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The Desert

Looking for life inside dreams, ever since life took away all dreams.

Fear disguised as perseverance, always leading the way inside the unavoidable loop of self.

My hope soon became rain. Blurring the only footsteps inside my little world.

No family, no

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I want to share an event, involving sinchronicity, that ocurred 22 minitues ago. As I'm starting to write.

Time 10:11 - 21/11/2015

I was checking out starseed traits, while trying to avoid a giant moth that didn't wanna quit flying all over my face. Mo

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I'm sorry

This post is about my last posts. Yes.

In the last days I've hit bottom. It was hard, it was painful. I was able to know my multidimensional self nature, many voices, speaking within myself. Exposing my worst fears, playing with me. Some of them wer

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What is real?

I got tired of seeing most of your kind, being played with like nothing.

They make you a product with government, they enslave with money, they defile you with science. It's like taking a piece of art, perfectly made, and then start to ravage it with

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