A channeling

Hello Dear ones, [a channeling]

you have much to discover in the new year. We wish to plant those seeds because we say you are about to get moving. Yes, some have been waiting for the big move for many decades, and many have said 'but they keep saying soon things will change' and the like, and we wish to say that soon they will change. Look at it from the perspective of 13,000 years, even 2000 years ago soon heaven would come was true, for there were only 2000 more years to go out of 13,000 or so. But here, within your lifetimes you will see it, and it is so so soon from now. And, things have been moving. The fustration you feel as you work through your part of this movement of Earth back to the light is there to drive you on, for there are many you are lifting up and you need the motivation. Those that can feel the energies are already commenting about them, how things seem lighter and clearer, and they are happier, as is our channeler [I do feel better, happier, and as if there's less harassment energetically and things are just lighter feeling]. There are so many many things that have happened in your solar system towards the freedom of Earth, but we cannot go into them all for security's sake. Well for many reason actually, for there are many agreements on this planet for beings to go through a rougher time than they could otherwise go through. Even those starving are going through such contracts, and as they themselves say quite often, their faith is tested and made stronger, and that is what they were after even if it meant very hard suffering. For 13,000 years of horror is nothing in the eternity of a soul's journey, and it has propelled you all so very far, especially the people of Earth, who have had great suffering and challenge, and thus great effort and advancement, and that is one very big reason heaven allowed all of this despite the people of Earth wanting to be loving if they were not first harrassed. And that will be restored, yes we know who is merely angry and does harm and thinks it is proper and who is evil and does harm thinking it evil and therefore something to do. We know who is trustworthy in a heavenly place, and who would choose evil in heaven, and those that seem lost are merely lost in grief, or suffeirng, or anger, but not in evil, and that will be corrected so very very soon.

We wish for you to look up stories about tremendous storms on the other planets, as our channel saw on David Wilcock's show Wisdom teachings in one episode. It's on youtube dear ones. We wish to say, many many changes have come on these planets for we are preparing this solar system for freedom with God.

Your efforts are paying off. Our channel senses that in this next year we will see the big breakthrough, perhaps even disclosure. We must say, he does not know, but that is what he senses, and we have told him that probably it is true. Yes you feel that energy, and it builds, and it drives your fellows to want freedom, and that gives God more permission to speed this process, within the limits of the contracts on this planet and it's peoples.

Yes, heaven has a use for the dark ones. They chose evil, they are to blame for that, but heaven can still and does use them. Through suffering God moulds this universe also. We would say many have undertaken too much of it, and that is reflected in people's disgust with what is going on in this planet. God does not want it to be this bad, and the dark has fooled many into more scams to make them suffer through, and it is being stopped soon. This energy you feel in the air, many of you, is the first true sign of it. For it is the energies of Love and Compassion, and it is what you feel coming to you, and it is what will follow soon.

See, ebola has been stopped, pure and simple, that deadly virus would have engulfed the world without assistance, and hardly a few thousand over the world have died from it. The protests in Ferguson did not cause martial law as was planned, war with Russia was stopped, the ecconomy did not collapse from derivatives, the dark is in check, and it is not long to go before it is check mate, and the game ends. We even ended the soviet union, and these other obstacles are petty compared to that, arresting some dried up old satanists and drying up their dying plans. You just had more contracts to suffer that were not canceled by you or by God that have been fulfilled almost fully by now since that time. And fast approaching is the day when you are free. Even now you can cancel your contracts for suffering, it is good to do so, and put energy into it so it can work. For some have very contorted agreements, and you need to insist they not go through. Tell the angels, tell God, your spirit guides, and continue to do so until you are freed, if that is your wish.

We have wanted to pursuade this world to sue for freedom for so long, yes if the world told God they wanted the suffering to stop, and meant it, it would. Finally, free will is leaned enough in that direction that it is about to stop. We will tell you that those who chose evil for evil's sake have karma to burn off, but the rest do not, more or less. Desperation is understood in detail, and we do not condone the choosing of negative karma, but we do understand and God is very lenient for those stuck between a rock and a hard place.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure to speak with such a fine ground crew.

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