7 Tips on the Road to Higher Consciousness

Climb the Mountain

By Deborah King

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Years ago my good friend and fellow mountain climber, Martin, visited a vaidya– an Ayurvedic physician – renowned far and wide for his insightful wisdom. He approached the vaidya with a question that had been consuming him for months. Martin had been an avid mountain climber, exploring the highest peaks in the world, until he had a really bad fall. Terrified that he was “grounded for life,” Martin traveled quite a distance to meet with the physician in hopes that the wise man could use his gifts to shed some light on the future of his life. After a long, anxiety-ridden journey, he arrived at the remote monastery that housed the vaidya. With tears in his eyes, Martin shared his story: his love of climbing, the peaks he’d conquered, the devastating accident, and his fears. The vaidya didn’t say a word, just listened quietly. Choked with emotion, Martin asked, “When will I be able to climb again?”  The wise old seer looked deep into Martin’s eyes and said, “What you need to do instead is to climb the mountains in your consciousness.”

Flash forward 20 years, and today you’ll find Martin happily and busily mentoring high school kids who are missing parental direction. Martin shepherds them to a local climbing area most weekends and guides them to the top, both literally and figuratively.

Your path to enlightenment can be as challenging a journey as climbing Mount Everest. Both require that you be committed, focused and willing to shed any excess baggage (material and emotional) that could slow you down. The road can be rocky, and you might be tempted by detours, or even consider turning back and giving up – but you’ll meet people along the way who will help you in your quest, and once you reach the summit, you will be transformed!

Every climber needs practical tools and the guidance of an experienced teacher. These seven tips from my LifeForce Energy Healing Courses will help keep you moving up on the path to your own higher consciousness:

1.  Follow your bliss: Find the activities that you love, and do them as often as possible. Whatever ignites your passion and brings you joy – singing, gardening, cooking, or walking through the woods. Whatever brings you joy and ignites your fire is your ticket to a light-filled life!

2.  Don’t give in to fear: Fear pulls you away from the light. When you feel it start to creep in, take a deep breath, exhale the fear and inhale love! If you take whatever comes your way in stride, you’ll be living in the light.

3.  Acknowledge your darkness: Philosophers advise us to “know thyself.” As a spiritual teacher, I advise each of my students to examine themselves regularly, to become familiar with the places inside that block them from living their best life.  Also, be aware of situations outside yourself that may feed your darkness, and avoid them. For you, that might mean avoiding certain people (even family members) or behaviors like keeping late hours or eating the wrong food.

4.  Focus on service: Find a way to make a contribution to the world, either through volunteering at a local shelter, helping a friend through a difficult time, or practicing daily acts of kindness. It doesn’t matter if your acts are small, as long as you are spreading your light! 

5.  Find your life’s purpose: The Dalai Lama said, “The important thing is that you should have a purpose in life. It should be something useful, something good.” Discover your reason for being here and you’ll find fulfillment, knowing that your life makes a difference to others.

6.  Stay connected to your spirituality through meditation, prayer, or whatever spiritual practices keep you in touch with a power greater than yourself.

7.  Use your unique gifts: We’re at our best when we’re fully engaged – mind and body, heart and soul. The world needs your contribution in the unique way that only you can provide. Whatever your talents are, utilize them so you are living in the light and reflecting it out to the world!

Martin took the seer’s advice and climbed the mountain of higher consciousness. While he never again climbed extreme peaks as he had before the accident, he committed his life to working with young climbers, teaching them his techniques and inspiring them to go higher both physically and spiritually. By sharing his light and passion, and using his unique gifts in service to others, Martin became a true “bearer of the light,” standing tall on the summit of personal growth.


Connect with Deborah King at: http://www.deborahkingcenter.com

Interested in exploring other ways to expand your consciousness and live in the light? Check out my 4-part live online course, Seeking the Light, and get my new book, Entangled in Darkness, totally free! Join me on the path to enlightenment!

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