A Pining Civilization. By; Mike J Hughes

As we all know we are now living through one of the most dangerous crisis in
human history with the unrest all through out the Middle
East,Tsunami,earthquakes,and nuclear disasters, and so on through out the world.
Those who are members of the ``New Group of World Servers``are linking up on
mental levels which can create powerful ways of service that many are unaware
of. Group meditation such as Transmission Meditation is a way of helping the
Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet to bring a balance of evolutionary harmony
into our very UN-natural state of human affairs and the magnitude of suffering
to be seen all over the globe.

Humanity is experiencing a shift in it`s awareness and is coming to the
realization of how serious the human condition is right now ,and of the fact
that we are all responsible for our own actions,including our thoughts and
emotions that are just as serious and tangible as the dense physical plane of
cause and effect. When we relax and begin to visualize a form of some kind we
are manipulating and bringing together matter of the mental planes and thus
whipping up all kinds of images through the use of the creative imagination.Even
the simplest people know the power our thoughts and emotions can have upon our
environment and upon our fellow human beings ,and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings
have made this known to humanity for countless thousands of years...

I am now appealing to all peoples of goodwill to link up on mental levels and
join the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet to begin the healing process for our
profoundly ill planetary entity who is the ensouling life of this man bearing
planet.Those who have a measure of real soul contact are at this time linking up
all over the world in an effort to bring harmony and healing to everything that
breaths and lives upon the earth.We are as well very fortunate to have our
``Space Brothers`` from the near by planets,as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy
of Masters doing all they can within karmic law to join in the effort of all men
and woman of goodwill to bring a measure of sanity and enlightenment to the
masses who are very confused as to the fact that the majority have not a single
clue as to why they are born ,the meaning of life ,or what happens when you die
and so on,which in itself is a major crisis that must be solved by those
spiritually advanced enough to shed light on this very sensitive and sad human

The inner condition of the human phyche at this time is one of a very heavy
emotional and mental agony,and everybody is suffering whether they know of it or
not,and it is manifesting itself in a sort of invocative cry for help. Now for
the first time in 95,ooo years the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Masters of Wisdom
have heard the invocative plea of humanity and are beginning to emerge from
their ancient retreats within the mountain and deserts of the world where they
have been overseeing the evolutionary development of humanity for countless
thousands of years.At the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet is the
Christ Maitreya who has now come ahead of time answering to the invocative cry
for help ,and to help humanity at this time of many various
mental,astral-emotional,and physical crisis.

Again I plead with all those men and woman of goodwill everywhere to set some
time aside with each and everyday to contemplate ,and use the powers of the
Sacred Heart within your Higher Selves and to release the power of Love and Pure
Reason to restore the Divine Plan on Earth.

The state of multiple crisis now afflicting humanity could ,in some strange
way ,-provide a window of opportunity for Maitreya to come forward and to be
recognized for who He is with out him having to explain who He really is. He now
lives amongst us as an ordinary,but yet extraordinary man who is going under a
common Muslim name quite equivalent to a Mr Smith of the occidental race who has
now begun his open mission in the world ,and having been interviewed many times
on American News networks as an ordinary man and teacher talking of the common
needs of all humanity,the sharing of the worlds resources,and the sad fact that
developed nations of the world use and waste 80% of the worlds resources while
millions starve to death for want of food that lies rotting in the store houses
of the developed nations of the world.

Humanity has lost it`s way and has strayed very far off the ``Path`` God has
destined for him to tread,and like the ``Prodigal Son``,is now beginning to see
the errors of his ways,and begins to tread the long journey back to his fathers
place who was indeed glad to see him return to the family fold.

Maitreya comes now in answer to humanities invocative cry for help and to
restore the divine Plan on earth for all lifestreams evolving upon this man-
bearing globe with the goal in helping man release his inner divinity to
establish the Kingdom of God on earth. With all of the destruction going on in
our world we are a witness to the ending of the old ways ,and will soon see the
constructive forces preparing and evolving the new forms which the soul of
humanity will manifest the life more abundant during the coming cycles of human

The Christ Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy are now emerging as the
agents of Divine Intervention,for they know all about the dangerous times we are
going through since World War i and WWII. The whole world is in a state of
serious turmoil now, and once again I plead to the world to stop and and take a
few moments to meditate and to pray for our fellow human beings who are
suffering through the agony of mind and grief through out our world at this
time. The world is changing for the better despite the ``apparent`` chaos and
mayhem. Out of all this chaos and destruction will come a lasting peace and the
return to sanity.All that is worse in man is now rising to the surface where it
can be dealt with as a sort of cleansing period and where world glamour and
illusion can be overcome so that we all may see our way clearly ahead ,to face
the truth,--with no disguise..

Humanity is going through the birth pangs and preparing for the manifestation
of the potential divinity that lies at the centre of every mans being , which
will come to the fore during the coming 6th sub-race and will mark a milestone
and a big turning point in the evolutionary development of all humanity. It is
darkest before dawn my friends and we are at the cusp of seeing the birth of a
High Civilization that will be based on brotherhood and sharing,co-operation,
love ,and the art of self realization of who we really are as souls as we
wrestle our way into a greater measure of light and love as the highest form of
pure reasoning..

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