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The Andromedans: Let the Truth be Told

Greetings, beloved beins of light, we are the Andromedans. We come forth as a civilisation to share our energy, love and peace with you now. We invite you to open your hearts to our presence so that we may gift to you all that is appropriate and necessary to aid your ascension at this time.

There is throughout the Universe of the Creator, a wave of energy and intention flowing. This energy wave holds a very specific purpose and intention, which is drawn from the source of the Creator. This energy and intention is to let the truth be told, as the energy flows, its vibration is quickening. Every being that it connects with is it invites to open, to awaken the truth within their being and most importantly to express that truth into their reality, whether they exist on the Earth or the inner planes. Each soul will be invited to let their truth be told; this is a very exciting ascension shift. It means that the truth of the Creator is awakening, its rumbling, and blossoming from the very depths of the essence of each person or soul.

Their essence is rising to connect with reality to be grounded, to be expressed, to be created into beauty. Those upon the Earth have the most beautiful reality to experience because you will be able to physically feel, touch, taste, sense, here and see the truth of the Creator. This is such a tremendous gift. It is why you are in existence upon the Earth now because your soul truly wishes to sense the Creator in so many ways that are real and tangible.s this energy wave and very pure intention flows. It is for you to call it forth into your being, to connect with it, to let that energy flow like a waterfall or a shower over and through your being, it will be like glistening light. Awakening the essence, the purity and the truth of your being. You can imagine where the essence, the truth and purity of your being is within your body, or you can simply allow it to activate. As the energy flows like a shower over your being, we the Andromedans encourage you to repeat in your mind or out loud:
Let the truth be told.
As you repeat this statement breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling deeply between each repetition. You will allow yourself to absorb the energy. You are allowing and encouraging the energy to flow into your essence. This may take some time, or it may occur instantly. As it merges and mixes with your essence an activation will begin to occur. As the activation occurs you may feel a different sensation or different energy flowing from your being. You might find that you can no longer keep your mind focused on the statement, or maybe you will have a vision, there will be something that allows you to recognise that the activation has taken place. You can enjoy that activation, and when you feel ready allow yourself to repeat:

I express the truth that needs to be told.

As you repeat this statement silently or out loud. You may feel, sense or acknowledge the energy, beginning to flow into your being and your reality. It is important to allow the energy to flow into Mother Earth, and into your Earth Star Chakra, below your feet. This will automatically awaken more truth from your Soul Star Chakra, above your head. You may wish to repeat this statement for as long as feels appropriate then simply sit in the energy and enjoy it. You may even feel like you need to walk, or run, or dance, or move to allow full expression of the energy and full grounding. This is a powerful activation that is coming forth to aid the ascension of all, because it is activating truth from within your being, truth that you may be unaware of, truth from past or simultaneous lifetimes and truth that serves you in this moment.

You will find that the truth influences your own personal reality first. Things that may have been illusions in your reality may fall away, or you may have inspiration that guides you upon a different pathway. The wisdom, the truth that comes forward will most likely be to serve your own ascension, rather than the greater ascension of all. However, there will be some who receive the truth to serve many. The more you practice this activation the quicker your vibration will become, you will shimmer with light brighter and brighter. Becoming more luminous, and more empowered in your truth and your ascension.

Please be aware that you may be guided to look at things differently and this may be challenging and even painful at times. However, it is all to bring you into alignment with your truth. The truth of your soul and the expression of the Creator through your being. It is those who are courageous and adventurous that take up this activation and allow themselves to experience it. Each soul and person, especially on the Earth seeks the truth. However, sometimes the truth is not always what you expected or desired, it is exactly what your soul needs and requires.

We, the Andromedans will leave you to contemplate our words and the activation, considering whether you wish to participate in this next phase of ascension. It is entirely your choice. The truth always exists within you, and you always have opportunities to express your truth. The current ascension wave is simply a booster that encourages you to connect on a deeper, more intimate level with your truth and supports you in doing so at a greater acceleration.

Our love is with you, eternally.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans

**Channel: Natalie Glasson


**Channel: Natalie Glasson



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The planet’s appearance in a video appears to be the result of being observed via an instrument designed to look at less bright cosmic phenomena, one space physicist told media.

A peculiar sight of one of the objects in our Solar System transitioning from “being a morning star to an evening one” has recently been brought to the attention of social media users thanks to one dedicated scholar.

This week, solar physicist Keith Strong shared a short video online that was apparently taken with a coronagraph – a telescopic attachment that allows one to see things close to the Sun by blocking the direct light emitted by our star.

“WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? There is a bright object on the right edge of the frame coming into view, i.e., moving the opposite way to the stars,” he wrote in the post.

Strong, however, immediately dispelled the air of mystery, stating promptly that the object is in fact “Venus on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth.”

“It is moving from being a morning star to an evening one,” he added.


As space physicist and science communicator Martin Archer explained to Newsweek, while “coronagraphs are designed to look at the very faint solar corona,” planets are “very bright and tend to saturate in the detectors,” thus usually ending up “looking much larger than they really are” and being surrounded by “lens flare effect.”

“That is likely what is causing the bright light patterns around Venus in the video, with these effects being particularly strong as Venus is on the opposite side of the sun from the Earth—highly illuminated,” he said.

**By Andrei Dergalin


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The Plan

The Covid-19 Concoction: A Recipe for Successful Psychological Operations

Most people were not in a category validating fear of a virus but the bribed and blackmailed government officials blew it out of proportion and shamed people into masking up, staying 6 feet away from others, ceasing family gatherings, and locking people down so they could cement the need for a “vaccine” in the public minds.

Their “vaccine”, of course, is not really a vaccine. It’s a most heinous experiment to alter our DNA. These monsters are master geneticists. They have been cloning animals and people and cross-breeding Humans with animals since time immemorial.

The people they claimed died from the Wu Flu in actuality died from the same things they die from every day; diabetes, emphysema, car accidents, cancer, pneumonia. The evil cabal’s medical industrial complex thrives on it so they don’t tell us how to be well. They turn doctors into glorified drug pushers to make us sick and perpetuate their very lucrative machine so the globalists thrive while Humans die.

Trump told us about Regeneron and Hydroxychloroquine and what many of us know as MMS which is chlorine dioxide. The media screamed that he had told the world to drink bleach to cure Covid.

With a vengeance the psychopaths suppressed the remedies for the killer cold. A few doctors learned that Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Budesonide, in various regimens would take care of the world famous Covid-19 but most practitioners were also suppressed and threatened; their licenses to practice revoked or their jobs yanked out from under them. Pharmacies were also threatened if they dispensed these life-saving therapies for doctors who prescribed them.

As if it weren’t bad enough that they withheld the cures for the plague they supposedly unleashed, the vaccines they said we must have bore devastating effects. Not all batches were the same; some were saline solution but some were far from benign and when patients presented with bizarre symptoms too varied to list in this summary, doctors and hospital staff usually pretended they had no idea what could possibly be causing such sudden physical effects. Some people had zero negative effects at all, and some died almost immediately after the jab.

While the phantom cold virus was non-lethal for roughly 98 per cent of the population, the victims of the vaccines have been vast; a planetary tragedy if what we are hearing is true. I feel like this is an energetic, holographic, limited time line experience that will dissolve when we see the reality and choose collectively to live in a different world. It’s just not real or written in stone. No one who knew this was coming—and some did—would allow this horror show just to teach us to be more discerning and take responsibility for our welfare. They wouldn’t want the decimation of Humanity on their hands or their hearts.

This video recommended by the crew gets into the longer range plans of the deep state cabal. It was so easy to fool us the first time, they believe they can go on for a couple more decades to seriously cull the population...I will close here and see you next time. Have a good weekend, all. ~ below

The Plan 


Here’s a great question

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Welcome To The Divine New Earth: An Introduction To The Changes And Transitions
We are transforming into new human beings of light.

Welcome to the New Earth! This post is a guide for all of you who are experiencing your physical, earth-bound lives from a slightly higher perspective.

As our divine spirits have incarnated here on this planet to learn and grow, we are now transitioning into being all that we truly are: divine beings of light who will be living out eternity here in the physical with others like us.

Though it may seem at times that things are dire on this planet, know that millions of us have been working for centuries to bring about these changes.

What you may view as "bad" in your life are areas where you need to learn to detach from limiting beliefs; these experiences are helping to make way for this new era where we will transcend the physical limitations of our current existence.

As humans in linear time and space, it can be hard to understand how things work at this level, but all is well and moving perfectly according to plan.

A lot is going on at the moment with everyone and everything around us.

As we collectively embrace the changes happening all across our planet, it's important to remember that each of us is part of a greater whole.

It's easy to get caught up in how we're feeling as individuals or small groups, so now more than ever, we need to keep a broad perspective on what's really going on here.

Labeling this era with terms like "apocalypse" or "rebirth," while they might be apt descriptions of certain aspects, can also make things too confusing.

The reality is that we're changing and shifting into new beings right along with everything else around us.

Some spiritual traditions have referred to this process as transcending the physical plane, entering higher dimensions, or vibrating into another frequency of existence, but no matter what you call it, each of these shifts has been taking place from the beginning of time until now—and will continue into perpetuity!

What better way for us human beings to become accustomed to this major transition than to welcome it?

In fact, I'd argue that welcoming these changes is essential for our survival as a species. It isn't just about surviving—we're also thriving during this time!

Surviving physically sucks compared with thriving on all levels—emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically—you get the picture.

All four kingdoms (plant, animal, mineral, and human) are being energized and brought back into alignment through these phases.

If you've had any intuitive nudges lately about your purpose in life (or even if you haven't), know that they're coming from your soul-self as it awakens within your current body and mindset.

This is an exciting time! The only real question is whether you'll fall back asleep or stay conscious enough to enjoy yourself while experiencing a grandiose shift in consciousness firsthand—complete with both its ups and downs.

So welcome to being human (again).

Everything is changing and transforming.

Everything is changing and transforming, and you're in the middle of all of it.

Whether you realize it or not, your life has started to transform as your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions are moving into a higher dimension.

Earth is ascending into the fifth dimension of light and love.

The good news is that these changes are only for the better because we've been at this point before many times throughout history; for example, Jesus ascended into heaven 2,000 years ago to raise our vibrations to move us forward even further (humans were only in the third dimension then).

Nothing bad will happen. Everything that's happening now will make things better than they were before.

I know this sounds crazy and unbelievable because people have been changing their lives drastically with my guidance for so long now that they don't even notice how different their lives are from a few years ago.

Their lives keep getting better every day! That's why I'm writing this post—so you can get ready for what's coming next and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

The truth is, we are entering a whole new paradigm. It is not so much a new world as it is a Golden Grid. This Golden Grid has been here waiting for you, but the consciousness of some people could not attain it because their hearts were closed to it.

As the ego swells and rages, you will continue to see ever-greater possibilities open up before you: many of them seem unbelievable to the human mind that is still caught in the old paradigm.

We are almost there now. Like a child waking on Christmas morning, each new day will be even more wondrous than the last!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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Ascension Frequency by KejRaj(KayRy).


Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

The group of beings on Earth today that are aware of the changes occurring within and around them, aware of Earth and her upliftment into the 5th dimension, have but one question in mind, when is this ascension going to occur?

For one, ascension is happening in this very moment. Of course the ascension you speak of is the actual entrance and knowing that you are in the fifth dimensional reality.

You all know that this is a process. Mother Earth’s upliftment began in the 1940’s, and ’til now it has been very gradual. The procedures and decisions changing from time to time as to how it is all unfold.

From this year of 2022 and beyond, the process will not be so gradual any longer.

The energies are intensifying from moment to moment. All is being cleansed and prepared for the new light. You must release all old thought patterns, beliefs, even your daily routines and diet, in order to cope, integrate, expand and transition with the new refined energies, or depart with the old.

What many have come to know as The Event, is ever nearer. All is ready as far as Galactic preparations are concerned, including full open contact with Earth’s surface only days after the Event.

We will say that in many ways this Event is ascension, it is the frequency of ascension, that is what you are approaching now, however not in its full spectrum. Streams of this wave have reached shore, your heart feels this. After the Event there will be a couple more waves of energy arriving to Earth that will see the completion of the ascension process.

You’ve had one major wave of light in 2012. Then another in 2017, this one really triggered many to awaken, it was the beginning of the awakening process for many. You will experience another grand wave between now and the Winter Solstice of 2022.

The Event itself however, will be the biggest push you will have had on this journey so far. All walls will collapse. This is why we say that for many people it will be ascension.

Now, going back to the question as to when all of this may occur?

First, are you ready for all that is about to take place? We will let you answer this.

One of the keys lies with the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

How many can be awakened? How many are awakened now? And our answer to that is you have enough. This number continues to increase daily. Enough souls that know you have been manipulated and lied to for millennia. We do not mean awakened as in a “master”. But awakened enough to choose love over everything else, for love conquers all.

Awakened enough to know and realize that today’s so called “normal” is a big lie and have long been questioning the system and have had enough. No longer consent to being “governed”. That is one of the major steps that’s needed to cause the bricks of the system to tremble, that is now about to come down at free fall speeds.

We must not forget to mention the energy, the vibration, it has been continuously rising, even though we have past the energetical point that was needed for all this to occur back on the Spring Equinox.

The second key is Divine Timing. With this, comes trust. You must trust the Divine and not give up before the miracle occurs. Trust that things are being sorted out behind the scenes. You have never been closer to things becoming manifest in your now reality, in the physical realm.

You must have faith that things are being lined up. If you stop everyday for a few moments, take time to go within, and see with your heart, you will see the signs, without any doubt, telling you that what you have been expecting in now truly within reach.

One more thing we must not forget is that in this case, Ascension, the Event and more, are not happening just for you. All this is being brought about and done for billions of other souls and Mother Gaia, and beyond. None of this will happen a moment to soon or too late, the perfect timing will be chosen by the Divine, the Collective of Humanity, and the Higher Dimensional Beings.

Yet once again we say does it really matter what exact date it may unfold on? You know it, you feel it, that it is imminent. The excitement would not be the same, as great, if someone knew exactly when it would unfold. You are here, you have made it, embrace your entire being for choosing to be a part of this Universal shift.

Be patient, be expectant. All pieces are falling into place. All is unfolding in Divine order.

The brightest light shines from within. I am KejRaj!

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Ashtar: Sign of the Changing Times

I am Ashtar. I am here to be with you in these times of immense change that is taking place now, that is moving more and more into your understanding, into your vision, into your perspective.

For it is the change that has been long-awaited and long-coming. And everywhere around you, if you look, you can see the signs of these changes that are coming to your world. But not to your third-dimensional world.

For even those that still slumber away in their misunderstandings and their inability to let go and understand and find the true meaning in life, what all of you have realized for yourselves is that you are all here for a reason. You are all here to grow within your soul, within your soul understanding. Even those that do not yet know of this, even they are beginning to question, question the old ways, question the old understandings. And as you know, when you begin to question, then you’ve also begun to look for the answers. And when you look, when you seek, you shall find. And that is the way. That is the way it has always been, and the way it always will be.

It only takes a few, a few of you, relatively speaking, to bring about immense change to the planet, immense change to the collective consciousness here. And you, as that relative few, are doing exactly that.

When you just did this meditation that we did here with you, you affected great change across the planet. Great change that, of course, you will not see directly where you had that result. But you will in the times ahead begin to see more and more how your manifestations are becoming more and more real, again, to the collective consciousness. A simple thought, a simple vision, a simple intention to bring about great change brings that change about. That is how it works.

And all around you now, you can see the signs. For anyone that looks for those signs will see them. Even if they are, what you call, behind the scenes yet, they are available. You can see them. You can experience them. They are the changes, or the signs of the changing times. So as you have heard many times, ‘trust the plan.’

The plan is fully in motion and gaining more and more momentum as the light continues to pour forth into this planet. The light which then brings higher vibrational frequency and the higher consciousness, which then allows you to manifest more freely, more fully. And as you continue to manifest within yourself, within your own personal lives, you are manifesting for the many as well. So know that you, each one of you, can bring about great change, and you are all doing so in your own personal way.

So let yourselves be who you came here to be. Do not shy away from who you are. Pronounce, not so much your knowledge, but pronounce your understanding, your knowing of things whenever you have the opportunity.

Because there are those out there that are waiting. They are waiting for the light to come to them so they can begin to see that light, just as you have.

If you were to shine a light on all of those lost souls deep down in what you would call ‘hell,’ and that light shown to them there in the darkness, many, many millions and billions would reach for that light if they were given the opportunity. You, my friends, are that light. You are that opportunity. Do not shy away from it, for it is your destiny. It is your mission.

I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to shine forth your light, your love everywhere, as that is the way it works.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

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This Will Happen When Earth Ascends: Earth's Ascension And Tips On How You Can Help Lighten The Energy Of Planet Earth
The divine plan for Earth has always been ascension.

You are being asked to hold the vision and mission of a world that works for everyone as you align with your own divine plan.

You may be wondering if we will be here physically on Earth after the ascension. And, yes, we will be. We will still have our physical bodies, and the planet Earth, in all her beautiful blue-green glory, will still be here. Do you know what this means? It means that we can create "heaven on earth!" How exciting is that?

Many people reject this information as fact because they are afraid of change or simply cannot comprehend such a thing happening on our beautiful planet. However, it is up to each individual how they want to perceive this information—fear or acceptance and understanding.

Even though it may be difficult at times to accept something you don't think exists, many amazing things are happening right now on our planet that point to this shift in the consciousness of humanity.

The ascension of humanity is inevitable during the ascension of our planet.

The ascension of our planet is  is inevitable during the ascension of humanity. In other words, they are one and the same. This is because Gaia and humanity are one.

Gaia is a sentient being, just like we are sentient beings. She feels love, as we feel love. She feels fear, as we feel fear. We have become so accustomed to referring to her as "it," but she has many feminine qualities-just as women do!

We can lighten up Gaia's energy so that she can ascend faster than us—which will help with our own personal ascensions too!

A new era of light consciousness will begin, and the old ways that no longer serve humanity's highest good will fall away.

As Earth ascends, humanity will experience a new era of light consciousness. The old ways that no longer serve humanity's highest good will fall away and be replaced with new systems that are more beneficial to everyone.

You can help accelerate this process by loving yourself unconditionally each day, extending compassion and love to all people, being kind and patient with others (especially those who are still in denial), and spending time in nature as often as possible.

By taking these small steps on a daily basis, you can help lighten the energy of planet Earth and bring peace and harmony to our beautiful world!

The ascension phase that we are moving into could involve some difficult challenges, but it is okay because we have all done this before.

You may be wondering, "What will happen during Earth's ascension?" It is a good thing to ask that question because we all have the right to know what is coming our way, but we also have the ability to determine how things turn out.

If you are asking yourself now about what will happen during Earth's ascension, then you are already on your path to making sure that you can help lighten the energy of planet Earth--and this makes a big difference!

When Earth ascends, we all ascend together: humanity, animals, plants, minerals, Gaia, everyone ascends!

When Earth ascends, Gaia also evolves. When Gaia evolves and gets closer to her ultimate completion of creation, she guides all of the life on Earth through the same process. This includes humans, animals, plants, and minerals. We are all evolving together, and we are all in this together!

According to Archangel Michael:

When the planet ascends into a new octave—a new octave is a different frequency of vibration—the star-seeds who have been working with her for eons upon eons, who are from many different star systems and civilizations throughout this universe, who have been assisting in anchoring light and energy for Gaia for some time now—they will be going home with Gaia." - Archangel Michael

What does it mean we're "going" home? It means we're actually arriving in the original creation that God intended for us. It will be here not somewhere else. But we will be living in a higher consciousness in resonance and alignment with Earth.

We are entering an era where everyone can know and experience their divine selves with more clarity than ever before!

The ascension process may be challenging. In many cases, people are not aware of what they are going through, and they just think it's something that's happening to them. However, if you know what the challenges are, it will be easier for you to deal with them. The good news is that most of these challenges can be overcome and even avoided altogether!

There is one thing you should keep in mind when dealing with the ascension process: you need to stay calm and let your body take over. You can't force your body to do anything; that's like forcing yourself into an uncomfortable position! If you try too hard, your body will respond by resisting any change at all.

It's also important to realize that no matter how challenging things get on Earth right now, they will not stay this way forever! The cleansing must take place now first.

Clearly, humanity still has some work to do before we reach an era in which everyone knows their divine selves with greater clarity than ever before!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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It is the One. Hello Sophia.

Hello. I have some questions...Yes. Proceed.

I am hearing about a solar flash. Will you explain what is going to happen? The dates and predictions are for sometime within the next six weeks. Thank you.

There are interpretations that are accurate and some that are deliberately placed and inaccurate. I will confirm a celestial event. I will not comment on the timing of such an event, but that does not mean that there isn’t a specificity to it. There is. It will not be stated or speculated here as that is not the purpose of this conversation.

What happens at the onset of the event and immediately following it is a correction. You may or may not be aware of all that is changing when the event occurs, yet you’ll be aware of the finality of it; all of you will.

This is upcoming and has been written in indelible ink. It will happen.

Will you tell us what it will look like and feel like for those of us on earth?

It will be felt differently/experienced differently by each one according to their readiness and comprehension of what is taking place. It will also depend on their life’s plan.

Once it occurs, you’ll all have no doubt that everything has changed. To describe it physically to you is not possible. This event has not happened to the race yet and words for it will be introduced after it occurs.

This is not something to fear. Realize that all descriptions of it are speculations based on visions or dreams or in some cases direct information. They may or may not describe what it is you’ll experience.

Yet there will be an event that will change everything. Of that you can be certain.

So, you cannot say anything about timing?

No, not at this moment.

What about the predictions for September 24 and various other dates in September and October? Would you comment on that?

Only to say that the corrupted ones will attempt a retaliatory event and that the “white hats,” as you refer to them, are orchestrating many decisive announcements and proceedings of their own. We have addressed the possibility for both in prior conversations. They remain a part of the revelations and re-organization that happens now.

There is no sense in predicting precise dates. This alerts you, yet does not assist you. You are alerted already.

But you know.

At this late date, much is known precisely, yes.

Why not say it then?

Knowing a precise date will not help your organism, and your body is about to withstand an onslaught.

What? I don’t comprehend “onslaught.”

Now first of all, this is not to be tomorrow, but you are being prepared for an influx of light. (1)

You who are acknowledging your light essence while here on earth and now, will absorb, hold and radiate that light to a fuller degree than one who has not shown up for this “lightwork.” (2) You are called lightworkers for a reason ~ You Work for The Light.

This means that you recognize your essence, hold it, acknowledge it in yourself and in others, utilize in in your work (which is your life), and expand it wherever you are.

Why do you think you’ve been advised to meditate and calm and utilize pure and natural ingredients to nourish your organism? You are the host of the light. The progression and dissemination of it is your work. It is why you came.

Maintaining a steadfast heart and solid grounding in Truth is vital to your purpose. There has been an ongoing influx of light. It continues and increases because you are holding it, allowing it.

You’ve made room for the light my dear lightworkers. You’ve expanded the light. The light remains and the light increases because of you.

Think about the darkness that you are eradicating. It is erased with light; your light.

In the grand story of Earth’s/Humanity’s Awakening, specific dates carry little power. Knowing these dates increases the focus and therefore the influence of whatever is to transpire.

Far better to remain prepared and when something does occur, from that prepared state of being ~ move directly towards purpose. In your case, my dear lightworker, the purpose is to expand the light, spread your love and to offer Truth, compassion and fortitude.

Knowing who you are will be a useful attribute when any of these events occur. You are the Light.

You will see. You will know.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love


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The Hathors: Multifaceted Crystal Being

We are here to share insights that most all activities in the lives of humans are woven into their relationships.

We offer the observation that everyone is a reflection of some aspect of the self. Imagine a multifaceted crystal; each facet is one expression, one characteristic, one attitude or position.

The goal of each multidimensional star human is to be the clearest, brightest, truest reflection of the other. Each encounter offers you the opportunity to shine your most divine self and to honor and reflect the most divine self of the other.

However we have observed that rarely does that happen in human interactions with one another. There is usually a distorted reaction between the individuals. These distorted reactions are coming from the past patterning, the emotional wounding, the rules and beliefs the human has created in order to survive or their beliefs that these reactions are for their survival.

The patterns and beliefs are created from the place of not having their needs met as a child or an experience of fear that they will not have their needs met. The child becomes an adult and continues to use the old comfortable patterns in relating again and again. However now there has been additional data added to the storage and confirmation that reality does not meet their needs.

This cycle will continue with their experiences and all their interactions in relationships. They will continue to draw to themselves the experience that will cause the most growth and heal the distortion. This is a very simple explanation for a very complex and paradoxical reaction humans have in their relationships with one another.

Most of these complexes and paradoxical reaction are controlled by the ego. It is the ego within the system that manages the patterns and the programs. It is also the ego that activates the fears, the judgments, the sense of unworthiness, and the projections.

Imagine the psyche as a magic mirror. There is someone you are relating to and they shine forth a sense of who they think they are, or who they think you want them to be. The image they show forth might not be a true authentic image. In the magic mirror of your psyche, you have a distortion as well, therefore you do not see them as their true divine self. The images reflected and received are both distorted.

So your relationships act out of these emotionally distorted projections with one another.

That said, then how does one begin to transform these distorted reflections. The first and most important key to remember is that the distortion is that it is always within you. It is a form of misinformation that was installed as a child or as an adult coming from the patterns of childhood fears, wounds, and emotional scarring.

We have observed that humans are not necessarily kind. They are engaged in the protection of their beliefs and their distorted views of reality all managed by the ego.

We are offering these observations in order for you to see that all healing and all transformation begins within your own system. Once the human has taken responsibility to look at the dysfunctional emotional patterns they begin to shift. If you see that your reaction is the same each time and that reaction is not kind and it is not coming from a place that honors you or the other, it is time to investigate why.

Humans are a field of energy; they are vibrations, frequencies, and tones. There is much more going on between two individuals in each encounter than meets the eye. Your goal and the goal of all multidimensional star humans is to know that the other human you are relating to in any way is also a multidimensional star human.

When you see that your reaction is unkind or judgmental, pause and find a response that is kinder, more authentic. Most all reactions that are unkind are coming from some form of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, fear of being judged, and fear of not being accepted. The ego is protecting you against any perceived hurt.

As an adult when you see two children playing with sticks and hitting one another, you take the sticks away. This is what we are inviting you and others to do. Take your sticks away. Remember that your sticks are emotional sticks, and everyone carries a few that they have gathered on their path in life. They are only a false method of protection.

The sticks are bigger between cultures and countries. However, they are still false methods of protection. They continue to harm yet do not resolve any situation.

We invite you today to clear the reflections of your multifaceted crystal, put aside your emotional sticks, and honor the divineness within each person.  Practice seeing the best in one another, practice seeing the best in oneself. Practice your level of joy, gratitude, and appreciation.

Allow yourself to drop into that place of perfect peace, take a deep breath and pause before you respond in your usual automatic pattern. When this is done often and with consistency it begins to transform how you relate to others in your reality.

When you begin to lay down your emotional sticks others will do the same. There will be no need for protection. Everyone will be honored for their true authentic divine self, and everyone will honor others for their true authentic divine selves. It all begins within. You have the answers and the key to unlock the distortions and the dysfunctions. This is not difficult it is a matter of intent and willingness.

When you honor yourself as a divine aspect of the creator and truly feel this vibration and truth within yourself all begins to shift. Each person offers you the opportunity to transform some aspect of the distortion that you carry. Each person offers you the opportunity to shine and radiate from the highest and most exquisite aspect of who you are as a multifaceted crystal.

So go forth this day, shine and radiate your joy; allow it to embrace everyone you meet. Observe how disarming this practice will be, everyone will respond to your vibration of joy, gratitude, appreciation and acceptance and they will radiate joy, gratitude, appreciation and acceptance back to you.

These are clear, authentic reflections. They are life giving, they are life sustaining, they are healing. They are global service. We see and honor you as the beautiful multifaceted crystal being that you are. Be at peace, Beloved. the ‘team’


“When you honor yourself as a divine aspect of the creator and truly feel this vibration and truth within yourself all begins to shift. Each person offers you the opportunity to transform some aspect of the distortion that you carry. Each person offers you the opportunity to shine and radiate from the highest and most exquisite aspect of who you are as a multifaceted crystal.” the ‘team’

**Channel: Peggy Black


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Will we ascend?

JJK: Will we really ascend and enter into the kingdom of God – and that in this life or after this life?

GOD: You will return to your heavenly home as soon as you have fulfilled your assignments on earth and brought your light to the people. This is the journey you have embarked on in this life. It is the most glorious incarnation you have ever chosen and for which you have qualified for many lifetimes. Long before you could consent to this life, plan it and determine your descent, you had to mature and reach the point in your spiritual evolution that is irreversible.

Your soul had to be freed and purified from the adventures and karma of many lives. For this, many incarnations were necessary. This phase was completed for all light warriors and light workers of this time even before entering this life!

Every human being who has dedicated himself today to the light and the light change of mankind and the planet is prepared for it and has attained the soul maturity to never leave this path again. By virtue of your consciousness, you have reached the point in your spiritual evolution that is irreversible. The dark can no longer permanently influence your souls and the ego has retreated to its place assigned by you.

You are the masters of this time, the prophets and healers, the pathfinders and the messengers of light who herald the new dawn and who bring about the end of the time of injustice.

Become fully aware now of this role, of your power and your strength!

What you are witnessing on the streets of this world – the resistance, the outcry, the unmistakable NO to a future you do not want – is only possible because you have learned from the lessons of the past.

Use of power

The sinking of Atlantis is long behind you, but this event was stored in your cellular and psychic memory for thousands of years. What you failed to do then through inability, you will succeed in doing now: responsibly mastering powers that benefit you.

True mastery is achieved only through the responsible use of power – and you are up to this challenge today.

Thus it happens that you are given power to an ever-increasing extent.

By virtue of your divine consciousness this matrix will collapse and by virtue of your realized love the New Earth will come into being.

It becomes apparent which people are suitable for the New Earth. It becomes apparent how many people bring a largely cleared soul for this glorious future. All people who do not meet these requirements will leave this earth and they will leave it even before they can cause further damage.

The selection

For you, however, the path to the Kingdom of Peace is irreversible, and so you will reap what you have sown and manifest what your soul longs for.

The dark and malignant events of these end times describe the last rebellion of those forces who know that their game is lost, but who do not want to admit it until the end. What has begun is the self-empowerment and is the selection of the people!

Everyone will find himself there where he can make the desired experiences. Who is stuck in the victim consciousness and who still has to experience what others have experienced long ago, will find the suitable environment for it.

Earths are many and so for every stage of human development there is the suitable environment for learning, for being and becoming.

The earth, however, which is now raised, is the home planet of those who have shaped history up to now and who also now, at the end of time, write history.

This earth is and remains the lightful inheritance of all generations that follow you.

But you are freed from death and rebirth and far from the inert vibration a new cycle begins for you in the light world of the happiness.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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A Journey Beyond Imagination: My Personal Experience Witnessing Earth's Transformation Into The Golden Age.
The first time I saw the Golden Age was about 13 years ago when I was going through a dark period of life.
One night, I was sleeping and felt a sudden feeling of expansion in my consciousness. It felt as if my consciousness had really expanded up and out beyond normal limits, which I instinctively knew were limitations created by the mind itself.
It was shortly after I had accessed the higher dimensions of consciousness that I first witnessed the Golden Age. The galaxy itself appeared to me in a way that I can only describe as both exquisite and mysterious. There were small lights scattered throughout, and as my mind began to focus on each one, an explosion of color and light would begin. As I continued my gaze through this majestic scene, a feeling of awe overwhelmed me.
There was a moment when all of creation seemed to pause for no more than a second or two. And then, just like that, it began once again. At this moment, there was not only beauty but also an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace. It seemed as if everything was being held together by some kind of energy field; it felt so strong that nothing could ever break through it unless we allowed ourselves to be open to change in our lives. There is something so magical about this experience that words cannot even come close to describing what happens when you see the Earth transformed into the Golden Age with your own eyes!
In many ways, seeing the Golden Age has been like looking inside myself for answers about where humanity came from, how life works on planet Earth today (and what lies ahead), and who created us all! I've spent most of my existence wondering these things too, but now they seem less important than ever before because now there seems to be such clarity around those questions-at least if you just give yourself permission to know them by having faith!
You may be wondering, what is this Golden Age I speak of? It was like I was in an unlimited space where there were no limits, and nothing was impossible. There were not just infinite possibilities but actualities and realities that I could perceive with much greater clarity than ever before.
I'll explain how it relates to earth consciousness.
I try to verbalize the enormity of what I have seen. As my words leave my mouth, I realize how ridiculous I sound. To put it simply, it felt as if I had stepped out of my own body and seen the Earth from space, but it wasn't just any Earth; it was some kind of idealized version of planet Earth. Everything in this vision seemed so beautiful, peaceful, and harmonious compared to the Earth that I have always known here on the material plane. That word, "idealized," perfectly describes this vision because there were no obvious flaws anywhere in this world; everything was perfect!
All too often, during my many years spent reflecting upon the mystery of our existence here on Earth, I have wondered why things are so hard. Why is there so much conflict? Where is all the love? Well, friends, this vision showed me a glimpse into an alternative reality where all those questions had been answered! In fact, in this version of planet Earth, there was no sense of separation between people or nations; we were all just human beings living together under one sky and sharing one Earth!
It was like a vision, as though it hadn't yet happened yet somehow already existed as what is possible for our planet, kind of like the idea that all possibilities exist at once in the multiverse theory.
In this alternate reality, your role on the planet is paramount to its survival. In this vision of the Golden Age, people are not passive. They actively participate in creating a world that works for all. People take responsibility for their lives and live by principles that support harmony and unity so they can contribute to creating a world worth living in and leave a legacy worth sharing. As you look out into this new world, everything looks different: there is no war or violence anywhere on the planet, everyone has enough to eat, there is a shelter for everyone, people live in peace instead of fear, and there is sustainable energy everywhere you look. This is a reality somewhere; I witnessed it!
As the planet appeared, the first thing I noticed was that it had a very colorful, hazy aura around it, very similar to the way the sun has an aura. The colors were vivid and beautiful, just like a rainbow with all of the colors blending together.
This planet looked so beautiful, peaceful, and harmonious compared to the Earth that I have always known here on this material plane, which has seemed to be filled with so much conflict, disharmony, and struggle.
It felt as if my soul was being pulled into this magnificent world of peace and joy by an invisible force urging me forward. I followed this pull instinctively as I dropped lower towards this amazing planet. As I moved closer to the surface, I could see patches of green vegetation offset by some areas that were a shimmering golden color, almost like gold dust had been sprinkled on them from above!
I was in awe as I watched how alive everything was in its own way. It truly was a magical land, unlike anything I had ever seen before!
As I continued moving closer to its surface, I immediately knew that this was what the people of Earth called "The Golden Age." This world was full of love and light, completely different than any reality I had ever experienced before!
There is no way to describe exactly how happy I felt at that moment, but when you experience something so incredible for yourself one day soon on your journey home, then you will know exactly what I am talking about right now!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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  1.  In a channeling with Michele Fielding… she makes a statement that the ‘entire world is under military law”.


    This statement really hit home for me, because that’s what I had been discovering most recently with the royal family military optics… but there have been clues for years!  So let’s go over some of these hints from the royal family and other MILITARY optics over the years, as well as WEIRD AND BIZARRE EVIDENCE that we are watching a MOVIE.  IT IS WORTH NOTING THAT Q IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE NUMBER ’17’… BUT IF Q ONLY REPRESENTED US MILITARY INTEL, THEN WHY IS THE NUMBER APPEARING DURING MAJOR INTERNATIONAL EVENTS, AND IN ASSOCIATION WITH ‘JOE BIDEN’ (THE ORIGINAL IS DEAD). 

  2. Some of the obvious and not-so-obvious intel paints a picture:  That the world has been slowly guided by a hidden hand to accept conditions leading to permanent slavery via globalist agendas, the blackmail of world leaders, artificial intelligence controlling banking, the stock markets and globalist strategies… the emergence of a worldwide human trafficking network, and smoke and mirrors military movements leading towards a world war 3 scenario, geoengineering of the weather, massive amounts of clandestine mind control, the censoring of truth on social media networks, fake news strategies, the introduction, training and promotion of deepstate influencers, the fake scamdemic, the rise of the 5G network, secret cell phone technology. 

  3. All of this and much much more, are used to create ‘problems’ by which the deepstate have ‘the solutions’… leading to the need for the whitehat military to begin a secret program of their own many years ago, to slowly but surely force the deepstaters into defeat and a forced surrender.  The game had to be played out before the public but in a non-confrontational manner as to keep civilization from complete collapse.  The whitehats had slowly but surely began to remove deepstate world leaders from positions of power…

  4. and to force them in many cases, to pretend ‘everything is normal’, even though they are under military arrest and supervision.  In cases where these world leaders are ‘not playing ball’, they are replaced by actors wearing masks, cgi, doubles, and whatever else it may take to keep the movie going for the public.  What is collected for you in this posting, are some key updates, which support the idea that the whitehat military are in control of the world.

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The Shift Is Happening: Shift In Our World And How The New Earth Will Emerge.
The shift is real, and it's happening in our world. The way we perceive the world, ourselves, and others will be radically different once we have fully made this shift.

The shift is from duality to Oneness, from ego to higher self, from fear to love... and most importantly, the false reality has been replaced by a new reality that is much more aligned with who we truly are as human beings living on this planet... A beautiful place where everyone can thrive!

Part of the old reality is collapsing, but we should not be fooled by the illusion.

We are living in a time of radical change. The old reality is collapsing, and we are watching it crumble before our eyes.

The new world that is emerging from this collapse is based on love, connection, collaboration, and cooperation instead of competition and separation.

The illusion that people are not ready to move into this new world has been created by those who benefit from keeping things as they are—a wealthy elite few who control most of the money and resources in our society—and perpetuated by many well-meaning individuals who believe that everyone needs to have more material things before we can enter into a state of peace and harmony with each other and nature.

What we need more than anything else right now is clarity about what's happening around us so we can make informed decisions about how best to participate in creating a better future for ourselves and others while transitioning out of the old paradigm that no longer works for us or anyone else living here today!

This new reality is based on freedom, unconditional love, individual expression, and Oneness.

The shift is happening in each of us, within our own consciousness. It's changing the way we see ourselves and others on a global level. The shift is not just a personal process; it's also an internal revolution that has been going on for thousands of years and will continue until the end of time.

The shift is happening in our world: more people are waking up to their true potential and stepping into their power as creators of reality with every breath they take; we are seeing more compassion towards others and the Earth; more awareness about how connected everything truly is; less judgment towards others based on race, gender, or sexual orientation; there's so much goodness arising from this change!

There's also another side to all this, though, which isn't so pleasant... It turns out that some people don't want change! They're scared because everything seems so new, and they've grown accustomed to their old ways by now (even though these ways don't serve them anymore).

Because these folks don't want anything new coming into their lives, they resist evolution at any cost! They'll do whatever it takes to keep things exactly how they are now, even if it means causing harm to themselves and others around them.

It's all about stepping into our own power and taking responsibility for everything that we create in our lives and experiences.

 It's all about stepping into our own power and taking responsibility for everything that we create in our lives and experiences. Only from this state of pure being can we make a real shift within ourselves and shift reality around us.

This doesn't mean that there are no more problems or challenges; it just means that life will become easier as we learn how to cope with them. Instead of being caught up in thoughts about what could go wrong or what has gone wrong in the past or worrying about your financial situation, you can focus on creating positive outcomes by taking action now!

You can choose to act on an intention instead of reacting to something else that might not serve you at all.

We tend to spend most of our time thinking about things that haven't happened yet, which leads us away from experiencing joy right now because we're too busy worrying (or worse, complaining).

When we spend too much time thinking about what hasn't happened yet-whether, it's positive, or negative-then this becomes our reality because these thoughts will manifest themselves into physical reality through synchronicity, so be careful what kind of energy you put out there into existence before anything happens first hand!

The time has come for each one of us to follow our inner guidance and use our own gifts to help others raise the vibration of the planet!

Your role is to BE. Remember that you are a unique expression of Source and that your contribution to the whole is unique, just as every other person's contribution is also unique.

Each one of us has an important role to play in this shift, no matter how small or large our gifts may be. It is time for each person on this planet to follow their inner guidance and use their own gifts and talents for the benefit of all!

Each one of us plays an important role in creating a better world.

We can be more helpful by listening to our inner guidance, following it, and being fully present with what is happening at the moment.

Each of us has unique gifts that can help the world. By following our true purpose, we can help to create a better future for everyone.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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The Arcturian Group: New Level of Awareness

Welcome, dear readers. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan even if the outer scene does not seem to reflect that at this time.

As the ascension process brings increasingly more high resonating energy to earth, it affects everyone because everyone is a spiritual being. As individuals spiritually awaken, their minds and hearts automatically begin opening to new levels of awareness. Many are starting to question laws, rules, authority figures, ideas, and common beliefs etc. that they previously accepted as being right, proper, and even spiritual.

The passing of England’s monarch will open the way for new energies and ways of thinking regarding monarchies. Many are beginning to realize that the concept of a monarchy in any country is obsolete old energy. As increasingly more individuals evolve and begin to embrace the truth of their personal power, the need for monarchies, dictatorships, and positions of “power over” will no longer exist. However, the collective must stop supporting these things in order for them to dissolve into the nothingness of the past.

Monarchies arose out of a very old belief system. Uneducated and simple people in the past were ripe pickings for those who loved power. Because they were unaware of their own innate spirituality the majority believed what they were told, that they needed someone stronger, better, or holier to make rules and tell them what to do. Into this void stepped the church and monarchies often working in tandem.

As church leaders discovered the ego and financial gratifications of having “power over” others, churches and monarchies became increasingly more power hungry and war-like. Rather than guiding people for their own good as they proclaimed, they often cruelly dominated the people through made-up rules and regulations that served only themselves, in the name of God.

Still today many leaders in so called democratic countries enjoy having the sense of “power over” others, being in charge, and making rules for those who elected them in the first place. It is time for all that to change because the new and higher energies of Light will not support ideas of separation. However, since consciousness is the substance of form, the majority consciousness must cease feeding energy to these obsolete concepts if new and higher ways are to manifest .

Love, which is nothing more than the reality of ONE God expressing ITself in, as, and through infinite form and variety, is the key that can and will unlock personal and global freedoms but love must be consciously realized. Duality and separation beliefs have resulted in a plethora of false concepts about love leaving much of the world confused and suffering the consequences of these false beliefs.

Once God is realized to be omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience individualized and fully present within every individual, previously embraced rules, rites, rituals, prayers that in reality are prey-ers, begging, pleading, and bowing down to some concept in the sky becomes obsolete. These are the beliefs that are now being questioned, thought about, and examined by increasingly more individuals simply because they are discovering that these concepts no longer resonate as truth.

Chaos is breaking apart many of the old physical, emotional, and mental structures that have been long held in place through a universal belief in them. As familiar structures begin to crumble personally and globally, it brings tremendous fear and resistance to those who rely upon them as their foundational belief system.

​Change is coming. Be prepared for new and high resonating energies to penetrate every aspect of the world. It is already happening. Hold to your center, your Divinity, remembering that the only reality is God which is closer to you than breathing. We have said these things before but they need repeating because so many have gotten lost in the gloom of daily news and world activities. Remember, when you get caught up in the three dimensional scene you perpetuate it because consciousness is the substance of form.

Consciousness is the doorway to all manifestation, good or bad because consciousness expresses as form. Divine Consciousness is the only consciousness but that which I hold as truth and reality in my personal consciousness (which is the one Divine Consciousness individualized), I automatically create.

The intellectual knowledge of truth cannot manifest outwardly which often causes confusion for serious truth students who believe that because they are not demonstrating their truth knowledge that they have failed. Intellectual knowledge is only the first step.

Truth must become a realized state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly because consciousness is the creative substance. Example– You would not even consider going into a store and stealing because you have a consciousness of honesty. However there are those that intellectually know stealing is wrong, but are unable to resist the temptation because honesty has not yet become their state of consciousness. Examine what you still hold as truth or reality in your consciousness. When problems arise ask yourself; “What am I believing that is manifesting in this way, or making me feel this way?” and begin to change your beliefs about it.

Consciousness is NOT intellectual knowledge . Consciousness is the essence of your evolutionary status, that which you are, your being, your life. As you evolve and move more deeply into truth, your consciousness which is the one Divine Consciousness individualized, is able to more fully express ITself. You can never get wisdom, knowledge, peace, harmony etc., because these qualities are already fully present within your consciousness. Evolution is about getting out of the way “Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape” (Paracelsus – Robert Browning)

Clearing is the process of removing the layers of falsehood from one’s consciousness that have been formed over time through many lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy. Every person has different types of layers, some thick, some thin, and some glued tightly. The process of removing these layers can be and often is very painful because individuals become accustomed to and comfortable with their creations. An intensified clearing process is taking place at this time.

Allow all your pretty bubbles to burst dear ones, and you will discover that a whole new world exists outside of them.

We are the Arcturian Group.

**Channel: Marilynn Raffaele


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Ascension and Mass Heart Opening

Within the next 48 hours and within the next few weeks, an intense and mass opening of the heart centers of humanity is occurring as never witnessed before!

It is coming with the full releasing of Divine Light, Divine Love, and the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, and it will indeed be the Rose Line which carries this, as it the Fires of Illumination and Purification sweep this line totally clear, and then connects it with the ascended Spine of the New Earth forever more.

I was shown a massive torus-like energy, coming down from the Divine Source, and it is filled with so much Divine Light, Love and Power, and the sweeping fires of the Shekinah plus that of the Fires of Illumination and the Fires of Purification, that it is cleaving the heart center open.

The way has been prepared in the last few days, with the mass grieving which has indeed been releasing the pent-up emotions of whole humanity in unprecedented ways. It swept through the ancestral lineages, through the DNA encoding of Pain and suffering and often pent-up trauma, and it will continue doing so.

Whatever is there within your own heart and soul, and within that of your own ancestral lineages, and within your deepest subconscious will now be released. Do not stop tears, do not try to keep the heart closed with judgements, with separation, and with labels: – open up and allow the grieve to surface, in all its expressions and forms, as all is being now released and transmuted and transfigured for our highest good.

It is the opening of the compassionate Divine Mother Heart and indeed the all-embracing love, which brings powerful healing in all respects. It is love without judgements of any kind, for it only sees the purity of soul in its truthful form.

Allow all to surface as it needs to.

Allow the sweeping fires of Illumination and Purification, to bring to the fore, which still needs to be released and healed.
For you will see your own face and that of all your ancestors and all the personas and role playing your soul ever took upon itself to express in all lifetimes on earth, saint and sinner, to surface, to now be healed and released through the Power of Love.

These words have such power as they are transmitted through me, that they will cleave your heart and soul open to the very core as the Torus energy of Love opens your heart center, cleaves it open to the core truth of your soul, and then forms that Purification and Illumination Torus in and around you.

The Ascension process is now accelerating.

The Power of Love is greater than the sum of anything human beings ever allowed to be created which was not in highest alignment with the Divine Law of One.

As the hearts open, divisions and separation fall away.

There is only Love.

For in truth we are all ONE.

The Power of Love only knows and expresses the purity of Divine Love.

It cannot be other – and in truth your soul knows this in the deepest core.

This is the greatest healing power ever to sweep through humanity and thus the greatest awakening in the highest degrees of souls, plus accelerated ascension in ways never witnessed before!

The Divine Power is sweeping the Earth!

**By Judith Kusel


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The Special Cosmic Portal

The day prior to an Equinox or Solstice, the day of their arrival, and the day after is a special three-day portal when our planet Earth/Gaia is in a particularly balanced vibrational frequency as “She” makes the seasonal shifts into spring, summer, autumn, and winter in “Her” yearly cycles.

Thus, from Wednesday— September 21st, to Thursday— September 22nd, to Friday— September 23rd is the Equinox Portal of seasonal changes in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Even with seven planets in retrograde and with cosmic forces powerfully sending energetics into our realm, these three days offer an opportunity for humanity to shift into higher gear physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We can more easily understand where we may need to review our wellness regimens, where we need to re-focus our attention, and where we need to be emotionally healed of past and current situations which have affected us either personally, globally, or both.

Tuning into the HIGHER SELF during these three days is especially effective in assisting us with acquiring greater knowledge of spiritual and natural principles of attunement to SOURCE FREQUENCY.

If we were in a perfect world, everyone would have these three days off of work and school for purposes of ceremonial rituals for engaging the energy of the portal because humanity would have collectively reached a level of awareness of how the cosmic realm is encoded with sacred messages that are being constantly transmitted to us and how we have the opportunity to receive their blessings.

Temples, Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, etc. would be open for collective prayer and meditation.

To engage the portal energy, during the day while you are at work or school or performing other necessary tasks, take a few minutes to pronounce the “Pranava” (“Cosmic Sound”) of AUM aloud slowly three times at various periods throughout the three-day portal.

Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart as you do so as was instructed in a recent article. Breathe deeply as you do this.

Add to this, however, the following: As you are pronouncing the AUM mantra, envision your entire being surrounded and enveloped with bright SOURCE LIGHT.

Then recite a silent prayer for whatever your needs are going forward throughout this year and into next year.

Be sure to also recite a prayer for our planet to achieve healing, peace, and prosperity.

Try to perform this ritual three times each of the three days—in the morning, at some point in the afternoon, and in the evening before bedtime.

Of course, the most auspicious times are DAWN, NOON, and SUNSET.

These are times when a cosmic door opens (wherever we are on the planet in our individual time zones) that pours forth special vibrations into all of creation.

These are gateways symbolizing “Bringing Into Being”—“planting our seeds” of desire (DAWN), “High and Glorious Light” (NOON)—the blossoming of our desires, and “Darkness before LIGHT” (SUNSET)—“birth” of what we have “planted”. In ancient temples, these daily times were known as KHEPERA, RA, and ATUM RA (Kemet and its Medu Neter language).

These are powerful daily energies for prayer and meditation.

Yogis and Yoginis of Vedic spirituality pray and meditate at these special times as well as at other times.

Remember that up to a month prior to seasonal changes, cleansing cosmic events are heightened such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, solar winds, etc.

Cleansings occur such as quakes, hurricanes, storms, floods, etc.

Although these events can be challenging and even devastating, they represent how our planet is being cleared and how “She” is defending “Herself” against mankind’s evils heaped upon “Her”.

Scientists of various specialties (Biologists, Chemists, Geologists, Physicists, Astro-Physicists, etc.) have noted that whenever there is increased disharmony on our planet (warfare, hatreds, poisoning of the environment in numerous ways, etc.), weather patterns are very potent because the cosmic forces are stirred-up in intensity.

As stated above, they are particularly strong during seasonal changes as if one of their messages is that mankind must change too—“As above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without.”

Also remember that the word “Man” is rooted in the Sanskrit term “Manas” which translates as “Mind” and as “Consciousness”.

Thus, the word “Mankind” is not just rendered to the male gender.

It is indicative of all people and is speaking of a “type” of consciousness, thus, a “kind” of consciousness or mindset.

What type of consciousness or mind many may ask?

Let us take a look at the root of the term “Hu”.

This is an ancient Medu Neter term that translates as “Creative Utterance”.

Therefore, to be “Human” is to possess the power of creative sound—of sending forth into the ethers vibrational frequencies that can manifest as experiences.

The phoneme “Wo” is from the Old English “Wifmon” defined as “wife”. Later, this term became the Middle English word “Wif”.

Linguistical studies provide wisdom that can unlock what and who “Mankind” actually is on Earth/Gaia.

Thus, so-called “Women” are also “Mankind”, because as just stated, “Man” translates as “Consciousness” and as “Mind”.

Enjoy the “EQUINOX PORTAL”. Make the three days special.

It can be a chance for you to develop new knowledge and a new direction in this “Now” of constant LIGHT AND SOUND.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to share with you the following transmission because we know that you all need praise and encouragement to keep going at times there on Earth. We love you so very much, and we want only the best for you. And we want you to understand that your higher selves also only want what is best for you. You are your higher selves, and your higher selves are you, but they are the part of you that has moved beyond the egoic needs. Your higher self is the part of you that knows your survival is assured. It’s the part of you that looks for the challenges, for the next ideal growth experiences.

Therefore, nothing will ever come to you that your higher self didn’t feel was the next best thing for you to face in your lives. Remember that the next time you are resisting something or shaking your fist in the air. It is no one and nothing outside of you that has put that challenge in front of you. Now is the time to let go of fear, separation, judgment, resistance, and shame, because those are the things that keep you from simply knowing that you are your higher self.

The doorway to the fifth dimension is not out there somewhere. It is not an event that takes place outside of you. It is not a solar flash. It is you. It is you opening that doorway on such a consistent basis that you forget all about what you were afraid of, or what you were judging or resisting. We want you to have a selective memory and selective attention so that you can allow that which is the true you to come forward and not only be a part of this beautiful planet Earth, but also we invite you to see yourselves as the ones who are there to set the example to others of how to be and how to thrive.

Will there be an event or a solar flash, or something like that at some point in the future? Possibly. But will it matter to those of you who have discovered the portal that exists within you, a portal that takes you directly to your fifth dimensional self? It will not. Therefore, we want to steer you away from predictions and prophecies and steer you back into yourselves, because your fifth dimensional higher self is certainly looking for more integration, not more separation.

Your fifth dimensional higher self is not looking to board a spaceship to get off of your crazy world and get away from those who are ruining it for everyone, and that is because your fifth dimensional higher self enjoys the challenge so much of staying and transforming the collective consciousness within it.

Be love that is so undeniable that you transform every single person, every single being that is in your path and that even hears about you from another. That experience is far more powerful than something happening outside of you to rescue you from yourselves, from each other, from those you disagree with.

Now is the time to get more heart centered than you have ever been before and to shine that light from within your heart brighter than you have ever let it shine before. That is the most satisfying experience that you can have right now, and it has never been more available to you than it is right now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


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The Khazarian Mafia and their slave countries are secretly trying to negotiate peace with the planetary liberation alliance but their offers are being spurned, White Dragon Society sources say. Instead, Russia is demanding the abolition of the Federal Reserve Board while China is preparing to invade Taiwan, Russian FSB and Asian secret society sources say.

Meanwhile, the undeclared civil war in the West has taken an ominous turn as MI6 discovers Queen Elizabeth was murdered with a directed energy weapon by the Khazarian Mafia. That is why the British military and intelligence apparatus have decided to ally themselves with Russia and China against the KM.

There is also major underworld action in Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere as KM rule worldwide continues its collapse.

There is a lot to cover this week so let us start with the offer to Russia made by the KM agent posing as Pope Francis. The fake pope flew last week to the Congress s of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana and begged for meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Archbishop Kiril, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Pope” Francis was spurned.

The “pope” offered to “give away the Donetsk and the Luhansk regions and make a peace deal,” according to Russian FSB sources. However, the Russians rejected the new peace offer as “just a manipulation to win time and get gas and oil resources.” They say “the Soros foundation and the Rothschilds are funding activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to repeat the Ukraine scenario.”  

The FSB also notes that “the US has already signed off on funding the Ukrainian Nazis’ weapons and military bases until 2025 to prepare for a new round of war with Russia.”

The Russians suggested it was in their interests to “wait until after the winter,” before negotiating saying “Peace will start from ending the Federal Reserve Board and the current financial system as well as forming a new multi-polar world order with equality for all countries.”

The “pope” also repeated his offer to China of control of ASEAN, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Australia and New Zealand and sweetened the pot by offering Taiwan as well, according to Asian secret society sources. All the KM wanted in exchange was continued funding for their UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation beyond September 30th.

The Chinese of course, know the people behind the pope are just trying to buy time so they could continue attempts to stay in power by killing 90% of the world’s population. That is why Xi Jinping refused to meet the pope.

They also have a very justified fear the KM would just use the meeting to kill Xi just like they killed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the Queen.

OK, now let us look at why MI6 is sure the Queen was murdered. The head of MI6 notes her death came just a few days after his private secretary was murdered. “Someone very close to The Queen at the same time reported to us Her Majesty was perfectly well apart from old age problems.” The murder of the Queen came just after the alliance installed Liz Truss as Prime Minister instead of the KM World Economic Forum designated puppet Rishi Sunak, he noted. “The Queen did not die by way of natural causes. I know this because she would have told me beforehand,” he added.

The KM leadership is a “bunch of creeps who now have every MI6 and SAS officer around the world down their backs on a shoot to kill on my orders,” promises the head of British intelligence.  

That is why MI6 opened a back channel with Russia last week. “We know everything about KM and the KM Russo Genocide of near on five million [more like 50 million] Russians. The mass graves are many. The KM is the root cause of all world terrorism,” MI6 notes. “We are not alone. I have had numerous covert contacts in the last few days,” he added. 

That is why the British agree with the following statement put out by the Chinese Foreign Ministry “China is ready to work together with Russia to…promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction.”

Russia’s Putin reflected similar sentiments when he said: “Attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken an absolutely ugly shape and are absolutely unacceptable to the overwhelming number of states on the planet.”

The Russian official Tass news agency also announced Russia and China were joining the UK in repudiating the fake Covid pandemic by noting that when “Putin chatted with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping…they did not resort to anti-COVID restrictions: they spoke at close distance, without masks.”  

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The Chinese further signaled to the world they knew they were under 5G electromagnetic attack and are responding by destroying the infrastructure involved as can be seen in this video of a massive cell phone facility being burned down. 

Video Player

China and Russia displayed the power of their alliance last week at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. There Xi issued a declaration of war against the KM by saying “We should prevent external forces from instigating a color revolution.”

Instead, he promoted “mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diversity of civilizations and pursuit of common development.”

The countries allied with or signaling alliance with the SCO now include India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Belarus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Belarus, Mongolia, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia,

The fact that Turkey, the nation with the largest NATO army after the United States, has joined this alliance spells military doom for NATO,

There was also a sign that with this huge alliance behind it, China is preparing for a move to take over Taiwan. On Sunday Taiwan was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was almost certainly artificial because it took place at a depth of 10 kilometers and its epicenter was the huge airbase in Hualien County on the eastern coast of Taiwan.

The US military is unable to resist, being so short of funds that active-duty soldiers need food stamps to feed themselves and their families.

Since most of the world’s major oil-exporting countries are members of the SCO, this means that the continued disruption in oil supplies to the EU and US will lead to complete economic chaos.

Indonesia, another major oil producer, is also likely to join the anti-KM alliance soon. According to Indonesian intelligence sources, a civil war is raging within the military and police forces. Indonesian intelligence officials have uncovered “gambling syndicates, prostitution, trafficking in underage children, drugs and tons of money… Specially appointed outside investigators have already unearthed hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore banks in Singapore and Hong Kong.” The articles linked below reflect a small part of the internal war raging there. %20Police%20have%20exposed%20a%20%20shot%20%20er%20shot%20in%20the%20General%20House%20under%20suspicious%20suspects

“This will most likely bring down the Indonesian government before the end of October,” the source said.

Japan also secretly joins the alliance. The fact that Russia is still supplying them with gas and oil shows that the Japanese have already struck a secret deal.

High-level members of the Japanese underworld met with a WDS representative last week and said an alliance had been struck between all major Japanese ninkyo (the correct term for the widely used derogatory word yakuza) organizations. This means that the groups that tasked the KM with delivering underage children, assassinating politicians, etc., must now choose between surrender and death.

The ninkyo alliance promises to regain control of all listed Japanese companies from KM and its lackeys.

Polish intelligence sources also contacted the WDS last week and announced that they had declared war on the KM. They realize:

The world is ruled by four corporations: Black Rock, State Street Corp., Vanguard Group and FMR owned by several families including: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Onassis, Kennedy, McDonald, Disney, Bundy, Bush and Collins. These companies have made their fortunes in human trafficking, guns, drugs, prostitution, global terrorism and false flag operations. They sit on the governing boards of the International Monetary Fund, all central banks, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve System. They also own oil, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and technology giants.

Video Player




They said the Polish military is ready to take over KM subsidiary ALTRIA Holdings, which manages Poland’s economy, politics, parties, politicians, courts and companies.

A Polish intelligence source noted:

Russia knows it is leading to an exit from the Matrix. It leaves behind a corrupt financial system, the media and the Internet. They expose the New World Order, EU, US, NATO, UN, CERN, WHO, CIA and MOSSAD. It’s all a great pit of serpents, full of darkness, uniting in the evil elite pyramid. It will soon be completely destroyed.”

The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy is also about to take decisive action, as most archbishops know that “Pope Francis” is an agent working for “Mammon”. Archbishop Carlo Vigano says: “In the short term, the Church will have to deal with the disasters caused by Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) and his small circle of corrupt collaborators.”

Of course, as usual, the KM does not intend to go quietly into the night despite the growing resistance. A rumor has been circulating on the internet and in the intelligence community that some kind of massive 911 or Fukushima-like event is being planned for the Jewish New Year on September 24th. Whatever they do, they won’t be able to murder or terrorize themselves from the hole they dug for themselves.


The big question, however, is whether the long-planned “space/UFO” event will happen at or near this time.

As is usual lately, we conclude with the latest evidence for UFOs and Unidentified Area Phenomena (UAP).

1. Ancient Mosaic Found in Palmyra, Syria Ancient alien spacecraft.

2. UFO seen from a passenger plane

Video Player

3. Drones fly over a city and are observed by a helicopter

Video Player

4. Spotted UFO fly-by on live TV news

Video Player

5. Military SSP vehicle fires weapon

Video Player

Finally, one more sign that we live in interesting times: “Ukrainian astronomers observe bizarre unidentified aerial phenomena over Kyiv”.

End... hit *Source for video's


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Jeshua: The Awakening

Beloved ones, You must now wake up from all the fear-based ignorant teachings of the past, the perversions of the message that I taught and who I was, and truly see and hear correctly. For many centuries your hearts have been darkened and your vision blinded by false teachings about my life, the nature of my death, and my teachings.

You have built many religions and movements based on untruths and led yourselves into deeper bondage and suffering. If you will stop your sufferings and ignorance, you must wake up from self-deception and desire to see correctly and be willing to leave the false behind and wake up from your slumber. This is a choice many are not willing to make because you choose fear and conformity rather than truth and awakening.

Many of you are questioning what religions built in my name have taught you. Do not doubt yourselves, because it is that the awareness on your planet is rising and the veils of ignorance and illusion are being lifted layer by layer. This is your own true nature waking you up from lifetimes of deep slumber to the truth of love. These old paradigms will no longer work because their very foundations which are based on illusion and fear and worship of man-made teachings are being shaken.

Those that desire the truth about my life and teachings will hear it in the depth of their being. I am not your messiah and I am not the only son of God. I was not sent to die for the sins of the world. You must leave behind these old fear-based illusions of sacrificial lambs which keep you stuck in deep patterns of fear and bondage. I am just like you, one who walked the same paths as you in many lifetimes and out of my own seeking and questioning pierced the veils of ignorance for myself and woke up to the truth of my divine nature just like many did before me and continue to do to this day.

I did not come to be worshipped and you must stop this if you are to awaken to your own true nature. I am not a partaker of your false teachings of worshipping me as special and apart from you. I taught my disciples these very things when they tried to worship me or believe me a king of Israel. I taught them that I was a servant, a teacher of truth and that they were just like me and could know what I had come to know by following the teachings I gave them. I tell you the same things. I cannot “save” you from your error (sins); you must walk your path and master your own self and no one can do it for you.

I only taught the truth and radiated my energy to those I encountered to help them understand but the times were dark and most could not comprehend my teachings and instead used them to form religions to elevate their own authority.

I am available to offer help to any who asks just like all awakened ones are, but you must walk your path and reach your own awakening. Beloved ones I love you and it is time to leave the old behind and mature into who you really are. It is a choice that no one can make for you, for your free will is sacred. You are divine and how long you remain in ignorance depends on you. If you chose truth, there will be assistance on your path, it is built into the path of awakening for all who choose it. This world is your own projection and the end of the world I spoke of is the end of your own illusions that project this world of suffering. Let those that have ears hear

Your friend and brother on the path,

Yeshua (The one that is known to many of you as Jesus).


**Channel: Mwendwa Mbaabu


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Are You A Pleiadian?
Have you ever wondered if you are from another planet? You might be wondering if you were abducted by aliens as a child. Or did your parents tell you that you were found in a cabbage patch or on their doorstep?
So, how do you determine if you are from the Pleiades? I have had regular contact with them and can confirm their existence. Not only do they exist, but they are here to help us as we make our evolution into 5th-dimensional beings. They have left us many clues to aid in this evolution.
The Pleiadians are eager to connect with those who resonate with their energy and frequency. They hail from the star cluster known as the Pleiades and its seven main stars. Some sources say that there are actually more stars in this cluster, but those are the main ones visible from Earth.
The Pleiadians are humanoid and possess many characteristics similar to humans, including the same number of fingers and toes as us. They can live up to 800 years. Some are the same size as humans and some are much taller than humans, averaging between 6.5 and 7 feet in height.
In addition to the above, Pleiadians also have not only blue eyes, pale skin, and blond hair but they have different skin tones, eye, and hair colors, just like humans.
Among other things, it is believed that these beings heal with sound or music and prefer to eat raw foods or plants for nutrition instead of meat.
The Pleiadian people are said to be very positive beings, always having a positive outlook on life.
They believe that there is a higher power out there controlling everything, and they believe in karma as well. Pleiadians are also very spiritual beings who often practice telepathy as a means of communication with one another.
Some of their technology includes healing lasers, time travel, and teleportation devices. The Pleiadian race is described as being very advanced compared to humans on Earth now.
According to Dr. Sheldon Nidle and Barbara Marciniak, both of whom have written extensively on the subject of Pleiadians and other extraterrestrials, there are currently over 4 million Pleiadians on Earth.
They are among us in physical form, walking among us, living next door to us. They may even be reading this article right now!
If you've ever wondered if you might be a Pleiadian, here are some ways to tell:
You may be a Pleiadian - 
• If you feel you don't belong on this planet and feel very different from most people around you,
• If you have always been interested in space and distant planets and are fascinated by the universe,
• If you are a deep thinker and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge,
• If you like to surround yourself with lots of greenery and nature,
• If you feel uncomfortable in large groups and public places and prefer to spend time alone or with small groups of people,
• If you have vivid dreams about flying or traveling through space,
• If you have memories of having lived in Sirius, Andromeda, or another faraway solar system or galaxy, they will seem more real than your present life on Earth.
• If you are very sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, big crowds, and chaotic situations, these things can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or unwell—even physically sick.
• If you're drawn to the ocean and have a sense of knowing about Atlantis,
• If you have an interest in healing modalities and alternative ways of healing,
• If you feel a calling to teach, help, or heal others,
• If the concept of "ascension" and ascending into greater consciousness appeals to you,
• If you believe we are all one, yet you feel different from others,
• If you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), such as computers and cell phones,
• If you feel more comfortable being in nature than in cities or large groups of people,
• If your ears stick out slightly, perhaps just one more than the other.
• If you often experience déjà vu or know how something will happen before it does,
• If you are highly sensitive and may be an empath,
• If you are naturally intuitive, you may have psychic gifts.
• You may have a strong spiritual connection to the Earth, nature, animals, and/or trees.
• If you may have had ET or UFO encounters,
• You may have an interest in sacred geometry, numerology, ancient civilizations, and symbolism.
• If you have a desire to be of service to others,
These are the indications that you are a Pleiadian. In fact, many people are not just human but also have some extraterrestrial DNA in them.
If you're a Pleiadian, but these traits don't apply to you, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're not one. The majority of humans, however, have between 0% and 25% Pleiadian DNA. On the other hand, if some of these suggestions do apply to you, then you may indeed be a Pleiadian!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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