www.walterbruneel.com 'A New Alchemy"A SPECIAL NOTE TO PIONEERS & ADVANCED LIGHTWORKERS: This educational transmission is shared by Kuthumi for greater understanding and re-memberance of our True and Original Conscious Nature...A Highly Intelligent Creative Expression of Love Substance.IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR BEGINNERS IN NEED OF MORE SYSTEMS TO FOLLOW!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~INTRODUCTION OF THE HOLOGOS™MASTERS KUTHUMI & PALLAS ATHENATransmitted by Ronna Princewww.consciouslightchannel.com3-29-2009We welcome you on this day of 3:29:29. We are inspiring you to remember the whole body, or incorporating system of Whole Logos. Hologos™ is the system which enables the renewal and restoration of fully empowered Soular humanity. Soular humanity consists of human beings who conduct their lives in conscious connection with their eternal soul, A Soular human is a person who is awake to their potential, who uses their divine gifts and who serves humanity from the heart. When a critical mass of incarnate humans conduct their daily lives from this place of Soular consciousness, the shift to the New Now: Only love is actualized.All concepts and ideas of Hologos™ exist in theological doctrine. We understand that most of you do not resonate to the teachings of organized religions because of the overlay of control, the inaccuracy of translation and the perversion of original meaning by self-interested hierarchs. What we aspire to do, in the unveiling of Hologos™, is to resanctify the teachings of Whole Spirit, back to the original intent: that of becoming and being Whole and Balanced, Creation-able and Creative, and above all, imbued on every level of your Being, with the fundamental source energy in and through all things: Love.We remind you of the Truth expressed by Masters Hilarion and Birgit with regards to the purpose of your incarnation:First and foremost, your soul chose to come to earth in sacred Tribute to the Divine Creator to manifest into form (i.e. TO BE) the Three in One.The true origin of the word Tribute comes from the Latin word tribus. Tribus derives from “tri” (three) and “bhu”, root of the word “TO BE”.A pure source phrase in the Bible that reminds you of this purpose is in the book of Corinthians:1 Corinthians 3:16 (New King James Version)16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?The Holy Trinity is the expression of Father-Mother and the creative expression of that Balanced Union (ONE): the Divine Child (male or female). Within you is the Whole trinity – Father-Mother-Whole/Holy Child. You come here to earth, through the Love-Wisdom-Power of the Divine One, imbued with the Love-Wisdom-Power, now in you, to Create a Tribute to the Divine Whole Spirit (ONE) in you. You are here to Be the Whole Trinity in expression of the Three-in-One.This expression is called the Whole Logos, or Hologos™. You may have heard of this as the elusive and incomprehensible “Holy Ghost”. The Holy Ghost is not as mysterious as you have been led to believe. There is no more need for shrouding and mystery and secrecy. The Holy Ghost simply means Whole Logos or the Spirit and Word of the Divine.The term “Logos” means many things and has many translations. For now, we present Logos in the teachings of two great Philosophers, Heraclitus, an incarnation of Master Kuthumi (ca. 535–475 BCE) and Philo of Alexandria, an incarnation of Master Hilarion (20 BC - 50 AD):Heraclitus wrote: “Listening not to me but to the LOGOS it is wise to agree that all things are one.”Philo taught: Logos is the Creative Principle. It is energy of the Source which moved into expression to create the fundamental order of the cosmos.Note from Ronna: Heraclitus is known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe, and that the Logos is the fundamental order of all. (Heraclitus = 44)Philo frequently compared God to an architect or gardener, who formed the present world (the κόσμος ἀισϑητός) according to a pattern, the ideal world (κόσμος νοητός). Philo takes the details of his story of the Creation entirely from Genesis 1, the Elohist account. He assigns an especially important position to the Logos, which executes the several acts of the Creation, as God cannot come into contact with matter, actually creating only the soul of the good. Source: Wikipedia (Philo = 33)Together Heraclitus and Philo = 77 (a balance of mastery; consonants = 44, vowels = 33)The Holy Spirit or Whole Logos is introduced in Chapter 1, verse 2 of Genesis. It is the movement of the Divine into manifest expression of the Holographic Universe that you find yourself in right now.You may be familiar with this translation of Genesis 1-2:1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth2: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.We give you this translation to feel in your heart:1: At the Origin of All Things, The Creator Aspired to Express Creation into Form.2: From Chaos was created Cosmos by Whole Spirit moving into the Watery Deep, the Great Womb of Creation, to Incubate the Creative Expression of the Divine.Feel the Beauty of the Ascended Master translation of the Creation story and experience the Divine Soul You Are - the Expression of Whole Spirit moving into the Watery Depths.For you Are Whole Logos or Hologos™, the expression of Divine Love. We are asking you to remember this and to reintegrate it into the True Word, the True Way and the True One. (=110)The Creative Expression of the Divine is you and everything you see around you in this Holographic University.The Aspiration (or Breath) that moved formless into form is Love. The etymology of Aspire is from the Latin word aspirare “to breathe upon,” and from ad- “to” + spirare “to breathe in spirit”. (www.etymonline.com)Love is associated with Water, with the suit of Cups in Tarot, the energy of Emotion. Love is the Holy Grail, the promise of reunion with the original Source of Creation that is within you. Additional associations of this expression are Venus and the constellation Cancer. Venus is associated with Love, as is the constellation Cancer, representing the Great Mother’s Womb. The key phrase for the sign of Cancer is “I feel” and this phrase is completed in perfection by adding the word “Love”. The cosmic creation reflects the prime moving energy upon the waters, Love. Not thought, but Love.To become a Whole Logos Being, living in Balance, you must restore and renew the 4 gifts of Hologos™ and integrate the 8+1 Hologos™ fruits or harvest. Combined, these 12 +1 expressions comprise the embodiment of Whole Spirit. All of these 12 things are within you. The thirteenth thing, or really, the “0” thing is in, around and through all other things, and that is Love. As Sananda said, all of these things will be brought to your remembrance:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Creator will send in my name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. John 14:26 (King James Version)Hologos™ System is the method of integrating All of who you are into moving form and function.The definition of this is Confluence. It is to reestablish and then to maintain balance on all levels; it is to live in alignment with your true purpose through the activation of your innate skills and talents; at its foundation, it encompasses the Gifts of Whole Spirit, the anointing by the Hologos™ Dove of Peace through the renewal and restoration of what has been called charismatic gifts. We simply call them the in-dweliing talents of Whole Spirit. These are the four gifts:The gift of Speaking by Divine Inspiration: the ability to access Divine Inspiration. Acting thus, through the correct use of Right Words as a Counselor of Whole Spirit.The gift of Clarity : Clear seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling in Radial or inclusive TIME. This has been called “prophesy”. (See below)The gift of Healing: the ability to flow in homeostasis; to find new points of inner and outer balance in confluence with your inner and outer worlds.The gift of Wisdom Teaching: the ability to teach to others the wisdom that emanates from within. It is to know the self from gnosis, and to share that knowledge with others in a balanced way.The gift of prophesy is difficult for people to understand today because of the incorrect associations with the word. There is deep suspicion and fear of prophecy. The root word comes from propheta, from Gk. prophetes “an interpreter, spokesman,” especially of the gods, from pro- “before” + root of phanai “to speak.”Prophecy is not fortune-telling. No one can do this! Fortune-telling is a guessing game with accuracy no greater than 50%. If you look at ALL the prophecies of fortune-tellers as one body, you will see this to be true. For example, Nostradamus was a prolific prophesier, but was less than 20% accurate in his predictions when viewed as whole. Some of his predictions have borne out, but most have not.Why? Because in a free will reality, you may change the course of your future by changing one action in the present through the Power of conscious Love . The energy that directs consciousness is the indicator of what the result of the action will be: if the energy comes from the heart, balanced, open and compassionate, the result will be an alignment with Divine purpose, a confluence of many things coming together to create more Love and more connection. If the energy comes from the mind, the action will be ego-based and will often create tension, discord and disharmony. It is that simple. To prophecy is simply a matter of knowing and directing the energy behind your actions. With this inner knowing, you may see into the “Future” because you are no longer bound by the past.In addition to the four gifts of Whole Spirit, there are the 8+1 states of expression and being. These are called the “fruits” or harvest of Whole Spirit. In the book of Galatians, the fruits of the Holy Spirit are given as :Love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,goodness,faithfulness,gentlenessself-controlWhen you harvest the fruits of Whole Spirit, you have renewed and restored the 4 gifts and you continuously experience a balanced state of being. In this way, you are balanced, and you are AT ONE with the Creation – ability that exists within you. You are part of the whole and HOLY SPIRIT indwells in you. After the listing of fruits of the Holy spirit in the book of Galatians, the apostle Paul states the following truth: “there is no law against any of these fruits”. (Galatians 5:23, NIV)They are your Divine Right. They are states of being which flow in and through you as an expression of Whole Spirit Balance.Before we elaborate on the energetic structure of Hologos™, we must address a postulate that many of you hold without question. That postulate or “given belief system” that you hold consists of a system of 7 major chakras in the body. Today, we are only addressing the human Soular system, but rest assured, the Truth that we will speak of today, is replicated over and over in the energy systems of creation-reality on your plane of existence. We aver that the 4th dimension you are in, consists of 3×4 r 12 fold recursive reality. The trinity form of creation replicates 4 times to create the fully manifest Holographic Universe that you find yourselves in.The system of 7 major chakras in the human body is incomplete. The commonly held belief that there are 7 major chakras creates a disconnect and dysfunction of the Whole Logos. There are 5 Aquarian chakras that are critical for accessing important aspects of Hologos™ Being. These 5 charkas are located at the gaps between the 7 chakras you have all been instructed on. These five are as follows:Royal blue – the higher mind chakra – between the third eye and the throatTurquoise – the high heart chakra – between the throat and the heartOlive – the diaphragm, or bridging chakra – between the heart and the solar plexusGold – the Hara “super-chakra” – between the solar plexus and sacral chakrasCoral – the low heart chakra – between the sacral and root chakras.These Aquarian chakras have multiple functions. We will describe the primary function of each:Royal blue – the higher mind chakra – a complex of 12 energetic connections which contribute to clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and several other super-sense functions.Turquoise – the high heart chakra – the expression of feeling through the heart; the full functioning “immune” system, from the Latin root “in-“ + “munis”, meaning “service. The balanced high heart chakra is the impetus behind activating your divine service.Olive – the diaphragm, or bridging chakra – connecting upper and lower form and activating intuition and balanced leadership.Gold – the Hara “super-chakra” – the connecting place for the etheric energy body which contains vital life energy, or chi - prana, and allows you to access your own inner wisdom and TruthCoral – the low heart chakra – the sense feeling chakra that allows one to incorporate the love and wisdom of “I Am that I Am”.The 12 chromatic chakras are enveloped and amplified by the 13th or the 0 energy, which again, is Divine Love. 12 + 1 or 13 is the shift energy which moves consciousness to the next plane of expression. The ancient Mayans knew this with their emphasis on the number and system of 13. They knew that to shift human consciousness beyond the alignments of 12-21-2012, humanity would be called to incorporate a 12+1 or 13th inclusive reality. The human chakra system thus may be considered whole in this form if you envision the 5 Aquarian chakras interspersed with the 7 you have been taught:

12 Kundalini Chakras12 Violet11 Indigo10 Royal Blue9 Blue8 Turquoise7 Green6 Olive5 Yellow4 Gold3 Orange2 Coral1 RedThe color energy of the 13th chakra is magenta, a combination of red and violet. This 0 or 13th chakra is all around you. You may conceptualize it as the magenta “soul star” that enters the physical being above the crown AND as the “earth star”, the deep magenta chakra that anchors your energies into the earth. The reality is that magenta, divine love, permeates everything. On the spectrum of light, magenta connects to both the ultraviolet and infrared colors that you cannot yet see with your untrained eyes.If you reevaluate the basic structure of human energy anatomy, you will find a beautifully congruent system of 12 +1 that brings all aspects of incarnate form into balanced functionality. This is the structure of the chromatic musical scale, 12 individual notes, with the 13th beginning the higher octave of vibration. This system holds true for the 12 major acupuncture meridians, the 12 major organ systems (including the myo-fascial sheath as a physical system), 12 cranial nerves , the 12 spiritual body chakras (different than the kundalini chakras - the chakra centers that permeate in the through the physical) and the 12 aspects of Whole Spirit.The energetic location of these aspects of Whole Spirit are located in the 12 chromatic chakras. Where there is imbalance in the energy chakras, there will most likely be an imbalance in state of being related to the chakra.13 LOVEKundalini Chakra 12 Aspects Whole Spirit:12 Violet DIVINE INSPIRATION11 Indigo Patience/Longanimitas10 Royal Blue CLARITY (Prophesy)9 Blue Peace/Pax8 Turquoise Goodness/Bonitas7 Green1 HEALING6 Olive Gentleness/Mansuetudo5 Yellow Joy/Gaudium4 Gold WISDOM-Teaching3 Orange Self-control/Continentia2 Coral Faithfulness/Fides1 Red Kindness/Benignitas0 LOVEATTTUNEMENT to A 110:The chart above encompasses the 4 GIFTS of the Holy Spirit and the 8 +1 Harvest of activating Whole Spirit within you. Remember, Love permeates all things, so there is no “one place” for Love. Love is in and through all things as innate potential as well as the original source of creation energy. Attuning to the 0-1-1 original form of creation energy (the first part of the Fibonacci, as you know it) allows the letting go of all things not love, thus the renewal and restoration of WHOLE SPIRIT to be made manifest on earth. Also, remember that you are experiencing things as the final product of creation, meaning, in inverse form - so the A 110, attunement frequency is actually the beginning vibration of the Breath of Holy Spirit moving over the waters in the 0-1-1 imprinting of mass onto matter, the “God particle” that physicists will discover in your lifetime. After this imprint, 1+1 becomes 2 which begets 3 and the trinity replicates in fractal reality to create everything you see in your universe.Incorporating the 12 +1 aspects of Hologos™ is a system that requires practice and patience. It requires that you evaluate and examine yourself as an observer as well as a participant in the creation of your life. You must question the postulates, create a new paradigm and pass through new portals of consciousness. You must use your enlivened consciousness to look within and look without to determine what places and energies are out of balance.The information resides in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The healing and integration of these are in the heart. You must be aware of both tangible and subtle energies; you must make a conscious choice to reclaim your power by understanding how you have been disconnected from your own truth. One of the first steps is to understand the function of the Aquarian chakras and to begin to attune them into the whole of your being.The Hologos™ system, a new paradigm for balance, will instruct you on these principles, teachings, and techniques. As Sananda promised, we will bring all these things to your remembering.We close this introduction of Hologos™ System with the words of the great wisdom teacher, Sananda who said:When Whole Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, comes into your being,it will guide you into all Truth.It will not speak on its own; for it is of you and in you.It will speak only what is heard in your heart,and it will tell you what is yet to come.Whole Spirit will bring glory to the Creator by making what is known to me, known now unto you.JOHN 16:13-14Blessings and the Peace of Whole Spirit Being remembered now on Earth.Masters Kuthumi and Pallas Athena

** “The Power of conscious Love” is the Balancing Theme of Pallas Athena #57 in the system of Aura-Soma: Numerology of this phrase = 114: 57-57.A Kundalini chakra is one that is centered around the central column of the physical body, connecting to the spinal column as well as the sushumna central column of subtle anatomy.

From Aura-Soma, Color Therapy for the Soul: KEY INSIGHTS about Magenta. The Magenta colour lies “hidden” between Red and Violet. Therefore MAGENTA is both the end and the beginning of the Light Spectrum - representing the Alpha and the Omega - the fullest expression of Divine Love. As such, MAGENTA contains or holds all the other colors including the White Light. Is it any wonder then, that MAGENTA is interpreted by the most ancient teachings of the Great Mystery Schools, as the colour of the ” The Soul Star chakra” - residing just outside the physical body, and above the head. In this capacity, MAGENTA contains our individual “Soul Blueprint”, otherwise known as our “Akashic Record”. Connection to this chakra reveals our reason for incarnating - our Divine Mission - and then further supports our intentions to actualize it. If you view the MAGENTA ray as preceding the colour Red, it could be said that the soul descends to body. Conversely, if MAGENTA is seen as following the colour Violet, then the body has ascended to spirit.© Ronna Prince 2009 All Right ReservedORIGINAL SOURCE: http://consciouslightchannel.com/
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