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Chapter 5 #3 Anti-Christ=Genocide


Poliomyelitis Vaccinations was introduced in the US and elsewhere throughout the world also in the mid fifty’s and it was the NWO’s and “WHO’s favorite program as it set the standard for the rest of there mass torture and murder! As always they first release the disease (in this case polio), and then the “WHO” brings in the vaccinations that will actually give the real disease to the people. The first inject-able vaccine was called Salk polio vaccine, and within days it caused paralysis in very large number of people but it continued on to1961 after they blamed the failure on a bad batch and withdrew one company’s bad vaccines.


At this time they then went to the oral doses and still had the same problems of some deaths and many cases of paralysis (which is a form of polio). By the mid sixty’s several thousand cases of paralysis associated with the vaccine were studied and under “Evaluation of the risk” the committee wrote that it is not possible to prove that any individual case was caused by the vaccine and that no laboratory tests available can provide a “definite answer”.

Back then and today they have coined this terminology that is called plausible deniability and it is there most used excuse that always guarantee’s that they will getaway with there genocide plans. From that time on they continued to infest and then to inject whole societies around the world in large dosage’s, causing more diseases and deadly side effects with the help of the WHO. And they did this up until the late eighty’s when they changed to a new disease, all under the excuse of plausible deniability. Read articles, Poliomyelitis Vaccinations by Viera Scheibner, PhD at [email protected].


And so today they continue on with there genocide guest with more modern disease’s, all of which they have created themselves along with the bad vaccines. Agent Orange Germ war-fare was a favorite by the SSG and they used it in there Vietnam War. One of the company’s who made it was Monsanto (of St. Louis Mo.) under license of Budweiser beer. They operated a plant one mile from my country home of Defiance Mo. Agent Orange was a form of anthrax continued on from WWII and Hitler.


The problem was it not only killed the enemy in a most horrible death but it also killed there own US solders. And I guess that was part of there plan. Meaning then they could monitor the sick solders the ones who didn’t die, to be able to study them in there VA hospitals and see how well there Germ war-fare works. And because all solders are throw away items to them.


Monsanto not only makes Germ warfare and controls 90% of the worlds GM seeds but they also pollute the environment worse than any company and always gets away with it. In 1974 Monsanto shut down there Agent Orange plant in my village and buried all the leftovers and toxic waste right there in steel barrels, which later leaked out the toxins and destroyed all the wild life for many miles around. Also they paved the streets and roads with toxic waste in nearby Times beach Mo., many became sick and some died and the town had to be evacuated. Plus they also buried toxic waste in Elliston ILL.


And even more people died and many more became sick. You could say that the two M&M company’s (Monsanto and Merck) have killed and tortured more people through there Drugs ,Toxic Waste and Germ Warfare than any of there sister company’s of the Illuminati! They will win bonuses in the after life to get to Hell first.


By the early seventy’s tricky D*** declared camp Dietrich closed from a treaty with Russia and said it was a failure and that they only developed seven new anthrax viruses, but in Truth they developed over 7,000 new strains of germ warfare and they didn’t close down but moved there labs to Clinton’s home ground of Pine Bluff Ark. After the SSG had set up the “WHO” in the mid 60’s they then had a front and a escape goat. They them selves produced many diseases in there labs and then released them on the public, then the “WHO” would come along and say we will help you and then bring in there bad vaccines and IMF loans from the Infamous World Bank,as economic control warfare.


At this same time they began testing of the 7’000 strain of Micro-plasma at certain tests areas around the world. The means of employment of this germ warfare was and is today known as Chemtrails, where they sprayed the chemicals and germs out of the back of tanker jets, which later turns to a cloud type of germ warfare as it fell to the ground and makes everyone sick. This was done in the fourteen southwest states up until 1998 Oct. and then they began to spray the whole world with the deadly chem-trails! And today they are still spraying us and no one seems to able to stop them!


I remember well when I first got sick from the chemtrails and knew for the first exactly what was happening to me (Jan.99) three months after Oct.98. As I touched the chemtrail spider web that spread across the two acre lawn. I remembered the Hopi legend which said that the Hopi predictions would began when the cob-webs fell from the ski. For the first time I truly understood what that meant great sickness and death would come from those chem. trails and an even far greater epidemic and pandemic would later come from all those7000 variation of flu type germs known as micro-plasma and the now famous H1N1.


Those predictions are basically the same as the Revelations in the New Testament and other holy books today Oct.09, they are still spraying the whole world with bio-warfare and no one has been able to stop them and the vast majority of people don’t care even if they look up to see the chemtrails. So now they plan to complete there Genocide in the next five months of the flu season, which is what they are hiding behind to bring in the deadly vaccines. So that they will create the H1N1 as a pandemic with the chemtrails.


The World Health Organization. is one of the Illuminati’s (100+) black lodges and then there are many branches in every country called health department's. In the US it’s called (CDC) Center for Disease Control. In the EU it’s similar the CDC’s public health program. The WHO has become much more powerful with the UN behind it and it is the enforcer of the bad vaccines to all the countries who borrow money from the IMF. The 180 country’s who are part of the so called IMF family are also the same 180 countries (plus) members of the world health organization the “WHO”. But soon the new enforcer will be the UN (troops) for the vaccine camps that WHO will set up for all those people ”who” refuse to take the deadly vaccines. These death camps will be set up first in the US by the end of 09 or shortly there after then also in Europe and enforced by the UN...


So whoever borrows money from the IMF World Bank will also become automatically member’s of the “WHO”. These black lodges of the Illuminati call them there “family members”. Later we will see how they work together to bring about the next (tribulation) Genocide. Speaking of working together, the HAARP weapon as a war project also works together with the chemtrails by helping to disperse them and again it’s all in the family. They all work together toward one goal, stage by stage, step by step, towards the elimination (mass murder) of mankind and the establishment of there New World Order government! Order from chaos, first they create the problem then they create the (so called) solution. We must remember the devil is a trickster and Satan is a deceiver.


Then we can understand there disinformation is just, the Untruths cloaking the Truth. They are pretending that the H1N1 is a problem when its not. And there solution to save a few lives, is to kill us all off. What kind of logic is that? It is nothing but pure evil that they do, to reach there goal. But of course they are evil in nature themselves and believe they are superior beings because or there ET blood lines or there belief that they are members of the Jesus bloodline and of course all of this is a lie. Just like ever thing they do and say to us through the controlled media.


In this last year the SSG has greatly stepped up there germ warfare program. They are pushing there genocide program to the limits. There scared because our ET brothers are showing themselves or rather there spaceships all over the world almost on a everyday basis. And that the ET’s would spill the beans on there genocide plans. Which I and some others do believe they could do .Some of us even believe they will make contact with us and the whole world soon. As a matter of fact I heard this confirmation on C2Cam this Tuesday 6th of Oct.09. There was a young guest host on C2C radio whom I had heard several times before, his name was David Wilcox. He claims to be an incarnation of the famous Edgar Cayce. Like Cayce he to receives visions.


He has managed to overcome his ego he had when even much younger and today he is one of us ‘the awakened ones. And now I believe him. He has had visions like many of us about what is about to happen. (I should also note here that there are also new young ones joining us now who also had this info before they came down here to help us awaken the mass consciousness.) And he to believes the SSG plan to take five billion of us out by or through the deadly vaccines and he believes it to be this same time line many are talking about. He claims to have inside contact with some high official’s of the SSG who feel some what guilty of what they are about to do to mankind. They leaked reports to him that they have already made up 2-1/2 billion deadly batches of the “bad” vaccine’s that will kill off 5 billion people shortly. And they plan to have another one billion ready by the end of the year. Again that is if we let them.


David also believes in our space brothers and like me he believes they are here to help us. And that’s why there are so many sightings almost everyday. He says that the SSG is on the run, that is they are speeding up there originally plans greatly because they are scared that because of the frequent sightings, that the ET’s will put a stop to there diabolical genocide plans. And there fear is correct for the space brothers do plan to help us stop this horrible mass murder.


When asked how, he admitted that he was in direct contact with them and he is part of there plans. He has arranged a two hour special with one of the big seven TV company's and they will put on a program with him as a live host some time before the end of the year. At which time he will interview some ET’s who look similar to us (so they wont scare us) and they will reveal to the world, on live broadcast, who they are where they came from and many other things people are interested in.

But most important is the plans of the SSG to destroy us all. This shocking news should shake and awaken the world of the deadly game the SSG is playing and soon put a complete halt to it. But unfortunately many millions of lives will already be lost by that time. It’s my belief that those lives are not lost in vain, that is people will then learn and know that it is the bad (deadly) vaccines that are killing the people and not so much the swine flu which the SSG has also made. This good news of exposing the SSG should rock the world like nothing has ever done before. And at the same time the world will also know that we are not alone and more important that we are all family of the same Creator God.

Davids web site is HTTP://


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