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A Starseeds vision of future landings

My Vision for Future Landings by Ron Radhoff
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My Vision for Future Landings


I awoke several weeks ago with a distinct message. “You will be taken up aboard a Spacecraft.”

Messages that followed later explained that I and other Starseed would be taken up to a spaceship and received training to become Starseed Ambassadors. I was open to that but as it has not yet happened.

The other day I laid down to meditate. After I completed some relaxation exercises a profound vision unfolded clearly in my awakening consciousness. It was not like a dream but clear, colorful, and as if I was really experiencing what was occurring.

I was in a starship over a large open park in the country outside the city. I had the knowledge that other starseed had been given information that a starship would land at this particular park at precisely 12 noon. They were encouraged to contact all the TV media in the local area that this would occur by very friendly Star Beings from another world. While the TV stations were contacted by several persons, a couple stations decided to go out and curiously see what occurs if anything.

Our ship went out of cloak about 200 feet above the ground and landed gently on an area a group of UFO enthusiasts had made clear for us at exactly 12 noon. After a minute an opening occurred. As a trained Starseed Ambassador I was to go out first. As I stepped out I was amazed at the many thousands of people that were everywhere around us. There was a slight hill to my right that was full of curious beings. For some reason I did not know, most of the people on that hill were wearing white tops. I noticed I was wearing a white contemporary uniform with violet trim.

I raised both arms and said, “The star beings on this starship are from the Pleiadian Star System. They look much like you except many are a little taller.” I noticed my voice was greatly magnified. ”However, I am from Earth and was born in the U.S. About 40 years ago I received a gift to be able to communicate with the spiritual realm as well as the extraterrestrial realm. I call them my Starbrothers and sisters now and they have taught me so much over the years. They are such loving beings. They see themselves as no better than us except being more evolved technologically. I want to make clear they come in peace and have much love for you. Now that humanity is on a more peaceful and spiritual path and are more open minded and less fearful, they feel it is time they come openly and introduce themselves as true friends yet from afar. This is their first open landing and is an experiment to determine if this approach to make open contact to the masses will be successful. That is now up to you. I know you are anxious to see and hear from them so I shall now introduce them.

”At this time I now ask our friends from a far planet to come forth to greet you.” A tall male and female step forward from the ship’s opening. “I am proud to present to you Atara and Antera from the Pleiadian Star System.” Both are attired in white body suits with a wide collar that goes to the waist. The collar is trimmed with purple and gold. Atara speaks first.

“Greetings our friends of the Earth plane. We are so pleased to make this first open contact with you. Know that you are part of a new history that is beginning this day on Earth. Please know that your planet is one of the most beautiful in the Galaxy. It has been our greatest hope that you may understand and believe there are millions of your starbrothers and sisters that now surround your outer regions of your planet. They have come to this planet with the intension of assisting all of humanity in advancing your planet in many ways. We will share technologies with you that will clean your air and water. We also have free energy devices for all the things you require electricity for, home, commercial, and travel. These devices will make your lives much easier.

In each of our succeeding open landings we will share more of what we can offer you to help you create a New World Paradigm of love, peace, and true brotherhood. In reality, we are all one in spirit.”

Now Antera speaks. “We realize that one of your biggest blocks to a greater evolution, individually and thought your world has been that of fear. We now assure you there is no need to fear any of your space brothers and sisters. While at this time your fears are much less than in prior years, there is still some lingering fear of us who come to you in true love and peace. Some of you here have come with weapons, (pause) just in case. (She smiles and a chuckle is heard throughout the crowd) We have a request for you who have these weapons present at this gathering. Please follow our request and we guarantee no one will get hurt. Begin by spreading your feet two feet apart. Next check that your weapon is ready to fire. If there is anything hard like rock or pavement try to move to where there is none. Next I will count down from 3 to 1. and say FIRE. At that time, please fire your weapon. Please be ready now. Okay 3-2 1 fire.” Not one shot could be heard but rather a number of clicks were heard followed by a smaller number as some thought it was their weapon failed and tried again.”

Antera now said, “This demonstration was to show you that we have the ability to neutralize not only your hand weapons but also we can neutralize all weapons capable of destruction throughout this world. This includes all those of military forces and includes all nuclear devices. By doing this we feel it will enhance an effort to accomplish peace around the world, unless you want to go back to bow and arrows.” (smile)

Atara speaks. “Now I will ask you to look up and see five starships above you.” The people look up but see no ships. After a moment Atara says, “I will now give you evidence that there are indeed five star ships above you. Keep your eyes to the skies now. As I count down from three to one. Three, two, one.” At that instant each of the five ships in a sequential order give out a loud tone and with each tone there was a vivid color emitted, although the ships still could not be seen. The tone emitted from each ship composed the same series of tones as those from the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They knew that most adults have seen this movie and recognized this group of tones because it had been popular in theaters but also has shown on television for many years.

The people went wild. A few screams were initially let out by a few startled women but it was clear that the majority of people recognized the tones from the movie. People were yelling in delight. Joyously they were clapping and even some were hugging each other just like the technical crew did on the first Saturn moon launch. This experiment was a great success by the Pleiadians.

Atara speaks again. “Now you have your evidence. Although the ships could not be seen, it was clear they were there. This also demonstrated that we have the ability to be seen or not seen with our ships. When you leave after we have departed, please go out and tell all you know of what you experienced this day. Let them know we are peaceful and out of our love we hundreds of thousands of your star brothers and sisters wish to assist you in your future growth in so many ways.”

“Before we leave I wish to give you this notice. Because you responded so positively to us, another demonstration will occur next Sunday one week from today in your cities football stadium. At exactly 12 noon a group of our starships will appear over your stadium. One will land and several of our beings from the Pleiades will come forth for another message and demonstration. If our coming forth to you in love and peace at this next event is as successful as it was this day, it will become the beginning of a much greater number of our open contacts with human kind. It eventually will occur all over your world. Your experience today can be considered as a historical day.”

“Go now with our love and wishes for human kind to achieve peace all around this beautiful planet Earth.” We all reentered the ship and no one left the area until we rose slowly and merged in formation with the other five ships that now were cloaked and slowly, in formation of a V, flew out of sight of the assembly of the thousands of joyous and amazed people.


One week later the vision moves to the cities football stadium which has nearly 80,000 seats. All the local media picked up the event from the previous week as well as two national medias. At 7 AM the stadium began to fill up. By 11 AM all the stadium seats and standing room was full and the stadium had to close its entry gates for safety reasons, so the crowds began flowing out to the surrounding areas. At exactly 12 noon six ships appeared close together overhead. One of the ships descended to the center of the stadium. The other five ships stayed high enough that most of those outside the stadium could clearly see them and one ship amplified everything that was said in the stadium. When the ships appeared all the traffic in the streets and highway came to a complete stop. Not a sound could be heard from the crowd. When an opening occurred in the ship a Starseed Ambassador stepped out and greeted the crowd as I did in the first landing assuring the people that the beings from the Pleiades had come in love and peace. He followed by introducing five beings, three starbrothers and two star sisters. The three males were about seven feet tall while the two females were about 6 ft 8. It seemed I could move to any viewing point my mind chose to be.

The males wore suites as in the first landing – white with a wide collar trimmed in purple and gold and had broad shoulders and a slim waist. The women had suites of lavender with gold trim on the sleeves and around the neck and appeared proportionately petite. Their names were for the men, Thoranadis, Appolis, and Kancoda. The women were introduced as Natana and Madesha.

Thoranadis stepped forward first. “As you can see, we are not hideous looking as so many of your Hollywood films have depicted beings from other worlds. (many of the crown laughed) We are much like you but have several thousand years more of evolution in many areas. The primary evolution was when we came to a world of love and peace and harmonious living. This is what we wish for all the peoples of the Earth and, because of our love for you. We can offer you assistance to that end, as well as giving you advanced technologies to make your lives become so much easier. If human kind accepts our offer, we will come in mass with a loving friendship, but only after all of your beings turn to a completely peaceful state. The choice is yours.”

Appolis speaks next. “We have technologies to help you clean up all your waters and atmosphere. We also have free energy devises and will show you how to build and use them.

Natana steps forth with another message. “We also have new nutritious foods that will greatly enhance your healing and health. Your bad diets and attitudes have been the cause of much of your health problems.” We will show your medical people how to treat and cure with out the use of problem causing drugs.”

Madesha is next to speak. “We have for you a very effective education plan that if accepted, will teach your youth, from the age of reasoning, to develop their natural abilities and talents to mature and learn to become very valuable individuals to your societies.” And then there will be robots to do what you might consider grunt work.

Kancoda is the last to speak. “There are hundreds of thousands of beings from worlds beyond yours who have volunteered out of their love for all of you to help, and I emphasize the words HELP, the whole of human kind to co-create a whole new word paradigm to one of total peace where all the peoples are loving, harmonious and respect all life on your planet including all the creatures of nature and the eco system of the planet itself.

It appears now that the majority of your planetary beings are open to our love and friendship as you have shown by the way you have reacted positively to our two open landings. Therefore these planned landings will increase exponentially all around Planet Earth, giving us the opportunity to share our intensions of expressing our love and assistance to build a whole new world that is now beyond your imaginations. Our most humble thanks for being open and listening peacefully to our message.

Love and peace be unto you all.”

The sound system from the ship that carried the messages to the people in the stadium was also clearly heard of the thousands who gather all around the stadium for a great distance. At this point the five Pleiadians and the Starseed Ambassador reentered the ship and it rose slowly to join formation with the other five ships still hovering above. Next they formed in a single line and slowly moved away. As the people began leaving the stadium the ships returned and as they passed directly over the center of the stadium each ship emitted one of the five tones, the same tones from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And each ship totally glowed in a brilliant color. The last ship expressed a message that could be heard by all. “Till we meet again.”

Once again as it went last week, the people exploded with great joy and a new sense of understanding of the love and peacefulness that our Starbrothers and Sisters had for all of Humankind.

When it was all over I realized that this could be a plan to land openly in a systematic order without creating a problems or more fear for all those who came to the events were the ones who were interested in the greater truths of our Starbrothers.

As experienced in a vision by Ron Radhoff

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Comment by Moanna on March 26, 2013 at 6:52pm

Lovely vision, thanks for sharing gunner and Ron :) 

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