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It is urgent, it is essential to develop the creative understanding because it brings to the human being the true freedom of living. Without understanding it is impossible to achieve the authentic critical faculty of deep analysis.


Teachers of schools, colleges and universities should lead their students on the path of self-critical understanding.


In our past chapter, we have already studied widely the processes of envy and if we want to eliminate all the nuances of jealousy, be they religious, passionate, etc. we must become fully aware of what envy really is, because only by fully understanding and intimately understanding the infinite processes of envy, we are able to put an end to jealousy of all kinds.


Jealousy destroys marriages, jealousy destroys friendships, jealousy provokes religious wars, fratricidal hatreds, murders and sufferings of all kinds.


Envy with all its infinite nuances hides behind sublime purposes. There is envy in him who having been informed of the existence of sublime saints,  Mahatmas or Gurus, also wants to become a saint and be more than that. There is envy in the philanthropist who strives to overcome other philanthropists. There is envy in every individual who covets virtues because he had reports, because in his mind there are data about the existence of sacred individuals full of virtues.


The desire to be holy, the desire to be virtuous, the desire to be great is based on envy.


The saints with their virtues have caused much damage. We are reminded of the case of a man who considered himself very holy.


On one occasion a hungry and miserable poet knocked on his doors to put in his hands a beautiful verse especially dedicated to the saint of our story. The poet only waited a coin to buy food for his exhausted and aged body.


Everything imagined the poet less an insult. Great was his surprise when the saint with a pious look and frown closed the door saying to the unhappy poet: "Get out of here, my friend, long, long ... I do not like these things, I hate flattery ... I do not like them the vanities of the world, this life is illusion ... I follow the path of humility and modesty. " The unfortunate poet who only wanted a coin instead of this one received the insult of the saint, the word that hurts, the slap, and with the heart sore and the lyre turned pieces he went through the streets of the city slowly ... slowly. .. slowly.


The new generation must rise on the basis of authentic understanding because it is totally creative.


Memory and remembrance are not creative. Memory is the grave of the past. Memory and remembrance are death.


True COMPREHENSION is the psychological factor of total liberation.


Memories of memory can never bring us true liberation because they belong to the past and therefore are dead.


Understanding is not a thing of the past nor of the future. Comprehension belongs to the moment we are living here and now. Memory always brings the idea of the future.


It is urgent to study science, philosophy, art and religion, but studies should not be confided to the fidelity of memory because it is not faithful.


It is absurd to deposit knowledge in the grave of memory. It is stupid to bury in the grave of the past the knowledge that we must understand.


We could never pronounce against study, against wisdom, against science, but it is incongruous to deposit the living jewels of knowledge between the corrupted sepulcher of memory.


It becomes necessary to study, it becomes necessary to investigate, it becomes necessary to analyze, but we must meditate deeply to understand at all levels of the mind.


The truly simple man is deeply understanding and has a simple mind.


The important thing in life is not what we have accumulated in the grave of memory, but what we have understood not only at the intellectual level but also in the different subconscious unconscious areas of the mind.


Science, knowledge, must become immediate comprehension. When knowledge, when the study has been transformed into authentic creative understanding we can then understand all things immediately because understanding becomes immediate, instantaneous.


In the simple man there are no complications in the mind because every complication of the mind is due to memory. The machiavellian ego that we carry inside is accumulated memory.


The experiences of life must be transformed into true comprehension.


 When the experience does not turn into an understanding, when the experiences continue in the memory, they constitute the rottenness of the tomb on which the fate flame of the intellect burns.


It is necessary to know that the animal intellect totally devoid of all spirituality is only the verbalization of memory, the burial candle burning on the funeral earthenware.


The simple man has the mind free of experiences because these have become consciousness, have been transformed into creative comprehension.


Death and life are intimately associated. Only by dying the grain the plant is born, only by dying the experience the comprehension born. This is a process of authentic transformation.


The complicated man has a memory full of experiences.


This demonstrates their lack of creative comprehension because when experiences are fully understood at all levels of the mind they cease to exist as experiences and are born as comprehension.


It is necessary to experiment first, but we must not stay in the field of experience because then the mind gets complicated and becomes difficult. It is necessary to live life intensely and transform all experiences into authentic creative understanding.


Those who mistakenly suppose that to be comprehensive simple and plain  we have to leave the world, become beggars, live in isolated huts and wear loincloths instead of elegant attire, are totally wrong.


Many anchorites, many solitary hermits, many beggars, have complicated and difficult minds.


It is useless to separate from the world and live as anchorites if memory is full of experiences that condition the free flow of thought.


It is useless to live like hermits wanting to lead the life of saints if the memory is filled with information that has not been properly understood, that has not become aware in the various recesses, corridors and unconscious regions of the mind.


Those who transform intellectual information into true creative comprehension, who transform the experiences of life into true deep understanding have nothing in memory, live from moment to moment full of true fullness, have become simple and plain even though they live in sumptuous residences and within the perimeter of urban life.


Young children before the age of seven are full of simplicity and true inner beauty because only the living ESSENCE of life is expressed through them in the total absence of the psychological self.


We must reconquer the lost childhood, in our heart and in our mind. We must regain innocence if we really want to be happy.


The experiences and the study transformed in depth comprehension do not leave residues in the grave of the memory and then, we become simple, plain, innocent, happy.


In-depth meditation on acquired experiences and knowledge, deep self-criticism, intimate psychoanalysis convert, transform everything into deep creative understanding. This is the path of authentic happiness born of wisdom and love.




                                                                             THE MURDER 

Killing is evidently and beyond doubt, the most destructive and most corrupt act known in the world.


The worst form of murder is to destroy the lives of our fellowmen.


Hideously  horrible is the hunter who with his shotgun murders the innocent creatures of the forest but a thousand times more monstrous, a thousand times more abominable is the one who murders his fellowmen.


Not only is it killed with machine guns, shotguns, cannons, pistols or atomic bombs, it can also be killed with a look that hurts the heart, a humiliating look, a look full of contempt, a look full of hatred; or it can be killed with an ungrateful action, with a black action, or with an insult, or with a hurtful word.


The world is full of parricides, ungrateful matricides that have murdered their fathers and mothers, already with their eyes, either with their words, or with their cruel actions.


The world is full of men who have unknowingly murdered their women and women who have unknowingly murdered their husbands.


To top of misfortunes in this cruel world in which we live, the human being kills what he loves the most.


Man does not live on bread alone, but also on different psychological factors.


There are many husbands who could have lived longer if their wives had allowed it.


There are many wives who could have lived longer if their husbands had allowed it.


There are many Fathers and Mothers of family who could have lived more if their sons and daughters had allowed it.


The illness that takes our loved one to the grave has by cause causorum, the words that kill, hurtful looks, ungrateful actions, etc.


This outdated and degenerate society is full of unconscious assassins who presume innocents.


The prisons are full of murderers but the worst kind of criminals presumes innocent and walks free.


No form of murder can have any justification. With killing another does not solve any problem in life.


The Wars have never solved any problem. With bombing defenseless cities and killing millions of people, nothing is resolved.


War is something too rude, crude, monstrous, abominable. Millions of human machines sleeping, unconscious, stupid, are launched to war with the purpose of destroying so many millions of unconscious human machines.


Many times a planetary catastrophe in the cosmos is enough, or a terrible position of the stars in the sky, so that millions of men are thrown into war.


Human machines are not aware of anything, they move in a destructive way when certain types of cosmic waves wound them secretly.


If the people awaken the conscience, if from the very banks of the School, students were educated wisely, leading them to a conscious understanding of what enmity and war is, another cock will sing to them, no one will go to war and the catastrophic waves of the cosmos would then be used in a different way.


War smells like cannibalism, the life of caverns, the bestiality of the worst kind, the bow, the arrow, the spear, the orgy of blood, it is clearly incompatible with civilization.


All men in war are cowards, fearful and heroes laden with medals are precisely the most cowardly, the most fearful.


The suicide also seems very courageous but he is a coward because he was afraid of life.


The hero in the background is a suicide who in a moment of supreme terror committed the suicide madness.


The madness of the suicide is easily confused with the hero's courage.


If we carefully observe the behavior of the soldier during the war, his manners, his look, his words, his steps in the battle, we can make evident his cowardice.


The Teachers of Schools, Colleges, Universities, must teach their students the truth about war. They must lead their students to consciously experience that Truth.


If the people were fully aware of what this tremendous Truth of war is, if the Masters knew how to educate their disciples wisely, no citizen would be allowed to go to the slaughterhouse.


Fundamental Education must be taught right now in all schools, colleges and universities, because it is precisely from the banks of the School, where you must work for PEACE.


It is urgent that the new Generations become fully aware of what barbarism is and what war is.


In schools, colleges, universities, enmity and war in all its aspects must be thoroughly understood.


The new generations must understand that the old people, with their rancid and clumsy ideas, always sacrifice young people and carry them like oxen to the slaughterhouse.


Young people should not be persuaded by the warmongering propaganda, nor for the reasons of the old, because one reason is opposed by another reason and one opinion is opposed by another, but neither reasoning nor opinions are the Truth about War.


The old ones have thousands of reasons to justify the war and take the young people to the slaughterhouse.


The important thing is not the reasoning about the war but to experience the Truth of what war is.


We do not pronounce ourselves against Reason or against analysis, we only mean that we must first experience the truth about war and thee can afford to reason and analyze.


It is impossible to experience the truth of NOT KILLING, if we exclude deep intimate meditation.


Only very deep Meditation can lead us to experience the Truth about War.


Teachers must not only give intellectual information to their students. Teachers must teach their students to handle the mind, to experience the TRUTH.


 That of killing is only proper to any degenerate human race.


Through the television and the cinema, the agents of the crime propagate their criminal ideas.


The children of the new generation receive daily through the television screen and from the children's stories and the cinema, magazine, etc., a good dose of poisonous murders, shootings, frightful crimes, etc.


You cannot put television to on without finding one with words full of hate, bullets, perversity.


Nothing is being done by the governments of the earth against the spread of crime. The minds of children and young people are being led by the agents of crime, by the way of crime.


The idea of killing is already so widespread, it is already so widespread through movies, stories, etc. that has become totally familiar to everyone. Many ones of the new wave have been educated for crime and kill for the sake of killing, enjoy watching others die. This is what they learned on television at home, in the movies, in stories, in magazines,etc.


Everywhere crime reigns and governments do nothing to correct the instinct to kill from their very roots.


It is the turn of the Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities, put the cry in the sky and stir the heavens and earth to correct this mental epidemic.


It is urgent that the Teachers of Schools, Colleges and Universities, give the cry of alarm and ask all the governments of the earth the censorship for the cinema, the television, etc in such perverse way.


The crime is multiplying terribly due to all those blood shows and at the step that we are going, the day will come when no one will be able to circulate freely in the streets without the fear of being killed.


The Radio, the Cinema, the Television, the Blood magazines, have given such a spread to the crime of killing, they have made it so pleasing to the weak and degenerate minds.


By so much spread of the crime of killing, weak minds have become too familiar with crime and now even have the luxury of killing by imitating what they saw in the movies or on television.


The Teachers who are the educators of the people are obliged in the fulfillment of their duty to fight for the new generations asking the governments of the earth the prohibition of blood shows, in short, the cancellation of all kinds of movies about murders, thieves, etc.


The struggle of the Masters must also extend to bullfighting and boxing.


The bullfighter's type is the most cowardly and criminal kind. The bullfighter wants all the advantages for him and kills to amuse the public.


The type of boxer is the monster of murder, in its sadistic form that hurts to amuse the public.


This kind of blood shows are a hundred percent barbaric and they stimulate minds by leading them down the path of crime. If we really want to fight for World Peace, we must start a campaign against blood spectacles.


While there are destructive factors within the human mind, there will inevitably be wars.


Within the human mind there are the factors that produce war, those factors are hatred, violence in all its aspects, selfishness, anger, fear, criminal instincts, warmongering ideas propagated by television, radio, cinema, etc.


The propaganda for PEACE, the NOBEL PEACE PRIZES, are absurd as long as there are psychological factors that produce war within man.


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