A Channeling

All right, so we wish to do another channeling.

We will speak about the tools of the trade. Many of you may wish you were smarter to figure out what in the world is happening. We have an answer for you. Look up what we are about to say, for it is very true. Herbs are very good for healing, and also for accentuating your normal faculties. We do not mean to imply anything illegal. Just go to your local health food store, or even to the grocery store, and in the supplement aisle you will find all kinds of herbs and vitamins you can take. Take them. We mean this. If you have something you want to work better, we suggest to just google it and tack on 'herb' to the search and read up on it. If you can find it at the health food store, go for it. Our channel has tried to be on a budget with this, so he orders empty vegetable capsules and herbs by the pound from the internet that he's sure of or has found in the store before and saves a tone of money. You may wish to make a jig to help fill up the capsules. Many of you are poor and could use these tips. Colloidal gold is another one. Our channel being somewhat inventive, realized that through the process of solid diffusion if you simply put gold or silver in water it will become a colloid. The gold version of this will assist you in many ways. Look into it. We would say don't buy anything that has some lead in it though. He has to boil his or leave it overnight. As has been said before, you can see a lot by looking around, and there is a lot of information out there on this sort of thing. You'll be better off taking this detour, for we do wish you to overcome the many mind programmings that have gone on, as well as the chemicals that have served so well to keep you in check all these years. And this is one of the many ways out. Do take care, and have a pleasant day.

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  • A vegan diet is one of the best ways to detox and cure most health issues....eat organic..

  • I find that Tumeric is a very healthy spice and I use it a lot..  Spices are very important and we need to use them in cooking..


  • another thing you can do is to use a picture of the flower or herb and put a glass of water on it.  The water will take the frequency of this flower.

  • It is true that herbs are very helpful . I find it the cheapest to use the tinctures. Flower essences are also very good and you can make these yourself using the flowers in your garden. 


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