As a messenger of God [ actually JC ] I was told to write this outline Paper for those Starseeds who are about to awaken or has already begun to Awaken, {2nd Wavers}.      JC Messengers are different than most spiritual messengers in that the message is 1st and foremost for the messenger itself. That is a JC Messenger must apply the message to himself before he can send it out to whoever is to recieve the message, which is much different from a normal messenger who is not concerned about the message that he delivers The 1st wave probably already knows this info in some form but it could be a refresher for them too. These guide line Papers is  complete as a outline,but it does go into much greater detail in my latest E-book I am still writing, called    [.The Ascension Quest Papers;] The Inner world of reality VS the outer World of Illusions;      For it was taken from many resources but mainly from the book '' A Course In Miracles'' [ACIM] and Some from the Urantia Book plus many other New Age Books and of course from my Higher Self and the Holy Trinity. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the papers my Friends.       Adonai, Rev. Joshua Skirvin

1st Step; Prayer, Meditation and Affirmations.

Prayer is the very 1st beginning of the Awakening Process.One day we realize that something is very wrong with the World, we are not Happy, hardly no-one is and then we remember what JC said, that''The world is an Illusion, be in it but not of it'' With that remembered,we then turn inward for the 2nd part by J.C., ''Go within for the Kingdom of God is within you''. [ Fear is deception,it attests that you have seen yourself as you could never be therefor you look upon a world that is impossible. Not one thing in this world is True. It does not matter in which form it may appear. It witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself ] {ACIM} lesson 240

That's when we start to talk to GOD, we make our plea about how Crazy and Evil the world is and what we don't want. Then with some practice in prayer and positive Affirmations we begin to ask ourselves the age old questions of who am I, why am I here, where did I really come from, where am I going to and what am I going to become, what is the Grand Master Divine plan?. Then we hear this very gentile voice telling us. Yes , Son of God ,now you are asking the right questions, What do you want?  Go within and be silent for the answers will come to you,in time,for in truth most all of the answers are already in your subconscious or super-conscious mind, your higher mind, or higher self.For As Above, So Below. All 1st ,2nd and 3rd wave light-workers were pre-programed in the Spirit Realm before they came down here and then became programed by the Dark forces. But the DC 2nd program can be over-ridden in other words de-programed or deleted and the 1st org.program will then begin to surface if and when one does there meditation and affirmations.

2nd Step; AWAKENING and Realization

Awakening is a process, we have been programed from birth into a negative world and this has been going on for many thousands of generations, sense the fall of Lucifer. So we need to change this negative programing to slowly Delete it and to reprogram ourselves to the Positive Programing from the Spirit Realm, As Above So below. To do this properly we need to learn to use Affirmations,   Contemplation  Meditation , like the one JC used or pick one of the hundred that is out there that feels right for you and practice, practice. New age music helps to meditate much easier and faster,from 432hz to 741hz is the most popular. One can also mix all of this things together, Center, Prayer, Affirmations, Visualization of what you want and then create a Silent Mind into Meditation .

Then to Allow the Holy Trinity to come in and give you then, some Answers to your Quest or Questions but it may take some time and it usually comes after one has done all this but it will come as asked for it is stored in your Super-concious.You get out what you put in, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. The Holy Spirit, JC calls the"other self" will direct  and adjust your thoughts and Questions or petitions to the Father or the Son or to the Over Soul. Remember the Answers are already inside you, you just have to learn how to access them. There's also another system you can use called the "Theta State of Mind" the best persons for this is Greg Braden and dr.Bruce Lipton. You can find them on the Net.

3rd Step; The Law of Oneness

Jesus calls this Law that we are all connected, the ''law of Oneness''. Ra calls it the ''law of one''. Both are saying the same thing, that ''all Life'' come from God the Father or Source, and that we are all connected to our Creator and the Creator of all life in this Universe called Nebaden. Everything that exists, exist because of our Creator Father, Christ Michael of Nebadon.   We are all existing in the mind of God and he is existing in our mind or minds. We are all connected to him by a ultra then cord from our Heart Center a Portal or vortex of sorts that can open when we request to speak to him. This portal or vortex can remain open for longer periods of time through the help of the Holy Spirit {H.S.} and the Holy-Trinity. This cord is connected to our soul and can never be cut or disconnected in any way even through what we call death, which is only a transition back to the spirit world which we came from in the 1st place.

The main idea here is for us to realize that sense we are all connected to the Creator Father forever and He to us, then we must realize that we are then always connected to each other as well through the Creator. We are all a part of him, we are Him,we are all one and so therefor we are all part of each other. And when this is realized to be True, its then called a Absolute Truth. Meaning it will never change in eternity. You could say, God is in each of us,''as us''or you can say to yourself, God is in me as me.  So when one realizes that Truth, then they must also realize if it is True for oneself then it must also be true for our Brothers and Sisters who also have this Fragmentation of God Source inside of themselves as well. This in turn helps us greatly to learn to get along. To be able to learn to forgive and Love. To complete our mission, our function, our reason for being here on this Dark Planet at this time and bring in the new Golden light age.

Step 4; Forgiveness and 4D

It is told to us that 4D is Forgiveness, in other words, it is a Dimension where we learn to forgive. And 5D is a Dimension where we learn to Love after we learn Forgiveness. Some believe they will go straight to 5D without 1st learning to Forgive and this my friends is a false assumption on there part. We must 1st learn to forgive so that then we can then move into 5D. And forgiveness must start in ones-self for oneself. In other words we must learn to forgive our-self  and our-past before we can then proceed to Forgive our brother. We thus become co- Creators with our Father by re-creating ourselves.

So what we will find is that both of these things will be the Hardest things that we will ever try to learn or do but at the same time they will produce the highest of all Rewards and results. For as JC says, there is no Sin, meaning that for the vast majority of us we just make mistakes, that can be corrected., we just made the wrong Decision.So when we see this in ourselves, our Past Mistakes are just that, past mistakes. No condemnation, so no guilt or shame, we then learn to apply that idea to our brothers as well and see the vast majority of them as sinless, evolving , just making mistakes that can be corrected then forgiveness just seems to happen. And then we see ourselves ,our brother and the world in a New Light.

For example;

Forgiveness is the Key to Atonement and Salvation;  

Forgiveness is the Key to Peace and Joy;  

Forgiveness is the Key to Health and Happiness  

Forgiveness is the Key to Love and Light.   

When one learns to Forgive, you learn to Love and when you Love, Gods light shines through you to others to help save the world. When you forgive ,you are Forgiven .

And we all know that the world needs Saving now in the worst way and it all starts by learning to forgive ourselves and that ain't easy but is very possible.But 1st we must learn to deprogram ourselves, to Delete the negative programs of lies and deceit the Dark-side has programed into us from birth. And we will learn the outline of how to do this from the teachings of JC from the ACIM in the following paragraphs next post.

Step 5; Leave the Past in the Past: Be in the Now Moment.

Being in the Now Moment is not a easy thing to do but like all the spiritual rules or Ascending ways, it is essential to our learning process to be able to ascend into 4D. We 1st have to become aware of our thoughts which normally runs on auto pilot. The mind is busy telling the body just what to do through the physical brain and at the same time the brain is on auto pilot running all the things that is keeping the body going. So this whole process is all happening at the same time.The mind is the operator and the brain is the computer. Once we decide we want to ascend and we want to take note of our thought process to see what is going on with our 10 to 50,000 thoughts a day,We need to become Conscious of our thoughts. We  soon notice that part of the time we are concentrating on what ever it is we are doing and the rest of the time we are in the Past  and sometimes in the future but not so much as being in the past.

And what is in the past, you might ask, well if you look closely at your thoughts and memories, while in a state of simple mediation while not trying to do anything with the body, you will find that the thoughts of the past are mostly not so positive. In fact we keep bringing up things of the past that was not resolved, some of it from our resent past and some of it from our distant past but all unresolved or unforgiving. They are also known as blockages,causing grief and sorrow, shame and pain, for they are blocking  our present and future progress of ourselves. In other words we Create our future self from our present self but if our present self is always in the negative past then we are Creating a negative future from that unresolved negative past. A good mantra is; "leave the past in the past where it belongs". Don't bring up more than you can handle at one time. And watch out for the Ego , he will keep bringing up many different things connected to the one that you brought up and before you know it ,you will have forgotten the one you were working on. So just stay centered, stay on course and go back to the 1st one.

So the secret to creating ourselves in a positive future is to go back and not try to change our negative past by rehashing it but to learn to let it all go, to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you made to others and yourself and to Forgive all those who made mistakes and hurt you, from the past and present. Its not easy at all but if you put a true effort in it and keep at it you will start to feel at peace with yourself and it does take time, especially the older you get the more of these old negative thought patterns you will have. And just when you think you have cleared out most of the garbage the Alter Ego will step in and bring into your thoughts more negative  garbage that was in the bottom of the barrel or new ones. We will deal with the ego in the next issue.

Right now it is important to understand the Process of how the mind works and how important Forgiveness is to correcting the past so one can move into a more positive future.  That's also why it is very important to stay in the present moment, to Be Here Now, in this Holy Instant Now Moment. And then when these negative thoughts come up while one is going about in there daily routine we can just send them up into the universe or our central sun to be resolved, cleansed. When and if they came back to you it means that they are not forgiven, so one has to send them more forgiveness and when possible Love or say to yourself when needed: "The past is gone it can touch me not".  For when you forgive you Love, and when you forgive you are forgiven. With this process in mind we soon learn to become co-creators for then we are re-creating ourselves in the image of our Father which of course is Love and light. Till next wk, if you have any questions leave comments below. We are One.

Step 6; Dealing with the Alter Ego:

The Alter Ego is a mystery for many. It is a Nemesis, a shadow of our dark side. We ourselves created it when we were just in infancy, when we were to start thinking. We needed someone to talk to, so we created a imagery of ourselves from the information that was being given to us from our parents and siblings. This Ego resides in the lower part of our mind, we as the '' I am'' exist in the middle part of our mind , the Holy Spirit exists in the upper part of our mind and the Mystery Monitor { a manifestation particle of the Org. God } exist in the back part of our mind. Our mind is a super material manifestation loaned from God, super imposed over the material brain. 

Anyway what happens is that before we have learned to communicate with the higher parts of our minds, we create this Ego to talk to and it is created from all the things around us in our early years up to the age of 7, And unfortunately there is much negative info coming into our youth because of the Lucifer rebellion  and Earth being the headquarters of Lucifer and Satan . So the child builds a imaginary friend and unknowingly programs him from our negative environment like the T.V. and nowadays the video games and MSM- mainstream media, which is mostly negative and controlled by the DC. So we end up creating a negative entity inside of ourselves that matches the one outside of ourselves. The inner world Versus the outer world.

That's why JC says the Outer World is the Illusion, its not real. The Kingdom is within you. Go within, there you will find Peace, when you learn to still the mind. The old story of the devil on one shoulder and the Angel on the other is true to some extent. The Ego represents the Dark forces and tells you to do things, when you are about to make a decision and it is usually a loud voice jumping in quickly. And the Holy Spirit represents the Angel who sits on the other shoulder and speak softly saying, best to do it this way, a more positive result  will come if you do it this way. As we get older we start to learn to pray and hopefully to meditate and thus to start to listen to the HS ''Holy Spirit '' within. He is our given GUIDE, Teacher to a certain extent, our long distance operator and Translator, with a hot line both to the Father and the Son. He also Adjusts our thoughts by sending us a signal by tones or clicks when we are thinking the correct thoughts or when we decide to turn over to him for our major Decisions, so that we don't make so many mistakes that we will have to correct in the future.

The Ego on the other hand stills want us to take his lead, which of course always  gets us into trouble. We hopefully soon start to realize he is not a good friend as we turn to GOD and JC for help through the HS. When we do this he has a temper fit and Starts to project negative and nasty thoughts into our minds, even into our Dreams but only small bits. The more spiritual we become as we turn to the Spiritual Realm the more he invades our thoughts. The trick is to learn to pay attention, watch and recognize your own thoughts and own them, but not his. The positive ones will be coming from the spirit realm and the lower ones from the Ego. Tell yourself that his negative thoughts are not yours so you do not own them, give them no energy. Send them back to the universe or our central sun to be cleansed. You will know that it is working when the same one stop coming back, its not a fun job nor an easy one but it works. As above so below

We soon learn that all of our guilt and shame that we are feeling come from our past and those thoughts of unresolved issues from people we have hurt or that has hurt us. So the best thing to do to find a peace of mind is to let them go, to send forgiveness to them and to ourselves. And at the same time to recognize where they came from and why they keep coming back, if they do, they have not been forgiven or released. In a strange way the Ego is actually helping by sending those negative thoughts to you, if you realize they are thoughts or memories that need resolving or forgiven.When he does this you know that what you are doing is working and those thoughts or memories need more work, so you send them back to the C. Sun, once again until one learns to forgive this is the best tool repeat to yourself " the past is over, it can reach me not''.

As we learn to forgive ourselves and others, we need to just let things be, to let go, to let it be. Both in the inner world of our thoughts and in the outer world of inter-action with others and realize that We are all One, One with God and One with each other. He is in our mind and we are in His. We are all connected together in the mind of God ! The Ego will still be there in some degree, just as the Darkness or evil will always be in each Dimension up to and including the 9th a small degree but it will be much less that what we are perceiving now. Darkness is allowed so we can have free will, to be able to choose between right  and wrong or rather  to choose what is correct that leads us to God. And  that which does not. Its all part of the ASCENDING Program as we are now going into 4D. And Mother Earth has now moved into 5D, 1st stage. Next week we will talk about "Surrender''.


All three of these words are related and interact with each other but most importantly they are necessary steps for awakening and Ascension. So lets start with the 1st one of Surrender. Surrender is necessary to learn because it is the oldest term we have heard from our Holy Books." I Surrender Father, not my will but thy will be done" In essence what this means is that we want to follow Gods will and not the Ego's bidding which always get us into trouble. So in way it is a AFFIRMATION to help us to re-program ourselves to the higher realm and Gods will. When you seek God 1st, all things you seek will come to you.When we go our own way or the way of the Ego we make incorrect Decisions and many time we don't even know if its our decision or his, sense he is very good at copying our thought patterns. Then we have to pay KARMA or rather to go back and correct our mistakes both in the past and present.

So we need 1st to recognize our own thoughts and when its the ego's thoughts copying our thoughts. One way to do this is to realize the ego's thoughts are almost always negative. When we Surrender to the higher self or to the H.S. the thoughts that come to us will be much more positive or positiveness. In other words leading us to God or God-Head and anything or any thought that is leading to God will of course bring us Peace of Mind and then we will know that we are on the right track. When one is unsure of a decision they are about to make, its better to let the HS make it for you, then you will know it will be correct and you can still make all the thousands of smaller ones that we make everyday both conscious and unconscious.When confused just say "not my will father but yours, I will follow you and try not to lead" That way Correct Decisions will come much faster.

Both Allowance and Tolerance has more to do with other people than ourselves although it does apply to ourselves as well. Everyone is constantly making Decisions, weather they realize it or not. They are also making decisions on how they relate to you and you to them. In other words how they react to you and how you relate or react to them. We must learn to be in Allowance to them as there Perception of you and what you say is different from what you thought  and perceived of them and they of you. Tolerance comes in by allowing them to have a different point of view. That is also known as Respect of one another, those two words are twins, they always go together. As Above so Below.

If we see things are going wrong with the other person we can then ask the HS to step in and help us out, better yet ask the HS to guide us when we suspect a problem. We are all programed different, with different belief systems and experience's and are all one different levels of awaking and Ascension stages. That's were Surrender,Allowance and Tolerance work together, for we are all one. And someday soon even the sleeping ones will wake up and begin to realize this new teachings by JC is True, for all must Ascend not just a few awakened ones.    Next wk we will learn that "to give and receive are one'' and ''Service to others before service to self.'' 

STEP 8;       "To give & receive are one'' & ''Service to others before service to self.''

These two steps were interrelated so I put them together as one. We have all heard much about Karma; ''as ye sow , so shall ye reap'' JC, and everything you do comes back to you, what go's around -comes around plus what goes up must come down. To make it even more simple in the ACIM JC ask's to meditate on the idea of '' to give and to receive are one'' in other words, what we put out we get back and if its positive energy then we get back even more than we put out. In the above steps we learned that our negative thoughts keep coming back until we learn to Forgive and to release them.

 Here we are learning not to create them in the 1st place so that we will not have to forgive and release them later on. But more than that, we start to learn to control our thoughts as we observe them on a moment to moment basis. Many times we still feel stuck and strange things happen seemly out of nowhere and we then relate this as Karma and we wonder how much Karma do we have out there, waiting to come back to us and can we ever stop this wheel of Karma and the answer is ''yes'' we can stop it if we stop producing it in the 1st place. Negative thoughts return when unforgiving,we give them energy and they are connected to many other negative thoughts. And when these thoughts are projected out to others they come back and bite us in the butt.

 So by not giving them energy, let them go, they will dissolve themselves, Forgiving them and releasing them back to the central Sun dissolves them. But to get get positive energy back we have to give positive energy out both to ourselves in Forgiveness of self and others, in other words to give ourselves positive thoughts of self Love as a Son of God and also to others and what we give out we will get back and more. Thus reversing the ''Karma effect of the past'' by doing good deeds and or positive thoughts and manifesting them both to ourselves and others. The highest thoughts you can have is when you are contemplating the Creator Father and the Kingdom of heaven. My Father and I are one.

When you have thoughts and deeds of service to others before service to self then you are well on your way. Meaning you will get back those services plus more, thus creating a new reality both for yourself and the people around you whom you gave service to, such as kindness,compassion, understanding and or agreement, mercy, communication,giving a helping hand or just helping people in there daily needs such as food and shelter.Also assisting  the elderly.Most people have not taken the time out of there 9-5 daily rituals to study spirituality in depth and become there own Saviors . For Salvation comes only from oneself, neither JC or God himself can save you, they can show you the way '' as above so below'' and send down angels to guide you but your true guidance comes from the Holy Spirit, who is inside you and in each and every soul you see around you in Human form.So Pray to him as well to connect you to the Father and the son.And what you do to other selves you are doing to yourself, For we are all one, as Godhead its called Christ-consciousness.

Next we will talk about how to ''Trans-mute, Tran-send and Transform''

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