A brief message from Kathryn

From Kathryn:

My dear brother, Tom, passed over today.  I am spending some time talking with him and getting used to the new relationship we will have now that he is "on the other side."
He has told me it's great where he is, and he is very happy not to have to be in pain any more.  And besides, he said, he now gets to hang out with Robin Williams any time he wants. (He was a natural comedian himself, and like others, he loved Robin Williams' humor.)

I was feeling sad about the fact I could never hug him again.  I liked hugging him, because I had known him since he was a baby, and had always adored him.  When my tears began to fall, he said, "What are you crying for, I'm right here!"  We laughed, and I agreed not to cry any more, and to stay in contact with his wife who loved him unconditionally.  I offered to call him up any time she wanted to talk with him, so all is well.  

He said he would call me every day, once he has had his review and gotten used to the place, since it's a whole lot easier without a telephone.  He said it was as beautiful as it is here (I was in my garden), but a whole lot easier.  He offered to come and bring us a message soon, but he wasn't ready to yet.

Everyone was there to meet him, including our parents, friends who had gone before him, and his buddy St. Germain greeted him right away.

We will have important work to do, and he will be helping us from higher dimensions.  I look forward to that, because he was always a pleasure to have around.

Thank you for sharing this life, dear Brother.  I couldn't have made it without you.  There are no words...

With love and gratitude, Sis.

August 15, 2014

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