Clearing for Expanded Awareness
16 December 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Questions for me are once again welcome. Now that the consciousness of all has gone up a notch there are more of you able to accept the answers I give. Please do not ask about what has already been discussed many times. Instead of asking a question right away, take the time to look at all that has led up to the current message. An answer could be in the message given a few days before and an answer to that question could annoy those who are already aware of your question's answer. Make your questions about new directions or new material.

Comments about your own experiences are good. I can open new doors when one of you opens to the next octave in awareness. We do hope these messages are able to deepen the next group of ascension candidates into anointed consciousness.

Challenges of all kinds are unfolding for more dross to be cleared. When the dross is your negative memories we must activate deeply buried contractions to get you out of denial. When they appear, do nothing other than assist in their clearing as a chalice and courier. Accept our gift of grace to move the contraction and clear it. Many therapies do not delete contractions, they only suppress active feelings.

Welcome all the changes in the container you use. Are you able to glow as an anchor of divine light? Contractions are the energetics created by mind's attitudes and opinions about the memories trapped in your organs and glands. Are these attitudes and opinions needed now? No, and we are giving you the encouragement and contact that lets you move through the dross quickly. No need to cringe, this mode of clearing is not hard to do. Facing the fact that clearing is ongoing, there is no need to look for negative causes or mental attitudes that attract. Just allow the movement that the dross takes to change to another form. Maybe it will delete itself as it goes―or it can dissolve after it is out of the body. Neither way is better than the other.

Finding a clear attitude is the next challenge to address. A clear attitude is "no opinion." Can you face all without opinions? Yes, being opinion free is a much more effective way to make a difference than holding onto an attitude "against." Masters are going towards the new day, never away from anything. And they do not delete any actions that are needed to get to their destination. Your destination is the complete clearing of dross. Aliveness and awareness expansion comes next.

We want more happiness in all of you. No more depression, no more "can't do" attitudes, and no more contractions. You are the divine awareness on this planet. All you need to do is to be free of dross. Surrender control. Manifestation with the mind is only a control mechanism. Control contains no divine awareness as there are no demands made by the divine. Ordinary lives are the way of the master. God created all to be doing what they do best - to compliment each other's contribution. One depends on all the others to be fully contributing as they intended. Wake up to the conscious awareness that all are one and no one is more divine than another. This is needed to deliver your contribution. What are you waiting for?

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Aruna Byers


Advanced Comments
16 December 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
Beginning these next lessons for masters comes from a desire for all who ascended to live a greed free, manipulation free life. When desires appear in a newly ascended one they are a manipulation of the mind that does all it can to continue its attitude of control. As these mental desires come into conscious awareness, the ability to answer the mind's quiet seduction without giving any attention to it makes the divine more active. Getting seduced, as an attention getting device, will continue until no action of any kind is generated by it. When humans are not free of mind and desire (or anything not aligned to the heart's guidance), the deep aware light in the core of man, his True Nature, is not completely available. True Nature is now appearing but is not always full present. What can be done to complete an ascended deliverance? Claim the new awareness each time the mind attempts a coercion.
Should one attempt actually succeed in canceling awareness, another temptation will come. Many attempts to divert your attention from divine consciousness will be given until you achieve complete mastery. Only when these temptation cease claiming your attention will the bright light inside you be completely available at all times.

What will the mind do as other teachings now? Many things. It will continue talking about the dark incessantly, and make comments about anything and everything, regardless of the amount of hyper vigilance present at most of its diversion tactics. Can this delete an ascension? Absolutely not, but it will attempt to dominate ascended consciousness as long as the body/mind's attention can be diverted to its management.

Clear, empty conduits of divine grace can become negative towards their own mind. Careful! When this happens, complete ascent into the core of divine consciousness is not possible and hearts can still be broken until this is overcome with heart led decisions.

Practice being caring without giving away your own energy to the other. Alive drama will continue for all who are not clear about themselves as divine conduits. Keep this awareness active:
1. You are not the body.
2. All of the needs of the body will be cared for.
3. No discontinuation of mental thoughts will occur unless mind is dismissed on every occasion.
4. Welcome feelings. All feelings. It is good to get them out during the active drama before they become dormant and cause unconscious reactions.

Change only your attention to these details to be the example of an Ascended Master.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Aruna Byers


Moving Towards Awakened Actions
16 December 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

From today onward my dear channel will only deliver messages twice weekly. No particular days will be designated. When I want to contact her we will create the time.

The messages now are only describing the mastery that all of those who ascended must take to their hearts. Next we will discuss how they are contributing once the details can be named. All who did not yet ascend may go back and read the earlier Master Messages* books and this blog from the beginning. Pay particular attention to what has been said regarding awakening and ascension. For some, the instructions on how to change things were not followed, so the desired results could not be delivered. All that is needed to ascend has been told. Calling me on deletions is not an appropriate attitude to take. Asking yourself what conditions still need changing in you can open your hearts and enable you to continue developing your mastery.

No more messages will address these contract completion topics. Serving others will be the next direction to learn from. Will you do this? Not by visualizing the mind's choices. Acting on the master within's choices and a direct love conveyance will do more than closing your eyes and imagining someone else providing the needed assistance. All countries have needy people who can use your help.

Farmers, get out of the Monsanto grip. Give the food chain more care. Add natural, chemical free fertilizers to the crops you grow instead of degenerating contaminates and constructed GMO carriers. Form co-ops to market food. Sell to conscious consumers directly when you can. Feed animals non GMO grain. Your food makes the conditions of your dream continue. Your minds are controlled by the lack of nutrients contained in what you eat. Say NO to these things because your feelings and your mental choices are effected by them.

Most of you are not willing to live without your cell phones, so consider how they are effecting your nervous system. Getting good nutrition and adequate ambiance are needed for you to get healthy and maintain good health. Remove yourself from destructive, money oriented deviations from natural maintenance activities. Absorb no chemicals or electro magnetics that you can avoid. Turn off the TV and game consoles at least once a day to delete their effects. Unplug all appliances when not using them.

Your mind's activities are not as important as your ability to deliver caring, so don't make your day only mental. Give more attention to human contact. Cherish the ones who have an interest in your wellbeing. Give that level of caring to them.

Fighting in the collective consciousness about how and when to grab or let go of money making contraptions will cause more chaos in the future. Be grateful to those who are giving their attention to man's care instead of their own money driven ideas.

Can we create a caring, control free day at least once a week that allows the body to be rejuvenated? Fasting is good once the body is healthy enough to be without food on an occasional basis. Pure water must be consumed during these cleansing days.

Free yourself from contaminates as much as you can. Spiritual freedom does not stop when the mind gets quiet, it also needs a body that can care for those needing aid. Free attitudes do not criticize or manipulate the minds of their companions. Accept them with the love of the highest awareness―in your natural condition. Be alert to what drains that love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Aruna Byers


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