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                                                              EGYPTIAN MUMMIES

Oh KEB! Genius of the earth; Mighty Lord of the world, sublime protector of the venerable mummies in the sunny country of KEM Hail! ...

What they hear my ears? Oh gods of AMEN-RA !. Still resonate in the deep bottom of all ages, the ineffable verb of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great God Ibis of Thoth.

A lethargy of eternity weighs upon the ancient mysteries of the Sphinx of the desert and the souls of AMENTI crave a new Neptunian AMENTINA manifestation.

At the moment it comes to my memory an Egyptian reincarnation. Certainly I was born and lived there during the dynasty of King Chephren. Although my words may seem enigmatic and bizarre, truly, I say that my physical body did not die and yet went to the tomb.

Catalepsy? Yes! What type? Impossible to explain that for now you would understand not.

Ah! But my case was certainly no exception; many other Hierophants went to the sepulcher in a cataleptic state.

Very special type of mummies continue to live and no food, but with all its natural powers in abeyance, is something that in no way be surprised.

Remember the toads during winter, buried in the mud, lie cadaveric without food, but spring back to life. Have you heard about hibernation? In Paris this branch of science is very advanced; a doctor friend told me that here in Mexico also would be established. Any human organism got into hibernation chambers below zero degrees, profoundly sleeps, looks like a corpse with all human faculties in abeyance. It has been told that the first man who served as a guinea pig for such an experiment remained in that state for a century. They say that guy who still lives.

Egyptian catalepsy goes much further; also it is wisely combined with magic and occult chemistry.

It is obvious that my soul escaped from the body; unquestionably is that, this very special type of mummification was not an obstacle to continue my cycle of reincarnations. The soul of any Egyptian Hierophant has four bodies: 1-The MUMMY. 2- The KA (Astral Body) 3 The BA. (MENTAL BODY) 4 The KU. (CAUSAL BODY)

I stay away from the MUMMY or better said, my soul was emancipated from that mummified body. My soul dressed with its superior vehicles continued in the AMENTI and then continued reincarnating in different parts of the world. However there is still a magnetic sympathetic thread that somehow maintains a certain relationship between my soul and the mummy.

Sometimes my spirit gets into the apparently dead body; then it is obvious that the vehicle leaves momentarily from his cataleptic state. My current human personality does not prevent to that kind of experiments; no one can disturb the spirit. He can take the mummy from the tomb submerging into the fourth dimension. He can abandon the fourth dimension and enter this three-dimensional world to visit someone. He knows the region of canals and streams, the wet, the antechamber of this chemical region in which we live. He knows open the KEM  door giving access to the region's air. He has power to call the magical beings with whose aid can penetrate into the region of the five senses to become visible and tangible to someone. After such experiments my spirit can bring back the mummy to his sarcophagus. After my death my soul can definitely reincorporate in that mummy if it wanted to TUM. Then such a body would go out definitely of the cataleptic state and my soul dressed in that flesh could live like anyone traveling from country to country.

Again, to eat, drink, live under sunlight, etc. Such a mummy would definitively taken out of his tomb through the fourth dimension.

                                                   THE SEVEN PATHS OF HAPPINESS

Within that intricate and confusing labyrinth of pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist theories, it is certainly much what is said and discussed in relation to the seven rays of cosmic action.

Human machines with forked tongues say wonders !. People who sleep on the face of the earth; three brained or three-centered bipeds who not only ignore but also ignore that they ignore. Machines !, which go and come and go ... speak, Discuss if you please, but I tell you truly know nothing ...
Direct mystical experience, that is to know, but truly the direct esoteric experience, ecstasy, is only for men of AWAKE CONSCIOUSNESS. Would you stop being machines ?, Congratulations, I congratulate you, but Begin to awaken.

Ah! If people awaken, if they stopped being machines ... that different would life be . It seems incredible !, but with only ten percent of waking consciousness disappear wars and peace reign in this valley of tears.
Understand this sovereign and vassals, heroes and beggars, that your miserable existences are just a tissue of dreams.

In the unknown open ocean the ship, following the random momentum of a bird. Where are you going? Even the Genoese sailor knows, for sleeping.

Within this tragic consciousness within us, there are sorrows and joys that raising ; There are joys that tarnish and rejoicing that cry and sufferings that sing and the intellectual animal always kills the thing he loves most.

CONSCIENCE that you sleep, what a different you would be  if you woke up; You would know the seven paths of happiness; you would shine everywhere the light of your love; birds between the mystery of their forests would rejoice; would shine the light of the spirit and cheerful nature elementals would sing for you golden verses.

Any one night, no matter what, neither the date nor the day, nor the hour, I talked with an Adept of the White Brotherhood in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension; the conversation was really soft and delicious and slowly ran like a river of gold under the thick jungle of the sun. Suddenly, under the sublime foliage of the tree of life, I challenged him on this: Do you have physical body? Are you aware? ".

It is obvious, obvious, that the answers left me fully satisfied: "Yes, I'm awake, and I have physical body, but now I feel my consciousness begins to fall asleep by degrees, little by little, as my dense vehicle attracts me, to what they call vigil state waking. Most interesting it was that ineffable moment that the ADEPT floating in the sidereal environment, blissfully he gathered his two feet in such a way that the plants they made contact with each other, then it is clear that seemed strengthened; his conscience regained lucidity.

It is clear that I imitated his example and the ADEPT explained me the key saying: "With this secret, you will be able to resist to the magnetic attraction of the dense body and thus able to stay out all the time you please."

It is obvious, palpable and clear that the only way ADEPTS, real men, aware and awake, know what the seven ways are. In the cosmic night the seven paths of happiness does not exist and only the ONE inanimate breathe alone.

Before the heart of the solar system began to palpitate intensely, the causes of pain did not exist because there was no one that would produce and is apprehended of them.

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