8109340464?profile=originalThe New Age notion termed “The Law of Attraction” is based on the concept that all the energy you give off to the universe, returns to you.

When you invest your energy into certain thinking patterns, you will cause the corresponding experiences to happen in your life, as a result of their subconscious creation. The law of attraction can be summarized by the quote ”What you wish for, you get”. 

If you want to achieve something in your life, first you need to visualize it in your conscious mind; visions come next, and they become actions in the end.

This means that if you spend your energy on negativity, then that’s what you will experience later on. On the other hand, by focusing on positive and pleasurable people or circumstances, you are set for bringing more of the same into your life, down the road. The law of attraction became popoular recently thanks to the novel and movie ”The Secret”, which may have revealed parts of a well-kept secret, but also had a lot of people wondering how to take advantage of this concept for their benefit.

It’s a concept not easily grasped by most people, however, you can be on the lookout for some clues that you are doing things right in exploiting the law of attraction to your benefit. 



After you start focusing on desirable life outcomes, you’ll notice that more of them will come your way. One of the best ways to manifest this change is to ignore your inner negativity that predisposes you to failure, and concentrate on believing that everything will evolve favorably; this is a key feature of the law of attraction. Keep zeroing in on the things you wish to see more often, and you’ll be certain to witness them happening sooner. You will feel that all your life’s aspects finally belong to the right place. By being grateful for what you have achieved so far, the universe rewards you with even more of the same.


What you resist, persists.” When you distance yourself from people or experiences, it is only natural to keep finding them in your way until you decide to deal with your fears and challenges. We are all on this planet to serve a purpose and that purpose is to ascend to a higher level of existence. The only way to do so is to break free from the status quo way of thinking. You have embraced accepting things as they come and all change they may bring, even the negative aspects of it. This openness enables the universe to keep providing you with anything you need to grow and prosper. Keep this quote from T. S. Eliot at heart, to light your way:

“Only the ones who risk getting too far will find out how far one can get.”


One of the things we have been taught for the biggest part of our lives is that we should never live for the moment and always plan ahead. But, if things have changed for the better, you are probably doing the opposite already. Concentrate on the current moment and enrich your knowledge, to use it in the days to come. You are able to return your focus on Today every time you drift and start worrying for the future.


Regardless of what you believe in, spirit-guides, angels or a higher level of consciousness, you have grown accustomed to the habit of asking for what you need and putting some effort into it. If things don’t look as they should in your life, you ask for advice. As you immerse yourself in the spiritual ways, or just discuss with your angels or yourself, your way will light up before you.


All the negative and counterproductive feelings that once roamed your heart largely belong to the past. You have stopped being annoyed by things that used to bother you before. Waking up find you in happiness and excitement, ready to face the day’s struggles. You are sure that the universe is looking after you, so it’s pointless to bother about the things to come or let negative emotions take hold of your life.


A feeling of calmness and completeness reigns your life, no matter what the circumstances are. You ’ve stopped allowing external factors to influence you because you feel balanced inside, with everything in its right place. You have no feelings of loss or unsatisfaction but are strongly connected to your inner self and the universe, further enhancing to your life’s success.

Hearing ”life is good” finally makes sense to you.


Naturally, when you come in contact with a higher level of consciousness and acknowledge your higher goals in life, everything seems easier. Your health thrives, you accumulate wealth, you experience meaningful meetings, you visit places that help your spirits grow and flourish, and so forth. Certainly, sailing the right way is not completely effortless, however, it becomes more and more apparent that good things outweigh the bad.


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