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920509-3b: What happens when you come into the Time of Light?

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

From the Meeting Tape 920509-3b

This is probably the very best question that you’re going to get the whole rest of this day, maybe the rest of your life:
What happens when you come into the Time of Light?

Because, you see, this is the 2,000 years of Light. And you ask about your vibrations and YOUR frequency, and will YOU “lighten”, so to speak. You better believe it! And a LOT of you, who expect some great big horror through the Null Time are only going to experience, really, jubilation—because as you pass into the lighter frequency of the light corridor, if you will, you’re going to find a stripping away of the evil shrouds like nothing you EVER could imagine.

You see, when you don’t have the darkness to go and hide in, it’s harder to keep the secrets, and ones will automatically increase in frequency. If your intent ALREADY is toward OUR goal, you are already “there”; you will be able to handle that just fine. And as you pass on through that into the light, people will be awakening. “Morning’s here! The day is here!” And it’s going to be easier for ones to see. For one thing they will have had the experience through which they passed, which is their confirmation, and then they will begin to listen.

And, as you might perceive, as you begin to listen and learn and know, you don’t have to give up six billion people. Those who make it through and are willing to come into enlightenment, there are plenty of other places to place you—all sorts of places—but you have to WANT that. And what man wants right now is everything that he thinks he has on this globe, in this form, forever. That’s the Lie. You’re only concerned about this passage because you’re scared to death of what’s going to happen to the physical form. That’s all we’re talking about in here right now. When, if you are prepared, what difference does it make? It’s gotta be better on the other side regardless of WHAT’s out there for you—if, in fact, your intent’s correct. So, go look at your intent and judge how worried you are by what you better be beginning to think and act.

[From the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987--which marked the end of the Mayan Calendar system of counting for the preceding Age of Egypt--through March 2006, the World was blessed with a tremendous infusion of Wisdom from the Higher Realms through the “secretary”, Doris Ekker, whose name has become synonymous with the seal of righteousness (dharma). In addition to near-daily scribings for Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and other energies of the Etherian realms, small meetings of interested terrestrials were held in the town of Tehachapi, California wherein all participants were free to ask anything they wished of Commander Hatonn--and some of the answers WILL surprise you! The cassette tapes of these meetings are now being converted to MP3 file format so the WORD may go forth to the four corners of the World.] If you want to check out/listen/download the meeting tapes (total 1,049 tapes) go to this address:

Walk in Peace.

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