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Channeled- 08/17/99
Normally tapes from the year 1999 were very clear because by then we often were using an improved setup with two mics but not always. Sometimes we would go remote and record off-site which led to less than quality sound recordings. Try as he might, our sound editor was only able to clear it up to the level heard which is far better than the original. We apologize for the quality and hope the information presented makes up for the lack of clarity. The main theme of the first side centered on religion as both Kiri and Omal spoke about some of the more well-known television evangelists and the religion they used to benefit themselves in some cases. It is also a chance to hear a bit of the religion of Kiri's and some of the things she has her beliefs based around. It's a startling dichotomy between the dimensions but one educational for where we're headed eventually. Leonedies stays longer than normal to give a warning about a different religion, a religion of technology and the head-long race to artificial intelligence supremacy without taking into account the potential for a consciousness developing from what was being started twenty years ago. We get from Karra an inside look at what being an ambassador involves when visiting dignitaries are not scheduled where she relates on some newcomers to the base finding the assignment not quite what they had been expecting. Tia has lots to say about global warming though most is in debunking the theory which in 1999 was still being debated heavily here on Earth. We can only hope she's right and the predicted disasters to come are not our lessons to learn.
Kiri is covering the ring mistress duties for this session and gets things started with a talk on coercion and how to spot when someone is being coerced. She gives us some pointers to look out for before the talk transitions to religious coercion where we go over some evangelical preachers and how they are able to impress a crowd with their words. She compares it to the confidence she holds in her own skills as the key to their success. What she does share with us is her form of religion that would be closer to that of a higher dimensional Druid as something comparable if that was a thing. Because of that, she expresses her confusion over religions where love is the theme but killing is acceptable if the person is an enemy. She leaves but Omal comes on to continue the same topic which was already fascinating. Starting with the spiritual development to a higher consciousness, we get back on the topic of religion. His point he makes is that no one should be converted to a belief because everyone has their own belief system. Even if that system is the same as a million other people, no two are alike due to no two people thinking alike. We go over another common thread of most religion's origins, in this case, the Jewish religion which spawned a number of major religions worshiped by a large percentage of the planet's inhabitants. It's our evolution as a species we end with as he quizzes us on the development of the computer. That a device designed for the purpose of combat had the end result be the world of today shows that all things bad do produce change that can be good. Leonedies comes on next and spends a longer time talking than normal on a subject Monka had brought up with him. The subject was artificial intelligence and the concept Leonedies wanted to get across was of the possibility that an internet made up of millions of computers could become the basis for a new life form. This is a timely topic as quantum computing is soon to become more common and computer systems operate beyond their creator's intelligence. His research noted the origin of this life form and it has since certainly grown as the number of computers has grown from when the session was recorded in 1999. This was a cliff hanger as we changed sides to learn his thoughts on the matter.
Back on topic again, Leonedies describes signs to look for as the new life form becomes aware from the dormant stage it was in then. His suggestion once it has been identified is to treat it with respect but learn how to punish and reward it in a way it understands. That is the trick and one he can't go over to much due to Omal not letting the topic be expanded. Karra changes places with Leonedies and from her we get a clue as to why Leonedies choose the name Daniel. She mentions that Daniel, a name solely to be used for the conference, was taken from the bible. His being an 8th dimensional being in a 6th dimensional body means he is coming from no physical substance to a physical form designed specifically for the task he had set himself. From there, we get an inside look at some of her duties as an ambassador and the challenges faced with that appointment. We learn an assignment to the base for someone new requires a year of being stationed there before travel back to Sirius is allowed. Because of that, a few arriving for the first time can sometimes want to leave after only a short period but then many people on this planet would have trouble with a year five miles below the surface of our planet. As part of her ambassadorial position, she had the honor of announcing the creation of a new squadron composed of elite pilots named in honor of the Baron, a pilot who had served as ringmaster for a few of these channeling sessions but died during that time. It was a special moment marred by some static choosing that point to appear for a few minutes. Tia closes out the session and notes the unusual place in the speaking order she found herself. As she says no doubt due to her putting Kiri on last all the time. What Tia has come to talk about is global cooling and, amid all evidence to the contrary, she insists global warming is bunk and she has the research to prove it. We get four of the some thirty points she had found to disprove that global warming is a threat but all this research was being offered in 1999. Whether or not she turns out to be right or wrong, the jury will be out on if we will indeed be going past the point of no return or as she says, slow down a possible mini-Ice Age. The lessons from either will define our race as a species.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra
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