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The Flame that you are burns Eternally and shall never go out no matter how bright you become. You exist now, and you always will and you always have because now is the only time and the only place and the only existence that there is and always has been and ever shall be. You are Eternal. You are Infinite. You are Spirit. You are Body. You are Mind. You are Heart. You are Soul. You are an idea. You are an expression. You are a thought. You are a Dream of the Infinite Creation. But that is Reality. And all Reality is within your Dream. You contain it All. You are the Whole Expression in your own Individualized way. You are the Matrix. The Matrix is You. You are EVERYTHING. Everything comes from you. Everything Gives Birth to You, as you Re-inforce the Existence of Everything and Everyone.

ALL THAT IS, The Infinite Creation, the Fabric of Existence Chose you. Chose that YOU should Exist. Chose You. Consciously Chose you. You are in that way Blessed and we would have you understand that simply because of  the fact that you exist you are blessed for you are created out of the Divine Material, out of Divine Light. You are the Infinite Creator.
Your Existence was a Conscious Decision, a Conscious Thing, a Conscious Choice. Act in like matter. Be of like mind. Be yourselves. Love yourselves Unconditionally. For out of Unconditional Love were you created. And out of Unconditional Love shall you create anything you desire. Begin to feel the energy of your inter linking with all thought forms, all consciousness, all civilizations, all I Ams, all ideas, all thought forms, all minds, all hearts, all souls, all spirits are ONE and know that you are one within that sea of Infinite Reality. Know that  You are the fabric and the essence of the Universal Energy. Not one of you can be removed from the Fabric of the Infinite Cosmic Matrix. The entire Structure of the Universe would collapse if you were removed.  You are an  integral, complete, essential part. Your Cosmic Neuronets connect you to All that Is within the Divine Matrix of Infinite Creation and Instant Manifestation of new creations every nano second. Because you are integral, because you are connected in this way, because everything that you do has impact in the entirety of Creation, that you deserve to exist in this way and you deserve to be the fullest individual that you can imagine yourself to be.
YOU DESERVE TO MANIFEST all of the things that you desire and that you conceive of. You deserve the existence that you have been given or it would not had been granted to you. You deserve all of the Love that you can imagine because LOVE is what you are made out of. You deserve all of the LIGHT that you can create in your life, because LIGHT is what you are made out of.
FEEL in the Beating of your HEART, that it keeps pace with the RHYTHM and the Pulse of the SPINNING of (all the Galaxies within all of the Universes within this Cosmos and within the Cosmaya of Infinity,)  the Fabric of Existence Itself. of the Universal HEART OF CREATION. For you ALL Beat within that Heart. And not one of you is Outside the Heart of ALL THAT IS.  You are the Blood and the Life Force of God itself. It is your Force and Your Life As Well. You are it and it is You.
Out of your Dreams be Born. Out of your Heart be alive. Out of your Soul Be Light. For you are nothing Else.
You deserve to manifest all things that you conceive of. You deserve all of the Love Unconditionally, because
Love is what you are made out of. You deserve all of the Light because Light is what you are made out of.
Feel in the beating of your heart that it keeps pace with the spinning of all galaxies of the universal heart of all creation for you all beat within that heart and not one of you is outside of the heart beat of the Divine Love.
Out of your Dreams be born. Out of your heart be Creation.
Be Light. For you are nothing Else.
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