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                                                               WHAT TO THINK. HOW TO THINK.


In our home and at school, parents and teachers always tell us what to think but never in life teach us HOW TO THINK.


Knowing what to think is relatively easy. Our parents, teachers, tutors, book authors, etc. etc. etc. each one is a dictator in his own way, each one wants us to think about their dictates, demands, theories, prejudices, etc.


The dictators of the mind abound like weeds. Everywhere there is a perverse tendency to enslave the mind of others, to bottle it, to force it to live within certain norms, prejudices, schools, etc.


The thousands and millions of DICTATORS of the mind have never wanted to respect anyone's mental freedom. If someone does not think like them, he is described as perverse, renegade, ignorant, etc. etc. etc.


Everyone wants to enslave the whole world, everyone wants to run over the intellectual freedom of others. Nobody wants to respect the freedom of the thoughts of others. Each one feels JUDGED, WISE, WONDERFUL, and naturally wants others to be like him, to make him their model, to think like him.


The mind has been overused too much. Observe the MERCHANTS, and their propaganda through the newspaper, radio, television, etc. etc. etc.


Commercial propaganda is dictatorial. Buy such soap! Such shoes! Such prize! So many dollars! Buy now! Immediately! Do not leave it for tomorrow! It has to be immediately! etc. Just need to say: "if you do not obey we put you in jail," or: "we kill him."


The father wants to force the child into his ideas and the school teacher scolds, punishes and puts down grades if the boy or girl does not accept the teacher's ideas DICTATORYLY.


Half humanity wants to enslave the mind of the other half of humanity. This tendency to enslave the minds of others stands out at first glance when we study the black page of the black history.


See the BLOODY DICTATORS committed to enslaving peoples. Bloody dictatorships that dictate what people should think. Unfortunate that one! who tries to think freely: that inevitably goes to concentration camps, to Siberia, to prison, to forced labor, to hanging, to execution, to exile, etc.


Neither TEACHERS, nor PARENTS, nor books, want to teach HOW TO THINK.


People love to force others to think in agreement as they think they should be and it is clear that everyone in this is a DICTATOR in their own way, everyone believes the last word, everyone firmly believes that everyone else should think like him, because he is the best of the best.


Parents, teachers, employers, etc. etc. etc., they scold and reprimand their subordinates.


It is frightful that horrible tendency of humanity to disrespect others, to run over another's mind, to cage, to lock up, to enslave, to chain the thoughts of others.


The husband wants to put the woman's ideas in his head and strength, his doctrine, his ideas, etc. and the woman wants to do the same.


Many times husband and wife divorce because of incompatibility of ideas.


People must to understand the need to respect the intellectual freedom of others.


No spouse has the right to enslave the mind of another spouse. Each one is in fact worthy of respect. Everyone has the right to think how they want, to profess their religion, to belong to the political party they want.


The children of the school are forced to think hard about such and such ideas but they are not taught to handle the mind.


The mind of children is tender, elastic, ductile and that of the old is already hard, fixed, like clay in a mold, it does not change anymore, it cannot change anymore.


The mind of children and young people is susceptible to many changes, it can change.


Children and young people can be taught how to THINK. It is very difficult for old people to teach them HOW TO THINK because they are already the way they are and that is how they die. It is very rare to find in life an old man interested in changing radically.


The minds of the people are shaped from childhood. That's what parents and school teachers prefer to do. They enjoy giving shape to the minds of children and youth.


Mind put in a mold is in fact mind conditioned, slave mind.


It is necessary that the MASTERS and TEACHERS of school break the shackles of the mind.


It is urgent that teachers know how to direct the minds of children towards true freedom so that they do not allow themselves to be enslaved anymore.


It is essential that teachers teach students how to THINK.


Teachers must understand the need to teach students the path of analysis, meditation, comprehension.


No one comprehensive person should ever accept dogmatically anything. It is urgent to first investigate. Understand, inquire, before accepting.


In other words we will say that there is no need to accept, but to investigate, analyze, meditate and comprehend. When comprehension is complete, acceptance is unnecessary.


It is useless to fill our heads with intellectual information if, after leaving school, we DO NOT KNOW THINK and we continue as LIVING AUTOMATON, like machines, repeating the same routine of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, etc.


Repeat the same thing, to live life of machine, from the house to the office and from the office to the house, get married to become little machines to make children, that is not living and if we study for that, and for that we go to school and to college and university for ten or fifteen years, it would be better not to study.


THE MAHATMA GHANDI was a very unique man. Many times Protestant pastors sat at his door for hours and hours fighting to turn Christianity into its Protestant form.


Ghandi did not accept the teaching of the pastors, he did not reject it, he understood it, he RESPECTED it, and that is all.


Many times the MAHATMA said: "I am Brahmin, Jew, Christian, Mohammedan, etc. etc. etc.


THE MAHATMA understood that all religions are necessary because they all preserve the same ETERNAL VALUES.


That of accepting or rejecting any doctrine or concept reveals a lack of mental maturity.


When we reject or accept something, it is because we have not understood it.


Where there is COMPREHENSION the acceptance or rejection comes out in excess.


The mind that believes, the mind that does not believe, the mind that doubts, is an IGNORANT mind.


The path of WISDOM is not to BELIEVE or not to BELIEVE or DOUBT.


The path of WISDOM consists in INQUIRING, analyzing, meditating and EXPERIMENTING.


The TRUTH is the unknown from moment to moment. The truth has nothing to do with what one believes or stops believing, either the skepticism.


The TRUTH is not a matter of accepting something or rejecting it. The TRUTH is a matter of EXPERIENCING, LIVING, UNDERSTANDING.


All the effort of the MASTERS must ultimately lead the students to the EXPERIENCE of the real, of the true.


It is URGENT that the TEACHERS and MASTERS abandon that antiquated and pernicious tendency always directed to MODEL the PLASTIC and DUCTILE mind of the children.


It is absurd that ADULT people full of prejudices, passions, antiquated preconceptions, etc. so trample the minds of children and young people, trying to model the mind according to their stale, clumsy, antiquated ideas.


It is better to respect the INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM of the STUDENTS and PUPILS, to respect their mental readiness, their creative spontaneity.


Teachers have no right to cage the minds of students.


The fundamental thing is not to tell the students' MIND what to think, but to teach them in a complete way, HOW TO THINK.


The MIND is the instrument of KNOWLEDGE and it is necessary that the TEACHERS and MASTERS teach their students to wisely manage that instrument.




                                                                THE SEARCH FOR SECURITY


When the chicks are afraid, they hide under the hen's loving wings in search of safety.


The frightened child runs in search of his mother because he thinks he is safe with her.


It is thus demonstrated that FEAR and the search for SECURITY are always intimately associated.


The man who fears being assaulted by bandits seeks security in his gun.


The country that fears to be attacked by another country, will buy guns, airplanes, warships and will arm armies and will get up in arms of war.


Many subjects who do not know how to work, terrified by misery, seek security in crime, and become thieves, assailants, etc ...


Many women lacking intelligence scared of the possibility of misery and become prostitutes.


The jealous man fears losing his wife and looks for safety in the gun, kills and then it is clear that he is going to jail.


The jealous woman kills her rival or her husband and thus becomes a murderer.


She is afraid of losing her husband and wanting to assure him she kills the other or resolves to kill him.


The landlord afraid that people do not pay rent for the house, requires contracts, sureties, deposits, etc., wanting to make sure and if a poor widow and full of children cannot fill such tremendous requirements, and if all landlords of the city they do the same, at last the unhappy will have to go to sleep with their children on the street or in the parks of the city.


All wars have their origin in fear.


The gestapos, the tortures, the concentration camps, the siberias, the terrible prisons, exile, forced labor, executions, etc. They originate in fear.


Nations attack other nations out of fear; they seek security in violence, they believe that killing, invading, etc. They can be made safe, strong, powerful.


In the offices of secret police, counter-espionage, etc. both in the east and in the west, the spies are tortured, they are feared, they want to confess them with the purpose of finding security for the State.


All crimes, all wars, all crimes, have their origin in fear and in the search for security.


In other times there was sincerity among people, today fear and the search for security have ended with the wonderful fragrance of sincerity.


The friend distrusts the friend, fears that he will steal, cheat, exploit and explode and there are even stupid and perverse maxims like this: "DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO YOUR BEST FRIEND". The HITLERIANS said that this MAXIMUM was of GOLD.


The friend already fears the friend and even uses MAXIMUM to protect himself. There is no longer sincerity among friends. Fear and the search for safety put an end to the delicious fragrance of sincerity.


Castro Ruz in Cuba and his henchmen has shot thousands of citizens fearful that they will finish him; Castro seeks security by firing. Thinking that can find Security with this.


Stalin, the evil and bloodthirsty Stalin, stamped Russia with his bloody purges. That was the way to seek his safety.


Hitler organized the Gestapo, the terrible Gestapo, for state security. There is no doubt that he feared that he would be overthrown and that is why he founded the bloody Gestapo.


All the bitterness of this world has its origin in fear and the search for security.


School teachers must teach students the virtue of value.


It is unfortunate that children are filled with fear from their own home.


Children are threatened, intimidated, frightened, given sticks, etc.


It is the custom of parents and teachers to frighten the child and the young person with the purpose of studying.


Children and young people are usually told that if they do not study they will have to ask for alms, to wander hungry in the streets, to exercise humble jobs such as cleaning footwear, carrying bales, selling newspapers, working on the plow, etc. etc. etc. (As if the work was a crime).


In the background, after all these words of parents and teachers, there is fear for the child and search for safety for the child.


The serious thing of all that we are saying, is that the boy and the young person become complex, they are filled with fear and later in the practical life they are subjects full of fear.


Parents and teachers who have the bad practice to scare children, young people and women, are unconsciously leading the way of crime, because as we said, all crime has its origin in fear and the search for security.


Today, FEAR and SECURITY SEARCH have turned the planet earth into a terrible hell. Everyone is afraid. Everyone wants assurances.


In other times you could travel freely, now the borders are full of armed guards, passports and certificates of all kinds are required to have the right to move from one country to another.


All this is the result of fear and SECURITY SEARCH. The one who travels is feared, the one who arrives is feared and security is sought in passports and papers of all kinds.


Teachers of schools, colleges, universities must understand the horror of all this and cooperate for the good of the world, knowing how to educate the new generations, teaching them the way of authentic value.


It is URGENT to teach the new generations not to fear and not seek assurances in anything or anyone.


It is essential that every individual learn to trust more in himself.


FEAR and SECURITY SEARCH are terrible weaknesses that turned life into a frightful HELL.


Everywhere there are many cowards, the fearful, the weak, who always look for SECURITY.


Life is feared, death is feared, there is fear of what people will say, to lose social status, political position, prestige, money, the beautiful house, the beautiful woman, the good husband, the job, the business, the monopoly, the furniture, the car, etc. etc. etc. Everything is feared, the cowards, the fearful, the weak, abound everywhere, more, no one thinks of himself as a coward, they all presume to be strong, courageous, etc.


In all social classes there are thousands and millions of interests that are feared to be lost and that is why everyone seeks safety that by dint of becoming more and more complex, they make life increasingly complicated, increasingly difficult, increasingly bitter, cruel and ruthless.


All the slander, intrigue, etc., have their origin in fear and search for security.


In order not to lose the fortune, position, power, prestige, are propagate slander gossip, murder, payment for secret murder, etc.


The powerful of the earth are given the luxury of having paid killers and very well paid, with the disgusting purpose of eliminating anyone who threatens to eclipse them.


They love power for the power itself and they assure it based on money and a lot of blood.


 Some war heroes were known as weak and cowardly people, more when they came face to face with death, their terror was so frightful, that they turned into terrible beasts seeking security for their lives, making a supreme effort against death. Then they were declared HEROES.


Fear is often confused with courage. Whoever commits suicide seems very courageous, who carries a pistol seems very courageous, but in reality suicides and gunmen are very cowardly.


Who does not fear life does not commit suicide. He who is not afraid of anyone does not carry a gun to his belt.


It is URGENT for school teachers to teach the students clearly and accurately, what is TRUE VALUE and what is fear.


FEAR and SECURITY SEARCH have turned the world into a hideous hell.

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