It is urgent to understand that the true content of the tranquil heart is not bought or sold, and only born in us with complete naturalness and spontaneously when we understood in depth the very causes of discontent: jealousy, envy, greed, etc...


Obviously it should make a full difference between imagination directed voluntarily and what is mechanical imagination. Unquestionably directed imagination is the Imagination Aware; for the Wise imagine is to see. Conscious imagination is the media translucent reflecting the firmament, the Mysteries of Life and Death, the BEING.


Mechanical imagination is different, is formed by the waste of memory, is fantasy. It is convenient thoroughly investigate it. Obviously people with fantasy, with mechanical imagination, do not see themselves as they are, but according to their fancy shapes. There are several forms thereof; unquestionably one of them is precisely that of not seeing oneself as it is. Few people have the courage to see themselves, in their raw realism.


 Mechanical imagination makes them confuse cat with hare, are seen with forms that do not match reality. About themselves have a misconception, they have never seen themselves. His form of fantasy makes them look like.


Speaking allegorically, friendly, I try only to make a psychological exploration roughly without citing names or last names, using symbolic names and that everyone understands: What would we say for example, about Cicero? What a great man, strut, who would deny it, great, eloquent as any terrible lapidary, we are confident that everything in him is "benevolence". Reflect, if we say the gravity of his fantasies would feel hurt if we point out it he would protest violently, never killed Poppea, such work we let to Nero, bloodied the heart of his Poppea, he in no way feel really alluded.


Us to this fact we feel kind, that would say our fantastic feature, the mistakenly seen through the prism of an extraordinary benevolence, that is obvious.


And what we would say for example, of him who yearns the Light of the Spirit fail in its base? Do not say that Icarus rose to the sky with wings of wax, they melted, then he was precipitated into the abyss? However, he does not think of himself as well, supposed to be faithful in the ranks, sure marching on the right path, which is which no man. Continuing on this path, what would left to Icarus, after rushing to hell? They do not say that Ganymede up to Olympus to see the end? But Ganymede also may be thrown into the bottom of the cliff.


The disciple, call now Justinian, as symbolism, how many times has justified itself? He is convinced that running "very well", perhaps in recent times has improved some since Hath he not protested at certain times? Has he not protested to the ALTAR of Sacrifice?


But he is sure he has never protested; everything has always been done for the Great Cause, never fail. In the name of truth, although they seem to you a little bit difficult, there are few who have seen them as they are.


Aristotle again and again in his philosophy, convinced that his wisdom is formidable, it has done more useless, he has made suffer; but he lives convinced that he has never done wrong, he is sure to be great, benevolent, sweet, etc.


 Most people, all have about themselves a fantastic picture; their mechanical imagination makes them see themselves not like they are, but as they apparently are. So my dear brothers, I invite you to reflect. You think. If we ever have been seen yourself as we are.


Historians for example, what do they have written?: fantasy and nothing more. What do they say about Nero?, which was a homosexual and he came to marry another homosexual. From where they drawn out that history?, How they know that In the name of truth I have to say that I was reincarnated in the time of Nero, and of homosexual had nothing. Many times I saw him walk out the doors of old Rome, sitting on his bunk on the shoulders of his slaves. Man broad forehead and robust Herculean body. Not so say the historians, they emphasize the idea of an abominable poet. Instead seen him surrounded, as many believe by homosexuals as many people believe, on the contrary, I knew him always surrounded by their wives. I lived in the time of Nero and give testimony of it, historians have misrepresented the truth about the man.


They do not accuse to Maria Antoinette of prostitute, adulteress and who knows what else? Everyone knows that it was a big scandal for the Queen necklace, jewel she had given to help others. But of that, she has been unfaithful to Louis XVI there is a great distance: we tested her in the higher worlds and was extraordinary caste entitled to use the White Tunic. I saw her heroic pass through Paris; nothing owed, had nothing to fear. She gave her life for France, it has never been appreciate to appreciate as it really her is.


Much has been written in history, is distorted not worth studying history, hardly dates are all useful there. but not always, because, how absurd it would be that we  were to accept that date of the year 1325 or so, as the beginning of the foundation of the Empire of Anahuac, so that in the year 1500 and many disappear under the boot of Hernán Cortés and his henchmen. Do you think that in two centuries had built a powerful civilization as the great Tenochitlan. Do you believe it?. That a powerful civilization of these is to be lifted in two centuries? And so historians falsify dates, falsify; by that it is that in historical matters have to be very careful.


You understand the mechanical memory and the memory of the Gnostic Esoteric Work. The mechanical memory leads one to erroneous conclusions. Do you remember your life as it was? I'm not asking them for their past lives, but for the present. Impossible, there are things that appear disfigured in mechanical memory. If one of children, though born in a middle class, he has lived at least clean, neat house, surrounded by bread and coat, and shelter has seen a few coins. It may happen that at the turn of time and years, save in its mechanical memory somewhat deformed.


In childhood, a few bills seem million, some small pine trees in our garden, or near our window can seem colossal. I would say that our body is small, it would not be surprising that grow we say, "when I was kid, a child, lived in that part, my house was beautifully arranged, with large parks, which table so precious, how much money". It is the mechanical memory, is absurd; so that the only real memory is about the Work.



You often know the same, have told some story, have said this or that friend, who in turn told another, but to tell the tale and added more, and took a little while, and is not the same story, it has defaced. And this other in turn tells another and then the story continues disfiguring and ultimately more or yourselves know the story, has been so disfigured that bears no resemblance to what you reported.


This is mechanical memory is useless and is that in mechanical memory exists fantasy. Mechanical memory and fantasy are closely associated. How to control it fantasy? There is only one way to control it: by the memory of Labor. Mechanical memory makes us see our life as it is not, as it has not been. Through the work we get into our own lives and come to discover it as it is. So what does this mean? Memory that we keep after working is possible to control the fantasy, delete it. And eliminate it radically, yes.


It is therefore appropriate to eliminate that mechanical imagination, because in no way allows us the esoteric progress. Look at the lady who manages front of the mirror, who paints her large dark circles, which is sharpened the eyebrows, which puts on false eyelashes that huge sets thins the lips stained them with a red color. See her dressed to the latest fashion, how she looks in the mirror, in love with herself; He is convinced that she is so beautiful. If we told her that is hideously ugly, she would feel hurt and mortally. She has a terrible fantasy, her fantasy form makes her looks like it is not.


Then each person has about himself wrong concept, totally wrong, that's terrible. One can feel great, able to dominate the world, sparkling intellectuality, is convinced of their abilities. If you understand that what you have in your own personality is not own but alien that his ideas are not proper because he read this or that book, that  is full of terrible moral ills. But there are few who have the courage to strip themselves to see as they are.


Each one projects a form of fantasy about itself and is in that way reality has never ever seen.


Thinking aloud, to share with you say that as long as one does not dissolve the forms of fantasy, remain far from the Being. As one disintegrates all forms of fantasy, the Being will manifest more and more in itself.


When one delves into what is life, the world, he discovers that frankly has not seen the world as it truly is, it has seen through the forms of fantasy, nothing else. Mechanical imagination, how serious it is. Fantasy dreams, because sometimes in dreams remains silent, sometimes the talk and sometimes want to put them into practice. Obviously in the third case the issue is serious.


When a dreamer wants to bring his dreams to life, he commits frightful follies, because his dreams do not match the mechanics of life. The silent dreamer wastes a lot of vital energy, but is not so dangerous. The one who talk dreams, fantastic dreams, can infest to other psyches; but the third, who wants to turn their dreams into frank facts of life, is out of mind, that's obvious. We clearly see that mechanical imagination or fantasy, keeps us far from reality, the Being , and that is truly unfortunate.


People roam the streets dreaming, go into their ghosts, they work dreaming, they marry dreaming, live a life dreaming and die dreaming. In the world of the unreal, they never saw themselves, ever; always looked a form of fantasy. Remove this form of fantasy is frighteningly strong. There are several forms of fantasy naturally; so that each of us has a fantasy I, a fantasy person that does not match reality. The fantasy person has existed from the beginning, convinced are that person fantasy is reality and it is not, behold the grave.


How to control fantasy? There is only one way to control: The Memory-Work, be honest with themselves, to work to rid from themselves undesirable elements that we have. And as we eliminate them, we discover an order at Work. Who comes to establish that order in the esoteric work? : The BEING. That memory-work allows us to eliminate fantasy from us .


There are rare moments in life, very rare, in which one gets to see his own ridiculousness, moments that manages to perceive his I fantasy, his fantasy person. When that happens, there is a very deep moral pain, but then comes the dream again, find the way to right the wrong and finally consoles fifty thousand ways, forgets the issue and the world is "at peace" as always.


It pays to be honest with ourselves. This is about self-knowing, if we really want to make manifest the BEING within us, if we really aspire to reality and nothing but reality, without an atom of fantasy. We need the courage to tear us apart, to break that person fantasy that does not exist.  


Of course you need to use the scalpel of self-criticism, otherwise it would not be possible self-criticism. If we proceed well, we will break I- fantasy, we will destroy it, reducing it to ashes, to Cosmic dust. Objective: To discover the BEING that dwells in our depths; But the I fantasy outshines the BEING, keeps one itself so fascinated with what is not real, that leaves one not discover the BEING.


Do not you forget, my dear brothers, that the Kingdom of Heaven is within ourselves, which has different levels, and the Kingdom of Earth is here in us and the highest level of the Kingdom of Earth does not give it by the feet the smallest living in Heaven. But how to get out of the different levels of the Earth, to go in even lower Kingdom of the Kingdom of Heaven? The first scale of the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, not outside of us. That of the Earth has different levels, higher, more refined; but the more refined levels of the Earth is not the Kingdom of Heaven.


To pass from the highest step of the Kingdom of Earth to the lower step of heaven a transformation, a change is need rebirth of Water and the Spirit is needed, you need split into two needed, the earthly personality and the psychological Man , the Inner Man .


How could that happen splitting in two? Interior earthly man placed on the ordinary level and other at a higher octave within himself. How could such a separation occur indeed in us these two types of men? Do you think this would be possible if we continued to this Fantasy-personality believing is true and what is not? While one is convinced that the way you are seeing is real, will not be possible the psychological split, it will not be possible for the Inner Man is separated from the outside, will not be possible therefore penetrate the first step of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Obviously the fantasy is the one that has humanity immersed in the state of unconsciousness in which it is find. While there is fantasy, Consciousness will continue to sleep: you have to destroy the fantasy.


Instead fantasy we must have the memory of work. So practicing the retrospective exercise to review your life, just ended with the mechanical memory and establishes within itself the conscious memory, the memory of work. So with the retrospective exercise we can remember past lives, we end up with fantasy; thus, the conscious Memory and memory-work is stablished Imagination So with the Memory-work and Conscious imagination allow us to get us on the path of self-discovery.


Question: Master, which could be the best exercises to develop well the pineal gland ?


VM: However that- the Conscious Imagination is directed imagination, undoubtedly because you must learn to direct the imagination. For example: we relax our body and then focus our attention on the process of birth and death of all things will develop the Conscious Imagination.


Imagine a rosebush seed, for example, as will germinating, as it will then grow the stem, as will throwing spikes, branches, leaves and flowers. Then think of the process in reverse, in the involution process: as the petals are dozing, how the leaves are falling and finally become the rosebush in a pile of logs. It is a wonderful exercise that development is achieved Imagination positively.


Q. How to remove fantasy from us?


VM-simply, first of all. We have to start seeing ourselves as we are, not as we are apparently or as we think we are; It is difficult to see one like it is. One usually see oneself normally like it is not, see oneself how believe it is, according to your fantacy. There is one that begin to break your fantasy.


When you have really seen as it is, in its crudest realism, usually a terrible disappointment suffer himself, a dreadful disappointment. If you end up with mechanical memory and sets the memory work, as it eliminates the fantasy, because the mechanical memory is fantasy.


 If we instead of mechanical imagination, which is pure fantasy, establish Memory Work, we work on themselves, dissolving the undesirable elements that we carry, obviously acquires conscious memory,the memory of work.


This conscious Memory or memory of work, is wonderful, and when applied to the Universal History allow us to study the different things, the stark reality of the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, or any page of history in general.


Thus, the conscious memory applied on themselves get us very far; applied to the universe, it lets us know in the Akashic Records, any event of history. So, as you go eliminating everything that has fantasy, the conscious Imagination will become more and more active.


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