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The current incarnation is the most important, of all experienced by every soul on this Planet Earth. We’re at the closing of the Great Cosmic Cycle, which determined the condition of the World of Trials and Executions for this school of souls. The fate of each student will depend on the frequency reached in this final tense.

As Planet Earth evolved, its humanity walked relatively in accordance with the energy and experiences offered in this School. The linear time that was measured here, served to separate the phases and successive Eras. Nothing different from a traditional school, where each student is getting through the stages, step by step.

Today I bring you here a topic referring to the Mayan Calendar, which covers a period in which our Solar System orbit around Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades. This Cycle makes a total of 25,920 years, divided into 12 eras, each of 2,160 years.

These are the known Zodiac Signs. And as everyone has heard, in 2012, the Aquarius Age, also called the Age of Light, began, as it coincides with the time when the Earth passes the Photon Belt, which is an intense beam of light that crosses the Galaxy. It’s been mentioned here before.

But today I want to talk about the Pisces Age, which is the period before the Aquarius Age. The Divine Plans are so perfect, that our three-dimensional mind still cannot comprehend, size is its greatness. But it is Pisces Age that prepares human energies and hearts for what comes after it. You cannot live an Age of Light, that is, of love, if it has not been prepared before, within human consciences.

I’m going to quote an excerpt from Ramati about this here:

“Those who have failed to develop love in the Pisces Age during the course of 2,160 years will be placed to the left of the Christian principle and exiled to another orb, where they will await the appropriate period in which the same aspect of Planetary Logos will be highlighted in that orb of exile, in which they will be” Opportunity again to develop the Divine attribute of Love. “It’s always a good idea to remember that God doesn’t impose, he just asks.”

As we can see, everyone has had enough time because in 2,160 years, by the natural medium, each soul has had about 20 reincarnations. And this last Pisces Age, since it preceded the current Era in which the Earth will make its Transition to a World of Regeneration, was also the most decisive, so much so that the Cosmic Christ Himself, became human in order to show us true love.

He came exactly within the second century of the Pisces Age. Thus, mankind on Earth has had two thousand years to put its teachings into practice. Contrary to what was propagated by the religions, He did not come to forgive our sins, but to teach us love. Where there is love, there is no sin, and that’s the truth.

When the soul incarnate reaches a loving degree corresponding to the frequency of the Fifth Dimension, it is fit to make its ascension. And Christ brought the messages indicating the end of a long Cycle of Trials and Atonement, also bringing the information that a New Era was about to come. His sentence: “The meek and pure in heart will inherit the New Earth,” exemplifies all of this very well.

There is no way to be gentle and pure in heart, if there is no love inside you. Love is Light ! So the Age of Light, might also be called the Age of Love. But being love is not possible from one moment to another, as it requires a long construction work. So Pisces Age has brought in the mechanisms for it, including the coming of the Creator of this Galaxy himself.

As we can see in Ramati’s’ quote, no one can claim that they didn’t have opportunities. Hearts hardened in the greedy ego, the thirst for power, and the subjugation of too sentient beings, have not yet developed enough love in order to obtain the frequency needed to inherit the New Earth. Meanwhile, exile for matching orbs will give them plenty of time in the new venture.

Love requires the presence of others preached, such as compassion, respect, cooperation and understanding that we are all ONE. That consciousness that is in another human being, or an animal, a plant or even in any element of nature, is the same Universal consciousness that is in you. Although at a different level of evolution, it is not separated. There will come a time when appropriate integration, just like our 3D consciousness, will be integrated into our higher versions.

The end time announced two thousand years ago has arrived! This is the ultimate incarnation of duality on Earth. So it’s also the most important! Mass ascension will certainly occur, as at least 1/3 of humanity incarnate is in the required loving condition and frequency. Don’t waste such an opportunity What a wonderful moment it was!

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!



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The war is real and a greater percentage of Humans are catching on as the events to wake the dead unfold on Planet Earth/Terra.

While a great deal is still taking place behind the scenes, more blatant strategies are becoming mainstream. They aren’t always characterized for what they are, but they are getting noticed.

If we hold a finger to the wind we know something big is incoming. BIG. Possibly bigger than BIG.

Do you think the fake Governor of Arizona’s absence goes unnoticed? It’s quite the stew simmering away here in the still-hot Valley of the Sun. The media told us it’s common to reassign the Governorship when the named party is out of the country, and if the two top-tier members of the state leadership are absent, but then we get headlines like the following, suggesting it’s more than that:

Katie Hobbs Stepping Down as Arizona Governor Raises Questions

And there is the question about comms involving Arizona and an “extreme weather event”. Was that code for Hobbs being removed, or is something else yet to come?

For example:

I follow the weather here in the valley closely and the forecast for the weekend was for a dramatic drop in temperature which usually means big winds are going to blow in a new weather system but winds were not indicated in the 10-day forecast —until today.

This morning a “red flag warning” tells us that tomorrow, Saturday, an alert is in place due to high winds for the two most highly populated counties. They specify:

...RED FLAG WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 11 AM TO 7 PM MST SATURDAY FORSTRONG WINDS, LOW RELATIVE HUMIDITY AND HIGH FIRE DANGER FORLOWER DESERTS OF MARICOPA AND PINAL COUNTIES...The National Weather Service in Phoenix has upgraded the FireWeather Watch to a Red Flag Warning due to strong winds, lowrelative humidity and high fire danger from 11 AM to 7 PM MSTSaturday.* AFFECTED AREA...Central Arizona Deserts.* TIMING...Late Saturday morning through early Saturday evening.* WINDS...Southwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.* RELATIVE HUMIDITY...As low as 12 percent.* IMPACTS...Fuels are very dry and fire danger is high. Theseconditions combined with low relative humidity and strong windswill lead to widespread hazardous fire weather conditions.PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS...Please advise the appropriate officials and fire crews in thefield of this red flag warning.

I don’t do fear porn, but can’t help wondering if there might be retaliation for that move the White Hats just made here. I am assuming, of course, that it was a White Hat strategy to remove the illegitimate governor. We don’t yet have confirmation of that and they’re not usually so overt. As we’ve discussed, the cabal doesn’t just step down and resign unless suitable force is exerted. They got Jeff Flake to step down here in Arizona a few years ago.

The valley is a tinderbox and it would be so easy to light fires like they did in Canada and other places on the planet. We never did get our monsoons—only one real rain where I am, and we’re still in that twenty year drought. As I’ve reported, trees and shrubs are dying and fires in Arizona are also perfect opportunities for the globalists to scream, “‘Climate change’ must be addressed! Give us more money!”

They have yet to explain how money is going to change the weather. We know who has been controlling the weather. If they followed their recipe, they would then declare a state of emergency, beg for federal funding and make off like bandits.

Let’s intend nothing like that happens.

Speaking of weather, SG Anon mentioned weather and the high-tech communications in his latest upload from 17 hours ago, File 62. Do folks wonder how weather might affect those low-earth-orbit satellites? We are told “space weather” like CMEs do. This report includes a fascinating discussion about the Space Force in the beginning. 50 min.

Trump Sends Clear Q-Comm | Russia Cataloguing Biolabs in Armenia | SpaceForce Preparing Expanded_Ops

Will the “weather” really have a cause and effect impact on the EBS scheduled for October 4? Some folks are taking the “test” seriously and fear an attack of some kind.

BTW, this isn’t China, we don’t use that same 5G frequency the CCP did on their citizenry, and the only reason I can think of that people might drop in their tracks during an EBS is if the New World Order’s comm network can be set to “turn off” their chipped and mind-kontrolled zombie synths, but what do I know? These are crazy times and anything can happen but I wouldn’t expect the Alliance to allow that because it would put the world in a panic.

Shall we play, “What if…???”

What if that is what the Alliance wants? A world wide emergency and existential threat; that “gut-punch” Juan O’Savin spoke about?

What if the EBS won’t be a test at all? What if it will be the real deal? It is supposed to be planet-wide, after all.

What if the EBS can transmit “ascension frequencies”—like we would get in “the Event Flash”?

Or, if instead there were a blackout, we wouldn’t be able to find out what was happening in other parts of the world. What might be unfolding while we are all isolated and cut off from reaching out to each other? Mass arrests? Just more musings of a mad woman.

Our friends down under are getting an education, now that so many more are awake. The Australia One party posted the following on Telegram along with a document on the Australian government website entitled, “Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company” .

Have YOU been LISTENING… 🤣 Dr Jan Halper-Hayes

Guess who is the PRIME MINISTER of the BANKRUPT Australian Corporation… 🤣

… and guess who is NOT TELLING YOU 🤔 Dr Jan Halper-Hayes (again)

Seriously Australia, can you STILL not see the importance of ALL of this regarding ‘their’ current psyop – ‘The Voice’?

Wake UP!

Another marker appeared today. Senator Dianne Feinstein finally died. Ninety years old. We knew that was coming. What’s to become of her Chinese spy chauffeur? Link to Telegram.

Here’s what you have to understand, why these old fossils hang around into their late 80’s and 90’s until they literally drop in the saddle.

Its not what you think. “Oh they just love the power!”

They’re not ALLOWED to retire. Their handlers will not permit it.

You took the money. They own you. And they’ll f*cking work you until the day you die.

There has been a lot of joking about Trump being the winner of the recent debate he didn’t attend. The debate was so bad, it made Trump look better than all of the participants—designating him the winner. That is a back-handed win for sure, and he isn’t named Trump for nothing.

The whole world knows the truth about the 2020 election.



Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawai’i

I didn’t know this, did you? Link to Telegram.

NOTE — While the U.S. was distracted by the hearing on the basis for an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, there was a separate Congressional hearing held investigating the cause of the Maui fires.

Hawaiʻi energy officials testify in first congressional hearing on Maui’s wildfires

Michael Jaco reported that the reason there was no water for the fire fighters to do their job in Lahaina was because the directed energy weapon [DEW] attack literally melted the pipes underground. That would be another telltale proof that unconventional means were used to start those fires. Boats sitting on the water don’t just burn up, like these at a California marina. It’s not the first time the psychopaths have used DEWs on Humanity.

California marina after “wildfires” took place

Why did the bow not burn on those boats? Was it like the “half house” that didn’t burn for some odd reason? Precision weaponry [like a laser?] burned up two thirds of the California home in the centre of the photo below and then stopped on a hard line, leaving the remainder intact. How could a “wildfire” do that?

In keeping with reports that anything blue did not burn in Maui due to the frequency settings on the energy weapon, the entire boat anchored off Lahaina below was incinerated except for the blue coloured portion.

Fox weather published this image on August 10, 2023; two days after the attack on Lahaina – Getty Images

Beneath the surface…

In other interesting news, there were reports recently of a manhole fire in Glendale, Queens, New York, and another one smoking. Link to Telegram.

Ironically, there is flooding today in New York and a state of emergency declared for NY, New Jersey, and Connecticut. What did I say about declaring a “state of emergency”?

Commuter Alert! NYC subway and Metro-North service severely impacted by heavy rain and flooding

We are hearing that New Yorkers didn’t get any warning about that system that dumped so much rain. Link to Telegram.

With New York in mind, remember, our government can give weather a “little boost”.

Think New York got a “little boost”?


The gender flipping seems to affect everything. Even the classics. Nothing is sacred.

Scottish Ballet has gender-swapping new Cinderella

If the unawake still respect and revere the CIA, perhaps they might find it in their hearts to listen to this former CIA analyst speak with Sky News. 8 min.


The political scene changes fast.

BREAKING: RFK Jr plans to announce independent run for president: report

The world is learning who has been in charge and that they are tyrants and pathological liars. Dr. Scott Jensen was on our side and telling the truth from the very beginning of the scamdemic. Humanity allowed the psychopaths and dictators to create a pandemic out of thin air despite our efforts to show them it wasn’t real, the measures weren’t warranted, that they were ineffective and would only harm us. We tried to remind everyone we have an immune system. We told them they do this every one hundred years or so when there is little or no record of it remaining. Now those gullible people have to live with themselves. If they are conscious, perhaps they won’t fall in line and do it again.

Worst of all, the monsters who have been running the world at the very top were not elected officials. We don’t even know who most of them were by name. They selected themselves and felt entitled to control us all. We supported their system for eons, but now it is crumbling and revealing itself to those with eyes to see. We understand all but the dregs have been removed and what we are now dealing with is the mindless minions with no authority whatsoever to dictate anything to us; pathetic bullies who we need only stand up to and face off over any issue that comes up.


Finding it difficult to keep up? I think it’s impossible at this point and trust I will be led where I need to go.




I happened to see this, and perhaps it has value as we prepare. As we know, extreme crises tend to bring out the worst or the best in people. If you’re not awake, it might trigger the worst. If you are awake, more likely the best. Link to Telegram.


Prepare yourself for the events that are about to begin, keep your Inner Peace in balance, don’t let the dark energies within you overwhelm you…

Energies are entering the planet that will increase the tension to give place to different events, which will be perceived according to the vibrational level of each one… Some will see war, some liberation, some will see chaos, some transmutation, some see death, others elevation.

Are you ready to meditate and heal your inner being, are you ready to awaken your mind and free yourself from the control matrix?


The energies received will cause human being to release the dark energies within it, it may explode in Fury, Anger and Hatred to the point of hurting anyone, they warned you about this — so be prepared.


These dense energies can trigger strong Earth movements, but remember that you already knew this.

It’s time to be very vigilant.

However, remember that you must always vibrate in Light, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Truth and Humility…

HUMAN BEINGS will go through these last tests to initiate change. Be real children of God on earth. Awaken your hearts, wake up your minds, wake up your consciences…

Unconditional Love!!

— ANA MARY / VictoriaGrishe1

Do you have a giggle or a snicker left in you?


Okay one more, one more. Will Pelosi be next to be declared dead? Is Trump going to clean house like he promised? He was asking how Nancy’s husband is after that bizarre “home invasion” they tried to foist on us.

It will be sad not to have these clowns to imitate and poke fun at.


My friends, it happened again. It’s Friday. I have to wonder how it’s possible. It’s surreal that nearly every day should be Friday—but I’ll take it! It’s FALL and nearly Canadian Thanksgiving already. [Monday October 9]

Extraordinary events are popping off in the seen and the unseen. All we can do is remain prepared, maintain situational awareness, and hope that those positive frequencies we’re told are bathing the planet have the desired effect and keep us all grounded and centred. Extreme change is never easy but we can do this. Any discomfort will be well worth it. We learn by doing and experiencing and we must master this shift.

End of transmission. Thanks to the crew for the updates and shares.  ~ BP

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I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time to help you to continue to understand who you truly are.

How many of you, most of you, if not all of you, each and every night, find yourselves with me, find yourselves with others who are working with you, others from other systems, other planets, other families that you’ve had, who you were with in those times in your sleep state, very much unaware, though, that you are in that state.

Nevertheless, whether you are aware of it or not, you are all working together with me, me, to vanquish the old, vanquish the dark forces once and for all for this entire galaxy. For what you do here on the Earth is not only here for the Earth, but here for the entire solar system and beyond out into the galaxy. And as you go through your ascension process, so too is the entire galaxy going through this ascension. But you are the forerunners. Always remember that. You are the ones that come forward first and pave the way.

Just as many of you know the story of John the Baptist paving the way for the Messiah to come. And as you have heard many times, you are the continuation of the Messiah. You are the continuation of the Christ Consciousness here, once again, to bring light to the Earth, just as he came to bring light to the Earth, love to the Earth, and to continue on throughout the many ages after him that would lead to this final point.

This final point that yes, indeed, you are approaching. Some of you call it the end of the movie, the end of the show. And indeed it is the end. The end of one part, and the beginning of the new part, the new part of the journey which always continues on. There is never an end to the journey, only to that part of the journey that you have, as many, many of you know, volunteered to come here and be a part of this.

That time, that time is coming closer and closer to an ending point, and then a new beginning. A new beginning to bright light and love here on the planet so that all people, all people with all races, all religions, all come together as one, and remember that they are one. And you join those of your families from the sky once again to continue on the evolution of mankind, the evolution of the human kind which has, indeed, spread throughout the galaxy and beyond. You come together now as one, one people, one race, together.

Trust. Trust in yourself through this process in yourselves individually and as a collective to bring about this great change so that the Great Changeover and the Solar Flash can happen. It is only waiting. The God Source is only waiting for you to trigger the event, you, as the collective, to trigger it. Trust in the entire process and the plan that is in the works, that you have indeed been creating for some time now.

You are creating this part of the plan, and moving yourselves more and more into the time-line of your choosing. The old time-line is not for you. You have moved beyond it. You have passed beyond the point of no return. Not that any of you would want to return. All are here, all of you are here to move on and continue on with the ascension process. And to once and for all end this part of the journey, to end the show, end the movie. For indeed you are watching a movie. And it is time to reach this finale of that movie.

I am Archangel Michael. I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And let you continue to be who you are, to be yourself through this. And to not in any way fall back. Do not fall back to the old programming. Realize and understand that you are creating the new programming that is you.

**Source 1 2

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Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

We see you as you truly are, and we hold that vision of you for you, but also for ourselves. We only feel the way that we want to feel when we see you as perfect, as Love, as Source. When we see you as beings who have decided to lower your vibration enough to have the Earth experience, we feel proud of you. Therefore, when you all wonder why so much interest is taken in all of you there on Earth, remember that when you are experiencing anger, hate, frustration, loneliness, and despair, these are not reflective of who and what you really are. They are temporary experiences that feel so all encompassing that you take them on, and you assume they reflect something about you as an individual. This is also true of the actions you’ve taken that you regret, that you might call a mistake or a sin.

As much as you attempt to define yourselves by what you’ve done, whether it be good or not so good, that’s not who and what you really are, and it’s not what we’re focused upon as we gaze upon any of you. We see the spark, the Creator, the Love, the joy, the peace, and the excitement that is still inside of each and every one of you, no matter what your life circumstances are in this moment, no matter what you’ve been feeling about yourself, about others, and about your life. You still are that which you truly are, and we focus on that because we are of greatest service to you when we do, but we also want you to know that we would feel so very terrible if we were to ever agree with you that you are unworthy or a sinner. And so we choose not to, and we invite you to join us in this vibration.

It is the vibration of wellness and it is the vibration of all-encompassing love. We invite you to join us here because it serves you well to do so, and also because you are of greater service to all of your fellow humans when you drop all of the judgments, all of the fears and all of the resentments, and you be more like the master that you truly are and feel the difference in how you feel when you do. That feeling is enough to get you going back again and again to those beautiful, expansive feelings that we get to experience all the time. And yes, we know how fortunate we are to be able to exist in this state and in this dimension, and we want you all to know that there’s an aspect of you that is here with us at all times, that we also interact with, and it helps us to know the true you in doing so.

Now, please do accept our invitation to see yourselves as perfect, as Love, as Source, and to see all of your fellow humans as the same, regardless of what they are doing, saying or believing, and you will transform everything by transforming you into what you always have been. You are there to remember that and to experience it for the first time under the set of circumstances you are currently living, and that’s exciting. That’s why all of this is and all of us are, and we want to play together in peace and harmony in this entire universe, with all of its many moving parts.

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.


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I have repeatedly stated for the past few years, since the COVID scam, that politicians do NOT run the world, but are puppets put into office by the Globalists who control the flow of the world’s finances.

They are part of the Satanic world system referred to throughout the New Testament portion of the Bible, and at the top of the financial pyramid they are Freemasons who serve Satan. The leading country in this demonic world system is the United States, which was founded as a Freemason country to introduce a New World Order.

To identify these Globalists who control the world’s financial system, we need to simply identify the main people who control most of the world’s money.


At the top of the pyramid today sits BlackRock, led by Larry Fink. James Corbett has just produced an incredible investigative report on the rise of BlackRock titled:


The future of the world according to BlackRock is now coming fully into view. It is a world in which unaccountable computer learning algorithms automatically direct investments of the world’s largest institutions into the coffers of those who play ball with the demands of Fink and his fellow travellers. It is a world in which transactions will be increasingly digital, with every transaction being data mined for the financial benefit of the algorithmic overlords at BlackRock. And it is a world in which corporations that refuse to go along with the agenda will be ESG de-ranked into oblivion and individuals who present resistance will have their CBDC wallets shut off.

The transition of BlackRock from a mere investment firm into a financial, political and technological colossus that has the power to direct the course of human civilization is almost complete.

JAMES O’KEEFE: Meet Serge Varlay, a recruiter at BlackRock.

SERGE VARLAY: Let me tell you, it’s not who the president is. It’s who’s controlling the wallet of the president.


VARLAY: The hedge funds, BlackRock, the banks. These guys run the world.

Campaign financing. Yup, you can buy your candidates. Obviously, we have this system in place. First, there’s the senators. These guys are f***ing cheap. You got 10 grand? You can buy a senator. “I could give you 500k right now, no questions asked, Are you gonna do what needs to be done?”

REPORTER: Does, like, everybody do that? Does BlackRock do that?

VARLAY: Everyone does that. It doesn’t matter who wins. They’re in my pocket at this point.~[video below]

Transcript here.

James Corbett has also published an exposé on Vanguard as well:

These are the people who control the affairs of the world, including planning ScamDemics as they did in 2020, because their ponzi scheme banks and stock markets are running out of money as they work towards a collapse of the world’s economy, which could be imminent, and then implement their “Great Reset.”

They control who “wins elections” as well, so that it doesn’t matter if you vote for their candidates or not.

But they are human, and they are not invincible. Their system is falling apart, and just as James, the half-brother of Jesus Christ, wrote about the Satanic Jewish bankers of his day just before Jerusalem and its financial system was destroyed in 70 A.D., so too these Freemason Satanic Jews will soon meet their fate.

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. (James 5:1-3)


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Image source:

Like the Human zygote splitting and dividing into the cells that will eventually become a fetus, we understand that the very conscious planet we inhabit is also splitting so we can leave this dark, dense world behind—if we’re ready—and move forward in our ascension. Capt. Kyle spoke of this process in the recent Q&A we shared yesterday. Learn more about the realms Humanity is dealing with at the end of this post from Kerry K.

Michael Jaco spoke of “trancendence” in his recent talk in Sedona which was excellent, and on the latest episode of The Highwire, Del Bigtree also spoke of “trancendence” so perhaps it is the word or concept of the week.

This is a really eye-opening rundown on what the “vaccines that weren’t vaccines” did to the population, and even the effects on those who refused the jabs; those nasty spike proteins. “Turbo cancer” and beyond are examined in this comprehensive and fascinating edition of The Highwire.

Please consider sharing so people are informed enough to decide if they want to get any more shots. The statistics do not support them as a prophylactic measure for flu or anything else. Yes, Covid is probably here to stay because it has always been here. That’s what an immune system is for.  1 hr. 53 min.

In summary:

The Florida Department of Health has Boldly Recommended Against the COVID Booster for People Under 65 years old, Citing the Lack of Clinical Data. Dr. Joseph Ladapo Joins the Program To Discuss Why; The FDA Has Approved the COVD Booster With Virtually No Data. Jefferey Jaxen Breaks Down The Shocking Numbers They DO Have; A New ‘Fruit Film’ Lacks appeal; Oncologist, Dr. William Makis, Explores Potential, and Very Possible, Pathways by Which mRNA Vaccines Are Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers.’

Guests: Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D., William Makis, M.D.

Episode 338: TURBO TROUBLE

I was remiss yesterday in omitting the latest update from SG Anon;  File 61. In that file he affirms he was able to find details on the tribunals said to be underway in the Red Sea. Military Tribunals are a reality and have been conducted for some time now to deal with key cabal figures. Virtually every government was infiltrated and poisoned so to hear that tribunals have taken place in multiple nations should raise no eyebrows. He of course discusses other operations currently being executed on the world stage and his best educated guess as to what we might expect in the coming days. 29 min.

Alliance Tribunals in Red Sea | NATO Prepping UKR Invasion | Prighozin Alive in Africa | DEClas

There appear to have been some intricacies in the way the military has been apprehending and prosecuting/sentencing traitors. In the article we shared yesterday stating that Gen. Mark Milley had been reported arrested multiple times, it may have something to do with the fact that depending on the crimes and the degree of cooperation forthcoming from the cabal agent, certain public roles may have been assigned to support the “movie” to awaken the general civilian population.

For example, we heard some outrageous things coming from the mouth of Gen. Milley and I could only assume he was cooperating with the Alliance to reveal the “woke” military. [more on Gen. Mark Milley further down]. His inflammatory remarks were enough to ensure many sleeping members of the military itself as well as civilians would be suitably horrified at where the US Military appeared to be headed under such leadership and the question as to whether America could survive it.

As Q wrote, in question form, “what makes a movie good?” The answer is, great actors, of course.

Jan 04, 2018 12:54:28 AM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: aaefa5 No. 11115887

What makes a movie GOOD?

5y, 8m, 3w, 1d, 10h, 34m ago   8chan pol

When we first saw these characters below we exclaimed through our coughing and spluttering, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” Well, of course they are kidding. These are meant to be Biden administration appointees. The whole administration is a joke and there are plenty of actors willing to play these plum roles in support of their country.

We have seen some downright cringe-worthy appointments in the government in the form of men in dresses, flaming homosexuals, etc. including with a proclivity for stealing travellers’ luggage at the airport, like Sam Brinton. [above]

It’s hysterically funny and cannot fail to get the attention of at least a portion of the public who don’t know it’s all a theatrical production for their benefit. How could they not be appalled? How can they fail to be drawn in to the saga and demand to know what’s become of their government? How can they continue to support Biden and all the President’s men?

These larger than life scenes from a mad movie including Biden’s many tumbles and the horrific antics of his administration are winks to we, the awakened, that not all is as it seems and “the patriots are in control” so we can relax and “enjoy the show”.

Of course WE know that it isn’t even Biden any more. He was dealt the hand he earned a few years ago for his treasonous acts. The Biden stand-in isn’t even permitted in the White House and his “photo ops” are in a studio, for godssake.

Think that’s a stretch? Here is a summary of the Wikipedia listings for White House replicas, past and present:

Replicas of the White House are reproductions of the home of the president of the United States, the White House. Notable examples include:

Atlanta, Georgia: A 16,500-square-foot (1,530 m) model exists. It was built in 2001 by Atlanta home builder Fred Milani, an American citizen born in Iran.

McLean, Virginia: Not far from the actual White House, an anonymous refugee engineer from Vietnam built a 12,020-square-foot (1,117 m) White House replica as a tribute to his new country. In 2011 he put it up for sale after his two children moved out, citing empty nest syndrome.

Hangzhou, China: A replica of the White House has been built near Hangzhou, China.

Erbil, Iraq: A replica of the White House has been built in the capital city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Clermont, Florida: A 1/12″ scale replica of the White House resides at the Presidents Hall of Fame, one of Florida’s oldest remaining original roadside attractions (House of Presidents).

Carlsbad, California and Winter Haven, Florida: Two replicas of the White House are built in Lego bricks and in the Miniland section of Legoland California and Legoland Florida.

Klagenfurt, Austria: Replica at the Minimundus miniature park.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: The “Top Secret” attraction is a replica of the White House built upside down. The entrance is located in the basement and inside there are replicas of the White House furnitures, the U.S. Constitution, etc.

Chornomyn Palace in Chornomyn village, Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine: building is a former landowner’s palace, nowadays local school is situated in its walls.

Springfield, Illinois: A 7/8 replica of the south portico of the White House is a prominent part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

Tyler Perry Studios: A filming location at a film studio complex.

Darien, Illinois: Built in 1903, the house is a one-tenth scale model of the White House that features room that were modeled after the East Room and the Oval Office. The house was named, Castle Eden, by the original owners.

Entebbe, Uganda: Built by Hamis Kiggundu.

Knowing that, how difficult would it be to film fake photo ops in a realistic-looking setting?

White House replica, Hillsborough, California for sale

You could live in a replica White House — complete with its own Oval Office — for US$38.9M

Getting back to Gen. Milley, however… there are now calls for him to be hanged for treason. Do you see how the narrative is developing?


Fury as Republican
Rep. Paul Gosar calls for Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley to be ‘HUNG’ because he is a ‘traitor’ and ‘sodomy-promoting’

Gosar, who was censured and stripped of his committee seats in 2021 after posting a violent animated meme about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but then got them restored when Republicans took back control of the House, issued the attack in a newsletter titled ‘This Week with Gosar’ that he posted on his official House account.

I wonder how long it might take the snoozers/normies to accept what some might consider a barbaric fate for a great number of people who betrayed them and their country.

JUST BEFORE PRESS TIME WE GOT AN UPDATE… the military doesn’t pussy-foot around. There are plenty more tribunals to get to and time is fleeting.

Gen. Mark Milley Goes to GITMO

There is more high drama in Canada eliciting more snickers from the peanut gallery as we watch the unsuspecting Canucks get poked, prodded, and red-pilled so they will demand justice. Parliament is a laughing stock and the commies are getting a run for their money. Listen to the first 7 minutes or so of the video below for an excellent summary of what happened. The Turdeau “apology” had a very low volume but you can listen to that here if you wish. No matter what the topic is, these Nazis can always link everything to Russia. It’s uncanny. Whoever the script-writers are for this movie, they are far better than the ones out of work in Hollywood due to the “strike”. LOL. The Speaker wound up resigning after his faux pas so justice was done in one sense.

WARRIOR CREED – Canadian Parliament Standing Ovation to Nazi SS WW2 Officer After Zelensky Speech

What is this about? What is the world coming to? How does the military gain respect when these call signs are public? And no, we haven’t forgotten the graphic path the Ever Given made in the Suez Canal after the White Hats took remote control of it before they ran it aground. Yes, we’re all adults here but really?


I am trying to close this post and big things keep popping up. Look at Q drop #964 below.

Elon with a misspelling—extra [HIM]
—>Only (1) Drop & it’s YUGE! 👀

What constitutes the need for a F2F meeting v. secured call👀
You can’t imagine the magnitude of this.
Constitutional CRISIS.🧨
$700B –
These people are STUPID.
Art of the Deal.🧨

How much truth can you handle? This reveals a lot in less than 3 minutes. And how many more places like this are there, exactly, safely functioning under the protection of the long arm of the Crown?


The White Hats may have the fake news currently set for “mixed”, which is to say a variety of honest, left, right, lies, propaganda, omissions, etc., but as predicted, we are seeing a lot more truth in the legacy media than we once did. The example below from Sky News Australia discusses the agenda behind the digital currency and “climate crisis” nonsense the globalists have been pushing. THERE WILL BE NO CBDCs!!!

Regardless of how they sugar-coat their initiatives to make them sound “green”, “sustainable”, and good for Humanity, we know what they are really aiming for. This is a must listen from Cory Bernardi who is coaching the snoozers to reassess what they think they know or their possible current understanding of what they are seeing and hearing, as well as the mistakes made during the plandemic. 7 min.


Proof of the shift follows in this reluctant and limited acknowledgement from the Mayo Clinic that Hydroxychloroquine can be used to effectively treat Covid. That’s just great after they nearly killed our dear friend with Remdesivir until we smuggled in HCQ, Zinc, Vit C, Vit C, and other safe, effective remedies. I wonder if the tribunals for crimes against Humanity had anything to do with this reversal. Link to the article.

And another right at press time… Link to Telegram.

BREAKING Costa Rica judge orders Nuremberg Public Hearing November 9, 2023 for illegality of Covid-19 vaccines

Substack (
Judge Orders Nuremberg Public Hearing November 9, 2023 For Illegality Of Covid-19 Vaccines! Interest of Justice vs State of Costa Rica For Human Experimentation In Violation Of Nuremberg Code In Force
A Judge FINALLY Ordered Public Oral Hearing Ex Officio On Her Own Due To Importance Of Nuremberg Code Violations In CR! Dr. Yeadon

I mentioned this the other day.


That is why seeking, discerning, and assimilating the TRUTH changes our consciousness and hence, our world. What we “know” to be true matters. Facts and reality matter, which is why the Q drops were designed to get us to do our own research. That is why we must continue to pursue and state truth; to correct the record so that more and more people are awake and aware.

It’s a process. Persist and don’t give up. We are changing our reality. The Great Reset is coming—but not in the way the globalists have always defined and executed it. They will be eradicated and we will ascend into a new reality; the one we earned but could never attain because the predators and parasites interfered in our developing civilization. Their lies and trickery were very effective on naïve, loving, sentient souls—particularly those who had their minds wiped in reincarnation loops and could never benefit from previous lives.

Kerry K has done another outstanding video on the reality we are living with in this matrix and how to navigate it. She explains it so clearly I think we can all gain a more accurate sense of what we’re dealing with, where we are, why we are experiencing what we are, the nature of the threat from the dark, etc. The various densities involved in 3D and beyond are confusing to us and we appreciate the guidance and reasoning as to why we need have no fear. 15 min. She just uploaded a new one this morning for an ‘Ascension Report’ at 29 min.

I am going to close with another quote from an old, heavily yellowed book of my late mother’s from 1965 containing some of the work of the “beloved visionary” Kahlil Gibran. This bit jumped out at me when I turned the book over and the back cover was up.

They tell me: if you see a slave sleeping, do not wake him lest he be dreaming of freedom.

I tell them: if you see a slave sleeping, wake him and explain to him freedom.

I think we can see the parallel to our current condition. The Q Team, President Trump and his team, and the galactics and higher Beings saw the sleeping slaves and devised a gentle way to wake us without inducing a paralytic fear.

The psychopaths running the world have tread ever so lightly, taking decades to unfurl their agenda so we wouldn’t notice. They didn’t want us to wake up. They needed us to remain in our hypnotic trance as docile, cooperative batteries to generate everything they wanted.

The Alliance did indeed describe freedom to us. They painted many pictures of what our lives as sovereign beings should entail. We have learned much and are now shaking awake the other slaves; many of whom suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and don’t even realize they are slaves so will fight to maintain their tenuous grip on what is familiar to them, completely unaware it is all about to stripped from them.

It isn’t easy to drastically change a civilization in just a few years, but we will be successful. The snowball is rolling down a steep hill now and growing larger by the minute. By Christmas we will have the biggest snowman the world has ever seen—perhaps something like this one… armed and dangerous.

Closing for now, my friends. Do enjoy the show.  ~ BP

Read more…

Patience is a virtue

Many readers are impatient and think that 500,000 years of oppression can be remedied in a few years. It’s not like that, any logical thinking individual understands why.

It is disappointing that content-driven information discourse is met with unqualified negative criticism, because apparently the content is not understood.

The decision for the final breakthrough will be made ‘off world’ by Father/Mother GOD. The Deep State must first destroy itself; no war on planet Earth will be tolerated!

Their destruction is fact, the moment the money system collapses, and/or the mob protests en masse against the toxic – COVID policies being pursued.

Any awake who wants to contribute to a faster breakthrough, spread this message widely!

In a nutshell; the transition from 3D to 5D world began in 2012. The total duration of this change could be approximately four decades. Around 2050, the transition should be complete.

Many well-known internet wizards have shorter-term predictions that have been proven wrong time and again. But unfortunately, they are still the credible source for many. They talk about Gesara/Nesara that will be implemented tomorrow. This will not be the case as long as the cabal fiat money system not has collapsed!

The implementation of the honest QFS people money system will certainly be the first change to take place after the collapse. Another alternative is; once the mob revolts against the hoax of the Covid pandemic of toxic injections. – Read the preceding article on this.

Other readers correctly note that the decency of many comments is beyond all standards, not yet knowing that most have already been deleted or not allowed. More respect for awake initiators is certainly a necessity!

The End of the Old and Beginning of the New Cycle

Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who choose to consciously reach a higher level of Light. It is a personal courageous choice to step into the unknown and continue to grow fully into experience and knowledge that is new.

Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

There are two types of ascension.

  • Ascension of consciousness.
  • Ascension of matter.

Ascension per se is merging with your higher self, opening your heart and being willing to reunite with Source Christ and the Light, at all levels and layers of your authentic self. It is returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love and Divine Attunement to Pure Source Light, directed towards every area of life.

Ascension is not something that happens to us on a specific date, or that we stumble into unknowingly or unintentionally.

On the contrary, through expanded consciousness and by integrating the higher vibrational awareness of our spiritual selves, we are able to ascend.

In summary; Ascension is a process of alignment with higher consciousness and Divine Light. It does not happen immediately or automatically, but gradually, as we increase our contemporary enlightenment step by step.

Ascension is not just spiritual, physical or mental. The ascension process impacts your whole being and the way you perceive, interact with and live in the world around you.

Ascension is a total transformation. To ascend is to realign with Divine Love with full consciousness on all levels.

In short; Your consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. It will be in that moment, when your consciousness says, do! or, fail!

In that moment, you will be alone! No one will judge or reward you. But you will feel it when you have actually succeeded. It is the end of a period! and the beginning of a new era.

The 3rd Dimension is the world of competition, destructive criticism, selfishness and above all, greed. Control and power are the goal. Backstabbing, lying, deception, malice and low-frequency faith proclamations. These are actions that put great locks on the Gate of entry portal to the fifth Dimension.

In the fifth Dimension is; cooperation, help, and dedication always focused on good, genuine and pure intentions, empathy and care for others, that is the track that leads you to the 5D world.

Nothing and no one has the power to influence this important individual choice. For every individual, the freedom of free will and choice still exists. There will be no soul that can say it didn’t have a chance.

Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who choose to consciously move to a higher level of Light. It can only be found when consciousness has been truly expanded and enriched enough, and when every lesson presented during successive previous incarnations has been understood.

Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi below helps prepare humanity for the upcoming changes.



The consciousness of incarnated humans is not yet broad enough to truly nderstand what a Planetary Transition is. This is understandable because souls on Earth have never experienced such an event. In fact, the transmitted messages tell us that the Earth Transition is an event that affects the entire Galaxy, because Planet Earth is one of the most important planets in this quadrant of the Universe.

We have talked about this before, including in relation to the ascension of souls who are now completing their apprenticeship in a World of Trials and Reconciliations.

But today we are going to bring you some new facts, as this information is being passed on bit by bit, according to the human consciousness’ ability to process this info, in order to understand all the changes.

We should not focus too much on dates or deadlines, because time is not linear at the Universe level. It is counted only in a World of Duality, where the soul incarnates and dis-incarnates from time to time.

Under these circumstances, time is counted in the way we all know it, because we have experienced it in every incarnation on this planet.

At higher levels, where the consciousness of the Galactic Brothers who support us resides, the time windows are adjusted to our calendar so that we can understand or at least track and compare the events we are currently experiencing.

It is within this time window, which corresponds to three Centuries, that the Planetary Transition will take place. Since it started around 1750, the transition could be completed around 2050. Of course, these dates are not exact, but approximate. But clearly, we are heading towards its completion.

The Planetary Transition follows certain Timelines. Since everything is frequency, they can also be changed or realigned. And it is the living conscious beings who inhabit this planetary home that determine this frequency. Remember, not only humans have living consciousnesses.

Apart from all this, there is a Divine Plan that determines the fate of every celestial body, not just our planet, but everything that exists in the infinity of the Cosmos. Nevertheless, local consciousness can influence the time and manner of a Planetary Transition, the Divine Plan is sovereign as far as the final outcome is concerned.

In keeping with the spiral movements of the Milky Way, Earth has always been determined to make its Transition at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. This zodiacal window began in 2012, so there are still about four decades to go until the end of the previously mentioned three Centuries.

In 2016, a message was passed on to us saying that we had four years to get used to the new crystalline energies that began to bathe the Earth, i.e. the period from 2012 to 2016. And that in 2017 the deconstruction of the Old Earth would begin, the energetic cleansing and removal of all the evil entities that still sought refuge in our planet’s etheric field.

This cleansing began around 2018 and was recently completed. The final part of this removal would be the incarnated entities, and this task does not fall to the Galactic Brothers. There is an organisation called the Earth Alliance that does this.

I have already talked about this Alliance here. Because the removal of the incarnates may be visible to the physical eye, it is done in a way so that most people do not realise it. An exchange of game pieces is going on, to be replaced in this way, while it seems like everything is going on as usual.

In fact, things seem to get worse by the day, but this too is part of the revelations, as everything is on display.

These revelations can be likened to a waiting room. There is only one more door to go through before we enter the main hall, where the party really takes place.

We are now in the second decade of the Age of Aquarius. By the time this decade is over, all the events of the great change will be completed.

Remember that the times mentioned are ‘windows’ and are estimates for better understanding.

We will then have two decades left to put things in order. It will be humanity’s most glorious period. Precisely the time when the sense of satisfaction will be, to have completed a duty.

The souls ready for their ascension will finally be able to truly feel what happiness is. The feeling of gratitude will be so great that we do not yet realise how great it is. We will have to feel it to know how big it is.

In these last two decades, everything that was already known will remain only in the memory of lived experiences. Humanity on Earth will already be part of the Galactic family of worlds. But before then, much has been done, even if it is not yet fully realised.

The Gamma Light is changing the entire energetic constitution of the planet. The animals, plants and minerals have already adapted themselves. First by the Gamma Light and in recent years by the Diamond Light. Their consciousness is not as resistant as that of humans, so in the last 11 years they have already completed the transition.

Besides changing their consciousness, which is still rooted in old beliefs and concepts, humans also have a reptilian hybrid mind, so competition is a constant struggle. This mind needs to be adapted to cooperation, because Old Earth no longer exists in terms of frequency.

The restoration of planet Earth is also taking place at consciousness levels of Gaia. The planetary body also has consciousness; it has life. This body has been severely damaged in the course of man’s existence here on Earth. The air, soil, waters and all ecosystems have been badly affected by pollutants emitted by human activity. These wounds are now being healed by telluric earth movements. (telluric current, also called Earth Current, natural electric current flowing on and beneath the surface of the Earth and generally following a direction parallel to the Earth’s surface).

This explains the extremes we see in terms of temperatures, rainfall, winds, seismic movements, etc. These are also the elementals acting in the service of Gaia. All according to the Divine Plan, to promote the recovery of the Planet.

This must also be completed in this second decade of the Aquarian Age.

As you can see, the Planetary Transition is not a quick event, but a long-term continuous process that lasts for about three Centuries.

We are now heading towards its end and nothing and no one can stop it.

Anyone who does not agree with the new frequencies is going to leave this beautiful Blue Planet. In fact, it is a Planet that will be even bluer; brighter; more crystalline; or the true Garden of Eden.

The boat keeps rocking, but if you are tuned into your frequency, there is no danger of going overboard.

Trust! Do your part! Make the changes together with Gaia!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


It becomes gigantic!
You will see the magic of light.
Be honoured to have this opportunity


Read more…

Something fundamental has changed at the highest levels of power in the West. The signs are everywhere. The US government is being shut down. The traitor Mark Milley is resigning as head of the Pentagon at the end of this week. The Pentagon will do some major housecleaning when General Charles Q Brown takes over on October 1st, CIA sources say. The mass murdering Russian Chabad agent Vladimir Zelensky left Washington empty-handed. Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg are resigning, and much more.

A big sign of change is the public release of documents showing the COVID-19 pandemic was a US Department of Defense Operation dating back to President Barack Obama. “The Pentagon controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning and everything we were told was political theater to cover it up right down to the FDA vaccine approval.”

All officials involved, starting with the traitor Mark Milley, will be executed for war crimes, Pentagon sources promise

Also, under the surface, MI6 has given the green light for nuclear attacks on Washington DC, Geneva and Tel Aviv unless the perpetrators of the vaccine mass murder are rounded up to face war crimes tribunals.

MI6 further says the President of Ireland and King Charles III have been ordered to appear on BBC to say they have been arrested and summarily fired. If this does not happen, the public head of MI6 Richard Moore says they will “Do whatever is needed, but legally.”

This came after the fake (according to Mossad) Britain’s King Charles III attended a dinner with former juvenile male prostitute and Rothschild slave president Emanuelle Macron where each of the 160 guests was given a bottle of wine worth 2,772 Euros at the expense of French taxpayers.

When we confronted them with evidence of a fake King Charles and a fake Pope Francis presiding over war crimes, the P2 Farnese and Orsini families said the people behind this were Yehuda Teichtal, Aaron Teitelbaum and Riccardo Di Segni the Chief Rabbis of Berlin, New York and Rome. If this is true, then these people are Satanists and not Jews because they are breaking the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.

We also asked our FSB sources if the Chief Rabbi of Moscow was involved. The answer was it’s “complicated.” When asked for details, they explained powerful factions in Russia centered around the Satanist Dmitry Medvedev are obeying the death cult Chabad and pushing for all-out nuclear war.

The Chinese Lotus Freemasons –whose 55 million person membership includes President Xi Jinping- say criminal charges need to be filed against government officials involved in the COVID and Vaccine mass murder. The Chinese also know the bio lab laboratory in Wuhan belongs to Glaxo, Glaxo is the owner of Pfizer, Pfizer is managed by Black Rock, and Black Rock manages the SOROS FOUNDATION and thus the Octagon group in Switzerland. Other Asian secret societies are also aware of this.

Coincidences-in-the-Age-of-Coincidences.jpg?resize=600%2C692&ssl=1 260w, 888w, 768w, 600w" alt="" width="600" height="692" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 1110px) 100vw, 1110px" data-lazy-srcset=" 1110w, 260w, 888w, 768w, 600w" data-lazy-src="" data-ll-status="loaded" />

The Lotus Freemasons say their own research into the COVID attack confirms a virus was leaked from a US-owned laboratory in Wuhan. This was then used as an excuse to inject people around the world with a “degraded” (劣化) vaccine. The Lotus Freemasons further say they are looking into the evidence Wuhan was attacked with electromagnetic weapons and will get back to us on that. They add “The white hats around the world are on the move…these people will all be arrested. You will start to see more and more reports of arrests around the world.” In an early sign of this, the US government scrapped funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology after the facility didn’t fork over documents about safety and security.

Also, speaking of arrests, here you can watch Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gilad Erdan being detained last Tuesday at U.N. Headquarters.

Next week criminal charges will be filed against the Japanese slave government, other Asian underworld sources say. If Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and all members of the Japanese government involved in vaccine crimes are not arrested, the Asian underground will take action, the sources say.

Readers can help in this process by personally filing murder charges against officials involved in pushing the vaccines within their local police jurisdictions. Police will be forced to act once they are shown evidence the vaccines are harmful and do not protect against COVID. The chart below shows, for example, countries that vaccinated their populations more than twice, had excess mortality ranging from 6 to 20%. The largest autopsy study in the world revealed the shocking statistic that 73.9% of deaths among “vaccinated” are caused by the vaccine. Countries that did not vaccinate had normal mortality rates.

Excess-Mortality-and-Covid-19-Vaccinations-per-Capita.jpg?resize=600%2C539&ssl=1 300w, 1024w, 768w, 600w" alt="" width="600" height="539" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 1170px) 100vw, 1170px" data-lazy-srcset=" 1170w, 300w, 1024w, 768w, 600w" data-lazy-src="" data-ll-status="loaded" />

Also, it has been scientifically proven that people who received a COVID-19 booster were more likely to become infected when compared to unvaccinated people.

In other words, it has now been scientifically proven the vaccines were mass murder. If the local police fail to take action, force them into action by telling them you are legally entitled to personally arrest the officials involved and will do so.

If readers need legal help, they can contact lawyers such as the group of international lawyers now fighting the World Harm Organization.

Since the Khazarian mafia control grid relies on compromising only the top people, this sort of mass, evidence-based legal action against local vaccine-pushing doctors and officials will force the removal of compromised leaders.  

We are already seeing signs top Khazarian puppet leaders are preparing to flee. For example, Canadian Security Intelligence Service officials tell us the mass murderer Justin Castrudeau is planning to flee to Costa Rica. Our sources in Costa Rica say Castrudeau personally flew in with his private jet a few weeks ago to inspect properties. “He is definitely looking for a safe place to run when he has to flee Canada,” the sources say.

Castrudeau displayed his criminality to the world last week by inviting an actual Nazi SS officer to speak to the Canadian Parliament. He also hosted the war criminal and mass murdering Russian Chabad agent Vladimir Zelensky to speak there.

He is now an international pariah thanks in large part to a fight he is waging against India. After being accused by India’s government of supporting terrorism in Khalistan, he tried to turn the tables by accusing India of murdering a Sikh activist in Canada this past June. Not even close Canadian allies like the UK and the US supported him in this.

India-media-briefing.jpg?resize=600%2C609&ssl=1 296w, 600w" alt="" width="600" height="609" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 666px) 100vw, 666px" data-lazy-srcset=" 666w, 296w, 600w" data-lazy-src="" data-ll-status="loaded" data-recalc-dims="1" />

The criminal idiot then tried to up the ante by having Sukhdool Singh, a man wanted for murder in India, shot dead in Winnipeg, Canada and attempted to blame this on India as well. CSIS sources say Singh was killed by “hired assassins doing Castrudeau’s work.”

Things have escalated to the point where Canadians are banned from visiting India and Indian TV is threatening to nuke Canada. 

Now this criminal appears to be planning a pipeline “emergency” in Northern Alberta. 

photo_2023-09-25_19-26-46.jpg?resize=600%2C1023&ssl=1 176w, 601w, 600w" alt="" width="600" height="1023" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 751px) 100vw, 751px" data-lazy-srcset=" 751w, 176w, 601w, 600w" data-lazy-src="" data-ll-status="loaded" data-recalc-dims="1" />

Canadians are not fooled by this man any more as you can see by the welcome Zelensky and Trudeau got last week.

It is now looking like Canadian farmers will follow up on their trucker buddies by descending on Ottawa and forcing this criminal to finally flee. Of course, he will be hunted down and brought to justice no matter where on this planet he tries to hide.

As crazy as Canada now seems, the situation is far worse in the United States. For example, the US government is running out of money and due to shut down at the end of this month even though it was supposed to have “secured financing until January 2025.”

It appears they were just cooking the books and got caught. My former colleagues at Forbes report the US government cannot account for $21 trillion worth of Treasuries.

As Tucker Carlson comments:

Our system is collapsing in real-time. We’re watching this happen. If you read the American media, it is stories about Kim Kardashian and lots of irrelevant crap about trannies and all this stuff.

Now CIA sources inform us “Something big is going down. They may be planning for their joint next move in October if the Fake Biden circus show cannot make the payments due by 15 October.”

In a hint of what sort of stunt they may pull off, the Biden administration is paying illegal immigrants to fly directly from their hometowns into a U.S. city of their choice. These are almost entirely military-aged men who are given IDs upon arrival.

New-IDs-for-illegals-.jpg?resize=600%2C338&ssl=1 300w, 600w" alt="" width="600" height="338" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 720px) 100vw, 720px" data-lazy-srcset=" 720w, 300w, 600w" data-lazy-src="" data-ll-status="loaded" data-recalc-dims="1" />

Nonetheless, the Joe Biden circus show is definitely coming to an end. For example, a video has emerged online of what many now believe to be an actor portraying Biden – exiting via a back parking lot with no secret service.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, “Biden” is compromised and he weaponized his DOJ to cover up his breadth of criminality.

Here, for example, you can watch Attorney General Merrick Garland refuse to comment on the potential of Hunter Biden selling his art in exchange for policy decisions.

Now Hunter Biden is to appear in court on October 3 on gun charges.

In case you don’t think the current US Corporation needs to be bankrupted note that as things stand the nation’s approximately 1.3 million active-duty troops will stop getting paid in October. These troops already live in sewer-infested housing.

Meanwhile, at Baltimore City Public Schools, the fourth most funded school system in the country, it says: “In 40% of Baltimore City high schools that took the state test, not a single student scored well in math. Not a single student . “

As a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson notes:

“The USA, home to 5% of the world’s population, consumes 80% of the world’s drugs. The country is a black hole…”.

One of the many signs that Donald Trump will replace “Biden” is that more and more evidence is emerging from a stolen 2020 election. For example, Wayne County, Michigan, never legally certified the results of the 2020 presidential election, which could make Donald Trump the winner.


There are increasing calls from the public to end the Biden show. For example, the British newspaper Telegraph says: “Joe Biden is becoming dangerous. Remove him now before it’s too late.”

A clear sign that the tide has changed in the US is that Vladimir Zelensky showed up in Washington asking for $24 billion and left empty-handed.

Here are some comments from prominent US politicians about Zelensky.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy:

Has Zelensky been elected to Congress? Is he our president? I don’t think I have to commit to anything. I have questions for him…

Don’t let Zelensky fool you. Ukraine is corrupt: they canceled the elections… They banned the political parties, they invaded churches, they arrested priests, so no, it’s not a democracy, it’s a corrupt regime.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“Zelensky is back in Washington this week begging for the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars. Meanwhile, we just learned that even more money is being laundered in Ukraine. This time the beneficiaries are Bill and Hillary Clinton. Wherever there is corruption, there is also Bill and Hillary

Another commenter noted:

Zelensky visited the United States in person, gave a speech at the UN and came home with an amount of ammunition so small that the Pentagon refuses to give figures, as well as a handful of the worst air defense systems currently deployed by a major power.

In the army we called it “being thrown in front of the bus.”

Even the corporate propaganda press has changed its tune. After blaming Russia, The New York Times was forced to report that the impact of a rocket on a busy market in Ukraine was caused by a missile fired by Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch has announced he is stepping down as chairman of Fox and News Corp, while Michael Bloomberg has announced he is stepping away from the news network that bears his name. Hopefully the reporters at Bloomberg and Fox can now get back to reporting the truth.

This change was also noticed overseas.

Washington has given its partners the green light to oust Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky because he has become a nuisance, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko told a government meeting on Friday.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki then declared that Poland would no longer arm Ukraine in order to concentrate on its own defense.

Polish intelligence also noted that the EU is tired of drunk Ukrainian refugees. They sent us this picture. The caption reads: “We only sell alcohol to people with German or EU documents!”

To see how out of touch with reality the EU leadership is becoming, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warns: “Russia is again threatening to use nuclear weapons.”

While Zelensky was shunned, those behind the farce such as the Clintons, the fake Pope Francis and their BlackRock front gathered in Ukraine in the hope of getting more money.

In reality, they are in Ukraine to avoid arrest and charges of child sex trafficking, Mossad sources said.

After being turned away in Washington, Zelensky attended a secret meeting in New York City with the country’s top financiers, including the private equity bosses of JPMorgan, Google and Blackstone, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt, billionaire Robert Kraft and diplomat Henry Kissinger.

Zelensky left the meeting to appoint satanist Marina Abramovic as Ukrainian ambassador. For newbies, here’s satanic witch and influencer Marina Abramovic pouring real clotted blood over a child’s effigy. She is good friends with the Rothschilds, Clintons, Podesta, Gates and about 90% of the celebrities and elites. These people are evil and psychotic.

The Jews are also waking up and recognizing the satanic criminals who claim to be their rulers. Last week, someone leaked 70,000 pages of top-secret Israeli documents to Iran, Iranian sources report. This includes all Israeli judicial archives related to the criminal case against Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. “One of these documents reports on Netanyahu’s relapse and the illness of his wife Sara,” the sources said. They add: “A very important point is that the top secret information in Iran’s possession may threaten the security of the Israeli regime.”

This came just as Syrian President Bashar Assad arrived on Thursday on his first visit to China since the start of Syria’s 12-year conflict. It looks like something is about to happen in or to Israel.

In the rest of the world, especially in Africa, change has already begun. Last week, the Republic of Congo became the latest country to overthrow a corrupt neo-colonial regime.

At the UN, African leaders denounced the West led by the Khazarian mafia. The head of state of the Central African Republic on Thursday accused the West of triggering a migration crisis by plundering Africa’s natural resources through slavery and colonization.

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo accused colonizers of building an empire on the tragedy of Africans. “Reparations for the slave trade must be paid. It is time for Europe and the United States to recognize that the enormous wealth they enjoy is based on the sweat, tears, blood and horrors of the transatlantic slave trade and the centuries-long “based on colonial exploitation”.

The Europeans, for their part, are in the process of overcoming slavery that has existed for thousands of years. “We are seeing an end to this madness. The American people are fed up, as are most Europeans,” Mossad sources said.

They sent us this video about how Israeli intelligence has infiltrated the Palestinians and warned: “This is exactly what they are doing in all other countries… They are an intelligent and sophisticated cancer. Eliminating them will take a lot of work, both delicate and violent.”

People are fighting back. In Europe, activists, so-called blade runners, are destroying all ULEZ traffic cameras. The cameras that were dismantled in London can be seen here.

In the United States, resistance to doctors who abduct children for medical purposes is growing across the country.

However, the Khazarian mafia will not go quietly into the night. A sign of this was the speech at the UN by the actor who impersonated Biden:

Nowhere is [cooperation with China] more important than in accelerating the climate crisis… We see it everywhere: record-breaking heatwaves in the United States and China; wildfires ravaging North America and southern Europe; a fifth year of drought in the Horn of Africa; tragic, tragic floods in Libya… which have killed thousands of people…. We must build new partnerships… to unlock trillions of dollars in additional funding.

UN chief Guterres also spoke out and later said: “Humanity has opened the gates of hell.”

Translated, that means we had over trillions of dollars or we will unleash more weather wars. assembly-new-york-ny/

By the way, the United Nations published a document that says “children can consent to sex with adults.” “The UN is full of pedophiles,” former NHL star and Canadian Olympian Theo Fleury wrote on Twitter.

Let us all work together to finally put an end to the horror show of the Western ruling class.


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Dear readers, with love and compassion we welcome you to our message. We are well aware that many of you are dealing with the effects of clearing old energy as well as issues that come with living in a three dimensional world.

​It is a powerful and difficult time to be on earth but you were aware of this before incarnating. You knew full well that if you chose to incarnate it would mean descending into a soup of dense energy that would block your remembrance of who you were or where you came from. You choose to come because you wanted to serve. You knew that the higher resonating status of your consciousness and that of others, would add frequencies of truth to earth’s
three dimensional consciousness which in turn would allow access to increasingly more people.

Always remember that because you are consciousness with a body rather than a body with consciousness, your consciousness automatically goes wherever you go. This means that you bring the resonance of your state of consciousness into every place and situation even while seeming to do nothing.

​Being a spiritual Light or Light worker simply means knowing the truth and living from your highest attained state of consciousness at all times which in turn will begin to manifest as what is needed–safety and security, abundance, completeness and wholeness etc.–mind interpreting and translating consciousness into recognizable form.

Some will be ready and eager to learn what you know because they are receptive and drawn to your evolved state of consciousness. However, there are always a few who react with fear and are repelled by Light, even to the point of lashing out for no reason. If this happens, give it no power because it has no power. Acknowledge the spiritual identity the person and move on. These types of experiences have to do with the state of consciousness of the other person and nothing to do with you.

Many continue attempting to make the past once again be the present, promoting the “Good old days” as being right and better. This represents a belief in the concepts and correctness of a previous belief system, one that is fast becoming obsolete. In reality, a great deal of those “Good old days” covered up an active underbelly of vicious and harmful activities that caused a great deal of pain and suffering to others much of which is now being exposed.

Much that comprised the collective consciousness of the past is dissolving as increasingly more individuals awaken to higher and more evolved ways of understanding life and the world. Evolution cannot be stopped even by those who loudly rant, rave about, and promote the “good old days”.

Earth is a spiritual universe peopled with sons/daughters of God, and is not the dull heavy illusory expression of duality and separation that most believe to be the real world. The people of earth live in illusion, hypnotized by the material appearances that surround them because it is all the state of their consciousness allows them to comprehend at this time.

​Learn to recognize the spiritual reality that underlies every material appearance. When you look at a flower acknowledge the Divine harmony, life, perfection, and individuality that is appearing as beauty, color, life, and fragrance. When you see modes of transportation, know that they represent material concepts of omnipresence. When you witness instances of love and compassion know that it is Divine Consciousness manifesting through and as those involved. Even when witnessing struggle, lack. limitation, or violence, know that these things reflect states of consciousness yet unaware of their ONEness with God.

​Translating appearances is how you gradually ascend into a higher and more evolved state of consciousness where at some point translating appearances is automatic because truth has become your state of consciousness and is who you are. Earth is not an illusion as many mistakenly believe. Earth is the real and perfect expression of a Divine Idea. It is the false concepts about earth that constitute the illusion. How could an omnipresent God create something not of Itself?

Love is all that is. Love is all inclusive and omnipresent because God is omnipresent and love is the high resonating energetic vibration (pure Light) of Divine Consciousness. Love is the glue that holds everything together–keeping planets in their orbit, making the sun rise and set, bringing roses from rose bushes and apples from apple trees. Love continues to be misunderstood on earth as being only attraction or emotion. We have stated many times but need to reiterate that love is God resonance, the omnipresent interconnecting energy infinitely flowing between all expressions/individualizations of ONE Divine consciousness–God.

It is difficult for those living from a three dimensional belief system to understand or even consider that this ONE energy is fully present even when being expressed as discord or the actions of one against another. There is only one energy, vibration, resonance, and because God is omnipresent, it is present (but often in conditioned form) in every place, circumstance, encounter, relationship, or situation regardless of how unloving according to human standards the appearance may be.

​Love as emotion or attraction is the way most people understand and experience love because it is what they have been taught, experienced, and come to believe about love. Love is the omnipresent activity of ONE individualized as many, including animals, trees, and plants–all life. It has been taught that that which you do to another through words, actions, beliefs about, hatred, love etc. you do to yourself. This is true. There are, never have been, and never can be exceptions to ONEness.

Attaining a higher understanding of love is part of everyone’s spiritual journey.

​It is time and you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group.


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Greetings beloved ones of the light. We are the Archangelic Collective. We surround you in our wings of fire, of light, of love, of comfort and of strength and purity. We send this firelight out into your field, transmuting, comforting, lending a hand and a wing for those who are too weak to use their own. You are human angels, those of you reading. You are the angelic with the human, as aspects of Source and fractals of light you are this light, this Source breath of the in-between and the all around. You are this light. You are literally the light in the world. You are surrounded in this light as we are surrounding you in all moments.

We have been working with all of you tirelessly as you work tirelessly. We know your frustration, your fatigue. This world has been so dark for so long. There is such a massive undertaking of change, revival and renewal on so many dimensional layers and strongpoints. But the light flows easily through all time space, through all dimensions. The technology is being removed that has kept humanity within the trance. More is being tried but it is being weakened. (I see they are infusing light codes into the dark codes which instantly dissolves the dark into smoke and light). There is so much surrounding you, as you are within this energy tumult. There is much that you do not see. Codes surround you all the time. The divine DNA is a code. Creation is mathematically precise, stunning to us in its complexity and individuation. You are creators. We see you in your beauty, we know who you are and have been and are truly amazed by your courage, your bravery, your strength.  We surround you, we protect you. We are Source’s hands and feet in the angelic realms of the light and of the dark. We carry the light through all places and spaces, cleansing, clearing, just as you do within the physical, when you are aligned up with your highest purpose.

We are the Archangelic Collective. Every flower, every insect, every creature has a code of creation or mis-creation. Gaia is stunning in her beauty, brimming with life from all across the galaxy, a seeded planet of breathtaking beauty and love. She will be renewed to this once again. This is one of the aspects that you are assisting with on the ground side, as you ground the codes of light, of love into the mesosphere. Your DNA is changing moment by moment. Sitting in your sun for moments at a time will assist with this, as the sun currently is brimming with codes to share, codes of awakening, of ascension, of healing, of rebirth.  Being in nature in this time will serve you greatly. You are serving greatly by serving as a grounding mechanism for these codes, creating a layer of light on and within Gaia, offering a landing pad for these codes.

Creator is very pleased with you. The ground team has and is doing extraordinarily well despite the numerous obstacles. Do not give up hope. There is always hope. We see outside of time, which as you know is a construct of this reality of yours and outside of time with the grand perspective it is done, the light has been grounded and transmuted all into the next octave of evolutionary embodiment, of ascension. This is what is manifesting, and it seems slow to you. We know this. Grounding more light will help you through this process so that you feel the peace of the ascension codes within your body. Sit in the sun for increments at a time. Allow the archangels and masters to work with you. Much is coming up for clearing and it is a painful time. Emotions seem unusually heightened. You are in a universe of emotions, and emotions are part of being human. Do not be ashamed of your emotions. You are to feel them to heal them. The pain must bubble up to be transmuted. Much of this has been occurring this week, and it has been exhausting. We send you our angelic codes of light, of love, of healing. We send you our strength. We send you our comfort. We are all around you. We are the Archangelic Collective. Namaste.

**Submitted to

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Dennis Francis, president of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), has ignored the objections of 11 countries and approved the UN declaration on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response without submitting it to a full assembly vote.

This declaration aims to form a global pandemic authority that has a range of disturbing powers, such as the ability to enforce lockdowns, push for universal vaccination, and censor what it deems “misinformation.”

Some of the points it calls for include:

Increased surveillance and digital health documents: The declaration supports the use of digital health technologies for “implementing and supporting health measures and bolstering national response efforts” in the event of a health emergency or pandemic. Vaccine passports would fall under the category of digital health technologies.

Universal vaccination: Another alarming component of the declaration is the “deep concern” it expresses about dropping vaccination rates around the world. It vows to support the research and development of vaccines, calling routine vaccination a cost-effective and efficient public health intervention. The declaration calls for improving “routine immunization, vaccination, and outreach capacities, including by providing evidence-based information on promoting confidence, uptake, demand,” in addition to “expanding vaccine coverage to prevent outbreaks as well as the spread and re-emergence of communicable diseases.”

Making COVID-19-related temporary powers permanent: The declaration also emphasizes the need to build on the practices and lessons that were learned from the pandemic and turn temporary powers into permanent ones sustainably.

Establishing a pandemic fund: The declaration seeks to launch a pandemic fund of $30 billion per year for “critical investments” related to preparing for and responding to pandemics.

Censoring vaccine critics: The new declaration also voices “concern that health-related misinformation and disinformation negatively impacted routine immunization services globally” and calls for measures to be implemented to address what it considers to be misinformation, particularly on social media platforms. It also wants to take steps to counteract vaccine hesitancy and create more trust in public health authorities.

Supporters of the declaration believe it will aid worldwide collaboration in preventing pandemics and improving public health. The World Health Organization claims it will apply some of the lessons that were learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the move is causing a lot of concern among those who understand its implications, like Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney, who calls it “unprecedented..

He said: “There’s no getting around the fact that it’s going to come at the expense of the sovereignty of the various nations that will subsequently be told that they have an emergency and told what they have to do about it.”

Bioweapons expert and international law professor for the University of Illinois, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph. D., said: “This is a full-court press to have the entirety of the United Nations Organization, its specialized agencies, and its affiliated organizations, back up and support their proposed globalist WHO worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state.”

Critics are also concerned that the declaration’s support of COVID-19-style restrictions will close schools and essentially force women out of their jobs and potentially into poverty.

Nearly a dozen nations were against the declaration

The representatives of 11 countries wrote a letter to the president of the UNGA expressing reservations about the declaration. The letter stated: “Our delegations are convinced that this is no way to handle multilateral and intergovernmental negotiations on issues of great relevance for the international community, particularly for developing countries.”

Boyle is accusing the UNGA of misrepresenting the declaration by having the UNGA president approve it because they knew that it would not pass the UNGA as a consensus resolution given the 11 objections.


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The G77+China, a group of developing and emerging countries representing 80 percent of the world’s population, kicked off a summit in Cuba Friday with a call to “change the rules of the game” of the global order.

The meeting comes at a time of growing frustration with the Western-led world order amid widening differences over the Russian war in Ukraine, the fight against climate change, and the global economic system.

“After all this time that the North has organized the world according to its interests, it is now up to the South to change the rules of the game,” Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said at the opening of the summit.

Diaz-Canel said that developing countries were the main victims of a “multidimensional crisis” in the world today, from “abusive unequal trade” to global warming.

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres is joining some 30 heads of state and government from Africa, Asia and Latin America at the two-day summit in Havana.

At the opening of the meeting he called for a world that was “more representative and responsive to the needs of developing economies”, stressing that these countries were “trapped in a tangle of global crises.”

The bloc was established by 77 countries of the global South in 1964 “to articulate and promote their collective economic interests and enhance their joint negotiating capacity,” according to the group’s website.

Today it has 134 members, among which the website lists China although the Asian giant says it is not a full member.

Cuba took over the rotating presidency in January.

Latin American leaders such as Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, Colombia’s Gustavo Petro, and Argentina’s Alberto Fernandez were present at the summit, alongside Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Angola’s Joao Lourenco and Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will arrive on Friday night.

– ‘Unjust’ international order –

China is represented by top Communist Party official Li Xi, who said his country “will always make South-South” cooperation a priority” in its dealings with the outside world.

The meeting should conclude Saturday with a statement underscoring “the right to development in an increasingly exclusive, unfair, unjust and plundering international order,” the foreign minister of host Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez, told reporters on Wednesday.

A draft of the closing statement underlines the many obstacles facing developing nations, and includes “a call for the establishment of a new economic world order,” he said.

Guterres has recently attended a rash of multilateral summits, including a gathering of the G20 club of major economies in India and the BRICS group that includes Russia.

Ahead of the Havana meeting, Guterres said “this multiplicity of summits reflects the growing multipolarity of our world.”

And he warned that “multipolarity could be a factor for escalating geostrategic tensions, with tragic consequences.”

The G77 meeting comes after key changes in global blocs.

The African Union has joined the G20 group of the world’s most powerful economies, and the BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — trade group for emerging economies has expanded to admit six new members.

– ‘A valid interlocutor’ –

The presence of world leaders on its soil amounts to a recognition for the Cuban government even as the country battles its worst economic crisis in 30 years, one analyst told AFP.

“Despite the difficulties of the moment, Cuba has been recognized as a valid interlocutor,” said Cuban international relations expert Arturo Lopez-Levy, a visiting professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The communist-ruled island is still under the yoke of US sanctions first imposed in 1962.

Diaz-Canel has in recent months represented the G77+China at several international meetings including a June global financial summit in Paris and an EU meeting in July with Latin American and Caribbean states.


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During the autumn equinox of September 23, 2023, the gate of the sacred moment opens. The sacred moment comes into your life through a deep experience. This moment of sacred silence will bring about a lot of movement in your system. It is the start of awakening in unity and it brings balance to duality.

During the autumn equinox, the sun is directly above the Equator and the day and night are of equal length. In this moment of unity, everything will be shrouded in silence and perhaps you will sleep and experience this moment in dreamtime. You may have felt this moment of silence before, but it was more of a distant memory. Maybe your mind was somewhere else at that moment and you wandered off for a moment, but you will never forget this feeling of unity. Even if it was just a nanosecond.


This sacred moment now emerges on earth and a deep memory of a beautiful paradise emerges in your memory. The vibration of your consciousness may then become one with all that is divine.

At one certain moment the entire earth will be immersed in this sacred moment, you will experience this consciously or unconsciously. Some are already being prepared and can pass on this Sacral energy. The new earth is about love and unity, the battle in duality continues until it is no longer possible and ceases to exist. Many are now saying goodbye to the struggling warrior on the path of inequality.


The hardened souls will take down their shield, because they are no longer afraid. The struggle of the old does not belong to the new earth. Those who idealize only one side will automatically distance themselves from those who want to live from the sacred. After all, they are multi-dimensional.

Yet there is still a lot of confusion, protect yourself from the sudden panic in a conflict: ‘Withdraw and then calm down first, don’t judge. Let go of everything for a moment and come back to your own core. Go inside and first look behind the reasons why someone does or says something, before you put up your shield again and go to battle in a hardened layer.


When you are deeply hurt, look carefully at the boundaries of your system, is it outdated and no longer suits you? The sacred moment provides a new feeling of freedom and unity. In this energy you open your heart to everyone, but know that there are still many searching from a combative layer and they will knock you over and hit you with their poisonous arrows where they can. Exactly where you feel the love flowing, they will fight it.


They don’t know any better and act from an old impulse. The old pain in their system has become hardened and they attack anything that sounds different from what they preach. Step away from the hardened person when you have reached the sacred moment.


Please note that the sacred path may be discovered in layers, because how does that path proceed? This can also be a phase of instability. you cannot yet stay firmly in the light, but keep falling down into the lower emotions. Advice: Walk the path of the earthly deer, from gentleness. (See previous post).

The Sacred Moment will lead you to a softness of vibration, which is very high and subtle. Some souls go back and forth, one moment they end up in love and are taken into the soft layer, but when they are attacked, their old boundaries resurface from hardening. They still have to learn to convert this old shield into a new protection of light.


Waking up occurs in waves and phases. It can make you combative or even angry. You go to war against these souls who sleep or deceive you. Know that your trauma can play a role in this feeling of anger towards the outside world. You become offended when others do not treat you well or react differently. Know that you are part of duality and probably cannot oversee everything yet.

Waking up in the next phase: Your perspective increases as you realize how duality works and especially how you yourself work. Growing further in the awakening process is only possible if you are open to innovation and change within yourself. Many get stuck in a limited awakening process. This means that you continue to move in the warrior mentality and always keep kicking at the outside world or politics. Go within and see again and again who you really are. This never ends and don’t be too quick to think that you already know everything.



This autumn the deer can guide you to a new experience of softness, follow the path of softness and train yourself to look from a different layer. Don’t just look at what the other person is doing to you, but also listen to the opponent’s story. What do others say about you? Do you immediately react with hurt? Then take a step back and look at it from different angles… Adjust your opinion and expand your perspective, through empathy you can experience much more. Develop this.


Some carry a cosmic light code in their DNA and they can make multidimensional contact and communicate. This gives a completely different view on certain situations. When this is opened in the higher frequency for you, you may continue to grow as a Sacral being and experience transcendent experiences. Star children come here to earth from a multi-dimensional world and carry this memory in their hearts.

As a multidimensional being, you can become frustrated with others because you are not understood. Your intelligence responds differently to dual matters and your brain is wired differently. It doesn’t just make other connections, it connects everything. You function in a completely different way and those with cosmic gifts have a sacred connection with the world of light.

When this awareness opens, it can cause confusion if the environment blocks it. The memories from the light world of what it could be like make you rebellious or depressed. Do not get confused with the dual laws and the laws from the light world, these are completely different. Keep these well separated, accept how duality works and realize how light can be experienced in this duality. You can do more than you think, you can ascend and work together with the light.


The ability to have a transcendent ability is present from an early age and these children or adults often have transcendent experiences on a regular basis.

Some are treated incorrectly by their teacher, psychiatrist or counselor. They are given labels that are incorrect and then they are taught to make connections with the lower worlds. The parents of these children are often confused or even very hardened.

When this person unlearns how to work with their transcendent abilities on earth, they can end up in a downward spiral, in which suicide fulfills their last wish. The desire to be in the light becomes an obsession. Let it go and try to do good deeds on earth. Help others, that is healing.


The sacred moment will reach these people in the higher part of their consciousness and they will remember how this works. They rise to open like-minded souls in a multi-dimensional, sacred and transcendent experience. They carry this DNA with light codes in their genes and in their higher consciousness. The earthly and the light will then come together and become one.

Transcendent is living from softness, peace, silence and joy. In addition, the human part also experiences emotions and duality is very difficult for them. They are often not heard, understood or seen in their higher state. When they withdraw and build their own ‘temple’ or community, they can be themselves in peace.

Aggression, a lot of anger, harsh words or receiving thought patterns in a harsh way destroys their sacred energy, to protect themselves they can lash out and become completely upset. Hysteria as an outlet can arise when they become so overstimulated that nothing else is possible. This can especially occur in young people who are stuck in their adulthood. When blockages keep arising and they cannot spread their transcendent wings, they become psychologically confused and alienated from themselves.

They will now ascend and release themselves from duality.


The sacred moment will also have an impact in politics, the many shifts that are taking place are the preparation for a new wave of compassion. It reinforces the searching way that now goes up and down in waves. A new circle of awareness and compassion is increasingly emerging. Continue to have faith in a new world and try to move the sacred thoughts to a higher level.

Distrust and negativity maintain the old, which causes everything to block. Feel carefully what you stand for, is it the soft sacred energy that is subtly present, or do you choose the hard approach of rejection and disbelief? Renewal means painting a new picture for what is yet to come. If you paint everything black and dark… then you remain stuck in a traumatic world full of pain.

It is everyone’s choice which world will be formed and it starts in the thoughts of one person. What do you broadcast? Trust or distrust and what does the energy you experience feel like? Is your voice hard and loud when you speak or soft and loving?


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Open your Eyes

To achieve full consciousness, trust your own intuition. Unfortunately, people still say, “What other choice do I have than to trust our leaders?” Clearly, these people have chosen not to open their eyes and mind, to see that we are on the road to world domination controlled by criminal Deep State Elites.

These people are unwilling to think for themselves, to join the growing number of people united against the process of world transformation.

The rotten mindset of the cabal is being revealed viz. their final plan of the New World Order; the population 90% slaughtered, civilisation destroyed to make the rest serfs for the Archon bloodline elites.

Sentence Quoted from a secret protocol from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1950:

“We shall have World Government, whether or not people like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands chaired seventy-years ago in 1954, the inauguration of the secretive Bilderberg group, a sister alliance of the CFR, in Oosterbeek, a suburb of Arnhem in the Netherlands.

Government is people’s greatest enemy

If we humans do not realise, that oppression by governments has been happening for centuries, we will not be able to accomplish the liberation of planet Earth. Wake up and take matters into your own hands by showing that freedom on planet Earth is a right that Father/Mother GOD has given us, i.e. every citizen on Earth.

Remember; government is always the problem, never the solution. After more than 20 years of lingering and deepening recession, it is now time to change course.

In a democracy, governments are elected by the people to serve them, but not to play authoritarian dictator, as has always been the case. Governments use all power and resources to negatively affect your way of life.

They have the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture you. Use young men and women to fight wars in foreign countries that pose no threat. They regulate and impede businesses, distribute [ fake] money, make trade more difficult through embargoes and sanctions, and control everything that comes in to mind.

Governments clearly do not serve the people, worse, they are the enemy of the people.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolute. The type of people attracted to government like to control and oppress other people. Contrary to popular belief, this is why the worst qualified people – not the capable ones – get into government. So these are certainly not the most capable or brightest intellects that govern.

Enforcing security checks at airports without ‘real protection’ is nothing else than the creation occupation for government faithful. You better wonder who will protect us from government supported theft, violence, to terrorise innocent while robbing and destroying their own country.

People entrust justice to an institution that is obscenely corrupt and shady. People are raised to stay under surveillance handing over their freedoms and abilities to their government; they dare not do otherwise because they will be arrested.

The power of modern representative government is that it misleads the masses by making them believe that they too are insiders. They are encouraged to vote and believe that their vote really counts. Practice has proven otherwise.

The Bankers Control Government

Simply put, the bankers control government in almost every country. This has been the case ever since the formation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank in 1913, and in Europe centuries earlier.

Their grip has been further solidified with the removal of the gold standard in 1971. For the most part, the public believes that governments receive money via the taxes collected from its citizens. This money in turn, so is believed, is what pays for all of the services and programs needed to keep a country functioning. However, this is not the case at all. Instead, not one penny paid to the government actually pays for any service or program.

The money collected from citizens goes directly to the privately owned Central Banks. This is the way central banks actually work; The Central Bank loans money to, and buys the debts of the government. But, the banks do not really have the money they lend, but when they need it, they just print it. The money they print is not worth anything because there is nothing valuable that backs it. In the past the United States Dollar was backed through the so-called “Gold Standard” and exactly that determined the value of the currency.

The business model of Central Banksters is control. They put governments in debt to control them by creating worthless money and lending it to the government, which then has to listen to what the banksters tell them. Otherwise, they go after the real assets, that is why governments and people go into debt on a massive scale.

The central banks don’t want to give up this control mechanism, they insist on maintaining their debt-based control system.

The entire economic system has been breaking down since 2008. The banks created an illusion to make everyone believe the economy has recovered, but as is now known and seen by many, it did not.

The same central banks are getting ready to bring down the economy, but they first need someone to blame. However, they have started announcing that it may happen as soon as this year.

Everything is a lie can you imagine a world without lawyers?

We live in a time out of touch with reality; societies are run without vision and trust, nothing has been learned from the past about what governing really means.

Government itself is fake, phony and false, everything is a lie. The fabric of society and its culture is a hologram, neither real nor true. Wake up; and let’s start by getting rid of the liars and hypocrites. For all purposes, society in all its manifestations must be corrected, whether people like it or not, change will come.

Our lives and those of our children and future generations depend on us taking the right step now. How will we ever explain to our grandchildren that we allowed this to happen, when we now have the means to prevent it?

Abolish, all Central Banks, they are the main culprits of our current woes, they are going to lose out in this current financial crisis, they themselves have created. A return to sound money is the first thing to go.

All current governments must also be abolished and greatly reduced to 10% of their current size and influence. The world will function much better in a free market environment without regulation.

Disclosure of the past

The Ottoman Turks, the Habsburgs of Austria, the Bourbons of France and the Holy See conspired in the past to create a system of banking and trust that still exists today. The origins of the Fractional Reserve Banking System they created can be found in the ancient treasuries of Rome, Persia, India and China and in many world empires today. In Medieval Europe, control of this system was handed over to the Pope and a group of affiliated monarchs.

Do not be confused, for the underlying patterns of freedom are gaining necessary power at a divinely determined pace. The Deep State cabal was soulless when Trump won the election in 2016, they are panicking and trying to hold on to the semblance of control they think they still have. Which is not the case!

They did not think of awakening of the people and they did not think we would go after them. We are taking back our control at all levels, they are no match for all of us together, awakened and united against them.

Together, with the help of the Galactic Federation, Q-organisation, the Lightworkers and patriots, it is time to rid planet Earth of the evil that has been preying on us humans for a hundred thousands of centuries.

Democracy is the problem – Anarchy the natural solution

Government is the problem, not the solution. After 15 years of deepening recession, it is time to change course. In a democracy, governments are elected by the people to serve them, but not to be the authoritarian dictator, as is the case now.

The biggest problem is, people generally think, this system is more virtuous. Like its inability to create wealth or value in markets, which is the only evidence people need to judge its true fairness.

Deceptively, these high and mighty institutions look something like this:

They steal the productive wealth of people who raise the standard of living.

Use that money to regulate disadvantaged and less productive people to keep them in poverty.

They encourage much of the population to live in dependence on the government, and point fingers at outsiders whose productive wealth was stolen in the first place as the primary cause of the problems, just to enrich themselves in the process and support the “guilty capitalists” who are insiders.

Anarchy is deliberately described by the media as hooligans rampaging through the streets, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and inconveniencing others.

In fact, it means the opposite. The official media have appropriated the word to use it for exactly the opposite of what it stands for. What they have made of it is a conveniently confusing definition that serves the purposes of governments.

Governments oversee the suppression of individuals within their territories and often declare wars against people within foreign borders, such as Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.

Properly understood, the term anarchy is derived from the Greek word anarchy, which correctly translated means “without a ruler”. Essentially, it is “Freedom” not to be enslaved and forced against your will.

Freedom to act voluntarily, freedom to associate with whomever one wishes on whatever terms one wishes, provided these do not hinder the ability of others to enjoy the same Freedom.

Rather than fearing anarchy, it is in many ways the natural solution to our problems. Anyone who doubts this will have difficulty reconciling themselves to the fact that 99% of their most critical life decisions are made within a private state of anarchy! A thoughtful read!

The population is unaware that the government is in the service of the people to run the country or state. The reality is that ultimately the power lies with the people, for they have a constitutional right to determine what should and should not be done.

In case of non-compliance, the government can be sent home. So, in the case of failure to act in the interest of the country and/or the people, the people take back their trust and dismiss the government and take control themselves.

Consciousness and Unity break the power of the Deep State and their minions. In reality, the drafted Covid mandates and measures erode people’s social consciousness. It takes some understanding to identify the social engineering programmes of the global elite to avoid falling victim to them.

The global elite want 90% depopulation. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, with the power and wealth in their own pockets, in other words communism.

Consciousness and Oneness are the immediate obstacle to these plans. Now, they want to take away everything of value and lock up the remaining population in camps. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and improving the climate, which arguments are lies.

If everyone is quarantined and driven around in electric vehicles with limited range, that can be better controlled. Be assured that all climate and other new regulations are designed to confine the rest of us to restricted areas, such as FEMA camps, among others.

What people should really be afraid of is not the fear of dying from a non-existent virus or Covid infection, but of the tyrants running the world. They scare people until they submit to their goal of total tyrannical control in the once free world. On no planet of the many millions in the Universe has the population ever been so intensely oppressed as on planet Earth!

What has happened to us is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable, that is the reason, we receive solid help from our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. Be grateful for that from your heart.

Watch this video below ‘The Secret of Oz’ to fully understand how we the people are enslaved via the money system.

A once in a live time video to understand centuries of endured oppression. Knowing all this is a must to break free! Once enough people understand this fraud we all have freed ourselves.


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From Pleiadian teachings we know there are 200+ million starseeds currently incarnated as human.

Most of them don’t know it yet. Over half of all starseeds are Pleiadian and Arcturian souls.

Those who feel drawn to this information are likely starseeds. Those who can’t understand anything I’m sharing are likely Earth-native souls.

Starseed: A soul choosing to experience life on another world as another species, who returns home after physical death. On Earth, this is often a higher being with connections to Galactic Federation.

Earth-native: A soul that has experienced life only on Earth, through many perspectives, evolving from primitive to more advanced forms, reincarnating many times, with Guidance by higher beings.

Starseeds are here for both the experience and to assist Earth ascend.

There are more starseeds incarnated now than ever before because so many want to experience the Shift as human.

UFOs currently being seen are soul family and friends of incarnated starseeds.

Earth-native souls are here because there’s nowhere else for them to go.

There’s no soul trap.

Galactic Federation found life evolving naturally on Earth who they saved from extinction and have continually assisted to this day.

Ascension is for Earth-native souls, not starseeds.

Both starseeds and Earth-native souls are completely human during this 3D experience.

We are all eternal souls with temporary human bodies.

All souls are old souls.

As humans, the practical differences between starseeds and Earth-native souls are with soul plans, quantity of DNA strands and DNA uploads & downloads.

Starseeds may arrive with specific talents or skills, intuition to work in a certain area, or ambition to achieve a particular goal. DNA downloads allow deeper concepts to be understood, like what I’m sharing.

Both starseeds and Earth-native souls have Guides. Guides are family to starseeds and were often human friends to Earth-native souls in previous lifetimes.

When I share starseed origins for famous people, there’s often surprise a starseed could have done something bad – ‘How can this person be a higher being when they did this awful thing?’ – or even suggest the soul origin has some connection to an evil deed.

Starseeds agree to forget who they are and don’t behave as higher beings.

Humans don’t have memory recall of past lives, but every experience is recorded by the akashic and soul. This is why we can go inward to meditate and access wisdom.

All humans are flawed. Everyone has been a villain in a past life. Light and dark forces are always trying to influence us, but they can’t make our choices for us. Our personal choices determines our outcomes.

I (Kab) am a Pleiadian-incarnated soul having a human experience.

I have the same problems as anyone else. I’m able to share this information and these messages because in the Pleiades, my parents are Elder Ikai and Aya of Taygeta.

This is my soul plan.

Some humans are quick to label all life in the universe as evil without any self-awareness of the evils done by humans.

What do you think higher beings think about a planet where the intelligent species rapes, murders, enslaves and fights endless wars against its own?

Humans have great potential but need help.

There are beings you will soon meet who love humans unconditionally and have been helping for a very long time.

They call Earth “KISHAPOLEE”, which means ‘Child of Mine’.

They send many of their own to live among you and are preparing the greatest gift any planet has ever received. Please don’t say anything you’ll regret later when these loving and powerful beings step out of their crafts to greet us at the Shift.

You will experience it in this lifetime.

Sooner than you might think.


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Foreword by Mike Quinsey: Many people have yet to accept that life much like ours abounds in the Universe and look for concrete proof that it does exist. It was found near Nazca, Peru in 2017 by J.Maussan. A photograph clearly shows the upper part of a mummified body with near human features around 1000 years old, an elongated head, a long neck, 3 fingers on each hand and implants of Osmium and Cadmium.

22 September, 2023

The demands upon you still grow and for many life progressively gets harder with no signs of relief. Changes still continue and many are forced upon you and are unavoidable through circumstance beyond your control. The results are the consequences of much that is inevitable as Mother Nature carries on with the cleansing of the planet. In the long run it will be seen as being to your benefit. So do not be perturbed by what is happening as there is a purpose for what is happening and it is not as random as it may first appear. Matters could not have been left as they were and consequently events outside of your control had to be introduced.

As your planet continues to enter a new area in Space so the changes will continue that also affect Human Beings. There is already evidence of much taller and slimmer beings amongst the younger ones that is a sign of the future. Your ancient history shows that over long periods of time many different races have come and gone from giants to pygmies before the present human form was decided upon. However, a truly physical body could not be sustained in the new coming higher energies, so it changes into a finer body that is no longer subject to the ravages of time. It will also be free from illness and heal instantly from harm.

When this cycle began you knew that by your reckoning it would take a long time to pass. That time looms large and every soul has an opportunity to raise their vibrations and ascend. To that end we will help you when you have made the decision to raise yourself up by being positive and living accordingly. You will be surprised how easy it is to stay positive once you have made up your mind to do so, and you will be much happier with a greater sense of fulfilment. “Do unto others as you would for yourself” is a good way of living and giving. If you have been born with any particular talents that you can use for the benefit of all people use them and know that you are making good use of them. Remember that you came upon Earth with a life plan and are equipped to carry it out.

Every soul has help from their Guides but it is not forced upon them as that would go against their freewill. As we have told you on several occasions we can only pass on a thought to you as to the best way to do things, but never continued with unless you have already agreed with it. You will find life goes along a lot smoother when you are positive and do all you can to help others. The reward is in the satisfaction of knowing you have helped another soul on their spiritual journey. However, like attracts like so you can expect your life to be fulfilling.

Humans are by nature gentle and loving souls but the mix on Earth presents many challenging situations, because of the souls at different levels of evolution. It can prove to be a very testing time but is certainly a quick way to evolve, particularly if you have to mix or work with lesser evolved beings. You clearly have something to offer and your presence can help uplift them. The whole purpose of life is to learn how to help each other because as we often mention, you are all brothers and sisters on a long journey together.

For souls who have come to Earth on a mission be assured they get all the help they need to be successful. Events or happenings can be arranged to enable them to carry out their life plan to help other people as obviously success will help so many. Sometimes souls come to Earth to carry out specialised tasks so they are partnered with more evolved souls. Part of success is to be protected from the negative ones who will go to any lengths to prevent your Ascension. Their prime target is to keep souls in the dark as to their true spiritual selves, and stop them becoming aware that they can break the cycle of continually re-birthing on Earth.

It all sounds complicated but your pathway has been carefully planned and discussed with you prior to birth. So you may not be aware of help but it is given for you many times when needed along with protection from those who would harm you. When danger threatens your Guides are aware of it and take action to protect you and your life plan. Trying to imagine how everything runs so smoothly when so many people are involved is almost impossible. For you the most important thing is success and being able to keep out of danger so that you can fulfil the tasks you accepted.

Life has its ups and downs but you have to deal with them peacefully and ensure your vibrations are kept as high as possible. Be assured you will feel all the better for it and get great satisfaction from your work. There is a joyful time to come when your tasks have been successfully completed and you return to the higher levels, to again meet your family and friends who passed over before you. Can you imagine the joy and happiness on such an occasion – it is time for celebrations for sure. We often mention that when you pass over you do not carry the changes resulting from old age, disease or injury. You become young again because your body is subject to your positive thoughts as you see yourself changing for the better.

Dear Ones, you are wonderful souls who volunteered to go back to Earth to help Mother Earth recover from many centuries of disturbance and damage, mainly caused by wars and Mans disregard for nature. It is only now that Man is becoming aware of how he has caused so much damage to it and the many forms of life. Many lessons are being learned but it will take a long time to reverse the damage that has been done. You have been enlightened many times as to your responsibility to Mother Earth and the life forms upon it. We hope that as the changes take place they will provide a suitable habitat for all forms of life.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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So Chelas, I have decided to do something different with this current transmission. Due to the needed explanations you should have to better understand the information I will be sharing with you, I am making this transmission a two-parter. There is too much to tell you ones about that does need to be explained. Too much you need to be aware of. So today we meet again to begin to discuss what you do not know as well as what you think you know. So very much has happened since my last message to all of you that it would be difficult to try to find a beginning for this transmission. In other words, it matters not where I begin this day; every day for the remainder of your lives will continue to be altered. As shall you yourself. Humanity has become a very mixed bag of diverse minds struggling to make sense out of no-sense. This calendar year 2023 is the year of contiguous changes. You will find that to be true in all facets of your lives.

Up until November 1, 2022, people have wittingly as well as unwittingly placed an indelible caste distinction over the entirety of the human races. They did so thereby further separating cultures from other cultures and beliefs from others’ beliefs, thinking that this was what they were supposed to do. Why did they do so? Because they always have.

For many peoples it was always the way they had been raised that birthed caste distinction. However, for millions and millions of other peoples, they were used to taking whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to. Strange thing about “caste;” only the most dimwitted people were and still are unaware that it depicts them as true racists, bigots, self-righteous but not truly righteous peoples and “the walking dead.”  They are, all the groups I am speaking of, still yearning and CRAVING their former “normal.” NO, none of them realize they were and still are addicted to their former normal. Now everyone, I welcome you all to the new normal. Not everything is as it should be yet but each day brings all of you a day closer to living in the new normal in totality.

You are now each living without a time-governor strapped to your back. It does indeed require periods of adjustment to still work within the confines of the illusion of time while adapting to the knowledge and actions required to live outside of the time-illusions. And to do so while KNOWING this IS the right thing to do. Professions require you to adhere to time-created actions, as do schools etc. Many peoples across the world however are realizing the intense sometimes emotional sensations they experience as a direct result of the COVID panicdemic forcing peoples to stay home. They can work from home whenever possible and further experience the sense of lightness, and lack of mental and physical pressure which allows them to feel freedom at last. The humanmade monstrous COVID has resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths all across Anastasis, just as it was intended to. You ones truly have no knowledge of the true statistics of peoples’ deaths. It is far better that you do not know.

No, it is NOT over; it never will be. “Worse” will continue to become even more so; as the illusion of time moves forward. There is however an extreme backlash WE have all set into place as severe punishment assails all those insane scientists and medical doctors who rallied forth and obeyed their government and let this behemoth loose … AGAIN. This goes back to “there are some details you are better off not knowing about. It, not knowing, will keep you safe.” You see Advocates, I have been trying so hard to get you ones to understand that sometimes one must actually have experiences in their lives about so many different things before they can truly understand the exquisite and sometimes painful feelings and emotions which assail them as a result of the experiences and their newly acquired understandings of them. So, the only true good that resulted as the outcome of the preplanned COVID plague is that it brought you to your knees in some cases, yet elevated you ones to leap above COVID in many other cases. Those who have leapt and have true reality in front of them instead of the long ago created illusions that have blinded them are only sorry that it took so long and at a terrible cost to this world for them to awaken and leave illusions behind. No more rose-colored glasses for them.

That is the strange result of tasting the nectar of the Gods; once it has been tasted regardless of HOW it came to be, that nectar which is freedom can never be forgotten. Clearer heads-minds, the abilities of all your Clairs to start or restart in more expansive ways will aid each of you whether it is Clairsentience, Clairaudience, or any of the other Clairs. They will do so with your innate realizations that your own Power of Mind has picked you up and placed you on the Spiral Staircase and will not fail you in your pursuit of freedom for all good Souls and it will never let you down!

Now, you have to play the game that illusions have mastered but YOU have to play it better. Planetizens, you must all remember that illusions are superficial creations. They cannot see within your minds. So, if you feel/sense that you are being looked at too closely by those who are not likeminded Souls, keep what you know as well as other information you are gathering inside your minds, for they will not look there. They never do. They lack that expertise. They look for all the superficial illusions they believe you still have. Keep your eyes wide-open and your mouth shut! Yes, it is possible and welcomed to look at life now from the inside of your minds. Practice makes perfect.

Your physical vehicles will work with you. Your bodily functions will begin altering to align with its new environment and its very new weather conditions. Your own Chakra systems will lead the way for them. It is what they do. All those who have now cojoined with you; all your Maji groupings and all the Travelers who too are now all over Anastasis are watching the signals your bodies, minds and Spirits are sending them. These groupings are leaping in to assist you in all ways and always. Most of you ones have been out of touch with the true reality that your bodies know more about you than you know about yourselves. Face this truth now Advocates! Living in the new normal is not merely essential to you and for you, only those who do so shall survive. It is what it is.

In the new normal you can and are encouraged to Create great Cyclical Changes here while you are still in mortal form. Do not just think about change. BECOME change. You see Advocates, it really is much simpler now that so many millions of you ones are no longer carrying an albatross on your backs. The dark ones never wanted any of humanity to understand and then act upon Creation of Change. They KNEW how simple it is to make changes happen. So in the former “normal” they made sure that all but the really wealthy peoples would ultimately give up any notions of altering vicissitudes because the peoples were programed to believe it was too hard to do. Thus the peoples succumbed by just following in the footsteps of others who capitulated. Do you see?

Now, use a handheld voice recorder or have an abundance of notebooks handy and begin your list of changes. No, I intentionally did not teach you about this before because too many of you were not ready. Ergo yet another reason for this two parter. You too had believed for a long time in that dreaded belief of “no pain, no gain.” Yet it was part of the former normal; whether you want to believe it or not does not matter. In the former normal so many millions of once good personalities worked with the tainted Souls and those tainted personalities and as part of their unholy unaware alliance did all they could to keep good peoples “in the dark.” It was work, work, work harder and harder to try to get what was dangled in front of you sans any Spirituality. They dangled a carrot and BANG everybody dove for it! Many became used to “the ends justify the means” belief.

And playtime had become synonymous with demoralized, almost sociopathic behavior living in the bars and clubs and yes, especially the coffee cliques. I will not even bother to bring up all the adulterous actions or the “dressing for sex” normal lifestyles! That is just too degrading.

So, now using your recorder or notebook begin to write a serious docudrama in simple language. Give your note a title, one that you like, a title that appeals to you. Write your name on the heading too. Then carefully think about what you want to see change and how you can contribute to the changes. Be realistic; no pipe dreams, no fantasies. When you begin writing, write about what you are going to do to achieve your goals. Take your time and allow Power of Mind and your Soul Voice to guide you. If you are out of practice doing anything like this then be patient. You are adapting to your new normal life. Once you feel you have had a breakthrough start relaxing more when working on this. After your initial breakthrough things will become easier for you to do this. Do not be hard on yourself and do not try to make it perfect.

Millions and millions of you all across Anastasis either already have begun to have missing time episodes or will be very shortly. Those incidents are occurring naturally. Of course it may not seem that way for you when they happen. Time and all that time represents to you is changing just as it should. Missing time is simply certain elements of time being erased. You were never meant to remember everything. Yes, it can be frustrating for you especially if you have a reason for wanting to remember it. But if it is simply taking up space in your mind then it is not that important. However, most of the time what is missing returns to you just long enough for you to piece that information together. When it is important enough for you to do that it returns. Unfortunately, many peoples start to think there is something wrong with them, but in fact there is not. Also though, there is the missing time factor that can happen when you may find yourself on a trip or a long drive and suddenly do not know how you got to where you “landed.” You may have no memory of that incident or logical reason why or how it happened. Yes, those missing time incidents can happen even if you have another person in the car with you. Neither of you will have any ideas or memories OF it happening. Those periods are when for some important reasons you need to be taken aboard ship and given information then returned somewhere not too far from where you were. Obviously, I am not going to explain what any of those reasons were or are. In due time you will be told. Now in your new normal you will experience them more often.

Now, Advocates in this new life force you are experiencing it is making it easier for you to recognize peoples whose lives revolve around mind-ruts. It is true that the more a person obsesses over certain situations or certain people the deeper the rut becomes. Well, how you tolerated them before the new normal arrived just shows how hard you tried to deal with them. Now however when you encounter the mind-rut people your body will feel very uncomfortable and your mind will try to pull you away from them. Your Clairsentience will push you rather hard to put much distance between them and yourself. Do not wait just get away from them and put as much distance between yourselves as possible. The ruts are controlling their lives and the people they control are rapidly losing the last vestiges of humanity. They have become even more dangerous than they were. Your new normal will not sit idly by and allow you to become one of those other people. Walk away quickly … while you can.

Part two will take you deep into the throes of revelation. You will learn how to look beyond face value and see what is really going on and how I can teach you to learn from separating illusions from truth. Be prepared, I am taking my time in order to teach you all so that you may teach others correctly and you may spend the rest of your mortality seeing everything you need to see and disposing of all those things that you misbelieved for almost your whole life.

“Standing back-to-back, shoulder to shoulder” is in the previous “Battle on the Homefront” transmission should you need to review this. Memorize the words in that particular part of the transmission. You will need to rely on them in order to survive.

Three words you MUST memorize and put into practice at all times, Escape, regroup, STAND. This is how you defeat the beast. In this order, this is how you leave everything behind that is not relevant to your new life. This is how you save yourself and all those who you love. So be prepared, you have lots of homework to do on the next transmission. What you have been tasked with on this transmission will prepare you for that.

For now, I am asking each of you to be vigilant; for your life may depend on it.

I am off to check final exams from those who have proceeded you… Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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Tomorrow is a day of note, but not necessarily for some strategic, gobsmacking event. It will, however, be the Autumnal Equinox; the first day of autumn, when we may by some estimations crack open the fall season, and kick off the accelerated fall of the cabal.

Big stuff we didn’t cover yesterday… You can’t make this up. Trump has been saying for a long time that he could end the war in mere hours and now after the media claimed Russia lost the war, the little twerp wants Trump to negotiate peace? LOL

NEW: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ? has called on former President Trump to disclose his peace plan to end the war with Russia instead of waiting for the outcome of the 2024 US presidential election.

Today Trump is talking about ending the “pause” so it is sounding like the plan to have him back in office is coming together.


Rupert Murdoch bowed out at Fox—doubtless at the encouragement/direction of the White Hats.

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox and News Corp chairman in favour of son Lachlan


I listened to a number of excellent interviews and will share some below.

This David Icke interview is fantastic. 1 hr. 16 min.

How The Pieces Fit (And They All Do If You Go Deep Enough) – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Michael Jaco posted the following:


Mike also did this update today. I have heard a number of people talking about knowing who you are fall-owing/listening to because the fake patriots are fall-ing away. We have an excellent cadre of trustworthy, honourable, informed, and specially trained people to rely on now. We need to be wary of messengers spreading fear porn and spouting things we want to hear that may not be true. If we buy into the fear, we may inadvertently help to create those kind of events.

The good military is working behind the scenes to adjust the takedown of DS OPS.

Miscellaneous things catch my eye occasionally, and I wonder if this was the good RCMP or the compromised ones—not that the CBC would tell us the truth. If they are reporting on it, it’s probably to cover it up and put out disinformation.


This is getting more common: switching political parties.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson switches to Republican Party

I’m not sure if Real Raw News is partially intended to wake the woke and asleep military or what their angle is.

Body Doubles Meet At United Nations

It’s Friday night, again, and we wish everyone a great weekend. See you next time… whenever that might be.

A neighbour has a Golden with lymphoma so I am putting together a collection of information they might use to heal their dog without wasting any more money on chemo. The more I seek, the more I find, so I am optimistic. Telegram is a treasure trove of resources to share from articles to videos to websites and personal experiences.  ~ BP

Eli poolside
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In addition to the topic addressed in Our Past (see – Disclosure News, 19 September 2023), on this same day, at 06:57 PM CET, the Lightwarriors’ ground team shared their personal technique of how they are cleansing from karma infection and prevent its new forming in selves. Perhaps their experience and hints will be useful to someone.

To increase the efficiency of that work, some perform it under meditative music, others – under a soft bell ringing, others – in absolute silence. But the main condition is a sincere intention, coming from the bottom of the heart. Mechanical execution, as a sort of duty, should be categorically avoided.

It is advisable to carry out that procedure before going to bed, or in the morning, after waking up. How exactly?

1. Enter a meditative state, relax.

2. Recall the main moments of the day, analyze whether they could lead to the formation of karma. At the same time, it is important to take into account that our actions (conscious or unconscious) to other people or events, as well as NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND ESPECIALLY EMOTIONS can lead to this. For example, against those reckless fire-eaters who rudely and brazenly violate the road rules. Usually such karma manifests and remains forever in the form of the local reality segment distortion when occurred.

3. If we remember a potentially karma-forming event, we need to tune in to it as if we are reliving it and imagine a different course of its development, favorable and without negative action.

4. Send the Light and Love of our heart to this event. If we believe that a karma-forming action has been committed towards us by another person or a group of people, sincerely, from the bottom of our heart, FORGIVE THEM.

5. If we believe that the karma-forming action was committed by us in relation to another person or a group of people, sincerely, from the bottom of our heart, ASK THEM TO FORGIVE US.

6. As a rule, at the moment of negative action, emotions and thoughts, karma is formed not only in a person, but also in space, where the KARMA OF REALITY appears. To annihilate it, direct Light and Love from our heart to that area (including residential or other premises) where it happened. As if it is flooded with Love and Light and returns to an ideal state.

We can also mentally turn to Karma Lords and ask them to take a direct part in correcting of this space-time continuum section, which we or others have distorted, and temporarily place it in our multidimensional body for recovery.

In this case, a segment is usually entered corresponding to the event at the time when it occurred. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt. Heart vibrations can only jump up and a feeling of heat on the face. But it’s even useful as prep for the transition into 4D. The same technique can be repeated at that place, if we ever will be there again.

Sometimes Lightwarriors use anti-karmic express-technique when, due to various circumstances, they haven’t time, opportunity and strength for long-term work. The timing is the same: in the evening or in the morning.

1. Enter a meditative state, relax.

2. Sincerely, from the bottom of our heart apologize to everyone we’ve wronged, caused harm, pain, suffering, willingly or unwittingly.

3. Sincerely, wholeheartedly ask for forgiveness from everyone who has caused us evil, pain, suffering, willingly or unwittingly.

4. Send the Light and Love of our heart to possible karma-forming situations.

5. Send Light and Love from our heart to the Earth’s reality field, in which karma-forming situations could occur.

6. Send the Light and Love of our heart to entire Earth, mentally imagine how their waves spreads through it.

Such are the hints… The power of our thoughts and emotions not only drives our actions, but also shapes future events and our destiny. We are personally responsible for how we think, feel and act, and the Universe will never allow the influx of our dirt in it. Each of us has free will and choice freedom. Every positive thought, consciously or unconsciously thrown into space, is a blessing. It is realized as a vibration, infinitely subtle, but has a truly cosmic power.

A lot of terrible things are happening right now. Aggression, hatred and malice are spreading everywhere. Under their impact, we further amplify negative energies, plunging the world into chaos and darkness, slowing down our evolution, destroying the energy field of our existence. If we stop resisting evil, it will destroy us. The wasp prefers to die, but still stings. So the evil people, knowing that they are doomed and spiritual death awaits them, still try to make malicious mischief.

Today, one of the greatest battles is taking place on the physical and Subtle Plane. The new era brings a new consciousness. Take it. Everything that ever happens to us in life happens for a reason, there are explanations for it. We must be aware and clearly understand the significance of our thoughts and actions, and learn to correct their karmic ramifications. Good luck to all of us.


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Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

This is a beautiful time to be alive there on planet Earth because of how much you have yet to discover about yourselves, about your world and about your history. Humanity is about to have its socks blown off. You can imagine how much more there is to uncover in regards to the human Earth experience because you know that recorded history only goes back so far. You know that there has been so much that you have discovered already about yourselves in the past fifty years and that the abilities that people are now displaying in larger and larger numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.

You are growing exponentially, and sometimes there are these growing pains that you experience individually and collectively, but as you approach life with the attitude that things are always going to get better because they must, then they will in your experience get better. If you approach life with the belief that things must get worse globally before they can get better, then that will be your experience. You have options in terms of what you focus on and in terms of what you are going to experience in the future, and that is why your attitude, your perspective, your way of framing things is so important.

You do not have to worry that what you are going to discover about yourselves, your planet and your history will be all bad. You do not have to think in terms of becoming aware of all of the cover-ups and all of the conspiracies. Instead, when we make a statement like that to you, you can assume that we are speaking of your connection to galactic beings and to the abilities that you have within you.

If you can remember always the fundamental truth that you are a Source Energy Being, then that can make the way you receive any piece of information so much different in your experience. You can always assume that what we are telling you is something positive because you have yet to realize your godhood in the physical, and everything is going to be pointing you in that direction as you move forward. So how could there ever be bad news? You are there to uncover the good in you, in others, in your planet, and throughout the galaxy. You are there to do that by shining your light and seeing the light in others, even when they are not showing it.

If you want to take a step forward in your mastery, move through your day with the promise to yourself that you will see everything through the eyes of Source, that you will be the Source Energy that is needed in every situation you are in. If you want to see and experience more love in the world, then be that love and turn up the volume in those places where you know that the volume has been turned down by others.

It is important how you respond to anything and everything that comes your way. It is as important as what you create. Remember that and you will hold the keys to happiness and the keys to everything that this beautiful universe of ours has to offer. Forget it, and you just get to have the wonderful experience of remembering again. So don’t ever be hard on yourselves, and remember that every moment is that opportunity that you have been looking for, that opportunity to know yourselves more as a Source Energy Being.

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.


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