A New Declaration of Independence of the People of the Land Known as the United States of America

January 6, 2014 at 9:07pm

January 6, 2014

When in the course of human events a government is infiltrated, and its power usurped, by men and women of avarice and ill-intent, as in the course of time all governments must be, it becomes the duty and the privilege of good and reasonable persons, whose quiet lives of lawful action stand in pleasant contrast to the lives of the unsavory and well-positioned few,to resist transgressive tyranny and declare new independence and new sovereignty.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, a community of persons of all races, colors, creeds, religions, and beliefs, do hold these truths to be foundational and unassailable, that natural persons are created with inalienable rights afforded them by the divinity from which they spring: namely, the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to lawful, individual pursuit of happiness.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do hold that, to protect our natural rights, a branched and balanced tree of government, a sapling bright with possibility, must be new-planted in the spring that follows winter's tyranny, and that the winter tree of government, corrupted in its substance, if not its form, must be upheaved.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do hold that some well-rooted and cold-hearted family banking dynasties, expressing themselves most odiously as central banks that prey upon the currencies of nations, have worked for centuries stealthily to insinuate themselves into the wholesome body of humanity, in the guise of medicine to cure the body politic, and in such fraudulent guise have wreaked unholy havoc on the happiness of peoples and the hard-won wealth of nations.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do hold that these few family lineages have gained control of the major media, the public schools, the medical schools, the legal system, and the vast majority of politicians, indeed the very process of election itself, more easily to steer the hearts and minds of men, the ship of broad opinion, toward a dark, unwelcome shore.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do hold that men and women in the highest ranks of government have colluded with unprincipled heads of corporations, banks, and other interests to subvert both common law and common decency, and that, to break their stranglehold upon society, provisions of a special nature must be made, namely:

to dismantle, in form and substance, the cynically named Federal Reserve, a parasitical cabal of banks whose 100-year reign over this great nation's money supply has thrown plain commerce into chaos, caused untold misery, sent millions to untimely graves, and bankrupted by stark egregious fraud an otherwise unbridled engine of prosperity;

to release, for public view, the records of these banking families' transactions in the last 100 years, since the creation of the Federal Reserve, to aid in fair and honest criminal trials of the banking families' members who have stolen, by outrageous fraud, the wealth and means of wealth creation from unwitting generations;

to abolish courts whose proceedings have, by public record, served to bolster, indeed certify, a labyrinthine multitude of statutory whims du jour while burying beneath a growing weight of legal language the brief, bright, lucid wisdom of foundational law that has for centuries gone by the name of common law, or natural law, or the law of the land;

to abolish, in its entirety, all statutory legislation unaligned with common law;

to free, immediately, all persons incarcerated by statutory law who otherwise would have remained free under common law;

to abolish all laws and executive orders unaligned with the Constitution;

to end, forever, the so-called "State of Emergency" that cynical forces have used as a loophole to create unconstitutional laws and unconstitutional executive orders;

to end all wars without defensive cause;

to end preemptive strikes on nations, peoples, persons;

to end all military action in the guise of humanitarian aid;

to end all association with the United Nations;

to end the federalization of police;

to end the war on drugs;

to end the war on terror;

to strike the fraudulent national debt -- a debt created by fraud by deceitful and usurious bankers -- from the nation's weary registers;

to allow, indeed to celebrate, competing currencies;

to abolish all property taxes;

to abolish all income taxes;

to make all government proceedings transparent to the people;

to make all government facilities, including Deep Underground Military Bases, H.A.A.R.P. facilities, and other secret facilities available for public visitation and constructive use;

to abolish all weather-modification programs, including and especially chemtrail programs;

to abolish all genetic engineering laboratories and programs;

to destroy all bioweapons laboratories and programs;

to abolish all nuclear weapons programs and safely dismantle all nuclear weapons;

to abolish and safely dismantle all nuclear power plants;

to abolish the FDA;

to abolish the CDC;

to destroy all FEMA internment and reeducation camps;

to abolish all Native American internment and reeducation camps, known today as reservations, and restore to Native American peoples fertile, unfettered lands befitting their respective cultural heritages;

to abolish torture of any kind and destroy all torture facilities;

to abolish standing armies;

to end domestic habitation of foreign military personnel;

to abolish existing drone programs and destroy all surveillance drones and weaponized drones;

to abolish any agency performing unreasonable searches and seizures; and

to abolish, forever, electronic voting machines.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do hold that our patient sufferance of the Machiavellian machinations of financial institutions using governments as whores is at an end, and that men and women of principle are ethically constrained boldly to alter a too long-corrupted body politic and fashion a society aligned with liberty.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do declare our independence from financial institutions who have worked by fraud, and in secret, to create societal division by using media to steer otherwise tolerant men toward hatred, riot, skirmishes, and war, and do declare our independence in particular from financial institutions owned or controlled by Rothschild family members and their banking colleagues whose bloodlines have allowed them access to inestimable wealth, and power unimaginable and unattainable by common men and women.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do hold that laws birthed from politicians' pens at the behest of banking and financial interests do not deserve the name of law but must forever take the name of fraud, and that a government working in secret with society-fracturing financial institutions, as our government has done for centuries, is an abject slave to monied interests and cannot represent the people or do good for them.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, do disavow the usurpations of unprincipled men of finance and their minions swelling the greedy halls of government and all the contracts they have wrought in concert, and in secret, and in fraud, through the long years since the original Declaration of Independence was created.

We, the people of the land known today as the United States of America, by the authority of common law and in the name of the sovereign individuals of this nation, by ties of common membership in this, the human race, whose "races" are but variations on a great and noble theme, do boldly declare our freedom, total and without constraint, from all political, financial, and, especially, legal and unlawful tethers formerly binding sovereign men and women to unrighteous action and unnecessary daily toil and pain.

In support of this Declaration, we pledge our lives.


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