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I had a vision yesterday. I don't know who or what this vision was about, but it was uplifting and depressing at the same time.

In my vision, there was a person holding a single light. It was the size of a candle, but it didn't flicker like one. Maybe like a fairy light, the kind you see on Christmas trees. Only one, though. Slightly golden white colored.

And there was a shadow everywhere except for where that light was. That tiny light was trying so hard to fight the darkness that was everywhere around it. The light would not be extinguished, not like a candle, that light was forever. But the darkness was, too. I knew that as long as that light was there, the darkness wouldn't win, but I also knew that the light was very small and the darkness would never stop trying to cover it.

It was beautiful.

And sad.


It reminded me of a single star, out in the sky.


And sad.

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