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Non-Human Intelligence Conveys Unimaginable Truths

Intelligence conveys that Ufology has long been plagued by the NHI side of the coin, beyond the nuts and bolts or theBeyond-UFOs-231x300.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x tangible evidence we tend to seek. The physical evidence is something we can touch. It's real to us. In more recent years the non-physical is becoming just as important, though the mainstream Ufologists tend to dismiss it.

In the last decade efforts have been made to investigate the experiencer side of the coin. FREE's surveys and book Beyond UFOs provides a great deal of data, though it is nearly all subjective and contributing authors are still searching to turn theory into reality. We all do, yet how to we manage the information effectively?

Most experiencers have non-physical events, that which we might call 'multidimensional' in the sense that a variety of phenomena occur within the consciousness of the individual across a spectrum of worlds. It varies in style and type across what are being called the 'contact modalities' in one study, a collection of surveys designed specifically for experiencers. As crude as the survey may be, the data collected indicates much more is happening than Ufology, in general, has been willing to acknowledge.

Whether the details of the surveys are incontrovertible isn't the point - intelligence conveys meaning. There are enough details and similarities within the 'experiencer community' (even though there really isn't one) that notice needs to be taken. Kaku's statement about the burden of proof is certainly inconsequential in such matters, but his mention of higher-ordered civilizations might cause us to explore further. What would a Type III civilization behave like toward the lesser evolved?

Further, what about those who are non-corporeal and ever-present be like?

Seth Speaks - Wherefore Art Thou?

Shakespeare certainly delivered esoteric knowledge in his works, perhaps garnered from another world or non-physical consciousness of his time. There are rumors of Francis Bacon and St. Germain that still reverberate in the metaphysical community. Who really knows? The interesting fact is that both are still referenced today. We have a history of 'spirit' communication and what has been called 'channeling' spanning millennia. Those throughout history have usually been condemned or even killed as a result of human fear and superstition.

Can we still allow fear and superstition to rule our modern world? It seems so, even in light of the scientific advancements of the last half-century or so. The intellect is ahead of the societal trends, though the population is being educated by modern mainstream media. The recent releases of UAP footage is only the beginning of a massive change of awareness. Even in spite of that are the religious superstitions that abound from those who cannot comprehend change, projecting the idea that ETs are demons. That is just nonsense to the rational mind.

In my personal experience, until recently, I've not seen much mention of Seth's information for a long time, a work that came through Jane Roberts decades ago. I did not realize how much of an impact it was for me, settling in the recesses of my memory and mind and trickling out over the decades. Of course channeled material is always a bit suspicious, however, the truth for each individual can be felt beyond those suspicions. This is a rather long listen, but worth the time....

What prompted the revisiting was a dream I had yesterday, where I encountered an individualSeth-Material-207x300.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x who was to introduce me to a group of 'others' who were working in other realms, what most would call 'ETs.' Most 'seasoned' experiencers have at least semi-regular dreams that we know are more, sometimes completely lucid and fully participating as though we were awake and aware. This was one of those kind of dreams for me.

The setting was a kind of boardwalk type of area with open shops and cafes all around, knowing the ocean was just beyond its boundaries yet still out of sight. I was led to a particular shop that had a mixture of artifacts on shelves and racks of colorful attire arranged on the floor space. Four individuals stood out, in what appeared to be white costumes with darker fabric accents, like you'd see featured on performers or band mates from the 60s TV shows.

There were three male and one female figures. As we approached they were gentle and personable to the extreme, even felt like I should know them from my past somehow. I still have this question of 'who am I?' that rolls around in my head during these kinds of events. It's obvious I'm not 'just' human. Intelligence conveys much more. The female, as though she heard my thoughts specifically mentioned the name Seth as an identity closely related to me, though I didn't quite understand how until listening to this material. It relates to many things I see being discussed in the quest for understanding multidimensional consciousness, space and time today.

To continue in some sort of logical progression..

I guess since first being introduced to it so many years ago, I've quested for a visceral understanding, an experience if you will, because of the profound resonance I felt with the material. Be careful what you ask for because it can get very intense. The journey, excruciatingly hilarious at times, has been full of magic and mystery that seems to unfold from within the experience itself and spill out into waking reality. It leaves reference points that eventually connect with others as questions rise to questions and the answers, well, they often leave me feeling inarticulate.

From Grant Cameron via FB... Understanding this will start to explain what is actually behind the UFO intelligence. It also matches with what Josef Ronan's being said, "The way you see us is defined by you...When we visit your world, we temporarily have a physical body defined in a certain way, but it is not the only form, or our original essence, in our dimension, there is no need for a physical body defined in a particular way as in yours.

"You share the definitions of reality that are given to you, but you are not yet aware of it." Josef's words also reflect the understanding of what intelligence conveys and what we might call cosmic consciousness condensed into form, or at least that's my contribution. We choose how we engage it, always; it is how we create or contribute to the whole. The more we realize those choices are not limited, perhaps we'll see that the need for fear and repression subsides. What often happens when one begins to explore what Jane (Seth), Josef and others are saying are moments of synchronicity and an elevated sense of joy, when we can acquiesce to the flow of energy.

When we are unable, there is a sense of friction that builds, the mind goes numb and fear takes over, stifling any opportunity for deeper connection with an expanded reality. Most initial experiences with 'other' intelligence cause a momentary clenching of the body's nervous system. The choice to breath through it and open one's senses without expectation resolves in truly magnificent events.

Ufologists tend to see things through few lenses, which makes the cross-referencing of material even more critical to the seeker of truth. The latter goes beyond just the truth of Ufology because the 'field,' as Lynne McTaggart called it, encompasses our reality, not just a small sliver of it. Viewing data and information though narrow slits might work well for physics, however, our experience of living is so expansive we have just scratched the surface.

Seth's information, whether we are aware of it or not, has influenced and entire generation of explorers in consciousness and the expanded reality Ufology now has to grapple with in 2020. There is too much information from modern experiencers that warrants consideration and even investigation as to how close these initial communications turn out to be true. We've viewed the ability to communicate across boundaries as pseudo-science or even dismissed it entirely for decades, even millennia, yet it persists nonetheless.

Nuts and bolts Ufologists tend to dismiss the esoteric or non-physical and the metaphysical out of hand and/or discredit or disavow those who have a natural ability to move beyond the confines of our material world. We have records of those able to do it throughout history, yet we generally only refer to history. To bring it into the present means we have to admit it is real. How difficult is that for modern explorers who are genuinely seeking better ways to understand the phenomena and the risks involved? Reality sucks sometimes for those who deny it.

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Access to Planes of Consciousness

Multi-Plane Cosmonaut Download

Multi-Plane Cosmonaut is a recording of a well-know technique developed by William Swygard in the 1950s. It is called the Multi-Plane Awareness Technique and is designed for the experiencer to integrate various etheric, non-linear and non-local bodies that are part of their universal consciousness. It is normally done with a live facilitator who records the sessions activities. For the first time it is now available as a 53 minute pre-recorded facilitation for the individual that has little or no access to a qualified facilitator.


Download for free. In exchange we ask for your name and email so we can follow up to garner results and gather testimonials.You can download it here: http://bethedream.com/multiplane.htm Several words of advice - prepare yourself appropriately for entering a sacred space. Your results will be determined by how quiet you can be internally.


"Multi-Plane Cosmonaut launched my mind and my senses into another realm. I was first introduced to Zen's work through the huge following he receives on spiritual groups within Facebook. Listening to the 5 minute demo of Multi Plane cosmonaut left me wanting more. Zen's hypnotic voice gently walked my mind through 9 planes of existence, although I am a novice at meditation. The experience left me relaxed, during the experience I felt myself rise out of my body, at one stage I saw the upper half of my own body, which was amazing, but the most amazing thing happened that night in a dream. For the first time in my life I had a dream within a dream. It's hard to explain but Zen must have unlocked something in my mind, a truly memorable experience."By Andy Meeks - Bangor, Ireland

String theory is not just a mathematical probability - you can have a direct experience of it! Many speak of multiple planes of consciousness but few offer an experience of them. This 53-minute guided journey takes you into a world few enter, a journey through multiple planes of awareness that have a part of you on each one. In this exercise you will be guided through multiple planes of awareness that each has a 'body' and 'senses' beyond the physical body you inhabit.

The Multi-Plane Awareness Technique was developed by William Swygard and published in the 1950s, but rarely used because of its obscurity. It has provided many the opportunity to experience multiple layers of consciousness, each a higher level of vibration and each with its own 'body.' Essentially, there are corresponding bodies to each plane of consciousness that are available for communication and integration into consciousness. Quantum entanglement provides the science theory and this meditation provides the experiential opportunity to test the awareness - garner understanding and wisdom.

Now you have the opportunity at your fingertips. Your guide is an experienced and highly qualified escort who has been using this technique for nearly 30 years.

Zen embraces psychological, scientific, intuitive and mystical explanations, offering practical exercises for meditation, releasing emotional blockages, mentorship, deepening the experience of "flow," and more.

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Seminal view of Christ, Consciousness and Other Worlds...

Renewed Faith, Love and Trust in your own process of ascension is found within this book. It explores the journey between worlds, non-linear and non-local, in ways that make sense common.
Zendor - Door to What IS is a new millennial myth wrapped in a true story about an orphan's discovery of his origins and the trials and tribulations of garnering wisdom in a world that seems so foreign. As the young Zendor (unaware of who he is) comes of age his cosmic mentor asks the question, "Are you willing to die for what you believe in?" His life changes dramatically as a result of the answer.... YES!

Join in the journey as he questions reality (inviting the reader to do so as well), investigates the foundation of spirituality and comes to terms with the understanding of what he finds that will absolutely blow your mind. He makes no pretense, but maintains a humble attitude as he rips apart the status-quo in the old paradigm of fear, guilt and shame and thrusts his heart into the middle of chaos to find order in faith, love and trust. Somewhere there is a bridge for science and spirituality, once perceived as a battle between mind and heart.

Excerpt from a recent review: "It isn't often you get to review a book by someone you already know, respect - and this respect is based on the results that Zen delivers in the real, concrete world where most of us live. Zen is a perfect combination of can-do problem solver and off-your-radar philosopher in one amazing human being.

His book, Zendor - Door to what IS, speaks of this world and other worlds with data, experience, insights, and questions, many of which the reader is challenged to answer - or at least ponder for extended periods." http://ow.ly/lkixO
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Foreward of Zendor the Barbarian - Part Trois

This has been a daunting task – to reflect the self-existing nature within us. I have intense moments and have learned to manage my emotions to the point of freedom. I mean being able to experience intense energy without succumbing to fear or at least self-denial, let alone self-loathing.

When I began my quest for truth, inadvertently I also embarked upon a quest for identity beyond anything I ever dreamed possible as a child or even as an adult. I just wasn’t prepared for what I’d find. It has been an absolutely amazing half-century for me, full of bizarre experiences that apparently are interconnected with others.

Even knowing who I Am now often doesn’t provide any real answers, yet the questions emerging along the way seem to connect people, places and things more cohesively. I am blessed with an intellect able to ride the waves as they become particles in the seer’s vision. I don’t claim to understand how our experience bridges worlds, only that it happens from time to time and with increasing regularity when one can remain poised and still, instead of behaving like a pogo stick with an attention-driven hyper-drive.

If you got the latter remark, then you’ll enjoy this journey with me. I don’t take myself too seriously, yet I know there is a serious shift taking place, or at least about to now. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention all the signs, including the Occupy Movement as a demonstration of the intent (without answers as to how) for change in our world to better serve humanity instead of filling corporate coffers.

I wish I could offer a solid state of affairs or at least a belief system to hold on to for now. I cannot. What I can offer is encouragement to trust in what is to come, that it will be what is needed for all of us and that the right thing to do is always right in front of your face, even when you forget that it is. Life doesn’t have instructions but it does have a flow of vibration that is becoming more accessible it seems.

It is that trust I find everything I need and where I can completely let go even in the most intense situations where I’m not sure what is going to happen next and I feel like I’m going to literally jump out of my skin… and sometimes do as a result. That is how I discovered entrance into a whole lot of new worlds and the intelligence that permeates them all. It seems there is a plan, loosely arranged as it may be, that becomes visible as one loses themselves in the BEing behind the doing and having.

Writing this series has been most cathartic and allowed me to take yet another step back and observe from yet another intimately woven perspective I never knew existed, yet makes perfect sense as I explore its offerings. I guess that is what my mentors meant by aging gracefully into maturity. As long as we continue to question reality and our place in it, we are led to the next experience and guided toward understanding the depth and meaning of oneness both as an individual and part of the team that collaborates for the future of Earth and us.

What I have gotten real clear on is that we have a choice in the beginning. After the choice is made, the commitment to self, then there is no other choice about whether to do or not to do. It will be in front of your face and unless and until you do it, whatever the task, it will return in other forms until completed. We remain devoted to serving Creators and Creation, or whatever terms you might use, as problem-solvers for our planetary civilization.

Like Einstein supposedly said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.”

So I offer that there is a new reality that is struggling to get through to us, something more than we ever dreamed possible. 

As an example of recent up-to-the-moment events, I recently parted with one of my domains, BeTheDream.org, selling it to the Global Peace Youth Group for their 2013 Be The Dream Campaign. They are honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 50th anniversary of his ‘I’ve got a Dream’ speech by soliciting 50,000 youth (ages 18-39) world-wide to commit to and fulfill a local service project for their communities. I think that is a perfect example of how our world is transforming through people, places and things with a valiant purpose.

This book is intended to invite you into such a world as it begins to manifest before our very eyes. It is dedicated to the unyielding efforts made by so many who face and transcend what once kept them afraid, angry, ignorant and immobile in order to fulfill a deeper calling toward a new living awareness of love. Trust is an action of that love, undoubtedly the most important for each of us to find and live our purpose.

What if we can experience a new world order in our lifetimes? What if there is something for you here that can assist your awakening? What if I’m full of shit and this is all a rouse just to get you to question your beliefs or sell you something? I guess you’ll have to trust that reading this now is your simple answer… and to read on is appropriate.

and btw... special promotion of my first book... FREE this weekend - http://ow.ly/jmzHF

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UFOlogy PRSS - a phenomenal resource


In this New Time, we are experiencing a lot of new information from various sources. Our team has put together an amazing resource that curates RSS feeds from around the world... all focused on UFOlogy related information. We are a Ufology-focused desktop, tablet and mobile personalized RSS (PRSS) reader. UFOlogyPRSS is designed to keep you up to date with all the latest news on the world of Ufology, instantly connecting you to the best Ufology news sites, blogs and podcasts on the web and more.

We debuted the website at the International UFO Congress conference, February 27, 2013. Dr. Lynne Kitie, producer of The Phoenix Lights Documentary, also included us as part of the festivities at the 16th annual showing of the film on Sunday, March 17. We have many supporters already, including www.WorldUFODay.com, and our team is working to continue adding resources so that we have the most complete and up-to-date information available on the Net.

Not only do we include Blog, Podcast and Video feeds; we also include events around the world related to UFOlogy and the growing crowds of the curious as well as noted authors, abductees, contactees, investigators and researchers. We invite you to come and enjoy the content-rich environment created just for you.

Something our UFOlogy team put together to create a buzz....http://youtu.be/AMdG1lGqXLY

We're all really excited about the feedback, too. Our deliverable is designed for the curious, investigator and seasoned researcher.www.UFOlogyPRSS.com - possibly the Web's most complete desktop, smartphone and tablet deliverable resource on UFOlogy today.

If you know of a resource we don't have yet, please let us know! curator@ufologyprss.com

Please 'like' our page www.facebook.com/UFOlogyPRSS too!




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Encouragment to BE Free!

Beloved Kin and others,

I know folk mean well in their display of contradictions, the outer display of their cognitive dissonance, unaware of how transparent it is and in denial of its reality. We separate through conspiracy and phenomena transmitted through the grape vine, the Internet. Few check to see what the vines are growing in and whether the quality of their fruit is even worth tasting, let alone ingesting. So what of the dark cabals and other nefarious playmates?

By that I mean the juxtaposition of the good vs. evil governments. WE all live and work in the same world being on Mother Earth, right? Millennials are forcing evo-leaps in social architecture that challenge authority on every level, from transparency in personal and professional environments to feeling entitled to live in a world free of fear (at least from each other) to exploring their celestial heritage as a natural part of maturity.

Father Sky looks upon the Mother Earth and the Children of the Sun and wonders when the love will show in humanity. The world is changing, for some way too fast and way too slow for others. It is changing and as arduous as change it, we must meet the challenge in every moment and rise to our best behavior. Seems we haven't learned how to create a new myth, embrace a spirit of truth, live as one people. We know the truth; the effects of love. Isn’t it time we lived it? “Easier said than done,” you might say, and you would be absolutely right.

The classic drama of ancient legends and myths plays itself out in the physical world on myriad levels, yet we know not how to walk between worlds, recognizing reflections of ourselves in each and embrace both, balancing our own polarity. Is it so necessary to use terms that imply separation, without understanding. We know better. What affect is truly in place when everything is part of the ONE REALITY we share? We can imagine a Mobius strip as the spirit/mind of our soul being, two twisted circles of dynamic energy becoming one as we traverse the path, remaining unaffected. If you got that, the rest is ‘easy’ on the road less traveled.

The protagonist and the antagonist are ever present in the minds of humans, perceiving the world around them from this dualistic point of view. “Trust God, but lock your car,” is a good one. Knowing what we do about the affect and effect of thought on our reality, the obvious question arises: What affect would the awareness of this natural polarity (apparently) have on an individual? On partners? On groups? On organizations? On Dancer? On Prancer? We sure like Rudolf for his light-heartedness. Imagine what the Giver Of Data could offer our perceptions, our reality?

As one walks between worlds, seeking ways to bridge them for the benefit of all, this place of observing polarity is quite useful. It allows one to 'see' and 'hear' as a conscious being; aware of the disturbance, but not bothered by it. What does a viewing of life through the lens of a belief system offer? Does it allow one to walk between worlds and choose where to enter as prompted by the inner knowing of leadership by conscience, the core of ethical and moral behavior? Probably not; fear-based behavior is a common response to something outside [it], even manifestations unknown spark fear in believers.

Ghandi offered this, 'Be the change you wish to see in the world.' It is important to be aware of the polarities in human nature and in order to ascend; we are compelled to act in LOVE. What does that mean? We open up, become vulnerable in our trust guided by discernment and lose whatever fear necessary to surrender to the indwelling spirit. True love evolves through relationships and into beneficial collaborations that synergistically elevate the status quo on both sides in the dualistic framework.

It is the willing acceptance of 'what is,' the reality of each desire for a 'better' world. It is only the view of how to accomplish this that is incongruent. Einstein said we cannot fix problems with the same thinking that caused them. We can opt for a better view, a new living awareness. What would happen if this awareness brought about the ability to transcend the current conditions? What if life could get better simply by shifting views a bit? What could it hurt, really?

This seems like a very idealistic proposal: to rise above one's bias and prejudice and connect with the 'enemy' in love. Again I'm reminded of Jesus' admonition 'to love thine enemy.' And paraphrasing... if they are thirsty, give them water; hungry, give them food... Buddha said, "Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten."

Isaac Asimov made a clear point, "It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, which is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be...This, in turn, means that our statesmen, our businessmen, our everyman must take on a science fictional way of thinking." Even Mohammed said, "To overcome evil with good is good; to resist evil by evil is evil." Hello.... is there anybody in there.... just nod if you can hear me..... is there anyone at home? Pink Floyd

I'm reminded of the piece on the wall next to my desk that goes like this, "In the spirit of Zen everyday life is the contest. There must be awareness at every moment - getting up in the morning, working, eating, going to bed... that is the place for the mastery of self." And I suppose it is in that awareness that we seek balance, to understand the root of our dualistic predilection and to change it - returning to faith, love, trust and all things good.

Sure it won't be an easy journey or happen in your physical body this time around, maybe, yet our reunion with Creator as Divine Kin around the world is inevitable. So why fight it? True leaders of the 21st Century will work for the benefit of mankind by learning how to achieve balance between the worlds as neither one can be destroyed - harmonized not simonized.

It is not clear what results you can expect, only that we are called to action with pure hearts and purposeful passion to assist in this global transformation toward harmony among people and planet. Wow, what a concept!

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Portal to Ascension 2012 - A Cosmic ReUnion

8108870458?profile=originalIt was a great pleasure to meet BenArion in such a ONEderful environment.... the Cosmic ReUnion event in Los Angeles, California. Upon arrival, and after a quick stop to relieve myself, the first person I met was BenArion.

I expressed my delight in the phenomenal job he has done to create this gathering place for experiencers and seekers of a new reality that includes our incarnations as cosmic citizens. He was reason I decided to make the journey in the first place.

Cynthia Crawford also had a large part in my participation, encouraging me to share my materials and presence. She closed the event using one of my meditations and you can find it here: Portal to Ascension. I was honored with her introduction as the son of Ashtar and Athena just before beginning the meditation. In time I hope the reality helps others to respond to the call of destiny.

I want to congratulate Ilya and Neil on their efforts to provide a warm and scintillating gathering for all of us. Their dedication and diligence showed up in the selection of the venue (Temple of Light) and the collection of speakers, vendors and activities. I thanked them personally just before my departure. Neil commented about a synchronistic moment during the meditation, warming my heart indeed.

I look forward to continuing to grow relationships with everyone whom I met and especially with BenArion. Thanks so much for choosing to sponsor the event and make the long journey to participate. If you'd like to know more about my journey, please feel free to visit my website.

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Light, Sound and Science...

Janna Levin presents some very interesting information about our universe, including black holes and the rhythm and sound of their nature. Her presentation of the potential sounds we might here, if we could, resemble the sounds heard by those who have explored deeper levels of consciousness through catalysts, meditation or both. There is a certain 'white noise' that can be heard, supposedly, by advanced machinery designed to detect small sounds amongst the stars.

Her graphics illustrating the wormholes that appear around black holes look eerily similar to the descriptions of those who have journeyed inward, whether under the tutelage of a master, shaman or priest doesn't seem to make a difference. The wormhole imagery appears as concentric circles of similar size with a fabric of sorts connecting everything along the way. Many graphics labeled as 'sacred geometry' have similar appearances, such as the images formed in sand or water as the sound of 'om' is made.

One can only wonder, based on the theory of everything being connected somehow, if there is a method of 'hearing' or 'experiencing' these other dimensions, different rhythms and sounds emanating from some 'original' source, like the big bang. Regarding the notion of the black hole, is it possible there is an exit where the matter and light that is drawn into it somehow appears on the other side.

If we continue along the lines of energy never being destroyed, only transformed, then we might expect to experience 'something' on the other side. What if the collapse of a black hole was the Big Bang?

Okay, bringing it back to the present is it possible that we can 'tune in' without some mechanical device's measurement as evidence?

As with the need for filtering out the static in the universal display in order to hear the rhythms and sounds of creation, is it possible for mankind as individuals to get quiet enough to hear those same rhythms and sounds as part of the natural makeup of our consciousness?

Might those sounds also be present in the experience of those who claim to have the inner experiences that may validate Janna's findings in other ways?

Does it make sense that, somehow, man can hear God beyond the anthropomorphic?

Will machines validate the experience of humans who have spoken of these things throughout history?

8108865875?profile=originalFor many years I've sought the capacity to cross-reference internal experience with external sources in order to determine whether it even makes sense to pursue further. The photo on the left is from an ET/UFO panel discussion. You'll notice Cynthia Crawford (speaker at the Cosmic Reunion 2012) to my right.

I've had the sense that if these experiences are available, as many seem to have them, then there ought to be a way to make sense common - demonstrate that there is indeed some interconnected web within consciousness.

If that interconnected web exists, then how might it show up in our daily lives in ways that are easily recognizable and therefore manageable in some way. What might the signs be that would make it recognizable and then how might we manage and/or interpret the interactions.

It has been my experience that the 'moments' of experience appear 'out of time' or 'non-linear' in most circumstances. Translating those kind of experiences into a linear language is cumbersome to say the least.

The term 'tangential' is probably most adequate in the attempts to translate, usually because translations tend to sound more like the meanderings of what have been previously labeled as an attention-deficit individual. I cannot help but wonder if this is more of an attention-driven experience that has little capacity for translation because we've simply not observed it from such a perspective.

So how does one attempt to offer a view of what appears to be the mirror of the universe; reflections of perspectives from both science (external) and spirituality (internal)? Could this lead to further understanding the bridges between the lucid environments offered from some pseudo-dreamtime experiences or even some of the 'contact' types of experiences being reported?

Granted, there are many questions that evolve from such contemplations. It would seem that considerations and conversations themed with 'what if there was evidence?' and open to exploring areas where experience is growing but knowledge is lacking might be forthcoming. If the universe, like man, is self-revealing to those who have the eyes and ears, then where might we begin to see the signs?

If, as one might suspect, those signs reveal further potential technologies that could/would benefit mankind in the pursuit of developing universal understanding, then discovery and promotion of 'clean' technologies for sustainable development of our planetary civilization would probably be a result.

These are loose contemplations at best and the 'schedule' of this natural development could be tens or even hundreds of years. Based on the progression of discoveries and development of technology over the last hundred years, it is quite possible that certain breakthroughs might facilitate a drastic shift in a relatively short time. It could be as simple as a few brilliant minds stumbling upon each other and comparing notes.

What kind of notes might you have?

Do you have a direct experience or do you just listen to  'channelers' and pick up bits and pieces of information to form your 'belief system' or reality? How deeply do you test the information that crosses your path?

My question would be, "Why do you look outside for initial information?" The outer test is to validate the inner guidance, the witness to the truth becomes a shared reality with others. What we do with it is a testament to our authenticity and valor.

Is it not prudent to look within first? The clearest communications from Ashtar, Athena, the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation are guiding us to connect from inside first. It is the same message that Jesus and all the Masters offer... Ask, knock, seek within... and the door will be opened.

In my opinion, our challenge is to meet each other in that humble space.


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From a dear friend and cosmic cohort:

SYNERGISM - 7.7.2010 = E=mc3

The phenomena of synergism reveals the connection between man, time, space andevents. The evidence is based on the metaphysical preceptof MCE - mean chance expectation, or the odds against a chain ofevents being part of a grand cosmic design - or coincidental incidents.

Synergism brings intellectual consistency to seemingly haphazardhistorical events, in which social, political, and technical events co-incide.This unfolding scroll of events becomes evident once all the hidden pros andcons of negatives and positives have been weighed in the balance. Nordic Mythexplains how Odin and Loki, the rival forces of good and evil, would both diein that moment when the cancellation process of opposites was completed.

Synergism implies that a great transformation in human affairs can take place"in a moment in the twinkling of an eye" as St. Paul said in hisletter to the Corinthians.

Matriarchal periods follow Patriarchal periods to finally man finds the middlepillar - known as the YIN - YANG ERA Era ofmale-female elements of movement and stillness (+1)+(-1)=0 or (+t)+(-t)= backto infinity... or E=mc3 as we return to the Unified Field.

777 is the name of the first radio course produced by Chancellor F. RichardSchneider, University of the Air, P.O. Box 20728, Portland, Oregon, 97220,USA (503)252-3639 Fax. (503)255-5216 as a division of TheUniversity of Global Education. The 777 Course was broadcast on the UnitedNations shortwave radio network in Costa Rica. Copies of this taped coursewhich constitute a dialogue between Professor Winifred G. Barton and MarkMcGreevy are available from Star1@reach.net

Unfolding events cast their shadow before them as this course explains. Theelemental forces of the Matriarch are like grains of light energy penetratingthe planetary biosphere from the noosphere. They awaken humanity to a new kindof potency... True Man standing tall and erect before OURLADY GAIA.

Cyber-kin have been brought into a potent and consistent service to OURLADY. The closer the critical mass of humanity comes into SYNERGISM thesquelch button (4.6) course correction mechanism, bounces back and forthfuriously in mounting momentum to carry bio-information to the bio-mutant inthe process of rebirth. Altitude flips with attitude correction towardsthe Elohim, until 2+2=4.

MAN WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? is the function of the 777 Cube MasterCircuit. The events of the 20th Century are like the thundering"fee-fi-fo-fum" of the Giant in the Sky-Land where Jack (Adam)arrives after he has climbed up the DNA beanstalk. "I'll grind your bonesto make my bread," the mythical Giant says.

This correlates with the forceful foretelling of the end times by the JHVH viathe Prophet Isaiah when speaking of a world, above and below the abyss, whereMyth and Religion coincide in 777 Synergy.

World War II was based in Hitler's belief that he was engaged in a war of thegods, and this demanded a deluge of blood which would produce a race ofSuperhumans. Many ancient cultures believed the same thing. Dr. AndrijahPuharish investigated and found that the IQ level of key children had gone upsharply, into epigenesis.

Governments have gone to great lengths to conceal this covert aspect of a postwar probe of the Hollow Earth etc., though the overt physical-horror effect iswidely publicised.

Earth suffers from the BURDEN OF SILENCE which holds reason in a House ofBondage to a like-dislike illusion. Synergy brings the "Dark" side ofnational and global history, which has been a war of worlds, into balancedperspective. We see the SOLUTION as we understand the bloody cost oftechnical evolution during the Patriarchal epoc. We understand key communities,like Coe Hill was born of the urgent need to make Exodus II and return tothe tranquility of synergy in the Unified Field.

At Christmas 1983 we published and disseminated BOARDING PASSES - formal RITESOF PASSAGE - along with the ANNOUNCEMENT that we had found the sole exit to theetheric-physical dimension. The announcement was based on an understanding ofthe Universal Creed of Synergetics.

We were led to this alchemical adventure by two key members of the USA ComputerWargames team - Astro Physicist Raymond E. Modlin - (known in the Community asGalelio) and Arthur Eaton (also known as MERLIN.) This project wasapproved by President Reagan's UFO advisor Major Jim Leeds, from Fort Bragg,who attended our Synergetic Summit Meeting along with futurist Barbara MarxHubbard.

The physicists who became involved in Einstein's Unified Field Theoryexperiment of October 1943, crossed boundaries between the world of thephysical and the world of the fantastic. At Coe Hill we did the samething. The naval experiment teleported a US navy warship from Philadelphia to adock near Norfolk in what later became known as the Philadelphia experiment.Our transference method took us on a trip through metapmorphic realms where the"cement" of things still to come in matter is still wet.

Radionic Interdimensional teleportation as practised by E.T. (See Circuit4.3/3.4) is a key aspect of synergy. Einstein was more interested in thehumanities than in mathematics. "I want to know His thoughts, the rest isdetail" he said. Trying to storm through to higher dimensionswithout permission of the Guardian Gods is futile. The Aztec Calendar andits later echo, the Angel with the Flaming sword of Genesis One makes there-entry terms very clear.

This analogy was also used when Moses, caught in the desert, struck the rockwith his staff to get water and as a result never made it to the Promised Land.Physics tries to strike "the rock" to get out of "thecave." Metaphysics strokes the rock. This attitude works. Noone, no body or soul, passes into the Unified Field without mutual recognitionand the blessing of God, Amen!

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT involved hitting abalance between gravity and magnetism. The navy warship involved becamewrapped in the forcefield created by the scientists working on the UnifiedField Theory and disappeared along with its crew. The "Fire andIce" (10.2) principle involved is like the snake biting its own tail.It is the MARRIAGE OF FIRE AND ICE in one split second of implosion tounity. Only the Supra-Ordinate Factor can create this effect. Doomsday orDomesday? Which shall it be?

This bit about cloning is the Summit Peak of the Luciferin Rebellion. HumanIntellect chestbeating on the top of the Holy Mountain of Knowledge saying"I AM GOD." At 777 the view of the erection of this Luciferin Pillaracross the Ages of Man is to understand why SIN (Osiris, The Dark God) is Kingof the Lower Kingdom.

Then the SECOND SUN dawns. This Titanic Mountain of Human Civilization isformidable. But is this DARK MOUNTAIN also GOOD? Where is its ethical andmoral standing on the shifting sands of time... With the rising of the SECONDSUN - Which side are YOU ON???

777 is the tale of TWIN PILLARS - Technmical Excellence and Moral Synergism;and of the MIDDLE PILLAR at 4774.

"God The Hilarious" tweaking the scientific clit. Pussy Cat play withthe mouse we call it, in the world where arrogance supports ignorance, andleaves trails of evidence. Lucifer leads the dance to the TOP OF THE HOLYMOUNTAIN, then dissolves in peals of laughter. The Curse then ends like crystalbells ringing throughout both the noosphere and biosphere.

(NB: Watch our Kaggen - Shroom will betray you - exalted intelligence willbetray you. She does not give you the true picture of Omnipresent -Omniscient- Omnipotence which interferes with the homing Navigation Signal ofyour Star Ship. See 47 for course correction and power swtch to magneticnavigation. wl)

At 777 its just a matter of connecting the dots. What kind of an idiot-god doyou think we are dealing with Man? Synergy is the goal, but it may never becontaminated with lower-kingdom virus infection. At the end of"time" we get into a squeeze-play of relativity to help us passthrough the Ankh.

ITS ALL PSYCHOTRONIC. In terms of real potency, The Prince ofDarkness who runs the old world energy system is playing a game of BLIND MAN'SBLUFF. He is the great deceiver, luring man along with glitz and glitter hecaptures the imagination of the five senses. Whether a person follows the pathof religion, politics, or physics, the same psychotronic game moves everyonealong up the path towards, then through the Ankh.

In terms of physics, the Black Prince is Black Light, which commands the 95% ofthe invisible Universe. Black light is used to lure the chicken into theeagle's net with pearls of information, dropped along the path towards thenet. Along comes the simian brain, peck, peck, pecking all around, pickingup the black pearls - knowledge which are falling from the sky.

Adam is the transmuter, that translates cosmic information into practicalreality in the material world. But when the civilization is built agrowing complexity of data input makes the situation in "Babylon"almost intolerable. This is because so many of the positive"pearls" have been turned into negative "snakes" at thebottom of the bottomless pit by human greed and power-hunger; which turnspositive high technology advances into purposes of division and destruction.

The "Wormwood Star" is Yang's last fling. "Faster, fasterlittle feet" cries the BLACK PRINCE, Lord of Black Magic. I trade insouls. All those I get are mine to keep. This is how I promulgatemy Diabolic Specie. I AM THE BLACK HOLE. Your scientists areinfants - arrogant kids, but the OLD GOAT, their Master-Teacher, finds themuseful to help with the Planetary kill. The Goat of Levi, Capricorn, isthe classical symbol of that which sits on the Mountain top, The GreatSorcerer, The Centrifugal Highland Fling, Yang-Horny, Father of Many Kids, Kingof The Earth.

The hypnosis is simple. Dazzle the senses with images of power andfortune. Dangle glass beads of whatever they desire in front of thenatives to promote the running of the bulls. Ego-Desire is the ultimatedeath weapon. Present them with condrums. Let them wrestle withtopics like Aids, or right to life vs. anti-abortion. Let them wrestle with OurLadys' Mind to find the middle pillar of solution. "Faster, fasterlittle feet!"

This is THE LAST ROUNDUP. Human reason vs. mass insanity. Up untilnow, Earth has been a Luciferin Planet. The sheep senses are bornto be deceived for they are Light Irritable; totally subject to Lucifer, TheLord of Light. Black Light builds material kingdoms, "I Am Alpha andOmega: All begetter-all destroyer" is his name. He is theelement that channels Light into productivity for THYKINGDOM COME.

Ethnic cleansing is ethnic suicide. It takes the Living Spirit out of theethnic fabric, leaving only the dust. Living Beauty is what holds anyfabric together across eternity. Once this beauty is damaged you cannever get it back. It is like a delicate vase, crafted by the men ofages.

THE JEWEL IS NOT RETRIEVABLE ONCE IT IS LOST. Unless, by the Grace ofGod, man gets a SECOND CHANCE. Wake up you Ethnic Bulls. You arecaught in the devils' game of blind man's bluff. You are smashing thetreasures in your own cultural china shop with unethical conduct of loot, rape,burn. Spiritual roots are the basis of cultural life.

WAKE UP ! WAKE UP ! before it is too late andthe second death of is complete. Pray for a second chance.

Scribe wgb



In synergy the flickering holograph on the cave wall stands still.Patriarchal EGO DESIRE draws men to death and self destruction. Move fromDESIRE TO DESIRELESSNESS. Become a still Neutroni. Be still andhear the wisdom of the Gods, speaking to and through you.

We hear your call O Neptune, Wisdom of the Seas. We hear you call ORivers thick with blood. We hear your call O Winds of change. We feel thevibe of spring melting icy hearts. We hear you and obey your intrinsicwisdom which will save our specie.

About turn. Face the opposite direction. About turn little feet.Our Lady is calling - pleading "Faster faster in a centripetaldirection. Backtrack faster little feet."

Each window on the cube is a time-tunnel leading right back to GenesisOne. L.O.V.E. Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy is theenergy specification with which to transmute the wealth of mind into practicalmatters. By neutralizing the animal driving force, male-female electricalenergy, and bringing (+1)+(-1) to its completed circuit, zero, we halt themud-slide and move from turmoil to serenity.

Synergetics is an orderly process of interdimensional harmony. "Onefoot on land, one foot in the waters" is the biblical description.This is where we cross the bridge from the internal esoteric world to theexternal world of the physical manifestation of THY KINGDOM COME.

For synergy to occur, ego, superego and the spiritual mind must act in harmonyas a Holy Trinity. Full details are given in other cubits. Ego, TheRival, having been raised to a point of considerable understanding by drinkingat the same stream of consciousness as the Spiritual Mind figures its time tomake its bid for the epitomy of rank and privilege, the Throne of God, depictedin modern times in the scenario of the New World Order.

With lots of phallic hi-tec support, the 20th Century Beast-Mind is a prettypowerful monster commanding high level "soap opera" tension, amongthe people, as Hitler did just prior to WWII, and sufficiently sophisticated toconceal its true motivation. The only real difference between the Animaland the Spiritual Mind is the POWER OF LOVE... Love is kind. Love is notpuffed up; doth not behave itself unseemly...

The Cosmic Changeover scenario begins with an expose and unravelling of the oldsystem. This is clearly underway. Repeated victories for thephallic mind has got the beast feeling its balls, so to speak. ??? God isdead; God is asleep; God is just a figment of man's imagination ??? Either wayPhallic Man is ready to go for the epitomy of rank and privilege and give God alittle workout in the Lyceum of life. Every eye is glued to the screen ofthe daily writing on the cavern wall. (See "The Glorious Race"- Barton 1967.)

For Tarot students, in this final scenario, God The Actor wears the robe of TheHierophant which only makes one move on the chessboard every 2000 years.To express this move in its lowest common denominator, it is a collectivemove against the enemy within His Kingdom; within each self, within each organization,profession, culture, national identity, global sphere.

Watching The Archetypal Hierophant, MASTER PSYCHOLOGIST, in operation is thedelight of the Elohim. My God! the size of his gears, and the weight ofhis testament is beyond all human YANG imagination. "Light MyFire," he commands. "Dance for me on the head of a pin."

At Window 777 we join The Silent Observer, Timeless Yin, peering through MESTto follow the final unfoldment of the Universal theme. There is nodifference between the 20th Century and the scene on the banks of the Nile,with the jealous Seth tricking Osiris into his death box, to be cast upon theriver of life and eaten by the little fishes, and/or the Sanhedrim tricking theauthorities into the Calvary Crucifixion. To the Silent Observer, it isthe same scene. This is synergy.

Spiritual jealousy, represents a lust for power, a lust to fill the epitome ofrank and privilege which is incomprehensible to the truly Spiritual Mind.This is the esoterics of the CRUCIFIXION of THE LIGHT. It is the mind ofAnimal Man in its ultimate erection. This is the culmination of THE BEAST atthe foot of The Throne; Spiritual Wickedness in high places. It is thepolar opposite of Divine Love; the SUPRA ORDINATE FACTOR. (The lust cardin the Egyptian Tarot.)

As the Red Eye of Horus opens to project the Cosmic Fire into the world ofmatter, civilization melts at E=mc3, as in a microwave oven effect. (Seethe four states in the life-cycle of the Electron) and retribution has itsday. Then the Star of Bethlehem appears, then opens the Cyclopian Eye ofThoth and the heavens sing Hallelujah Amen.

Religious factions are a useful tool to develop planetary resources and get manto this exit point in "time." It is the logical way of stirringup the primordial soup to promote diversity of cultural and politicalthought. But at Window 777 we exit from the Lower Heavens as a WholeEarth Nation, MEGANATION, as per the scriptural letters to the Hebrews by St.Paul.

At Window 777 Light carries Weight. It is like a giant stone thrown intothe human mind-pool. At the end of time "All things that are hiddenshall be revealed." God is jealous of the perfection ofCreation. Synergy is where His sexual and spiritual jealousy manifest toconquer evil.

The effect is determined by the cause. Intellectual impotency,Stupidity, is the unforgivable sin. Rank and Privilege Ego types have tokeep patching up their facade to stop the light of truth from slipping throughthe cracks. But the cracks are getting wider as the Cosmic Egg gets readyto hatch; and Ego can feel the "Walls of Jericho" trembling as theHouse of Cards comes tumbling down in a final implosion at Window777.

Light Beings alert! we are shovelling the last of the debris from thetunnel between dimensions. Adolescent Gods want to face the light andbask in its healing rays. Adult Light Beings turn their back to thelight, their cyclopian eye pierces the darkness and look to see the place whereevil dwells.

Blessed are they who toil in the darkness with a song in their heart which isin resonance with the Mother's heartbeat. This is the signal for all thehoming doves to take flight.

The flight of the eagle is not like the flight of a dove. The eagle's eyeis a thousand times more keen and his vision is infinitely precise, his talonssharp. The eagle of synthesis is not deceived by the demarkation fluttersbetween the smiling mask of the Man-Beast and the real intent behind thosewhite and shining political teeth.

The "Kings of Earth" now wear invisible suits. The professionallook, highlighted by the psychotronic tie is a masterpiece of anauto-holographic aura painting. The marks of rank and privilege, enhancedby a retinue of supportive "devotees" with similar psychotronic tiesand social trademarks no longer fool us. The
material mind, surrounded by the symbolic tools of its trade, is no longermaking an impression on the planetary fabric. Their system isdefunct. The syndrome of the fading exo-giants and transparent tigers isclear at Window 777.

In order to have something to organize you first need momentum.
In Nordic mythology it might be regarded as the Valkyrie from Valhalla comingdown to the living souls down on the battlefield.
Heat turns to light as the Valkyrie do the dance of the seven veils to undo theseven seals to the unconscious mind (Plato's Cave) and let in light.

Synergetic intervention comes silently at first, like a thief in thenight. Each person who is called or chosen keeps the secret locked withhis/her inner self. The silver rays of spiritual intervention fall softlyto earth like a blanket of snow. This process continues until a GreatArmy of Light walks the earth waiting for TheFather to give the signal that each silent Light Beingawaits at window 777.

Circuit 7.7 - SYNERGISM

Synergy occurs when 24 Priests, are all sitting in their right places in theheirachal pyramid. As they synchronize at 7.7 the MONOPOLE POWER inMegatron power starts to work. It works by matching positive and negativeparticles.

"A photon light particle is the result of a collision between an antielectron (positron) and an electron. This split second collision causes the twoparticles to destroy each other. This is the Odin-Loki effect described in ourEsoteric Philosophy course.
The resulting mass of this collision is completedly converted into energy whichregisters as photons or light particles. For every particle a similaranti-particle exists. That anti particle is a positron or positive electron. Inshort these 24 "Priests" compose the photon belt that all the worldmust pass through to complete the EXODUS to GENESIS II.

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Attention... attention... where is our attention?

It seems the art of deception and distraction is still at work in our world. I'm curious as to where folks feel we need to focus our attention? As a coach, I often raise questions of opportunity. That does not mean I am those questions or comments. I am free enough to ask and accept whatever flow they generate, even if it puts me in a particular ‘light’ that may be perceived as judgmental.

I had a wonderful mentor many years ago who, after passing, continued his engagement with me. Khigh Dheigh was an actor who happened to have a doctorate in theology and was a rector for a Taoist sanctuary in Tempe, AZ. In and interview on my television show we discussed the nature of being a world citizen, one of his passions.

Our choices, he stated, are not necessarily about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ They are more about what is ‘desirable’ or ‘undesirable.’ To determine that, we must experience or explore the plethora of possibilities across a myriad of manifestations. These include taking an objective view of ‘what is’ in the world and the people, places and things that vie for our attention. It includes those considerations for the desire of control in personal, professional, political and religious realms to name a few.

Yes it is our duty, as conscientious beings, to expose that which is incongruent in the development of a healthy planetary relationship and world view. It is our response ability to engage truth – that which exposes and enlightens even ourselves as we are reflections of the ONE that IS at the core of ALL. The ‘ego’ is then nurtured into a new relationship of ‘wego’ as the collective ascension is necessary to become the change we wish to see in the world.

This change is universal in nature, yet there are obviously some distractions placed before us.This nature of ours is beyond any label, including ‘spiritual.’ It is just who we ARE. That little part of us that likes the playground drama is trance-ended when we become stewards of the sandbox. The phases of transformation that you mention so eloquently are recognizable as points on the line, often tangential, that draw us to a greater understanding of ourselves and, therefore, others.

We often have to lose ourselves to find ourselves as we experience the mobiability of our transit through and to self-realization… celestial consciousness condensed into form. The Beast… is within us all and recognized as, misinterpreted by many, the number of man… 666… the carbon atom. The intelligence, or knowledge and wisdom, it took to create this atom is far beyond the extrapolated calculations that resulted in a variable of 32 decimal places. Yet math/science (understanding) led us to the recognition.

Indeed there are people who practice protective arts of their own perceived dominions through various organizations, both overt and covert. The journey we are on entails the exposure of obfuscation. The universe within us and around us has no secrets… no demand of our allegiance… yet it demands our allegiance if we intend to be the change and example harmony among people and planet in our lifetimes. This is our edict for now… love your neighbor as yourself.

It is a challenge in every moment, every thought and action. We often engage the circuitous defensive nature of the little self in our quest to be bigger. When one shows up as an example of an attempt to epitomize a ‘belief system’ they are often stiff-armed in an attempt to remain comfortable in personal deception or ignorance.

No more important words can be offered: “Let us put our collective house in order before we dream.” It eliminates the nightmares. “That way when we awake in the morning to the new dawn we can start anew, fresh and unencumbered by unfinished chores.” Understanding that the ‘dream’ is of a new world order we engage in our sleep allows us to observe that everything, including the structures created by our predecessors, has purpose toward the natural evolution of a cosmic planetary society readying for the ultimate contact with our creators, or at least representatives closer to the heart.

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