The prophecies for the years 2013-2015

About time it is said in Vishnu Purana ( Life or the deeds of Lord Vishnu , the preserver of the Hindu Mytholoie creation - Note Th R. ) , of which some sections are part of the palm leaf prophecies :

" The ruler who will rule on the earth will be violent , they will seize the goods of their subjects , the caste of slaves and outcastes will gain the upper hand and command all your life will be short , insatiable greed , . . Compassion they hardly know . The haves will abandon agriculture and commerce , they will themselves become slaves
exercise or professions that do not create real values ​​or goods .

The rulers are plundering under the pretext of security and stability through higher and higher taxes and rob their subjects and the private property shall annihilate them .

The moral health and the law will decrease day by day, till the world be quite spoiled and godlessness will reign among men. The only motive for the piety will be the physical health ; single band between the sexes passion ; single path to success falsehood . The Earth will be venerated only because of their material wealth .

The priestly vestments will replace the priests properties. A simple ablution will mean purification , the race will be incapable of producing divine births.

People will wonder : Why are we still adhere to the traditional scriptures ?
The weddings will be no more ritual. Acts of piety , even if they are still practiced ,
will remain ineffective. Each order of life is for all without distinction be equal .

Owning end will be distributed among the people the most money , will rule over the people ,
because the goal of their desires is wealth , no matter whether lawfully acquired or not.

Everyone will keep for a ways. People are afraid of death and famine , and the only reason they will retain a purely superficial religiosity and order.

The sons and daughters will no longer follow the wishes of their parents, relatives and partners . Selfish , warped, false and baseless they will be. They will sink to the object of sexual gratification. "

As far as the statements of the Vishnu Purana .

For 2013 are the predictions of the palm leaf manuscript :
In the area of ​​health care outdated forms of therapy to be replaced . Alternative findings on the health maintenance and care be integrated into medical education. However, this is not in the interest of the patients , but also in the interest of those who earn money in these developments . In the education system there is drastic changes . The resolution of the previous school system is progressing . Reforms did not bring the desired results. Education is in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria , more and more a question of money . More and more children and young people are excluded from the possibilities of a comprehensive education . The number of those who leave school without a degree , becomes larger as the number of those who can not read , write and count .

In politics and business , there are profound changes , which is becoming increasingly clear that the goal of the true ruler behind the regent is the world coming full control of the economy and society. Fewer and fewer parts of the world will be able to withdraw their claim to power .

The external circumstances favor economic success. New economic activities in the area of ​​alternative energy and drive and develop . In the area of ​​taxes, duties and pensions / annuities , there are major changes to the detriment of most people affected and further cuts in the social field . It will be discussed in Germany and Austria have an income without work (so-called " unconditional basic income " - Note Th R. ) . Changes in the financial system exist primarily in a stronger control by the state . These measures are primarily used to calm in these turbulent times, ordinary people, because at the same time the level of pensions and grants for the needy will go down.

With honest work ( in the so-called "real economy" - editor Thomas Ritter ) will be re- earn better money since these activities serve the people . A slow , but long-term economic recovery , especially in Central Europe is emerging. In the south , southeast and extreme west of Europe , however, the living conditions of the people deteriorate. Many therefore seek a better life in other countries. There will be a further resolution of the financial systems and societies of these countries . The financial services industry will continue to record large losses. Precious metals and land are more popular than ever .

For America (the USA - Note Th R. ) , there is little chance to prevent the collapse of your financial sector in the fall of 2012 , or drag out at least . The precondition for this is that there the previous rulers of the states manage to stay for more years in power. The collapse of the U.S. financial system will then continue until 2018. This situation will bring the company in great disorder . Many shops and factories, but also banks will have to close , many people are losing their jobs and their livelihoods . There will be looting and unrest , especially in the big cities , armed looters are making the roads unsafe. In the riots , many people come to death.

In 2013, European and American relations with the countries in North Africa and the Orient will deteriorate . In Syria there is still serious conflicts. The unrest in other Arab countries will only increase . A military intervention of the Americans is possible because they hope to divert through acts of war by the weakness of their society , and to improve their poor economic situation . Especially in Yemen , but also in Egypt there will be more unrest and uprisings. Also on the Khyber Pass (Afghanistan , editor R. Th ​​) and the upper reaches of the Indus (Pakistan - R. Note Th ) , the situation of the allies deteriorated. Attacks and riots ensure constant insecurity . Nobody trusts more the stranger . Many of them want to hunt out of the home or see them dead.

In addition, the rulers will try behind the regent to foment unrest against the new, old regent of Russia. This will take tough action and to consolidate its position by when this deteriorates the relations with Europe and America in the short term . The deeds background rulers are primarily directed in 2013 also against Iran. Here it is possible for military actions to the edge of a military conflict. Even Korea will see in the years 2013 and 2014 military showdown between the North and the South and unrest in the South.

Already in the second half of 2012 is becoming apparent that that system of politics and economics, in which now, most of the peoples of Europe are involved , has no future . This community has long since become independent , has become an end in itself and not used for a long time the people in the countries that are members of this community. The bodies of the Union , their laws and their power are only tools of the economically and socially powerful who thus enforce their goals. The people of the countries suffer particularly in the south and far west of the Community under this condition. Such a breakup of the community is inevitable. From 2013 onwards, Greece, then Spain and Italy are first to leave the community. The disintegration of the system consists in the following years, the general economic and social decay in 2017 by the Western calendar continues . A reduced Union , consisting of France, Finland, Germany and Austria , supported by countries from the north (Scandinavia - Note Th R. ) , the East (possibly Russia or China - editor R. Th ​​) and Switzerland , is the decay of the system, however, survive , and be in the coming decades the nucleus of a new order in Europe and Asia. In Germany and Austria there will be 2013 and 2014 many unemployed people especially . The people it will be very difficult to maintain their standard of living . Resources are in short supply worldwide . Switzerland will continue to remain neutral . Therefore, it is this country going in the next few years economically better off than most other European countries.

In European cities, there will be riots , which will focus to a large extent against resident foreigners. Particularly bloody battles will take place in Paris and Rome, but also in Madrid, London, Prague and Budapest.

Mother Earth fights back against their abuse - volcanic eruptions, earthquakes , as well as hurricanes , heavy rain , coupled with extensive flooding and sudden , intense heat waves is likely to intensify , especially in regions that were previously already been affected by these disasters . Especially in the second half of March 2013, and between the third week of August and the first week of September 2013 and then again between the third week of December 2013 and the first week of January 2014, terrorist attacks , disruptions in energy supply and large risks be expected in the financial world .

During this period, there is also the tendency that release individual states in the framework of the European Union. These are, notably Greece , Portugal, Spain and Italy. Those in power at any cost try to prevent these developments , so that there will be a fundamental change process only until 2017.

The years 2012 and 2013 mark the turning point of a long transformation process. The old will differ from now on in order to make room for a new society. For the new regent , who will soon arrive in Europe to power, are the logical developments - for their predecessors , they still unsuspected revolutionary about . In the coming years is to develop a joint public system that allows Europe to be united by common infrastructures in transport, education , health and science further central power. Ordinary people face to this program initially hostile towards . In particular, the question of how this new system is to be paid , resulting in a large debate across Europe. To solve this problem , the regents and States to immediately raise money for their subjects in order to circumvent the power of those who dominate the financial system . These ideas go especially from France and Germany . The personality of the new French rulers favored this development. He knows that the years 2012-2016 will need patience and skill to guide not only his home , but also the allies through the period of uncertainty and risk.

In 2013, worldwide new opportunities for energy and water supplies begin to enforce , since gradually begins a rethink of the use of the resources of our planet . In particular, water and new forms of energy now bring improvements.

At certain times it is not good in 2013, to start something new or take big ventures. These times are the last week of February 2013 to the third week of March , 2013, the last week of June 2013 to the last week of July 2013 and the last week of October until the second week of November 2013.

For 2014, so far the following statements of palm leaf manuscript could be translated :

In the world of politics , it is this year very difficult and complicated. At the beginning of January 2014 and between mid-April and mid-June 2014, the possibility of great unrest to civil war-like situations in the west , south and central Europe . Many people are only at this time aware of how much they are affected by the changes of recent years , and how much they have already lost. The regents then try with empty promises to curb the anger of ordinary people stop . Many new laws are enacted to ensure the safety of the rulers. The social systems of the countries in Europe reach their tolerance limits in the first half of 2014. Massive cuts in the areas of education , culture, health care and government are made. Pensions will have also suffered greatly from these cuts . Also in 2014 and 2015, the rulers will over the years working gradually abolish the institutions of the individual states of Europe , and to replace them by a central power. The English regent will oppose this development externally , they secretly support but .

The changes and upheavals worldwide find place in a new intensity , the transformation and conversion process detects the whole world between January and April 2014. Here new ways to change the existing structures or eliminate , to prepare the way for new forms of cohabitation open . The rulers behind the regent will try to once again appear to be the bringer of the new and the keepers of the old. About the introduction of a globally applicable currency will be discussed during this period , also on the establishment of institutions that can exercise public and legal global power .

On the problems in the economy and in particular the art may 2014 and the first week of March coming in 2014 in particular between the first week of February , as well as from the second week of June 2014 to the first week of July 2014 and then again by the second week of October 2014 to the third week of October 2014. Contracts that are closed at these times , do not bring the desired results and be broken. Laws which are adopted in these periods , create injustice.

From January to June 2014 there will be world again and again to weather extremes , great droughts , storms , wildfires and floods . The earth resists the one hand by abundance and the other by lack of water . She wants to teach people how to deal lovingly and responsibly with her. In the second half of 2014 appear not as strong adverse weather conditions and natural disasters. However, it is particularly in the field of economy, especially the banking and finance new serious troubles and turmoil . With substantial monetary devaluations and the collapse of other currency systems can be expected , particularly in the Asian region . Also, people in Europe and America will be affected by these problems again . State control is to remedy the situation, but is perceived by the people as arbitrary and triggers - even violent - opposition from .

For 2015 so far the following aspects of palm leaf manuscript could be translated :

The developments of the last months of 2014 are also continued in the first half of 2015 . From July onwards, then comes to a general calming of the political and economic situation until October 2015. New scientific discoveries and technological solutions to give people false sense of confidence. The rulers behind the regent will again use this situation for their attempt to gain power over the whole of humanity by means of money (perhaps to be understood as introducing a " world currency " - Note Th R. ) . This will cause people closer together . New models of living and doing business now find greater attention . While it is less likely to crisis situations in the second half of the year , there are opportunities for unrest and armed conflicts in the second and third week of March 2015 and in the first to third week of July 2015. These riots put a temporary end to the political and social changes of the years 2012 to 2015 dar. Many problems will be solved in a surprising way from May to July 2015. In particular, new technical developments will result in this period to that in the area of mobility and communication resulting in significant changes . They are perceived by most people as helpful and liberating. As of September 2015 more certainty in the social sector and improvements, especially in the export of goods from the middle of Europe is back with an increase the value of wealth , to be expected.
On the problems in the economy and technology, it may, in particular between the last week of January and the second week of February 2015 , from mid-May to mid-June 2015 and come from the third week of September to the second week of October 2015.

In the first half year and then again in December 2015 to expect extreme weather phenomena , in particular floods (first half of the year - Note R. Th ​​) and hard winter, which will last until the end of March 2016. Through wind, heavy rain and unusual warmth can in September and October 2015 old , overcome believed, but also new and previously unknown diseases occur in Europe - there is a tendency for a disease -like spread of this disease. Part of this effort are also old worldviews and religions fundamentally change until June 2016 , and perhaps even dissolve . The structure of the major faith communities in Europe , the Orient and Asia undergoes profound changes that will lead to a convergence of religions and a more peaceful coexistence. In America, however , the believers will insist on old truths. There it is August-September 2016 religiously motivated armed conflict .

In Central Europe, however (particularly in Germany , Austria and Switzerland - Note Th R. ) take place major changes in the care of elderly and sick who are considered by many stakeholders to be fair. Similarly, new laws will govern the coexistence of people . This is done towards the end of the year.
From April to June 2016 is also expected to rise worldwide devastation caused by very heavy rains and floods , which favor the spread of disease. But there will also be problems with new drugs at that time. This leads to public debate , especially in Germany and Austria , where the manufacturers of these medicines and doctors have to answer for their actions.

From experiments in the field of biology and chemistry are harmful for the whole of humanity . ( See also the well-known since 2006 forecasts , which are to be quoted again at this point :

"In the years from 2018 a strange disease in the U.S. but also in Europe and Asia will kill hundreds of thousands. The infected are susceptible to any inoffensive illness, such as colds or infections of even the smallest wounds can cause serious infections and even death to you , however . The forces of sufferers disappear very quickly , rarely does it take more than three days until death ( Ganeshbabu Shastri called this disease in its records RISC - Rapid Immnun system collapse - accelerated collapse of the body's immune system - Note Th R. ) . The mortality rate among those infected is very high. Only after decades , in the period after the year 2048 will be known that it was in RISC to a biological weapon that was released at the instigation of influential circles in the U.S. to counteract the population growth. "

Whether the coming years must run as described here , is in all our hands. The Akashic Records are based on the predicting of palm-leaf manuscript , the course of events requires not inevitable. Every person is an active influence through the power of his mind able to this process. Anxiety, panic , or clinging to the old ways in light of the upcoming changes are false signals. The turnaround time in which we live , according to the statements of the Rishis has * nothing alarming in itself . It is much more a great opportunity for personal development .

Or , to put it in the words of futurist Alvin Toffler :

"Most people, including many futurologists , grasp the future only as a continuation of the present , forgetting that trends, how powerful they may seem, not only to evolve linearly . You can reach endpoints where they explode as it were , and new phenomenon brought about . You change direction. They stop and start again. Perhaps tagged biotechnology, genetic engineering, one of these endpoints. It was then that which is in sight , nothing will ever be the same again : The history of mankind begins again - on another level , though , is how to accept , not for everyone, because this will also be a question of money . Brave new world ? It will be exciting for sure! "

* Rishis : literally means "Racing " or better " seer " . The Rishis were the saints of the Vedic age in India and are considered the creator of the mysterious palm leaf libraries of Asia .. The constellation " Big Dipper " stands with his stars for the seven Rishis .

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