1/18/2010 My mom, Esther Minjarez left the physical world

Oh love of mine, you left your physical body and entered the spirit world. I can feel such joy from you for being one with God, along with the divine family of love and truth. Even though I can't no longer touch you, see you, hug you, hold you, or kiss you, I can feel you, all around me.. Your love surrounds me, it hugs me, it strengthens me, it fills me with everlasting joy of who we truly are. May you continue your soul's journey in the amazing existence of love, and explore and discover all that you beautifully are..

Bring love unto your children; Glen, Silvia, Claudia, and your children's children; Daniel, Vanessa, and Alyssa and unto your dear love, Ismael. Bring them the light of awareness and everlasting love, to heal all wounds and go forth in this life on earth with great purposes and to enjoy every moment of it.

I hold dearly our conversations of life and truth, and the funny moments we've had, which reminds me always to live life to the fullest for it is not forever the physical body we are in. And also to be kind to one another and see each other beyond our human flaws and error. For in doing so we are in perfect harmony with all of life, the seen and the unseen, and most of all with ourselves. The true light in each and everyone of us that manifest our individual uniqueness and at the same time bonds us together as One.

" Quiero estar con el numero Uno"..'I want to be with the number One' my mom would say this frequently. Meaning she wanted to be at one with God.

I know that you are now.

I love you, Esther, Forevermore................

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