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Visitations in my bedroom


Do you see it?

Please read for explanation.

I have had strange things happen especially at night time. Non visible beings. I've experienced their energetic presence which I feel most of all when I'm awake but my body is asleep. They've talked to me a little bit telepathicly, touched my shoulder, and I've felt the weight in my bed as if someone is laying next to me, but there is nobody there. I clearly feel the bed getting pressed down next to me. Sounds, vibrations, them moving around in my room, strobing lights outside my window etc. I don't see them with my physical eyes, but I've seen them through my eyelids. One night I felt the presence again but I couldn't see them. I thought that the light should reflect differently if there is someone there, so I took a picture in the screen off my computer while shining a flashlight to see if it would reflect something. This is what I got. Look carefully. You can see it. You can see the side of its face lit up (from my flashlight probably). This is cut out and magnified from an original image. The right side of the image is added the part where there being is and I've filled in the contours lightly. It looks like the one I've seen before in an out of body type of experience. Are these the grays?

I don't know why they've visited me. I don't know what they want, if they're just trying to help or what. I've had a scoop mark on my leg when I woke up one morning. Perfectly round, on my leg. It wasn't there when I went to sleep. I know though that I've been protected from negative entities who didn't like that I was getting some sorts of contact from a seemingly good entity who called me "my little friend".

It started one day with that I simply felt that there was someone in the room. I could also feel an odd cold feeling in the air against my skin, just at this one place in the room. In the rest of the room the temperature was normal. Lots of things have happened. Too much to write about in this one post.

I work a lot with creating sounds for people to expand their consciousness and I've felt like I'm meant to do that. I don't know if it could be related to this, or if it's just about my own evolution.

I started keeping notes because it is easy to forget details.

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432 Hz Tuning

The A=432Hz Chakra Tones Explained

Jamie Buturff explains the correlation between 432 Hz and the Chakra system. (He is not affiliated with this website)

432 Hz Weaved into the cosmos

  • Pythagoras

Pythagoras (570 - 495 BC) was a greek philisopher, mathematician, astronomer and scientist. Credited for originating the "music of the spheres" theory which states there are musical intervals (mathematical ratios) found in the distances and sizes of the planets and how they moved around one another. Gave name to the the Pythagorean Tuning scale which turns out to produce the A=432 Hz!

"But how did they tune instruments in a precise way when they didn't have tuning forks or even sound measuring?". They still had math. They could take a certain material for a string, or for a tube and give is a precise tuning by cutting it very precisely and then making it sound. Also, keep in mind that the Pythagorean Tuning scale is mathematical. Even if it would be hard to tune instruments exactly down to what is 432 Hz today, 432 Hz was still mathematically the tuning scale they went for and which we can use today.

  • Space

The diameter of the moon is precisely 2160 miles which is exactly 432 x 5The diameter of the sun is 864.000 miles which is 432.000 x 2. 432 is also found in the patterns of planet orbits etc. Just informing about all of that is a project of it's own.

432 seems encoded into the very workings of the cosmos.

Jamie Buturff found that Tibetan monks used 432 Hz tuning in their hand-made tuning bowls for chakra tuning

100% Pure 432 Hz Tones generated and layered digitally.


  • Ancient Egypt

According to Ananda Bosman who is a international researcher and musician, archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed are largely tuned to A=432Hz.

  • Tibetan monks

Jamie Buturff (sound & Rodin coil researcher), found that Tibetan monks used 432 Hz tuning in their hand-made tuning bowls for chakra tuning. Jamie measured the Tibetan singing bowls using a Korg tuner and discovered that the bowls were harmonic to the 432 harmonic scale.

  • The original stradivarius violin

Was designed to be tuned to 432 Hz.

  • Overtones

Jamie Buturff says "432 Hz tuning touches the full 12 scale octave overtones of all music in creation. 440 Hz only touches 8 octave overtones, leaving out a complete section of resonances of the universe".

  • Golf balls

Several decades ago when Nike wanted to come up with the optimal golf ball they input all the various parameters of golf ball design into a computer. The result was that 432 dimples gave the least air resistance and most distance. They understand this gives the optimal harmonic performance. The ball used by Tiger Woods today.

  • et.c

These are just extremely few examples of what you find when you look into the 432.

Study shows amazing effects

As mentioned before, Jamie Buturff found that Tibetan monks used 432 Hz tuning in their hand-made tuning bowls for chakra tuning. Jamie measured the Tibetan singing bowls using a Korg tuner and discovered that the bowls were harmonic to the 432 music scale. But even before this, Jamie already had come up with these same frequencies. This confimred his own conclusion. The ears are connected to all of the meridian points and all of the chakras simultaneously. This is why it works playing these frequencies as sound through headphones or speakers.

In 2011 the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune India concucted a study based on research and the 432 Hz based chakra sounds by Jamie Buturff. You can read the study here. Their study concluded that from playing these tones to the participants in the study, their mental and physical health improved drastically during a period of only 7 days from only listening to each frequency a couple of minutes.

The Tibetan chakra bowls were found to resonate completely with the 432 Hz 


Article by Marcus Knudsen

(I'm the creator of the source article, so no copyright infringement)

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Slaves of the 2012 religion

Many say that religions are either false or all point to the same thing (god).

At the same many of these people sit around waiting for "something to happen" that will somehow free them from their tortured existance. Many believe that at the year 2012 some cosmic event will take place that will set everything right.

The Christians are waiting for Jesus to return. Some New Agers (religion in desguise) are waiting for aliens to land and fix all the problems. Some believe that everyone will be "enlightened" by some shift in the earth's magnetic field etc.


So they sit around waiting for that to happen. All these 2012 people, New Age people, Religious people etc etc.

They see everything that happens as a sign that their beleifs are correct. They waste many years of their lives in this inactivity. Even Ateism is an "-ism". A beleif that "there is no god".

Somehow many think that they will find god, in the future, somehow, not knowing that there is no one there in the first place to find anything. The seeking itself is the torture. Ever wondered why many truly "awakened" people say that there is nothing you can do? Because there is no You AND God. There is just God, or awareness in which everything takes place and in which everything is seen. There is always awareness of things happening. Things will always happen.

The "I" is an illusion. In the sleep state, when there is no memory, the body is still breathing by its own. Somehow "you" exist without the "I"-identification. You are awareness.

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There is no I

There is a black hole sucking out everything that I was programed to understand that I am.
There is nothing there. There is no I. Just nothing.
That is the same as saying "I am everything" or "I do not exist" because there is no I !

It is mankinds FIRST and BIGGEST missconseption. Due to this ONE tiny error, we suffer, we struggle etc etc.
You can not reach a permanent hightened state of enlightenment were the I is enlightened. All that is rubbish!
Why? Because there is no one there! There is no were to go. Nothing to acomplish and nothing to find because there is no one there to find anything. THIS IS FREEDOM. The truth is before everything. If you start looking you will not find it. It is so SIMPLE that the word simple makes it complicated.
Every attempt to describe this will fail because that is like showing you signs pointing at nothing.

Were this is "I" was before, there seems to be just black space. Nothing. Empty.
When asking the question "Who am I" in this nothingness, there is no one asking it, so one attempt to answer this is that "I" is just a sound.


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The Mechanics of Suffering and Illusion

One thing that creates allot of unnecessary suffering is addiction. I am not talking about drug addiction, even though that would certainly make you unhappy. I am talking about the addictions that you might not be aware about. The ones that you didn't even know where influencing you in a negative way. The ones that, once gotten rid, will dissolve lots and lots of weight from your shoulders.

But to really get hold of these, to see them and cut them by the root, then a for most people "radical" new perspective is needed. It's not that it is actually radical, it is only the truth, but it is seen as radical by most.

This "new" perspective originates in the truth about the self and who you really are. Now, because most people are identified with their individual self they are identified with everything contained in a self which includes among other things:

- Personal history
- Thoughts
- Emotions
- The physical body

I am coming back the addiction thing later on so bare with me. Now ,if you really look at it. Personal history; Let's say you are a newborn baby and nothing has happened to you yet. You exist, right? You still have no personal history at all, you are a blank sheet of paper. But you still exist. That is irrefutable. Jump ahead now in time until the present day. You realize you existed before any of your personal history. So any history written on your paper now is actually not who you are. You existed BEFORE that. Things that happen are things that happen. They are not who you ARE, they are just text on the paper.

Now, you can see that you are not the things written on that paper, you are the one who is reading it, you are the one watching it from the outside. Anything that happens, be it thoughts, emotions etc, You are the one who is AWARE of these things, which means you are not them. Like the physical body, you are aware of it, you are not it. Even when someone "dies" they go on living in the spirit world. So they don't have physical bodies in the sense we have here. Even the brain dies so you are not even a phenomenon created by the electrical activity in there.

So however you look at something that you think is YOU, it is still just being looked at. There is the AWARENESS of it. This awareness does not identify with anything. Right? Because awareness is simply being aware of whatever it is happening. That is all it does. there is no possibility to create a separate individual identity if it is seen that awareness cannot be located into one particular thing. You can not be identified with the body because there is awareness of the body. WHATEVER you look at, AWARENESS comes before it.

So what is all this nonsense about YOU being a separate individual located in a physical body, being the owner of your thoughts, your mind, and being separate from every other person and every other thing... That is simply an illusion.

One thing that is good at keeping this illusion in place, keeping it running, is the addiction we have to the outside world. We are dependent on extracting the emotions and the energy we are addicted to from the outside world to make us feel "good" and safe. We do this by throwing out different anchor points in life and then extracting energy from them. These anchors are things like:

- Girlfriend/Boyfriend
- Job
- Money
- Politics/Religion (or rather anything that gives a sense of belonging) etc.
- Parties
- Sex

And so on... I am not saying there is anything wrong with them. What I am saying is that we use these as a means of feeling "good" about ourselves. We identify with them so that they make the feeling of self stronger so that we can endure life. And should ANYTHING go wrong with some anchor point you have, then you get depressed. You fix this by adjusting this anchor point or throwing out a new one. * Life becomes a never ending rollercoaster between feeling good and bad.

Do you want this to continue? ALL of this has it's root cause in the false identification with a separate individual self.

The one you really are, awareness, is free from suffering. Because it is not identified with it. Suffering might happen. But it does not belong to anybody since there isn't anybody. It just happens and that?s it. We are all one and the same awareness/consciousness. This awareness is the ultimate freedom, bliss and peace.

Guest writer: Björn Knudsen
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