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Mana Machines

When the ancient Isrealites won their freedom from Egypt and entered the desert they didn't have any food.  The Bible tells us they ate "Mana"?  Turns out mana is made from water and a highly nutrious kelp.  But the strange thing is, How did they mak

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Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles


    I forgot where I origniall found this?....I know the original website has since been DELETED <typical>!?

    These engravings were found in a temple near Acheron I think it was called.  Clearly we can see various types of flying vehicles, one look

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What is this?

WOE...somethings developing or is in the process of developing my friends!?


We do not need to react with fear but we do need to be aware of what's going on here:


I found this anouncement and I want to pass it along to all of you:


There seem to be sig

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Underground and Underwater

There is a lot going on underground and underwater that lets face it people, mainstream media is either not privy to this information or they are completely unaware of it!?  My guess is they are unaware of it?


These are some files about under ground/

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The Mother Civilization

What are they trying to hide?


It sems strange that just a few months ago I was searching for information on this very subject and I came across some sites that talked about Egypt.  They were very good too had a lot of usefull information, but before

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