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This August, starting the week of the 26th, I will be facilitating a 7 week telecourse that will be directed by the Arcturians.  It may even be the first of its kind.

During the Allowing Divine Manifestation Course, the Arcturian Ancient Seven joined us for two weeks, sharing their energy and messages.  Saint Germain had mentioned the Arcturians in the beginning of the course but we had no idea that a new group of them would be introducing themselves.

After receiving the first message from the Seven, Shamal introduced herself as a spokesperson for the group and delivered another message.  During a profound experience of contact with the Arcturian ship, they revealed that they would be directing the next 7 week course.  The School of Manifestation would not be complete without a fuller linkup with the energy that the Arcturians bring.

This is going to be an exciting 7 weeks of new teachings from the Arcturians, all of which are designed to help us receive more from their presence.  I will be channeling messages from them each week to help facilitate the linkup.  These will be delivered via email at the beginning of each week and will be hosting a weekly live linkup webcast on Wednesdays at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.  That's 11am Thursdays if you are on the east coast of Australia. (replay of the webcast will be available immediately afterwards)

These webcasts may involve some channeling, discourses, answers to questions, and whatever the guides want me to share with you.  I will also host a second series of optional calls that will allow personal interaction where people can chime in and speak, share, or asking questions.

Everyone who registers for this course can also join our private social networks for the School of Manifestation where you can meet and interact with others.  One of the best parts about this program is that when you register for the course you get to gift the course to a friend, or to a stranger.  This is a great way to continuing to grow this community through the Spirit of Gifting.  This was Saint Germain's idea.

In this way, it creates a flow of giving and receiving within the course as some people will be in a position to gift the course to others, while those people that need scholarship support can open to receive from another participant.  Ideally, those that need help manifesting the course would help promote the course to their friends and find someone to share the cost or gift them in, but if needed you can contact me at choosepeacenow@aol.com and request to be put on the scholarship list.  Some of the people registering do choose to gift their "bring a friend" to someone on the list.

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Click Here for testimonials from the first course.


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