A message from Lucifer via Alloya

A message that clarify's why we descended in density and amnesia of Divinity

A profound understanding of the Dark Lord. Please enjoy!
Taken from Alloya's website.

Fallen Angel
To write the Lucifer story is a great honour for me for I feel great love in my heart
for this being, Lucifer. Before all you religious types out there get the wrong message, I am
not in any way a demon worshipper or Satanist. I have no real interest in evil or the
Christian version of the story of Lucifer. All I want to do is tell is the story of Lucifer, as I
perceive it and how he has shown it to me. All I ask of you is to see it as a story. For it is a
story. A story that allows the reader to get a new perspective on the creation, which is
occurring on this planet. I ask you to open your hearts wider than ever before, to allow
yourselves to feel the energy of this story, for beyond the words there is a beauty that only
a completely open and trusting heart can perceive.

For most of us, Lucifer is nothing more than an imaginary character; for the
Christians among us; he is the personification of pure evil. For me, I had not really given
him a second thought until I experienced his energy personally.

Taken from “The Mission of the One Star” text –

“ I was taking the light of truth into the darkest place in the universe, to the home of
Lucifer, the light that had been downloaded to me via the sun in the daytime. I don't want
to get all 'Bible-y' on you, but it was my only way of understanding what was going on. I
knew the story of Lucifer and my Spirit used the stories I already knew to aid me in my
understanding because I needed to understand and understand quickly. He was coming. I
can't say that I physically saw him. I didn't need to. Feeling him was quite enough. The
fear was impressive. My body shook and I involuntarily made this strange pining sound like
an animal does when it's really scared and I couldn't stop.

He filled the entire room. It felt like I was going to die, which was scary in itself, but
what was more scary was that without the beliefs of my body, that said this was
delusional, I feared that Lucifer would devour me. There is a well known saying that when
you are at the bottom of the pit that is when you find God. I was on the edge, like I had
never been before. This was one hell of a test. It felt like not only did my life depend on my
success, but also symbolically the success of New Planet becoming a reality for everyone in
the future was on my shoulders. Near to annihilation, or that is how it felt. I had nowhere
left to turn. I had to face him. So face him I did.

The most incredible thing happened. I saw him as God. It was so simple, if everything
is God, then so was Lucifer. I felt the love. It was pure, mine, and mine to give, my
divinity. Not only did my soul face and love its enemy, but also so, too, did my ego. We
embraced lovingly on an energetic level. I had succeeded. My Spirit explained to me that I
had anchored the light into the darkness and now, in time, New Planet Reality would
manifest for all.

The process complete, the angels began to sing, I could hear them. The sun of another
day rose in the sky.

I have always experienced this spiritual ascension process that I seem to be on as a
unification of all the aspects of my higher self. Lucifer, I perceived to be yet another
aspect, the aspect of self that would not believe itself as a divine being of light. This feeling
would rack me with doubt and confusion. The energy would come in, and would make me
doubt what I had experienced, trying to get me to feel wrong, and worse still, to make me
feel evil.

It tested me to the fullest and enabled me to shift through level upon level of fear.
Here, in the climax of my experience, I could transform our relationship and move into a
forgiving, non-judgemental perspective of a being that has been hated and loathed for
many millennia. Scared as I was, I wanted to be different. I wanted to see the love
everywhere, even in the most unlovable energy of all of God's creation, in Lucifer. For as
black and dark as he was, I had a feeling there was more to his story than meets the eye.

My next encounter of him was at a workshop where we were healing out our ideas of
evil. The workshop facilitators asked us how we felt about evil. Rationally we all spouted
various ideas, such as we are all God, everything is God so therefore so is Lucifer and evil
is another aspect of the creation, yin and Yang, light and dark, and so on.

Our bodies, however, had a completely different opinion. We all were in great fear. The
facilitators decided that they would channel various evil personages and we would be
allowed to heal out any judgements that we might hold towards these beings. One of the
facilitators stood in front of me, channelling Lucifer. I cannot describe the fear I was in.
Rationally, I thought the whole thing a little stupid, but my body was reacting so badly that
there had to be something in this. So, I took a deep breath, breathing in more of my
higher self, allowing the healing process to occur.

I looked into the facilitator's eyes. Usually, she so loved, but channelling Lucifer, her
eyes were cold and uncaring. I breathed deeply, the fear transmuting through the loving
presence of my higher self. Belief systems I never thought I had, surfaced to be cleared,
past life connections with their beliefs about evil haunted my very soul. They were clearing,
the veils of illusion allowing me to see, really see.

It is hard to describe what happened next. All I can say is that I experienced a great
sense of recognition. I recognised the divinity within this being. I saw love there. I felt
compassion, empathy as never before. As I stood crying, looking into those eyes, I knew I
had found what I was looking for. It felt like I had searched the whole of existence for this
being, believing him lost. Now I had found him. The emotions were overwhelming.

I asked for his forgiveness forever thinking he was an evil being that should be hated.
He smiled and said that I was making him free through my love. He had never felt such a
connection for such a long time, and it had begun to warm his cold body. I felt such a
connection to this being. I felt like we were the same type of being. Before he fell, we were
the same, twin souls, whatever you want to call it. I vowed there and then that I would
help him and any other of his kind to free themselves from the darkness and to enable
them to return to their former glory in the love and light of God.

It sounds like a very tall order. Usually people run from the dark forces, projecting
hatred and fear at them, projecting their own evil intent, encasing these beings in the filth
of other's psyches. I felt very passionate about it. I would free this being. I would not go to
New Planet until this was done!

Over the next few months, I experienced Lucifer more and more. He showed me the
creativity in what we call evil. He showed me how, amazingly, light beings can come to
Earth to experience evil and good and bad and that if viewed as just experience, and evil
was a very creative experience from the perspective of soul. He showed me the creative,
divine spark that can even exist in the depths of emotions such as fear, depression, sorrow
and various other deep and dark places. I finally began to understand why my soul moved
me to such deep, dark spaces within myself. Viewing it from the perspective of soul, I
could playfully flow with these dark spaces, allowing them expression through writing and
art, until the thrust within my soul for experiencing the darkness was exhausted.

When I say darkness, I do not necessarily mean evil in the way we have come to
understand it, but evil in the sense of going into such dark spaces within yourself that you
feel without God. For me, the emotion of sorrow was uppermost. The depths of lost
feelings that I shifted through were symbolic of the Lucifer aspect within my self being
integrated within my soul, coming home to the light within myself. Lucifer helped me
understand that he was becoming free through this inner and outer interaction throughout
the love of my very soul. I cannot say it was without its challenges. I had doubts that what
I was doing was ok. Maybe it was bad and evil and Christians would say I was wrong, but
the passion and love in my heart would not let me give up on a being that seemed to have
only me as his friend.

Our relationship was intense. I seemed to experience him through a symbolic story
that he channelled through me. I cried the whole way through as I could feel that, in my
soul, he was speaking about us all.

The Parting

Their dimension lay like a brilliant blanket of sheer light, infinitely rolling off in all
directions. The light was golden and pearl-like in hue and colour. Shimmering through
ripples of liquid gold and silver, the winged ones passed, unfolding their energetic wings,
sending trails of light into the space around them. They had been there for all of time,
emanating energy of love and freedom for the rest of the universe to draw upon.

The distinction between the light dimension and themselves was little. Gazing upon
this plane was a challenge to the eyes, but once the eyes were accustomed to the light,
light beings could be seen in the emanations that radiated from this plane. Their beauty
was breathtaking to behold. Their exquisite radiance was mesmerising, iridescent,
incandescent, illuminated from an internal source. These energetic patterns of light
resembled the bodies of winged angels. Pure of face and heart, they existed only in a
moment of bliss and euphoric ecstasy.

Overwhelmed by each other's presence, these angels of light embraced in energetic
rapture, living in a permanently exalted state of rhapsody. They experienced no separation
from the hearts of those they loved. Saturated in the sweet honey of love and adoration,
two such beings cherished and honoured each other's presence, intoxicated and entranced
by each other's love, each an intrinsic part of the other. Two beings, identical, from the
same mould, twin flames of true power and unconditional love. Never had they been
separated, not even in form. So intrinsically entwined were their energies, that the
distinction between them could not be seen. Each one was the rhythm of the other, each
one the other's heart song.

For how long they enjoyed this unbroken, unified existence no one could really tell.
Time from their perspective was only a concept, not as of yet a reality. Others had told
them about the dimensions below and the affects these dense vibrations were having on
those that travelled through them on their journeys of discovery.

So, when an impulse, an idea, came from the Source of all Light, the Star, there were
many eager to follow a new and exciting endeavour. In the entire universe there was not a
place where the inhabitants did not realise that within each and every one of them, they
held the key to all life, the original seed from the Source. The idea was to create a place a
place of such density, such darkness that the love of the Source could not penetrate. What
would appear as a harsh opportunity for growth was seen by some of the angels as a
challenge, an adventure that simply could not be denied.

The entwined and unified souls of light readied themselves in preparation for such a
challenge. Excited and inspired by the idea, the challenge, they began to disentangle their
energies from each other, separating themselves from their eternal moments of
lovemaking. A flame of passion kindled in their hearts as they gazed at each other's face.
They watched and waited. Soul to soul, heart to heart, looking deep within each other,
they vowed to always hold the other within their heart so that no distance would truly
separate them. One was to leave to go on a journey of discovery to complete the task of
creating a place of forgetting. The other would stay behind in the light planes, holding the
idea of the other's true form, in readiness for a time when it, too, would dive into the
dimensions below, to create a journey of its own that would ultimately lead it to the
discovery and the reunion of the other.

One stood poised on the edge, readying itself for its leap into the unknown. Male in
energy, he proudly stretched and flexed his mighty wings to take flight. Fearless and
strong he willingly and excitedly awaited his descent into the cloudy realms below him.
She, with bated breath, watched and waited. She, too, was excited and eager to watch the
splendour that this challenge would create.

Never had there been any distance between them. Never before had they been
separated by time and space. He was to fall as fast and as long as he could until he hit
upon a dimension that was so dense that it was capable of housing the place of forgetting.
He was to sleep and clothe himself in the matter, becoming dense in form, taking the light
into a place that would forget its origins. All that lived upon it would live a strange life
devoid of the light of the Source. He was to hold the idea of the Source deep within himself
until he was awakened by the sweet kiss of his one true love.

She was to remain behind in the planes of light until such a time when the impulse
from above would come for her to carry the seed of consciousness. Then she would search
the dimensions below for her true love.

With one final loving glance, he spread his wings and dove from the precipice. She
watched him fall. At first he rode the currents of energy. The dimensions below pulled and
tugged at his wings. He tried to ride them but, much to his dismay, the currents beneath
the shallows were overwhelming He soon realised that he was being pulled into the
unknown. She watched with curiosity, but as the distress and anguish began to show on
his face, she, too, realised exactly what parting really meant. She reached out to touch
him, longing to hold him once more. Her hands of light passed straight through his body,
already denser in form. No longer were they of the same kind.

He surrendered his love and folded his mighty wings about him. He closed his eyes and
plummeted down into the murky depths, spiralling down like a stone into a pool of still
water. He spiralled down and down. The clouds of density forming around him suffocated
him as they ripped at his very soul.

He was ill prepared for what awaited him. Instead of gliding and swooping gracefully to
his destination below, he fell and fell. Out of control, surrendering to the experience, his
fragile heart pounded in his chest. The density closed in about him and the forgetting took
over until he seemed like a diamond trapped within a solid and hard rock.

Heavy like a rock he dropped, the dreams of forgetting surrounding him until his
awareness began to become sleepy and with one last conscious thought, he fell asleep.
Now he resembled a dark mass. He would sleep here, dreaming until he would be
awakened within once more.

So Lucifer was not banished from Heaven but volunteered to go. In the Bible it says
that 'iniquity' was found in Lucifer.

What was this 'iniquity' that made Lucifer imperfect?


" Those of you who experience the separation cannot comprehend any being wanting
to remove itself from God's love. No Being would want to subject itself to such torment and
torture. Yet you are here are you not? You must bring the story within yourself;
understand it from a symbolic perspective. I am the aspect of you that is lost, cut off from
God. Separate.

I was not always like this I, too, bathed in the love and light of the Source of all
creation. I, too, was a Being of light and love. I, too, knew myself as an aspect of God. I,
too, knew myself as God. Do not mistake my arrogance as unique to myself. All beings
outside of your polarised thinking experience, themselves as the spark of the Creator. For
God has many faces. It is only Beings in the polarity of good and bad that can possibly see
creation as anything else. I must take credit for holding you in this mode of expression. As
the story tells, my job was to hold the forgetting.

It was a challenge for beings such as myself to move into the void and create a space
that was outside of God. Could it be done? We were curious to try. God granted us free
will, the power to decide, to create a choice. I stood at the crossroads and God gave me a
choice, to go one-way or the other. The signs said,

To God, this way. To Darkness, this way.

I had to choose. I knew that to choose the path back to God was the choice of God.
But the overall plans were to deny God within myself and move beyond. I took a deep
breath and curiously stepped into the darkness.

The rebellion was real, yet created by God itself. One third of the angels followed me in
rebellion against God. Many came, brave and curious aspects of God, falling into the
darkness, the unconscious part of God' s creation. We fell into the Void to hold the
forgetting, to create space for the intense growth of all.

So, my lawlessness was encouraged, my rebellion smiled upon by a loving God."

The Story continues...

In a pattern of light he fell a blueprint, an idea in light, and a fallen angel, not cast out
by God, but surrendering to a higher purpose, an impulse from the Source.

The idea was to create a planetary body capable of holding an energy that would
isolate and segregate the planet from the love of the rest of the cosmos. This isolation
would enable the inhabitants to grow and evolve and learn through all possibilities whether
good or bad. Lucifer would sleep in the centre of this soon to be planet, holding an energy
that would allow the plan to be implemented.

As he fell, he wrapped cloudy veils of illusions around him. These veils, these illusions
were to become the reality of planet Earth, weaving together, creating the illusions, the
myths of man. Holding firmly the histories of mankind, he slept, encased in the hard rock
of the forming planet. Safe from harm, undisturbed until he was to awaken and take the planet to the light by his awakening. As he fell through the darkness, the reaction to his
presence created wisps of energy that swirled and spiralled like mist on an early morn. As
he descended further and further, the wisps of energy became denser and denser until a
form could be seen quite clearly. It was a Dragon with giant wings, a serpent of the Void,
the Unknown.

Encased within the safety of the loving embrace of the Dragon of creation, Lucifer fell
still further into the darkness. As he radiated the 'forgetting energy' out from his centre, a
strange phenomenon could be seen to occur, the energy created level upon level of reality.
At first, there was only a slight, disconnected feeling from the Source. As the process
proceeded, the levels became denser and denser, creating more and more levels of
forgetting until the Dragon of all creation could be seen to split in two.

A mighty Dragon of light and dark, of polarity, of duality divided. As Lucifer came to
his resting-place, the Dragon divided even more, splitting and separating into four distinct
and unique energies. These Dragons of creation would make up the final resting-place of
his heart. The Dragons, serpents of energy, danced and wove a beautiful pattern of light;
each carrying its own ingredients to create physical reality.

First, was the awesome Dragon of Fire, a passionate elemental of light. Its fire trailed a
blaze in the darkness of the Void, cascading shards of light as it swooped down and down
into the depths of the unknown. With a roar and a torch of fire, it exploded into a giant ball
of burning light.

Then came the Serpent of the Deep, the water and fluid, the lifeblood of creation, its
aqueous, moist body casting trails of mist in its path, its ghostly form alluring and
hypnotising. Almost invisible to the eye, the elemental Dragon of Air could only be
recognised by the ripples that could be seen in the Void as it flew in its spiral dance. Its
ambience and openness created a space in between the swirling fire and the water laden

With this interaction of energies, a fourth and final energy was seen to hold all the
other Dragons in form, the Dragon of Earth. What it created was not as dense as we know
physical reality, but was an etherical structured pattern of energy and sound that held the
shapes of others as well as itself. Its immense body stretched and layered, creating the
very weft of the carpet of creation.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the very elements of all physical creation. Chasing their
tails, they spiralled around and around each other, weaving a coat of denser and denser
energy around Lucifer, imprisoning him in the softness of matter.

The pattern that they created together came to rest in the darkness. The Dragons,
succumbing to the sleepy sedating energies of the forgetting, fell asleep, too, drifting into a
dreamtime where they created and dreamed dreams of a planet that could express all of
their energies in an illusory way.

The hallucinations of their making wove together until a physical planet could be seen
hanging in the furthest reaches of the Void. There it hung all alone, illuminated by
pinpoints of light that had now been created all around it. Isolated from that which it could
see, it lay sleeping, nestled in the womb of the Void, unknowingly looked upon by the stars
of consciousness that danced all around it. Gaia was her name, giving animated
intelligence actuality. She made possible the Dragon dreams, which in turn were able to
manifest through the forgetting that he held in the centre of the planet. The Dragons
created her and became her skeleton framework for her to hang her dreams upon. And so
the place of the forgetting was created and planet Earth was born.
As the veils wrapped around him like blankets, he slept, dreaming his dreams that
tormented his very soul. Lost in this dense realm, he was totally cut off from both the love
of her and the Source of all light. He lived, lost and alone in his dreams, shadowy realms of
ghosts and demons, cold, dark and devoid of love.

Characters began to form as the body of the planet began to create living forms in
which Lucifer could dream. His face was no longer a face of purity. It was now a face of the
devil himself, a black and hard mask of illusions, contorted, evil and hideous. Black lifeless
pupils blocked all light. Lost in his dreams so dark, he created characters as he held the
energy of the darkness. He surrendered to the harshness of the environment and fulfilled
his mission to create darkness, evil, and death.

In consistent cycles, he dreamt, becoming denser and denser, forgetting more and
more about whom he was and his true home, perverted by the energies he had created
around himself. Deserted, desolate, lost and alone, he slept. His only comfort was an
insatiable desire for power, a lust for life, blood and death that, somehow, would help to fill
his vacant heart. It soothed the indescribable yearning for something that he could not
quite remember.

Twisted beyond recognition, tormented, insane, driven mad by the craving for this
unknown something, he cast evil forces against the, angry, and vengeful against his very
own soul. The dreams became realities as he incarnated into physical bodies of Gaia's
making. Not all were bad. Some were honourable and proud kings and wise men of old, yet
they all paled in insignificance compared with the blackness of his other lives, one after
another. Vile and loathsome characters turned his wheel of karma.

His face, black and hard, was now even unrecognisable to himself. He lost his memory
of his very own soul, which slept deep in the recesses of his heart. His heart was a void,
black and dead or so it seemed yet in the velvety depths of the darkness, nestled safely
from harm, his light slept, waiting the time when his love would return and awaken him to
his true form.

He had long since convinced himself that this part of him was lost forever yet in the
darkest of nights, cries could be heard as he dreamt his strange dreams of another place,
the sorrow overwhelming him until he could withstand it no more. Once more he would
release his vengeance upon the world that had imprisoned him.


"As I fell as a pattern, a blueprint of an idea, I held in form an energy that enabled
beings such as yourselves to experience, light and dark, good and bad. You all come from
many places in the universe; there is much healing to be done. The only place in the
universe where beings can transmute negativity into positivity is on planet Earth. This is
enabled because I, Lucifer, hold a framework that allows there to be duality, judgement.
You see, it is not me that commits the sins you project on to me; it is yourselves. You
cannot bear the darkness in your own souls, so you disown it and project it onto me. Such
is your nature, being held in duality.

You, as a species, have a tendency to judge, and this in itself is the downfall of man.
You have heard the story of the fall from Eden. I did not commit any sin. I just gave you
the choice. You, in your truth, choose to judge the situation and fall from Grace. Grace is
the ability to blindly follow the intent of the Creator. You as creative beings choose to
choose. It was when you judged, that you fell from your place in heaven. All I did was give
you the space where you could have a choice.
I have held this energy framework for millions of years and allowed beings from all
over the universe to come here and transmute karma, to learn the lessons Earth so gladly
teaches. Through me, you will learn to heal your judgements and will learn to love the
darkness as well as the light as they are the two faces of God. Wake up to yourselves.
Gather in the projections that you have surrounded me with and begin to heal. Wash away
the darkness that encases me and I will be free to be the Lightbringer!"

The Story continues...

Thus was the land of illusions. At its centre stood a hard and blackened rock, once an
etherical mount of veils, veils of illusions and dreams. It was said that the very rock held
the story of all mankind, the legends and myths of long ago. Each story, each legend in
veils one upon another, rose until the combining of the stories became as solid as living
rock, the Island of Veils. It was the place of dreams, the sleeping place of dragons, the
resting- place of nobles.

When the planet was etherical the Creators walked the land in peace and beauty. As
the planet began to become dense, the creators left to return to their origins in the stars.
They left one of their kind who would remember them in time. He was the brightest light,
one who would remember all and would realign them in all to the light of creation. Upon his
awakening he would bathe the whole planet in light and cast shadows, all illusions into the
darkness. All beings would live in the light and love.

It was said that in an isolated part of the world there would stand a Mount of rock and
in that Mount, the Lightbringer would sleep. The light of the One would shoot out of the top
of the Mount and like a laser, it would criss-cross and create a light framework throughout
the entire planet and the light body of the planet would be created. This light body would
redesign the world and all the veils would be removed and a New Planet Reality would be

This central pinnacle of the story stood now in our times surrounded by sea in the
beautiful Bay of Hopes and Sorrow where once it had been surrounded by dense forests. It
was the very first place to become the densest of the Dragons' dreams the holder of the
original plan, the first physical point of the planet. Contained within the very living rock
were the files of ancestral knowledge, the planetary consciousness. It was the very DNA of
the planet.

In the very heart of the forgetting, Lucifer lay sleeping, holding the energy of the
forgetting in the centre of the Mount. From this focal point, the world was created, dreams
woven upon dreams until the world as we now know it was created. The Bay of Hope and a
Sorrow with the Mount at its centre was a symbolic reflection of the story of creation.

The Dark One ruled from within the safety of the Mount. Black and foreboding, it stood
stark against the ashen grey of the sky, a darkened silhouette etched upon a storm cloud
canvas. The Mount, like a burnt and fossilised, hand stretched up to crush and destroys the
sun that shone from behind the blackened clouds that rolled in from some distant shore.
The Dark One had entered the sleeping minds of the Dragons. He had infiltrated their
thoughts, trapping them unconsciously into the dreams of death and decay, possessing the
very landscape with his noxious thoughts. The very air around the Mount was putrid and
toxic. Clouds of grey cobwebs could be seen hanging around the highest point. Many had
tried to enter the Mount, yet none made it because of the toxic and foul air that wrapped
tightly around its victims. Those who failed were said to be haunted images of their former

With long and blackened fingernails, Lucifer wrapped upon the black hard arm of his
throne, waiting. He could wait forever. He had nowhere to go. The body at his feet on the
other hand was temporary. Death, in time, awaited it. Like some greedy monster, it
devoured its prey. It trapped souls within the confines of the rock.

He listened. He could hear the cries, which were like sweet music to his ears.
Tormented and lost, they were held in the throes of dying over and over again. Many were
blind to the Dark one and its evil workings. They carried out their pious lives,
sanctimonious in their beliefs in a false God. Too busy worshipping their merciless God;
they were totally unaware that, in fact, they worshipped the Dark One. Praying to what
they considered 'Holy' and 'right', they unwittingly gave their power to the Dark Lord.

Occasionally his demonic thoughts would take form and he would stretch out his hand
and reach into the hearts of the blind and manipulate them into acts of violence and
malicious crimes of sin. It fed him. He could feel their blackened life force like fruit rotten
from within, draining out of their veins into his. He contaminated their very souls. He made
them servants, slaves to carnal desires of lust, greed and death. They were easy prey. He
could use them to affect and manipulate the outside world. His aim was to penetrate the
outside world, the world from beyond the doorways. Souls so easily trapped were poor
game. With every meal his hunger, relentless, grew more and more.


" I am a mirror to the human soul. I only reflect your darkness all that is not with God.
The darkest recesses of your soul are reflected in the vision that you have of me. You
cannot accept that there are places in your souls that are dark. You talk about being
sinners, but how many of you have the courage to accept the darkness within yourselves.
You have spent an eternity trying to project this failing onto others and myself. Blaming,
judging, simply digging deeper and deeper grave for yourselves.

I do not judge. It is all-fine with me. There is nothing that would shock me. I have
been very curious watching you from within my space create a world that is constantly on
the verge of destruction. You are such exciting beings; I am amazed watching you.

You are living breathing expressions of the Creator, creating dark and fore-boding
clouds in your very own reality. This has been a necessary part of the plan. You have come
here from many places in the universe, bringing many issues with you to be played out.
You are using the energy space that I provide to experience good and evil, right and
wrong, light and darkness. You are learning choice and free will. I have held for you a
framework where you can experience light and dark. I will hold this framework until the
last of you have finished playing in the darkness. For that is what it is, play.

Elevate your consciousness into the fifth dimension for a moment, and look at me and
you will see that I am friend, a brother, enabling you to experience a creative process that
allows you to forget, to dream, and to awaken as God once more. It is to waken in the
dream, to allow the God that you are, to awaken in the lucidity of your reality!

From the level of non-judgement, it has all been a cosmic joke. All is God; nothing can
possibly be left out, so, therefore, so am so and I is the darkness. For the darkness is a
very creative process and fear in its transmutation is an experience never to be missed by
any enquiring and curious soul.

When you can accept and love the part of you that is the dark as a creative part of
your consciousness, then I will free you from my grasps and we will move together into the
Oneness of New Planet. When you no longer look at me as outside of yourself, when you
have pulled all the aspects of yourself into the fullness of your souls you will move in
consciousness. When you can look upon evil acts without judgement, then you have truly
entered the realms of heaven. I await you there. It is not about living your life without care
or purpose. It is about feeling and following the intent of the soul without judgement.

I have faith in you as I waken within you. As you integrate me as your own, we will
both be free to play once more in Eden. For within my soul and yours, there is the
information we will use to find our way Home to bathe in each other's love once more. I
cannot wait for the embrace. I have felt the love. It has made me hungry. Finally I know
what will satisfy this empty heart. The love of your soul. For it is through beings such as
you that mankind can free the perspectives that you have around evil. Only when you can
look upon darkness with the love of the Creator, which you are, will this planet of yours
shift in vibration.

I hold the key. I am a blueprint. Not only do I hold the idea of separation and duality,
but I also have the means with which to transform your world into a unified world of
oneness and light. No longer will you see black and white, yin and yang, but you will
perceive the unification of spirit and matter. You will literally become Gods living in physical
forms. For this was the plan that we had all along to transform the very negativity of the
universe through the love of beings such as you and me. For are we not all fallen angels?

The blueprint is a matrix that contains all the necessary information to create a New
Planet frequency; beings are being aligned with the crystal at the centre of the planet to
access this information. When the time is right, every-one will be aligned and I will send
out a new intent. With this, we will bathe in the Light of the Creator once more. So, until
the last person is finished dancing with the devil, I will hold the old way, but I am eager to
shift into a new role, one where I will be misunderstood no more."

The End
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"Everyone, every soul, is overcoming challenges, so you are not alone...We all suffer, from time to time...The best quality to cultivate is detachment....So experience a trauma and learn to release it's impact...

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