A Prayer for an important Supreme Court session

For me it was important to say this invocation at this historic time. Hope you will find it in your hearts to do the same.



A Message from El Morya: The Golden and Violet Flames’ Union to Create Highest Good Outcomes for All

Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame. The Light Within touches and knows all things. It is the Great Golden Flame of All That Is. It is the Golden Flame of the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun, of universes beyond universes beyond universes.

Tune into this Golden Flame. Tune into its Light, its Gnosis, and its Other Worldly Healing Power. Tune into its Light when you desire grounding, or answers, or Divine Love in your life and daily choices. You can direct the Golden Flame’s energies into situations by focusing your Heart Flame’s energies on a particular intention, outcome, or goal. While the Violet Flame of St. Germaine heals, purifies, and alchemizes . . . the Golden Flame that I am the keeper for . . . manifests, ignites, expands, relates, and unifies.

When you seek unification and manifestation, the Golden Flame is here to spread its Wingfull Light . . . and fill those Source Seeded Desires with Full Source Power.

Today is a day the Golden Flame and Violet Flame can work together, to create Highest Good Outcomes. Direct the Violet Flame to purify the Hearts of All Those Involved in the High Court Decision about Honoring All People . . . and Honoring Equal Rights to All of the Blessings of Life.

Violet Flame, pour over and within the hearts of All Judges, All Participants, and All Related Staff today, and this week, with the Power to Create History and a New Legacy of Honoring All People . . . . Pour into their hearts and cleanse any prior biases of Division and Separation of the People. Cleanse any outcomes that might manifest from such separation. For as the Violet Flame clears and purifies these hearts in their gatherings and discussions today, we invoke the Golden Flame’s ignition powers to manifest only Unifying Outcomes of the Highest Order of All. Let the Golden Flame’s Light illuminate decisions and outcomes that will lead this country, and all countries, in the direction of a unified, loving, compassionate, harmonious people . . . and a global society of peace.

Golden Flame – fill every portal, every heart, every word, every deed, and every decision today and tomorrow, in this Supreme Court Case of Marriage Equality and Equal Rights for its Gay and Lesbian Citizens, so that only the Light manifests. Only Peace reigns. Only Unity Consciousness prevails.

Let it be so. Let it be so. Let it be so.

Thank you Mother/Father God, and Mother Earth, for these powerful tools in this manifestation. Thank you for their miraculous gifts and power . . . to reveal the Light once more . . . where only darkness reigned before. Bless all Highest Good Intentions praying for Peaceful, Honorable, and Highest Light outcomes today . . . Ten Fold. May these prayers of Light clear any prayers or intentions to the contrary. Thank you God. Thank you Earth Mother. May it be so.

Dear One – Let this be today. St. Germaine and I will be directing our healing and manifesting flames to this ruling and to all court centers today, to reveal the Light and Unity in all things, as Mother/Father God originally intended. We bless you and love you, and know your heart flame is pulsing Divine Waves of Love, in accordance with the Divine Plan. We thank you, for your years and intentions of service to the Light. All in the Cosmos send their gratitude to you, and to all lightweavers at this time. May this flow as Highest Good Outcomes in all of your Light-filled Dream Seeds!

All Love to you, this day and All-ways.

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