A Profoundly Simple Ascension Exercise




Greetings everyone, Before I lay out this seemingly simple exercise I’d like to let you all know that I have used and found this to be very helpful for my personal process of ascension. I am unclear how this would turn out for anyone besides me because I’ve never told anyone or heard anyone speak of this ever throughout all the information I’ve read on this forum and others regarding ascension and how we can prepare and I’ve read quite a lot. I choose now to share this with you all as I feel you may benefit as I have since this is sort of an alternative approach to what the information has been that I've seen regarding ascension. The messages I've posted if read and really put to work are a part of this exercise.

Now here is my Ascension Formula that I’ve been experimenting with I guess you can say for some time now. Remember your experience will not be mine which is why I refuse to divulge what mine has been. Yours will be even more exciting perhaps.

This is something of a sleeping meditation that can take flight in ways that relate to your personal ascension so sitting may not be as effective. When you lay down to go to sleep, do not actually fall asleep as you normally would. Instead of giving away your participatory power to the sleep and having no say in your dreams and what happens next after you close your eyes try this instead.

Firstly, the key to you becoming fully aware of your personal ascension paddle in this process laid out has everything to do with having Unwavering Trust while Relaxing into the Uncertainty that Stillness Initially Brings.

[Important to Note: To be Expectant is to not be expecting something specific or pre-determined by our brain but rather being ready for all things as an excitement as thusly felt which acts as the rising agent I may add to much magic based on trusting the unknown to work in our favor]

Next after you relax while remaining in an expectant state of trusting the uncertainty to what will happen next I want you to now while still awake with your eyes closed and lying down, to forgive everyone and I mean everyone who you hold hatred or any negative feelings toward. While you are in your bed going to sleep summon the dream as it were of you forgiving your attackers, even those attackers whom you don’t know personally. Wrap your arms around the ones you feel are Cabalist's or simply ones that have come against you or simply have just lost their beloved ways and yes they are beloved if you choose to see that, and tell them that you forgive them for their actions against humanity and that you choose now to love them and then make the outcome the one you wish to see. If you want to see them healed then heal them and you then decide what that will look like, it is up to you. The choice is yours how you do this but the idea is to choose your words and scenarios as they apply to you but that is the basic format. This is an example of how it is we are a co-creator. Put your worries away and believe in your ability to trust that you will be caught.

The point is that the energy you bring about by not only envisioning but envisioning into a dreamlike state a scenario where you are loving and forgiving these soon to be enlightened ones and no less by you and literally having a communication with the ones you hate, the ones you are scared of, the ones some of us wait to go away before coming into the spotlight because of the fear of being stomped. Here is your chance to create the story you want to see and no this is not fantasy. The healing that is needed for them and for us as far as ascension is concerned has to do with us and how we feel toward them and react toward them. We do not need to sit back and wait for Dec 21 to come around before we Ascend. What I have outlined here is a way to ascend now in a way that will become known to you and only you when you go through this on your own time.

See them receiving your intentions to heal as you visualize into imaginative action by your decision to hug, or maybe kiss their third eye if you really want to feel something strong. But you choose the action and outcome for them to surrender and again you choose how this will look but the end result is them surrendering to love which brings an energy that is most profound.

From this point you may very well find that you ascend and then may learn something about yourself and ascension that you didn’t know. The momentum brought in when you can really forgive these ones is what the ascension paddle is that I refer to. I have experienced this first hand and so this is where I draw from. I promise you all if you practice this and it is a practice, you will have something ascension related happen for sure.

This is an Ascension formula because when it is practiced with sincerity on a daily basis a paddle is formed and this is what moves your Merkaba. Forgiving those oppressors is not condoning them but it is showing from your point of view how you choose to respond to their choices. By choosing to forgive them and showing them an incredible amount of imaginative action based Love you are showing yourself how you feel toward that particular aspect that is within you. As hard as that is to see we all no matter how loving have within us the same potential for hatred, and when we see these ones embracing that aspect we feel boxed into duality more than ever. But when this exercise is done it is possible to go within while in a deep sleep meditative state and present to ourselves who you are deciding to be by showing the energy how we are this Love and also how we are not this hate.

Last but not least, to Ascend all that is necessary is to manage your responses to what your preferences are in a way that is harmonious to you and you alone. During this sleeping meditation there is a chance to do that and to interact with your Merkaba Light Body. This becomes on line when you are in decision to let go of the baggage clinging you to heavy emotion. Love these ones and this scenario turns into an ascension scene that is based a lot on the unknown that rests on trusting you'll be caught which is why it seems so hard as times to understand what anyone is talking about when they bring up the subject of ascension.

I hope this helps everyone to move past the hate holding us down so that we can move forward to rise with ascending speeds in ways that are unique to us and maybe a little surprising to.

I Love You All So Much




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