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we are here.

Today we wish to go over exactly what channelings are, and have some pointers to remind people of as they read such things. As you all know, channeling is telepathic communication with another entity, and on your world it takes on a special quality. You see, on your world there are many that deceive, and to give you a taste of that we will not say if we are one of those, for no matter what we said you would not really know. As our channel likes to say, one can always tell the truth (thinking about what is possible from the proverbial dark one) to gain trust to tell a more damaging lie than all that truth put together, and this is generally speaking how you are most often deceived. Some do more investigation than others, and for them a different volume and kind of truth is offered by the dark ones which we will not say if we are one or not and also a different sort of untruth or half truth or whatever suits the purposes of doing more harm than the truth that people hear and would have investigated or verified. You see, it's very unfair, your dealing with beings that have vastly more intelligence than you mostly in this medium on the other side of the channeler, and you don't have the best ways of getting information. It's time consuming, and you don't know a whole lot of places that are true for sure to begin with to get information from anyway. Your in a pickle. We would offer what our channel thinks. Look at the information, realizing it may all be designed to harm you, look at where it's leading you, and when you see something leading you in a direction that will surely turn out well, do that good, but if your unsure then be careful. The great law is do no harm after all, and there's a lot to be said about that. Or rather, as our channel likes to say, imagine what you should have been told and never will be, or imagine what you need to find out and go find it out or mediate on it till you find an answer sufficiently sure for the gravity of what your about to do. Our channel has himself almost driven himself mad on a number of occasions realizing all the harm that goes on, realizing he can't really KNOW if he should trust this voice in his head, which alternately tells him one thing then another, maybe because dark and light beings are talking to him, maybe to keep him on his toes in case a dark being does show up, or maybe the angelic realms haven't broken through to him to start with. We will let him decide, he's learned not to trust us, as you must all realize is the same situation you all find yourself in with any of these channleings. It's information to be looked at and perhaps at best give you something to research or think about and hopefully find some useful idea out of it all. It's a very sad state of affairs, and much sorrow has come from this. People that think money will appear and they trust so in it only to find they didn't start that business they knew they needed to pay the bills, they loose their car, by now all their loved ones think they are too crazy to take in, you get the picture. Our channel has met people that he sensed were satanic for instance, and then at other times he knew they were not working their best to help people but he felt the most cozy gooy good trust just automatically appear in his heart for them. He realized this was likely white magic by a black soul, and we say he was right. It can happen with these channleings. We are not saying it's all bad, but there are spirits that feast off of suffering, and if they can have confusion and knashing of emotions and what not, they'll take that too. It is you that we wish to not be taken in by this. Yes angels do speak to people with a similar or as far as you can tell the same cozy, gooy good trust that just comes to those that hear them. But so do the bad ones. And it is up to you to decide how you are not going to harm anyone or anything, and we say be careful. That is all we wish to say for now, and we hope this clears up your thoughts of ill will towards people, who by and large are good at heart and are taken in by very deceptive powers, as our channel would admit to, but you need to STAY careful so you don't have such a probability of being harmed by them. It is those that in the long run will trust everything that is said and not look back and question it that will be harmed the most usually. So be careful, be careful, be wise. Good day to all of you, and good luck, and do use all your powers of intuition but also of thought.

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