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Health and Personal Power

There's so much that can be said about taking one's power back concerning health.

And, having discovered in recent years that I AM indeed a Starseed and an Indigo with a certain mission here on Earth, my perspective on health has changed immensely.

It's not just about choosing organic and non-GMO foods just because we've been told that the experimentation behind GMOs is more than a bit dodgy and that to change the system we have to vote with the other human construct we call money.

For me, the only thing I can think of to describe WHY we need to take back our individual power concerning our health and well-being (regardless of whether we know our Star Origins or not) are two words: Higher Vision.

In order to change a system we KNOW is harmful, we first have to have a higher vision of what we feel a better way would look like. And honestly, we have to start with ourselves and how we treat ourselves. One of my favorite thought-and-imagination experiments is "What Would We Eat On/In...?"

I start with thinking about what would be served on, say, a highly evolved planet, spiritually and scientifically. And given how vivid my imagination is, it's not hard to see in my mind's eye. I'm a big Vangelis and Andreas Vollenweider fan, so their music is often the backdrop for my imaginings, and it really shifts my frame of mind, I kid you not! I start with my usual human mindset, and by the time I am done contemplating--at least for the time being--I feel like my attention has expanded manifold, and I'm feeling antsy as anything to get to work on the way of life I've imagined: healthy food everywhere, not a single ounce of junk food. The only thing in this imagining from the semi-sweet, non-fruit realm is dark chocolate, which IS healthy for you in moderate amounts.

And one of my newest experiments is envisioning the RESULT of eating all these healthy foods--and exercising, of course: me, being slim, slender and not a trace of fat on me, except what would be necessary to carry a child, should I wish to have that experience. See, I figure it can't hurt to envision what it would be like to BE slender. Yes, physically, it might take a bit more work for me than others, but something inside me says I can do it. I used to think I couldn't envision myself like that, but for some reason, now I can.

There again is WHY I know I can do it, WHY I MUST do it. It's not just about avoiding chronic disease. It's about having a higher vision and knowing my mission in life. I am the first to admit that turning my life around like this has NOT been easy. People who know me say I can be very stubborn, and I won't disagree with that. I've had to overcome a LOT of emotional and ego-centered blocks to my success. It meant letting go of a LOT of stuff that didn't serve me, and I am STILL working to de-program my psyche.

But something inside me tells me I know what I desire CAN be accomplished, especially if I keep my eyes on my higher vision, for myself and for all.

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