A Story from India.

Once upon a time a young monk was walking next to his wise master. While he was listening to his Guru´s teachings he stepped into a huge thorn that entered his big toe at one side and stuck out at the other side.

The young monk started crying out loud holding the foot in his hands and hopping around on his other foot. His master told him to stand still and pulled the thorn out of the foot of the young monk, dried his tears and calmed down the young monk.


Further down the road the village drunk was staggering towards them. And at exact the same place where the young monk stepped into the thorn, the drunk bend down and with a shout of joy picked up a golden coin. `What a lucky day`, the drunk shouted out and went back to the village where he invited all his friends for a drink.


When the young monk saw this he started crying again and complained to his Master:

`It is not fair! Since I was young, I worked hard, prayed every day, studied the scriptures, helped the poor, meditated 3 times a day and I get a huge thorn through my toe.` And on exact the same place that no good drunk finds a golden coin while he drinks all day and does nothing besides that, It is he who should have the thorn and I the golden coin.


The master spoke: ´My son, you do not understand yet.` `This drunk was a wealthy king in his last life who made sure that all the people had enough to eat. who looked after the sick as well. A king who was loved by all, because he cared for his people.` In this life, he is not doing so well, so the Karma left over from his former life was the golden coin´.


`You on the other hand were a thief and a murderer in your last life. Because you are doing so well in this life, the remaining Karma of your former life  was the thorn in your toe.


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  • Hi Marianinia,

    Our ego is our biggest enemy for ascension, you are absolutely right about that. What I like about the story is that what ever bad Karma we achieve in one life, we can make up for it in another life. And another strong message is that praying God for forgiveness will not make the negative Karma go away. That frightens me at times is that I´m far from perfect and that there might to be to much negative Karma to ascend.

    Love and light,
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