriously define INTELLIGENCE,


Without intelligence there can never be radical transformation or true happiness and it is very rare in life to find truly intelligent people.


The important thing in life is not only to know the word INTELLIGENCE, but to experience in ourselves its deep meaning.


Many are those who presume of intelligent, there is no drunk who does not presume to be intelligent and Karl Marx thinking himself too intelligent, wrote his materialistic farce that has cost the world the loss of eternal values, the execution of thousands of priests of different religions, the rapes of Buddhists, Christians nuns, etc., the destruction of many temples, the torture of thousands and millions of people, etc. etc. etc.


Anyone can boast of intelligent, the difficult thing is to be truly.


It is not acquiring more bookish information, more knowledge, more experiences, more things to dazzle people, more money to buy judges and policemen; etc., how is it going to achieve that which is called INTELLIGENCE.


It is not with that MORE, as you can get to have INTELLIGENCE. Those who assume that intelligence can be conquered with the MORE process are mistaken.


It is urgent to understand thoroughly and in all areas of the subconscious and unconscious mind, what is that pernicious process of the MORE, because deep down secretly hides the beloved EGO, who always wants and wants MORE and MORE to gain weight and strengthen.


This Mephistopheles that we carry inside, this SATAN, this ME, says: I have MORE money, more beauty, more intelligence than that, more prestige, more cunning, etc.,etc. etc.


Whoever really wants to understand what INTELLIGENCE is, must learn to feel it, experience it and experience it through deep meditation.


Everything that people accumulate between the rotten tomb of the unfaithful memory, intellectual information, experiences of life, is always fatally translated into the term of MORE and MORE. So they never get to know the deep meaning of all that they accumulate.


Many read a book and then put it in the memory satisfied by having accumulated more information, but when called to respond to the doctrine written in the book they read, it turns out that they do not know the profound significance of teaching, but the ego want more and more information, more and more books even when have not lived the doctrine of any of them.


Intelligence is not achieved with more bookish information, nor with more experience, nor with more money, nor with more prestige, can Intelligence flourish in us when we understand the whole process of SELF, when we fully understand all that psychological automatism of the MORE.


It is indispensable to understand that the mind is the basic center of the MORE. Really that the MORE is the same psychological SELF that demands and the mind is its fundamental nucleus.


Whoever wants to be truly intelligent must resolve to die not only on the superficial intellectual level, but also on all subconscious and unconscious areas of the mind.


When the "I" dies, when the "I" totally dissolves, the only thing that remains inside us is the authentic BEING, the true BEING, the legitimate intelligence so coveted and so difficult.


Intelligence is creative because it is of the BEING, it is an attribute of the BEING. We must not confuse the mind with INTELLIGENCE.


They are wrong in a radical way who suppose that INTELLIGENCE is something that can be cultivated as a greenhouse flower. Or something that can be bought as you buy the titles of nobility or owning a formidable library.


It is necessary to deeply understand all the processes of the mind, all the reactions, that psychological MORE that accumulates, etc. Only in this way does the burning flame of INTELLIGENCE sprout in us in a natural and spontaneous way.


As the Mephistopheles that we carry inside dissolves, the fire of the creative intelligence gradually manifests itself inside us, until glowing scorchingly.


Our true BEING is LOVE and from that LOVE is born the authentic and legitimate INTELLIGENCE that is not from time.

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