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Transcription from meeting tape 920621-3a (Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn):

[Guest asking question:]
I have a question. In the paper it says, when the photon belt goes through we will be atmospherians. It says you’ll be changed to immortality without separation from death. Can you tell me what that will mean?

[GCH Response:]
Well it means that [pause] it means there is a lot of speculation and this is where the changes begin to happen. It isn’t like – and yet, ones will SAY this, ones making this projection and AGAIN, I’m talking about your spiritualists and your scientists, talking about moving into this 2,000 years of light. You’re going to pick up sunlight, you’re going to pick up light from other orbs. You’re going to come into the influence of 7 suns of Pleiades—plus your own.

You’re going to come into a lighted period of time, where you have had a neutralization of electrical particles—for lack of better ability to explain it to you. You’re going to have gone through a neutralization processing—and so has the entirety of your globe. Your entire solar system will pass through this little period of null time moving into a period of photon structure. I hope your brains can catch up with your bodies! Because if not, you’re going to really be in serious trouble!

This is where you move into being photons, or photon beings, atmospherians. It doesn’t necessarily mean to your eye you’re going to perceive much difference. Your frequencies speed up. But I can guarantee you this: If you get into that photon belt for a while, you can get through a light beam without batting an eye. So put it there. You won’t have any trouble getting off the place, no matter even if you’re a little bit worried. And the reason many of you won’t recognize much difference is because you’re already beginning to break up and disperse—into that kind of particulate.

And you’re going to find—forgive me, Ed—that in developing solutions in substances in copy machines, in emulsions, in developers, especially in your Polaroid films, your camera is going to be able to pick up that before you do.

And you’re going to begin to have splotches of light everywhere. You’re going to see little sparks going by. These are little photons. And it can be a slow evolution.

It doesn’t mean a confounded thing to go through three days—of anything—or five days, tapering either direction. It just means you can expect some pretty good-sized power failures. And if the idiots on your place would shape up, you don’t have to have that. But if you don’t have that, will you recognize your growth?

I don’t know. Some of you will; some of you are perceptive enough to pick up these things. These are your messages, these are your warnings, these are your clues. It doesn’t matter whether the masses make it or not. The remnant’s got to make it. God’s remnant has got to make it. And that means you’re going to have to be prepared for the physical and for the lighted. And no, it isn’t fair. You shouldn’t have to do it all. But if you weren’t capable of it, you wouldn’t be here.

[From the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987--which marked the end of the Mayan Calendar system of counting for the preceding Age of Egypt--through March 2006, the World was blessed with a tremendous infusion of Wisdom from the Higher Realms through the “secretary”, Doris Ekker, whose name has become synonymous with the seal of righteousness (dharma). In addition to near-daily scribings for Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and other energies of the Etherian realms, small meetings of interested terrestrials were held in the town of Tehachapi, California wherein all participants were free to ask anything they wished of Commander Hatonn--and some of the answers WILL surprise you! The cassette tapes of these meetings are now being converted to MP3 file format so the WORD may go forth to the four corners of the World.] If you want to check out/listen/download the meeting tapes (total 1,049 tapes) go to this address:

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