Prepare for Ascension A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 29, 2016

Date: April 29, 2016


Greetings. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. Now that the 4th Dimension has been closed. Now that time is over. In this NOW much needs to be understood and integrated by Lightworkers all over Earth. There is much misinformation and disinformation about Planetary and Individual Ascension which must be cleared up. Many more Lightworkers, even teachers, are ignorant to the TRUTH about Ascension. At this End-of-Time sit up and listen up. Make the changes in your life today. As time ends and karma ends, when your karmic load is too heavy for lack of understanding, you may not continue on at Earth. This may be a surprising message for many. Some will not be ready to hear it. Everything is going to be fine. Breathe. Grow. We are out of time.


Earth Ascension is a Constant in our Universe

Ascension has never, never been about money. Earth has been for re-Creation. That is recreation. One can only enjoy Earth when relaxed and happy and loved. Well loved. Earth continues to Ascend daily. There is a great disparity in information out there about this. Many Lightworkers have a habit of hanging on to channelled information as their only source of information. They scan the websites daily looking for new news. The problem with this is much of what is out there comes through those who lack information themselves, those who buy into old information which is no longer true and those who plain make up everything they say. Are you discerning in what you read, take in, believe and live by? Be honest with yourself. It is time for a Self-Assessment. In fact, this can be done at the end of each day. Think about those things you did this day which you could have handled better. Never repeat these mistakes again. Continue to do this and build new, healthy habits. Devote yourself to being positive in your thoughts, remarks and actions.

A misunderstanding circulating widely is that Earth Ascension into the 5th Dimension will click in all of a sudden and then human Ascension happens at the same moment. This is an old understanding and was never true. The Planets all are in constant Ascension. It is a constant natural evolutionary process which is a function of all Planets.


Earth entered the 6th Dimension in 1987 for those who could sense it. At the time of the Harmonic Convergence Earth entered the 6th Dimension and since then portions of Earth exist at the 7th, 8th and 9th Dimensions. Those channels saying we are going from the 3rd to the 4th to the 5th do not have the senses to understand truth. They continue the old beliefs. Discernment is necessary when reading channels and when channeling. A channel can only bring through the knowledge they are aware of. The 4th Dimension is time. Time is over. In the chaos of a large city the Dimension the area has achieved is affected by the collective Consciousness there. On top of a mountain in Tibet one may sense the 9th Dimension, a large City may be out-picturing as the 5th Dimension. The Planetary Dimension for Earth now is the 6th. Different areas of Earth vary in Dimension according to how they are perceived. As you travel to sacred sites on Earth, you too have sensed this. Some places just feel different. Individuals on Earth have either transcended this realm or not. It is not hard to know where you are in your Ascension. Still suffering and having many questions is the sure sign one is not yet Ascended.


Individual Ascension works independent of Earth Ascension – One Must Do The Inner Work

Ascension has never, never been about money.  Individual Ascension is an Enlightenment, a Transcendence of this place. How you know you have achieved it is you never have questions. You know all the answers. You think a question and you already have the answer. You know. You understand everything. You stop asking questions.

There is much One may do with the Inner work to achieve Transcendence. Those skipping this step will never, ever, in this lifetime have a chance at accomplishing Transcendence. And one never knows when there time is up. Without Transcendence in this lifetime, one will never be invited back to Earth again. Earth is entering Unity consciousness. No one with duality thinking will be invited here again. Those who continue to require duality will live on a Planet still experiencing duality and karma for as long as they need. Earth is Ascended. Only the Ascended are invited back.


Add Practices to Your Daily Routine to increase Your Insightfulness

Ascension has never, never been about money. Developing our Senses plays a large role in Ascension. It leads to discernment. Our eyes, ears, breath, strength and vitality are all senses which must be developed. Daily practices include eating right. Paying attention to local grown, organic and non-gmo foods supports Planet Earth. All things which affect the Planet also affect our bodies. As we endeavor to do no harm, our actions must support our self-actualization. Vegetarianism supports that goal and lightens the body. Pranayama means breathing exercises. There are breathing exercise which release toxins. There are breathing exercises to bring into the body Cosmic Energy. There are breathing exercises to dispel stress. Ten minutes once or twice a day develop the senses and make us strong. Prana is the life force and having strong prana helps maintain peace within at all times. Yoga asanas are meant to develop insightfulness. Breathing through postures opens the arteries, veins and nerves. Doing this makes an altered state of awareness, the kind where higher inspirations naturally float into consciousness. Meditation and contemplation are the only path to higher teaching. Reading ancient texts provides the knowledge base necessary to absorb the highest teaching.


Take Responsibility for Your Individual Ascension

Ascension has never, never been about money. Anyone who puts off the Inner Work because a channel said it will come in waves or it will be automatic is robbing you of your divine birthright. Integrating practices for Ascension is fun. It is rewarding and life affirming. Take a walk in nature having a meditation with the natural beauty surrounding you. Be in harmony with the other lifeforms. Pets, birds, flowers and bumble bees. Practice being One with Oneness. Contemplate your Mission. No need to define it because it is a journey with ever changing scenery. As you thrive and have more to help others, you know you are doing your Mission. When you live your Passion you are doing your Mission. As you make choices to reject old habits you align your actions with your values. Some who reject war stop paying taxes. That is an extreme example and not for everyone. Look into your life to see where you can make changes, for example, recycling, conserving water, choices at the store. Make your actions align with your life Mission. Help Mother Earth in every way possible.


Revaluation will never happen. As you hold Dinar, Dong or other Currency, Cash Them In Now

Ascension has never, never been about money. Those cabal, those few wanting to control the many hired an actress to tell the story that many could be helped with the money coming after revaluation. This was always a complete lie by someone bought and sold. She had accomplices. She was paid to say these things by George Bush Sr. She convinced many otherwise good people. Those investments were turned around in hedge funds and $40-$100 was made on every $1 invested. That money was used for Black Ops and perpetuated war. Those Lightworkers have blood on their hands. It is prudent now to do a Self-Assessment. There are only two choices. Go to the bank and sell back the currency knowing abundance will return in other forms. The other choice is to ignore this and take your chances and see what the consequences will be. There was a large group of older and programmed Lightworkers living in poverty consciousness who needed this lesson. No one who lives in poverty consciousness will be given more money to shepherd after the Event. They will not have learned how to circulate money. It is not meant to be hoarded, it is always in a flow. Easy come, easy go. There will never be a revaluation no matter how long you wait. Money is energy which must always go out and come in, an energy like electricity, light and love.


love_is_intelligent_energyIn meetings spanning last weekend we were in the Poconos Mountains performing Ceremonies for Earth Ascension just before Earth Day.

More ceremonies were performed by a small group of people who had been in California and then two weeks later came together in Pennsylvania to continue the work. As we watch the illusionary world dissolve, something new must take its place. Governments, Banks, Wars, Pollution, Poverty and Illness all have solutions which are being born as a reformation. As Collective Consciousness working as One we bring the solutions together. This manifests as Divine Government on Earth where the reformation begins with a FORMAL Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence interacting with humans. This truth revealed makes a path for a hand up with new energy systems, cleaning up pollution, healing technologies and many other technologies which will heal and balance the Planet. The Pleiadians, Venusians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Sirians, those from Niburu and many others are involved in this process with the humans.

mother sekhmet

Friday afternoon began a series of ceremonies calling in the 5 Elements to bless all those leaving the Planet making way for imminent change

Ancient Vedic mantras began the walking meditation where the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether were invoked. The 5 Elements have been born out of the Energy used to Create. In this case we are creating New Earth. We walked through the forest in communion and fellowship with the 5 forces singing mantra. We crossed a creek and stopped. A healing ceremony was done for those there and those aware of what was done, those connecting with these words. Any imbalance in your system now has the ability to be completely healed. Work with the strong feminine energies coming in now and follow your instincts back to balanced health. As we walked along we came to a lake where we invoked the Ganga, a Source of Knowledge brought to Earth from the Stars. This resulted in bringing the Higher Teachings to Earth and making a Path for larger changes to take hold. This was a joining of Mother Father God and in that the Holy Trinity. New creation flows forth from this day.


Saturday Blessed the connections between the Unseen Realm and those working for change on Earth

All of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Extraterrestrials gathered this day with these Ones working with the energies. There was a connection between the energies from those on the ground to the extraterrestrial technologies on the Ships. This activates changes which have not been seen on Earth in an aeon of time. It has been attempted and not completed several times in the past recent Millennia.  Finally Earth Ascension is possible along with every person and creature living on Earth. There was a battle this day. Knowledge was shared. A foundation on which reformation can begin was established. It was a trying day. It was a success. Hours were spent in prayer to accomplish this. More will be revealed about the details in future when it can be fully understood.


Sunday Shiva Invocation followed by Havan

Sunday the Group gathered with the Unseens here on Earth and in the Skies. St Germain and Lady Master Nada were featured with I, Sananda, Ashtar, and other commanders such as Lady Athena, Commander Soltec and Commander Rama Arjuna. The ceremony involved working with the energy of the infinite axis running through this Universe connecting everything together. It removed all limitations keeping Earth from her rightful place in the Milky Way Galaxy and for Abundance for all.


The next ceremony was a fire ceremony, again featuring the 5 Elements and the changes only they can bring. This fire ceremony involved using the 5 grains and ghee. The grains are gathered as a blessing and thrown into the fire as we release all things which we no longer want to hold on to. A hologram of all things on Earth no longer serving the greater good with all represented within the hologram were thrown into the fire and released. Ghee was poured into the fire to make the heat great and help it burn to ash. The ash was retained to use in blessings. These ceremonies have been done before. Never with this group and not with the intention of dissolving from Earth the matrix, the illusion, the things which promote slavery. These ceremonies are thousands of years old and have not been done this way with the Holy Trinity together forming New Earth. It is done.


Slow as We Go. All On Earth Are Included in the Changes

There are bound to be some more storms brewing which will bring challenges before the Event called Disclosure takes place. We will continue to do these tasks as needed until all of the negotiations are complete. Earth will then become unbound from her captors. Will you be ready? Have you prepared? You are being given a gift of time to make your personal preparations for your individual Ascension on New Earth. Call on Me, Sananda for guidance, strength and protection. You are never alone. Be Patient. Be Strong. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 29, 2016. © All rights reserved. Greetings Everybody!  I attended these 4 days of ceremonies and helped with the energy work. I have to travel again for another event this week. This will be the 3rd Gathering in these Events. This is a special call for donations. Please if you are able, send a small amount today, everything helps. If you are able to send more I am truly grateful. I have had some travel and it brings unique challenges. I am home safe and preparing for the next steps to the event we all have been working toward. I share freely as part of my duty. From time to time I need more help and today is that day as my call to action continues. Not all can help and that is ok. I am free for readings now and I will contact those who have waited to hear from me. If you are interested in a reading please book from my website Private Session and schedule soon, I only have a few free days now before the next. Thank you for your generosity and kind compassion. All My Love, beth. http://cosmicascension.comscroll down and here is a link that may work Travel Donation Namaste!


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