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                                                                                 THE MIND

Through experience we have been able to verify that it is impossible to understand THAT WHICH IS CALLED LOVE, until we have comprehensively understood the complex problem of MIND.


Those who suppose that the MIND is the BRAIN, are totally wrong. The MIND is ENERGETIC, subtle, it can become independent of the MATTER, it can in certain hypnotic states or during normal sleep, transport itself to very remote places to see and hear what is happening in those places.


In the laboratories of parapsychology remarkable experiments are made with subjects in the HYPNOTIC state.


Many subjects in the HYPNOTHIC state have been able to report with meticulous details about events, people and situations that during their hypnotic trance were happening at remote distances.


Scientists have been able to verify, after these experiments, the reality of these INFORMATION. They have been able to verify the reality of the facts, the accuracy of the EVENTS.


With these experiments from the laboratories of PARAPSYCHOLOGY it is fully demonstrated by the observation and experience that the BRAIN is not the MIND.


Actually and from all truth we can say that the mind can travel through time and space, independently of the brain, to see and hear things that happen in distant places.


The REALITY of SENSORIAL EXTRA-PERCEPTIONS is already ABSOLUTELY demonstrated and only to a madman or an idiot, it could occur to him to deny the reality of EXTRA-PERCEPTIONS.


The brain is made to elaborate the thought but it is not the thought.


The brain is only the instrument of the MIND, it is not the mind.


We need to study the mind thoroughly if we really want to know in an INTEGRAL way what is called LOVE.


Children and young people, men and women, have more elastic, ductile, quick, alert minds, etc.


There are many children and young people who enjoy asking their parents and teachers, about such and such things, they want to know something else, they want to know and that is why they ask, observe, see certain details that adults despise or do not perceive.


As the years go by, as we age, the mind gradually lose its ductile capacity.


The mind of the elderly is fixed, petrified, and does not change mostly.


The old ones are already that way and they die, they do not change, they approach everything from a fixed point.


The senility of the old people, their prejudices, fixed ideas, etc. they all seem together   that does not change in any way. That is why the vulgar saying "GENIUS AND FIGURE UNTIL THE SEPULTURE" says.


It is URGENT that the teachers responsible for forming the PERSONALITY of the students, study the mind very thoroughly, so that they can guide the new generations intelligently.


It is painful to understand thoroughly, as through time the MIND is petrified little by little.


The MIND is the killer of the REAL, of the true. MIND destroys LOVE.


There are many elders whose mind is full of painful experiences, prejudices, fixed ideas like steel tip, etc.



There are many bottles for the mind and mind of each person is very well bottled.


There are those who have BOTTLED MIND in jealousy, in hatred, in good social position, in pessimism in the attachment to certain people, in the attachment to their own sufferings, in their family problems, etc. etc. etc.



We need to LIBERATE THE MIND, it is very rare to find someone in life that does not have the MIND well bottled.


Teachers must teach their students all these things. They must teach the new generations to investigate their own mind, to observe it, to understand it, only thus through the background understanding can we prevent the mind from petrify, freezing, bottling.


The only thing that can transform the world is that which is called LOVE, but the mind destroys LOVE.


We need to STUDY our own mind, observe it, investigate it deeply, truly understand it. Only thus, only by becoming masters of ourselves, of our own mind, will we kill the killer of LOVE and we will be truly happy.


Those who live fantasizing about LOVE, those who live doing projects about LOVE, those who want LOVE to operate according to their likes and dislikes, projects and fantasies, norms and prejudices, memories and experiences, etc. they can never really know what LOVE is, in fact they have become enemies of LOVE.


It is necessary to understand in an INTEGRAL way what the processes of the mind in the state of accumulation of experiences are.


The teacher, reprimands many times fairly but sometimes stupidly and without real reason, without understanding that all unfair scolding remains deposited in the minds of students, the result of such wrong behavior, is usually the loss of LOVE for the MASTER.


MIND destroys LOVE and this is something that the TEACHERS and MASTERS of schools, colleges and universities should never forget.


It is necessary to fully understand all those mental processes that end with the beauty of LOVE.


It is not enough to be a father or mother of a family; you have to know how to LOVE. There are many parents believing that they love their children because they have them, because they are theirs, because they own them, like someone who has a bicycle, a car, a house.


That sense of possession, of dependence, is often confused with LOVE but could never be LOVE.


The teachers of our second home, which is the school, believe that they love their disciples, because they belong to them as such, because they have them, but that is not LOVE. The sense of possession or dependence IS NOT LOVE.


MIND destroys LOVE and only understanding all the wrong functionalisms of the mind, our absurd way of thinking, our bad habits, automatic habits, mechanics, wrong way of seeing things, etc. we can come to experience, to experience of TRUTH that which does not belong to time, that which is called LOVE.


Who want LOVE to become a piece of their own routine machine, who want LOVE to walk the wrong lanes of their own prejudices, desires, fears, experiences of life, selfish way of seeing things, wrong way of think, etc. they end up with LOVE because he never lets himself be subdued.


Those who want LOVE to work as I WANT, as I DESIRE, as I THINK, lose LOVE because CUPID, the GOD of LOVE, is never willing to let itself be enslaved by the ME.


We must put an end to the self, with the ego, so as not to lose the child of LOVE.


The self-ego is a bundle of memories, desires, fears, hatreds, passions, experiences, selfishness, envy, greed, lust, etc. etc. etc.


Only understanding each defect separately; only studying it, observing it directly not only in the intellectual region, but also in all the subconscious levels of the mind, every defect disappears, we are dying from moment to moment. Thus and only thus we achieve the disintegration of the ego.


Those who want to bottle LOVE inside the horrible bottle of the ego, lose LOVE, they run out of it, because LOVE can never be bottled.


Unfortunately people want LOVE to behave according to their own habits, desires, customs, etc., people want LOVE to submit to Ego and that is completely impossible because LOVE does not obey to the ME.


The couples in love, or better said passionate, suppose that LOVE must walk faithfully through the lanes of their own desires, lusts, errors, etc., and in this they are totally wrong.


Let's talk about the two, say the lovers or sexually impassioned, which is what abounds in this World, and then come the talks, the projects, the longings and sighs. Everyone says something, exposes their projects, their desires, their way of seeing the things of life and wants LOVE to move like a railway machine along the steel lanes traced by the mind.


How wrong are those in love or passionate, how far from reality.


LOVE does not obey to the ME and when the spouses want to put chains around his neck and subdue him, he flees leaving the couple in disgrace.


MIND has the bad taste to compare. The man compares one girlfriend to another. The woman compares one man with another. The Teacher compares one student with another, one student with another as if all their students did not deserve the same appreciation. Actually all comparison is ABOMINABLE.


Who contemplates a beautiful sunset and compares it with another one, does not really know how to understand the beauty that is before his eyes.


Who contemplates a beautiful mountain and compares it with another that he saw yesterday, is not really understanding the beauty of the mountain before his eyes.


Where COMPARISON exists, there is no TRUE LOVE. The Father and the Mother who love their children for real, never compare them with anyone, love them and that is all.


The husband who really loves his wife, never makes the mistake of comparing her with anyone, loves her and that's it.


THE MASTER or the Teacher who love their students never discriminate against them, never compare them to each other, they really love them and that is all...


The Mind Divided by the comparisons, the slave mind of DUALISM, destroys LOVE.


The Mind divided by the battle of the opposites is not capable of understanding the new, it petrifies, it freezes.


The MIND HAS MANY DEPTHS, Regions, subconscious lands, nooks and crannies, but the best is the ESSENCE, the CONSCIOUSNESS and it is in the Center.


When the DUALISM ends, when the mind becomes INTENSE, SERENE, STILL, DEEP, when it no longer compares, then  awakens the ESSENCE, the CONSCIENCE and that must be the true objective of the FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION.


Let's distinguish between OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE. In OBJECTIVE there is awake consciousness. In the SUBJECTIVE there is asleep consciousness, SUBCONSCIOUSNESS.




The intellectual information currently received by students of all schools, colleges and universities, is SUBJECTIVE one hundred percent.




Students must first reach SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and then OBJECTIVE AWARENESS.




It is necessary to understand the COMPLEX PROBLEM OF THE MIND if we really want to travel the WAY OF LOVE.




                                                                      KNOW HOW TO LISTEN


In the world there are many speakers who are astonished by their eloquence, but few people who know how to listen.


Knowing how to listen is very difficult, few are really the people who really know how to listen.


When the master, the teacher, the lecturer speak, the audience seems to be very attentive, as if following in detail each word of the speaker, everything gives the idea that they are listening, that they are in a state of alert, but in the psychological background from each individual there is a secretary who translates each word of the speaker.


THIS SECRETARY IS THE SELF, THE EGO. The work of said secretary consists of misinterpreting, mistranslating the speaker's words.


THE SELF translates according to their prejudices, preconceptions, fears, pride, anxieties, ideas, memories, etc., etc., etc.


The students in the school, the individuals who summed up constitute the listening audience  in its majority, they are not really listening to the speaker, they are listening to themselves, they are listening to their own EGO, to their beloved  Machiavellian ego, who is not willing to accept the REAL, the TRUE, the ESSENTIAL.


Only in alert state NOVELTY, with SPONTANEOUS MIND free of the weight of the past, in a state of full RECEPTIVITY, we can really listen without the intervention of that lousy ominous secretary called  EGO.


When the mind is conditioned by memory, it only repeats what it has accumulated.


The Mind conditioned by the experiences of so many yesteryears, can only see the present through the shady lenses of the past.


IF WE WANT TO LISTEN, if we want to learn to listen to discover the new, we must live according to the philosophy of MOMENTANEITY.


It is urgent to live from moment to moment without the worries of the past, and without the projects of the future.


The TRUTH is the unknown from moment to moment, our minds must always be alert, in full attention, free of prejudices, preconceptions, in order to be really receptive.


School Teachers must teach their students the profound significance of listening.


It is necessary to learn to live wisely, reaffirm our senses, refine our behavior, our thoughts, our feelings.


It is no use having a great academic culture, if we do not know how to listen, if we are not able to discover the new from moment to moment.


We need to refine our attention, refine our manners, refine our person, things, etc., etc., etc.


It is impossible to be truly refined when we do not know how to listen.


The rough, rude, deteriorated, degenerate Minds, never know how to listen, never know how to discover the new, those Minds only understand, they only misunderstand the absurd translations of that satanic secretary called, EGO.


Being refined is very difficult and requires full attention. Someone can be a very refined person in fashions, suits, dresses, gardens, cars, friendships, and, nevertheless, continue in the intimate being rude, rough, heavy.


Who knows how to live from moment to moment, really marches down the path of true refinement.


Whoever has receptive, spontaneous, integral, alert mind, walks on the path of authentic refinement.


Whoever opens up to everything new by abandoning the weight of the past, preconceptions, prejudices, misgivings, fanaticisms, etc., triumphantly marches down the path of legitimate refinement.


The degenerated mind lives bottled in the past, in preconceptions, pride, ego-love, prejudices, etc., etc.


The degenerate mind does not know how to see the new, it does not know how to listen, it is conditioned by the pride.


Fans of MARXISM-LENINISM do not accept the new; they do not admit the fourth CHARACTERISTIC of all things, the fourth DIMENSION, out of self-love-pride, they love themselves too much, they cling to their own absurd materialistic theories and when we place them in the realm of concrete facts, when we show them the absurd of their sophisms, raise their left arms, look at the hands of their pulse clock, give an evasive apology and leave.


Those are degenerate minds, decrepit minds that do not know how to listen, that do not know how to discover the new, that do not accept reality because they are bottled in the OWN PRIDE. Minds that love themselves too much, minds that do not know about CULTURAL REFINEMENTS, rough minds, rude minds, that only listen to their beloved EGO.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION teaches listening, teaches how to live wisely.


Teachers of schools, colleges, universities must teach their students the authentic path of true life refinement.


It is useless to stay ten and fifteen years in schools, colleges and universities, if we are internally real dirty in our thoughts, ideas, feelings and customs.


FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION is urgently needed because the new generations signify the beginning of a new era.


The time has come for the TRUE REVOLUTION, the moment of the FUNDAMENTAL REVOLUTION has arrived.


The past is the past and has already paid off. We need to understand the deep 

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