99% Spring in the USA

This is exciting news, received from MoveOn.org via Email...


Imagine if, this spring, we saw hundreds of bold, creative, compelling direct actions peacefully confronting the corporate money flooding politics, the big companies paying no taxes, and all the other attacks on the 99%—just like Occupy Wall Street or the massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin.

Imagine the biggest wave of progressive direct action in 50 years refocusing the conversation onto America's skyrocketing inequality instead of the Republican primary (or the latest reality TV show).

Imagine Wall Street banks and right-wing politicians finally on the defensive, and a real conversation starting about how to make the economy work for most Americans. We saw glimpses of this last fall thanks to the bravery of thousands on Wall Street and around the country. We need to do it again—but even bigger—this spring.

That's the vision of the "99% Spring," and the good news is, dozens of groups have begun to work together to make it happen. At MoveOn, we're making it a top priority, and we're putting everything we have into it.

We and our allies have big plans—to train 100,000 people in the history and practice of nonviolence; to organize major 99% actions in hundreds of cities; to create a massive tax day outcry for taxing the 1%; to provide help and support to thousands of inspired young folks who are ready to put their bodies on the line but need resources to pull off their plans.

MoveOn's over 5 million members have a crucial role to play—together our community has a critical scale and unique reach. So we're asking every MoveOn member to dig deep and help us raise the $500,000 it'll take to make all this happen. Can you chip in $5?

Yes, I can chip in $5 to launch the 99% Spring. 

In the last few weeks, we've seen an amazing response to this idea. A huge army of volunteers from unions, community organizations, and environmental groups, alongside local MoveOn volunteers, are preparing to host trainings in hundreds of cities and planning massive protests nationwide. Students are organizing for spring mobilizations on campuses everywhere.

We've got a plan to help make sure all of this happens at a scale that's impossible to ignore. We're working with movement leaders and cultural figures to spread the word online and in the media. We're recruiting everyday people, who have never done anything like this before, to join trainings in union halls, churches, living rooms, and community centers all over the country. We're mobilizing nationwide to bring big new crowds to campaigns everywhere using nonviolence to confront corporate greed, fight back against the foreclosure crisis, and more. And then, on Tax Day, we're ramping up fast for a huge day of direct action all across the country to send an unmistakable message to Washington.

From Occupy Wall Street to the most important moments of the civil rights movement—the freedom rides, the Birmingham bus boycott, the lunch-counter sit-ins—peaceful direct action has turned the tables on the powerful and changed the course of history. This spring, millions of us could do it again. But we need your help to lay the crucial groundwork over the next few months.

Can you chip in $5 to help launch the 99% Spring?


Thanks for all you do.

–Lenore, Robin, Marika, Joan, and the rest of the team

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