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                                                                             THE DISCIPLINE


The teachers of schools, colleges and universities give great importance to the discipline and we must study it in this chapter carefully.


All of us who have gone through schools, colleges, universities, etc. We know very well what the disciplines, rules, splints, scolding are.


Discipline is what is called CULTIVATION OF RESISTANCE. School teachers love to cultivate RESISTANCE.


We are taught to resist, to erect something against something else. We are taught to resist the temptations of the flesh and we whip and do penance to resist.


We are taught to RESIST the temptations that laziness brings, temptations not to study, not to go to school, to play, to laugh, to make fun of teachers, to violate regulations, etc. etc. etc.


Teachers have the mistaken concept that through discipline we can understand the need to respect the order of the school, the need to study, keep composure before teachers, behave well with classmates, etc. etc. etc.


There is among the people the mistaken concept that the more we resist, the more we reject, the more and more we become understanding, free, full, victorious.


People do not want to realize that the more we fight against something, the more we resist it, the more we reject it, the less is UNDERSTANDING.


If we fight against the vice of the drink, it will disappear for a time, but as we have not fully understood it in all the LEVELS OF THE MIND, it will resume later when we neglect the guard and drink once for the whole year.


If we reject the vice of fornication, for a time we will be very chaste in appearance (even though in other LEVELS OF THE MIND we continue to be frightful SATYR as EROTIC dreams and nocturnal pollutions can demonstrate), and then we will return with more strength to our old wanderings of IRREDIENTS FORNICARIES, due to the concrete fact of not having thoroughly understood what FORNICATION is.


Many are those who reject GREED, those who fight against it, those who discipline themselves against it by following certain RULES of conduct, but since they have not really understood the whole process of GREED, they are in the background coveting not to be greedy.


Many are those who discipline themselves against the ANGER, those who learn to resist it, but it continues to exist in other levels of the subconscious mind, even when in appearance it has disappeared from our character and at the slightest carelessness of the guard, the subconscious betrays us and then we thundered and flashed full of anger, when we least expected it and maybe for some reason that does not have the LESS IMPORTANCE.


Many are those who discipline themselves against jealousy and at last firmly believe that they have already extinguished them, but since they did not understand them, it is clear that they appear again on stage precisely when we thought they were dead.


Only with full absence of disciplines, only in authentic freedom, arises in the mind, the burning flare of COMPREHENSION.


CREATIVE FREEDOM can never exist in a FRAMEWORK. We need freedom to UNDERSTAND our PSYCHOLOGICAL defects in an INTEGRAL manner.


We urgently need to tear down walls and break steel shackles, to be free.


We have to experience for ourselves everything that our Masters in School and our Fathers have told us is good and useful. It is not enough to memorize and imitate. We need to understand.


All the effort of the Masters must be addressed to the students' conscience. They should strive because they enter the path of COMPREHENSION.


It is not enough to tell students that this or that must be, it is necessary for students to learn to be free so that they can examine, study, analyze all the values, all the things that people have said are beneficial, useful, noble and not merely accept and imitate them.


People do not want to discover for themselves, they have closed minds, stupid minds that do not want to investigate, mechanistic minds that never investigate and that only IMITATE.


It is necessary, it is urgent, it is indispensable that the students from their tender age until the moment they leave the CLASSROOMS enjoy true freedom to discover for themselves, to inquire, to understand and that they are not limited by the abject walls of prohibitions, scolding and disciplines.


If the students are told what they should and should not do and are not allowed to COMPREHEND and experiment, WHERE then is their intelligence? WHAT is the opportunity that has been given to intelligence?


What is the use then passing exams, dressing very well, having many friends if we are not smart?


Intelligence only comes to us when we are truly free to investigate for ourselves, to comprehend, to analyze without fear to be scolding and without the splint of Disciplines.


Fearful, frightened students, subjected to terrible disciplines will never be able to KNOW. They can never be smart.


Today parents and teachers, all they are interested in is that students make a career, that they become doctors, lawyers, engineers, office workers, that is, living automatons and then marry and also become MACHINES TO MAKE BABIES and that's it.


When the boys or girls want to do something new, something different, when they feel the need to get out of that framework, prejudices, outdated habits, disciplines, family or national traditions, etc., then the parents tighten the shackles of the prison and they say to the boy or the girl: Do not do that! We are not willing to support you in that, those things are crazy, etc., etc., etc. TOTAL the boy or the girl is formally imprisoned in the prison of disciplines, traditions, outdated customs, decrepit ideas, etc.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION teaches how to reconcile the ORDER with FREEDOM.






PUPILS must enjoy the perfect freedom to find out for themselves, to INQUIRY to DISCOVER what they really are, what they truly are in THEMSELVES and what they can do in life.


Students, soldiers and police and in general all those who have to live subjected to rigorous disciplines, often become cruel, insensitive to human pain, ruthless.


The DISCIPLINE destroys human SENSITIVITY and this is already fully demonstrated by OBSERVATION and EXPERIENCE.


Due to so many disciplines and regulations, the people of this era have totally lost the SENSIBILITY and goes in the way to become cruel and ruthless.


To be truly free you need to be very sensitive and humanistic ...


In schools, colleges and universities, students are taught to put ATTENTION into the classes and students pay attention to avoid scolding, the pulling of ears, the blow with the splint or with the rule, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, they are not taught to REALLY UNDERSTAND what CONSCIOUS ATTENTION is.


By discipline the student pays attention and expends creative energy many times in a useless way.


The creative energy is the most subtle type of force manufactured by the ORGANIC MACHINE.


We eat and drink and all the processes of digestion are in the background processes of subtlety in which coarse materials become useful materials and forces.


The creative energy is: the most subtle type of MATTER and FORCE developed by the organism.


If we know how to put CONSCIOUS ATTENTION we can save creative energy. Unfortunately, teachers do not teach their disciples what CONSCIOUS ATTENTION is.


Wherever we direct ATTENTION, we spend CREATING ENERGY. We can save that energy if we divide the attention, if we do not identify with things, with people, with ideas.


When we identify with people, with things, with ideas, we forget ourselves and then we lose creative energy in the most pitiful way.




When we learn to NOT forget about SELF, when we learn to divide the ATTENTION between SUBJECT; OBJECT and PLACE, we save CREATING ENERGY to awaken CONSCIOUSNESS.


It is necessary to learn to handle ATTENTION to awaken awareness but students do not know anything about it because their TEACHERS have not taught it.


WHEN we learn to use ATTENTION consciously, discipline then comes out in excess.


The student attentive to their classes, to their lessons, to order, does NOT need discipline of any kind.


It is URGENT that the TEACHERS understand the need to intelligently reconcile FREEDOM and ORDER and this is possible through CONSCIOUS ATTENTION.


CONSCIOUS ATTENTION excludes that which is called IDENTIFICATION. When we IDENTIFY ourselves with people, with things, with ideas, come FASCINATION and this last one produces DREAM in CONSCIOUSNESS.


You have to know how to put ATTENTION without IDENTIFICATION. WHEN we pay attention to something or someone and forget ourselves, the result is the FASCINATION and the DREAM of CONSCIOUSNESS.


Look carefully a person watching a movie. He is asleep, he ignores everything, he ignores himself, he is hollow, he looks like a sleepwalker, he dreams of the movie he is watching, with the hero of the movie.


PUPILS and students should pay attention to the classes without forgetting themselves to avoid falling into the AWESOME SLEEP of CONSCIOUSNESS.


The student must see himself on stage when he is presenting an exam or when he is before the board or blackboard by order of the teacher, or when he is studying or resting or playing with his classmates.




When we do not commit the ERROR of IDENTIFYING ourselves with people, things, ideas, etc. we save CREATING ENERGY and precipitate in ourselves the awakening of CONSCIOUSNESS.


Whoever wants to awaken CONSCIOUSNESS in the HIGHER WORLDS, should start by AWAKENING here and now.


When the STUDENT makes the mistake of IDENTIFYING with people, things, ideas, when he makes the mistake of forgetting himself, then he falls into fascination and sleep.


Discipline does not teach students to put CONSCIOUS ATTENTION. Discipline is a real prison for the mind.


Students must learn to manage CONSCIOUS ATTENTION from the same school benches so that later in practical life, outside of school, they do not make the mistake of forgetting themselves.


The man who forgets himself before an insultor, identifies with him, becomes fascinated, falls into the sleep of unconsciousness and then hurts or kills and goes to jail inevitably.


He who does not allow himself to FASCINATE with the insulting one, the one who does not identify with him, the one who does not forget himself, the one who knows how to put CONSCIOUS ATTENTION, would be incapable of giving value to the words of the insulter, or of hurting him or even killing him .


All the mistakes that the human being commits in life are due to the fact that he forgets himself, identifies himself, becomes fascinated and falls into sleep.


It would be better for youth, for all students, to be taught the AWAKENING of CONSCIOUSNESS instead of enslaving them with so many absurd disciplines.



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