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He made a believer out of me
I who walked as a gentile
I who did not believe
whose faith was weak
as small as a mustard seed
I who walked in dark dense forests
far away from the promise land
all my sins bearing down on me
calling me unworthy
drawing my breath from me
to a frightful state of pure anxiety
feeling as if the life was being sucked out of me
here lives the fear of your Lord
you are not made to live in Fear but love
There is fear because you sense what is coming
there is a dark storm brewing
with water and fire and wind
death is drawing near to the life
so that it can start to die
Do not be frightened, child, Life whispers
Be certain, you will be shaken to your very being
from that which is dead in you will be taken from you
this is so you will know what is right and true
three days of darkness will fall
cling to your hope that is what you call belief because you do not yet know of certain your God
Hope in the Lord is your light
See how he has fanned my flame
and the fire is Good do not be afraid, have faith
The death will be frightened and scared
but you mustn't be
Death does not want to leave but he knows he must go and he shudders with fright
Death will draw you in with tricks
Do not be fooled
who am I to be worthy of better, that which is more?
Be thankful for what you have
yes, or it will be taken from you
and there is more where abundance overflows
where has your hope gone
let it return to you that you may flower and grow
Then there is the deceiver that utters blasphemy of the Spirit
that man who denies the Holy Spirit
denies the life from which he was created
Flee the Lord says
Flee far from this barren land
your desert is within you and laid waste
and your hearts have gone cold
Where is your faith
has it been completely and utterly ruined
Attacking thoughts to slanderous and accusing words
Cast that demon you call man, out I tell you
This is idolatry, the mark of the beast and do you not remember our God is Jealous for His lost sheep
to him belongs the Power and the Glory
Fierce as a lion he roars to have mercy
Have mercy on yourself man, now hear
This is the man that deceives himself that he needs no God above Him.
He is the one appointed for death.
so flee from the deserted lands
Therefore flee I tell you now is the time to go
to lands rich in honey and milk
for God appointed the angels charge over death
he sends them out among you to make way for His Son
He is Jahweh whom the prophets foretold
He is the Lord all-mighty eternal Father in Heaven
He will establish His Kingdom here upon Earth so that there will be a New day that will come in the Dawning of the Son
His Kingdom will be the most glorious as it has been told
he sends the angels with the Holy Spirit out among man
according to each needs who have called to him in pure heart
to fill each and every one that calls on His name
They shall be filled with the holy Spirit
and walk in ways they know to be true
The Son sent the Spirit to you
so that you shall be called Worthy
This Will of our Father's Goodwill is that you may be called worthy
He says all are worthy to come to me
I bless the brokenhearted and they are set free
like slaves in captivity you shall come out into the pastures
To the One that calls to gather his sheep into His fold
Now I have become circumcised as the Jew
I tell you he drew the breath of life from me
for whenceforth it came he endure forever
death came upon this temple to tear down the old
to make room to start to build the new
my breath is His and this has been foretold and yet I know
He showed me that He who gives it also takes it away
for that you should fear Him yet you will come to know no fear
In Him is fearlessness and strength that none can overcome
yet still I called for Him in my deepest pit of loneliness
In my most desperate time of need
for I had no will to do it on my own
and I felt alone to do it all
I sensed within the depths of my heart which is my soul
that there was a better way other than my own
In my time of crisis I cried out to Him
Who are you, who am I to you, what is it that is true
What is worthy
Then all I believed fell away and then I knew
He will make you a believer too.
A gentile to a Jew.
This glory is made for me
for you, for God who is within all of creation and dwells within every living thing that grows.
You shall come to know
you are not made to toil
that is mans job
and there is Sabbath rest for His people
Come Home now
Today is they day
The Lords people will flourish as fruit trees in the Garden
and be sure they will bear glorious fruit
For he called to me and I bowed to thee and he sent me to tell you, in Him I know and he knows me
He also knows you even if you do not know Him
The time is today to hear His call
This is urgent he has commanded me
In my weakness he rebukes me with shouts of fury
I know the discipline of the Lord and I must do as I am told
Daughter, you must! I command and am maker of Life do you not forget
Send them this message then before it is too late
For the Good of the Family
tell them to all come Home now
I am His maidservant to do His Goodwill
he who guides my hands to His work and my lips to speak draws near to me
Lord I know you will never forsake me
Even when I am faithless you are faithful
Your ways are never changing for it has been told you are changeless and your Great Love endures forever and ever, Glory to His name
Your ways change things Lord
from that which was a lover to that of the beloved
I am His Beloved
and in Him all things are Good.
He is your Lover come now hear His call to the Beloveds
He is sending His Son to you quickly
Blessed be the Lord our Father
Blessed be angel Mother Mary who carries the Son to you
In her all nations are blessed
that she will bring milk to you
and the Words of the Holy will be as sweet as Honey upon your lips
Hear that I Am Mother
I come with the Son
A new day is quickly dawning
and then will be revealed
the chosen One.
Answer His call now and do not delay or I tell you there will be utter despair in the days to come
Come now all you people
He has Called His people to start their way Home
There Life is Eternal
and his Love and Mercy endures Forever
He is always faithful
even to the servant who is weak in heart
Lay down your burdens
We are not meant to take up the cross
For that is why He has sent my Son
To be the living sacrafice
so that you shall not not but in Him you shall have Eternal Life
In Him your blood is poured out
your robes stained in the guilt of your blood
will be washed clean
and His blood makes them pure as snow
There is One coming and every eye shall know
So hold fast the badge of righteousness and faithfulness that He has placed upon your Heart
In Him every last one shall know
I am Truth and I am Peace
I am Wisdom and I am Free
He has released me and sent me to you

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