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Once Again

Hi All,

OMG!  Well it appaers that once again someone or something has hacked my email accounts and wreaked havoc, I have my suspicions but I'll keep it to myself.  I'm unsure as to what to do as I am getting an average of 21 to 25 attempts per/week.  I guess I'm really getting someones attention and/or wrath, LOL.  I don't know what to do as I LOVE Ashtar Command, but these hackers area really wreaking havoc, so what to do? What to do? Is the next question? 

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Where did you dissapear too?

Hi guys,


Hey I've been thinking a lot about you guys, NO I didn't pull a dissapearing act on you, I wouldn't do that to you guys.  I've been very, very, busy, got a lot on my plate now that my health has improved it's time to get caught up.  I just wanted to let you guys know I haven't forgotten about you and I'm thinking about you every day!!^_^  Luv Ya guys!!^_^

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Hey guys I wanted to start off by saying I hope everyone (If you celebrate in your country) I hope everyone had a very merry and fabulous Christmas!?  If you don't celebrate well hey i hope you had a most wonderful and blessed day anyhow!?^_^

OMG girls things are getting a might bit complicated for me and I need a breath of fresh air and a different perspective, one of the reasons I'm here, LOL!?

To begin I know I'm well (pretty, cute, good looking however you want to term it, LOL, NO I won't say beautiful NO...NO...NO and I am NOT a vain or conceeded person I had to include this for reference only, LOL) the problem is getting hit on by guys and enduring sometimes their rather rude comments!?

I hadn't noticed this was a problem but it seems to be getting that way and what to about it is becoming the second problem, LOL!? 

To begin I love Face Book and other social media, I well use it for spreading LIGHT and LOVE, LOL as a Light Worker you gotta use some form of media to spread the good cheer!?  My problem is well I'm getting a lot of guys on there and most of them are cool but I seem to be attracting these foreigners and well they are asking me for personal information like my phone number for one!?  Questions like these set off alarms in my head especially when I've only known the person for like a week and I only know them online and not in 3D!?  I had to go off on this guy (which I don't particularly like to do) because he was getting pushy-demanding-and controlling, UHM this is a BIG NO-NO with me, I have ZERO tolerance for these kinds of people.  He had been conducting himself candidly up until today and he pushed my buttons where I had to let him have it!?

Uhm I'm LESBIAN simply put so I'm not interested in men as far as relationship wise (so if you're a guy and you're reading this and you are interested in me PLEASE do me and yourself a favor and just move on to one of those online dating sites okay!?)

As far as I know AC is NOT affiliated or the kind of place for dating and such, so I feel comfortable here, but Face Book is becoming a bit of a the past I use to filter out men or people i thought were men, sorry guys I know this is wrong because you are not all bad, just like not all women are B*tches, LOL (and I hate that word BTW) LOL I didn't think that was a good idea filtering out the men because I can use there perspective in my work and for net-working so why should all guys be shut out simply because of a few bad apples???

It's just picking up on their signals and such is getting a little confusing??? Men think women are complicated WE ARE NOT, I find men more confusing than anything else!?  To me they all seem interested in one thing and one thing only and again I feel this a "stigma" something that's going on with my own beliefs that are getting in the way of having good, healthy friendships with men!?

Being someone who suffered from both domestic violence and a rape I was terrified of men for many, many years and I use to carry a gun for personal protection, but I realized through years and years of therapy that one cannot live their life in fear, but still the alarms go off when people start asking for personal information and when they get controlling and demanding then I loose all understanding and restraint towards them!? 

I'd like to hear from both guys and girls on this subject and how you handle it, give me your opinion, or ideas or just whatever you'd like to share would be most appreciated.

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On Every Street Corner

Lol I had a wierd dream this morning that caused me to awaken at 4:20 am.  I dreamed I had Donald Trump Billions and I was trying to figure out HOW I could make people aware that aliens are among us and that they're here?  What did I do, I hired a bunch of guys and used Hollywood makeup artists to create an army or Grey and Reptiloid looking aliens and i put them on street corners in every major city across the nation with signs that read: WE ARE HERE...WE ARE AMONG YOU!? LOL^_^


I WONDER if that would actually do any good?  I doubt it!?:(

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Love Conquers All

Good morning my brothers and sister of the light. 

I’m urging all members of Ashtar Command to boycott Chick Fil A restaurants in their areas.  As members of the new consciousness and the new world we are trying too build we must take a stand as beacons of the light and love of God and as testaments to what our creator has blessed us with. 

Hate when it rears it’s ugly face in all its forms is to be dealt with swiftly and unmercifully, regardless if it’s based on race, religion, handicap, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, the light and love of God shall shine through us and dissolve any creation of evil.  Let us love one another as our God has loved us, for God is love! 


God help us rise above the differences and distinctions that divide us!


Peace and Light and Love to you all^_^

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As we near 2012 time is literally speeding up.  From the begining of time, the time wave was massive in size, but as we near 2012 the wave is funneling itself into a smaller and smaller space, thus speeding up!!  <If I had my notes and my puter I could put up diagrams and such but I only have language so forgive me if this comes off in simplistic manner!?>












As we approach 2012 Time Wave NOW:



          >>>>>>  >>>>>>



         >>>>>> >>>>>>



As we near 2012 the wave will get smaller and smaller and more compressed:


>>>>>> >>>>>>


>>>>>> >>>>>>


Time will collapse in on itself as it tries to fit into a smaller and smaller space.


This is known to the governments of the world and is one of their dirty little secrets because they are unsure as to what is going to happen once the time wave collapses.  Gravity and Space has a literall effect on time, how do we know this by satellites.  Satellites orbiting space literally have to update thier internal clocks every 1/1,000 of a second!!  I found this tid bit of info watching a show on the History channel about the Time Wave, which makes me wonder how does the History Channel know about all this stuff and where are they getting their information from???^_^


This is a work in progress so check back on a daily basis as I will be updating this information daily!?^_^

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The Pleadies Equation


Be Who You Were Born To Be


The Pleadies Equation is a unique code locked within our DNA.  There are many different forms of the code, impartial, partial and complete.  The code is working faster to perpetuate itself as we see in the case of the "New Children" in China for instance.  The boding of pairs are creating more partial and complete codes.  This code becomes fully active when the 11:11 codes have been activated.  The 11:11 codes are actually part of the Equation.  The equation is part of everything, it exists in all things both animated and inanimate, natural and supernatural and on all planes, worlds and dimensions.


What Lyes Before You


Before you were born a plan was written by you and God, you might call it a "destiny" but this is still to small of a word to descirbe the complexity of this plan.  This plan (to explain it in laymens terms) are the family dynamics you were born into.  All lessons you will learn from childhood to death, friends and enemies you will interact with, karmic debts you will settle in this incarnation, how many relationships and marraiges you will have, if you have kids, add infinitum!  THE PLAN IS THE BLUE PRINT OR SCHEMATIC OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!


The Path is what lyes before you, it is the road you will walk in School House Earth.


The Path and the plan work hand in glove to guide you in fullfilling your lifes purpose!  The path and the plan adjust accordingly to the choices and descisions you make.  Irregardless of your choices the plan will adjust itself accordingly to work toward the ultimate goal of fullfilling your lifes purpose for the path and the plan are all part of the equation.  Despite our most sincerest and earnest efforts the equation (like a word processor can add, subtract, edit and even delete our plans!  You may think you know what's best for you, but the Equation TRULLY has your best efforts at heart!


We may think we know what's best for us, but the equation a tool of God is always out to maintain survival of the creation, YOU!


There is a say: The Best Plan for Today, is Better than the Perfect Plan for Tomorrow!

The Equation can anticapate tomorrow and will thwart our "Perfect Plan" to keep the creation in check this is a key component in understanding universal process' and WHY things play out the way they do.


The Equation is always at work in our lives adjusting and rewriting the Plan to keep us on course to full fill our lifes purpose.  The Equation can bring "helpers" into our life, they are those people who mysteriously show up at just the right time to lend a helping hand.  Helpers may be with us for a moment or for years if we're at a critical point in our lives.


There is another saying:  When a door closes a window opens.


Once more this is the Equation at work, when we find ourselves at a partticular place or in a particular situation when we're at thwe right place at the right time!


As long as our karma is in balance the Equation will work through people, places and things to benefit and bless us!


If our karma is out of balance do to negativity, the Equation will send "Sabatours" to thwart ones efforts.  We will find all manner of inconvenience thrown in our path and NOTHING will work out as planned!


When we awaken to the higher forms of consciousness (covered in the 7 stages of awareness) and we open our eyes to the Syncronicities we actually begin to see the Path and where it's leading, we see how the Plan is at work in our lives and we begin to be who we were born to be!


We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are.


If we look at our lives and we only see what we perceive as negativity, then negativity is all that we will find!  This is the "Secret" to optomism.  Is the glass half empty or half full in your universe?  What's the color of the sky in your world? On the outside there maybe simple sayings, but behind them when we apply them to the inside we realize there is wisdom behind these sayings.


The key to trully understanding who you trully are is through how you see the world.  Once you work on the inside then the outside will reflect what's on the inside.


How we see the world will change and reflect the changes on the inside!


How do we change?


There are many ways we can work on the inside, there are many forms of work that will come.


Therapy with a licensed and trained therapist is a great method to work on the inside.  Try reading inspirational and self help books.  Meditation and Tai Chi are excellent methids for working on the inside.  Taking long walks or bycicling are highly theraputic.  Working on hobbies is great fun, ad infinitum.


What we are on the inside will come to the surface on the outside.


How we perceive the world will be a direct reflection as to how we feel on the inside.  If the world seems to be a hostile place then you will find hostility everywhere you go!  If you find peace on the inside then peace is all you will find on the is all up to you and how you feel.^_^






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What Happened?

Hello Evereyone,


I know I have been absent for quite some time and many of you were concerned.  I'm sorry to put all of you guys through that, I had to leave at a the drop of the hat and didn't even get a chance to leave at least an explenation.  I went on a long, long journey and sort of got stuck.  First I had some serious health problems (This Acension sh*t (SORRY) really forked me up)...I had to go to the hospital twice and NO DOCTOR (OF COURSE) coulp help me, then I had a stroke in June of last year and a micro stroke in November on last year this all part of my journey and fighting something that was either trying to posses me and/or kill me.  This enemy was NO WEAKLING, I had to pull out the big guns for this guy....REESE I really could of used your help!?  Then I got stuck and it took my dear friend who is  a fantastic healer to help me recover.  Then I got stuck again....lets just say it was a thrilling adventure filled with excitment, discovery and a little fear.  I still got some loose ends to tie up, should be back on in the  next 90 days.  I hope all is well with all of you, Love you guys, it was GOD and your guys LOVE that got me through this one, THANX!! PEACE OUT:)

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WHAT ARE THESE KEYS? <They are Keys for unlocking Spritiaul Gifts and special abilities within oneself.  We all have GIFTS that GOD has given us, these keys unlock these gift!!>

WHAT WILL THEY UNLOCK? <The keys unlock the GIFTS!!>

WHAT DO THEY DO? <Unlock the GIFTS!!>

WHERE ARE THEY? <They are locked within ones DNA!!>

HOW WILL WE KNOW THEM? <You will know them when you discover them!!> 

HOW DO THEY WORK? <Only you know how to work them!!>

WHAT ARE THEY FOR? <See above!!>

WHEN WILL WE FIND THEM? <You must develop the uncanny ability to literally go within your body down to the cellular level and look within your DNA, then and only then will you find the keys!!>

WHY DO WE NEED THESE KEYS? <To unlock our gifts!!>

WHO ARE THESE KEYS FOR? <They are for each indavidual who wishes to unlock the gifts!!>




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From - The Chronicles of Evereska

From the Chronicles of Evereska

By Sashia Ishizu

My people call themselves the “Erai”, we hail from the Pegasus Galaxy. We are an ancient people, both technologically and spiritually advanced. Our culture is divided into two groups, the conformists and the non-conformists.

The conformists are those who stick to the old traditions, old customs, etc though there are people of all ages within this group, they are comprised of older people mostly. The conformists are also more adept spell casters more spiritually developed and have greater knowledge/awareness when it comes to concerns of “spiritual matters”. They also have greater understanding when it comes to the mystical devices and machines that implore mystical energy as their power source.

The non-conformists are those who have chosen not to follow the old traditions/customs they are more technologically intuitive and focus more of their time and knowledge into developing new technologies. They are comprised mostly of younger people though there are people of all ages that are non-conformists.

All Erai are spiritually developed and pursue their personal spirituality as much as the next guy, these are not the “rules” per say, it’s just the conformists have a greater amount of knowledge and their focus is spell craft where the non-conformists tend to focus more on technology.

We have over the years developed a number of technologies to power our ships, cities, aircraft, etc. Like Terrans we had our time period where we used fossil fuels and nuclear technology but soon came to realize the dangers adherent to these technologies and looked for cleaner and safer power sources. In the old days we developed electro-magnetic power devices to power our ships, the new ships use a form of perpetual power and the newer ships use a form of mystic power and/or psychokinetic power devices. It varies on the ship, model and designer/builder and class.

Our cities rely on a number of power sources, we use the natural elements of solar, wind, tide and geothermal, but we have also developed a sophisticated technology classified as (Earth Tech) which uses the planets own magnetic field as a power source. This technology has been develop on this planet but is being jealously withheld from the masses due to the political and economic ramifications of its existence and what would happen if it were to be released into mainstream society. (See or for more information).

This is an example of one of our ships; these massive ships have the ability to transform into massive robotic war machines. They are used solely for the purpose of defense and protection from hostile alien invasion. There are several of these ships on the fringes of Terra’s solar system.

There is a story on the internet about the emergence of one of our ships from a (Black Hole) aparently a picture was taken using one of the the planets telescopes. See ( for more information.

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The Nephilim - Angels?

The Nephilim - I've heard quite a bit about them, some say they were giants but also they are (Angels) and this doesn't sit well with me as the (Angels) I know are niether giants nor are they evil creatures! But I do have some material to peruse here at your liesure:

Giant Skeletons?

See here for more info>>>>>>>Genesis 6 GIANTS3.htm

Giant Human Sheletons and other odd finds?

Huge Skeletons

I also heard somel unusual stories about a site found in the (Grand Canyon)? (1) that an area had been found that contained items from ancient (Greece)?

(2) Another area was found containing items/ruins of what appeared to be of (Egyptian) origin?

(3)A third area was found containing a huge mummy of unknown origin which was later sealed off to the public by the government?

I have more stuff but I'll have too look around for it!?~_~

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I forgot that the (Ashtar Messages) don't support files, maps, etc...let me know if this stuff is helpful?~_~

The globe represents all the UFO activity sightings, etc for the entire planet in 1973.

This map is for 1947 (it represents ALL the reported UFO sightings and/or activity for North America in 1947)?

The second map is for 1957

and the third map is for 1973. I'm trying to find more modern maps though!? So far zippo...

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Latest Images from Hubble

Hi All, I wanted to share these beautiful images from the Hubble Telescope...these are the latest. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do. The universe is a beautiful place as you will see from these photos. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.^_^

View More images just click on the link>>>

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Edgar Cayce Reading #3976-15

As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater part of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. The will be changes in the Artic and the Antartic that will make for eruptions of volcanoes in the torrid areas and there will be shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semitropical will become the more tropical and moss and fern will grow.

From Apocalypse 2012 Page (53)

Will these events occur and more importantly will they occure in our lifetime??? The changes in the artic and Antartic, could that be pertaining to the Ozone??? And the land rising from the ocean of the east coast of America, could they be talking about Atlantis??? All these events going on so close to "2012" is intriguing??? I am curious as to this new discovery of ancient ruins in the Caribean....could this have anything to do with this "New land" rising from the ocean???

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One simple thing you can do is make what I call a (God Box) takea simple box and decorate it with holy symbols, do it the way you would to appease your higher power. Then spend a night and consecrate the god box say a prayer or two over it. I you have a problem what you do is write it on a pice of paper and put it in the god box. At the end of the week take the pieces of paper out and burn them. This has been rather helpful in my journey.

For negative thoughts what I do is enter a medatative state. Then visualize a bag or box over your head, put the negative thought or feeling inside the bag/box and seal it up. then send it out two the universe. This is a helpful exercise for removing negative thoughts or feelings.

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The history of Telos tells a story of Lemuria. The Age of Lemuria extended from 4,500,000 B.C. to 12,000 B.C. This huge land included areas of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Easter Island, Australia, and New Zealand. Its east coast extended from present day California to part of British Columbia. They lived on the fifth dimension and could move between the fifth and third dimension. Its race came from other galaxies such as Sirius and Alpha Centauri. The Lemurians created a paradise. About 25,000 years ago, the two great civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria fough over ideology. The Lemurians believed less evolved cultures should be left alone to evolve at their own pace, while the Altantians believed that these lower civilizations should be placed under the control of Atlantis and Lemuria. They fought vicious wars with nuclear weapons. About 15,000 years before the big war that destroyed Lemuria their priests petitioned Shamballa, the capital of the underworld civilizations, to build a city under Mount Shasta to preserve its civilization and records. People at that time lived 20,000 to 30,000 years. The Lemurians convinced the Masters of Wisdom of that era that they learned the lessons of war and aggression. They were granted permission to build a city under Mount Shasta. Another nuclear war took place took place 12,000 years ago that devastated Lemuria. The Lemurians built a city for 200,000 inhabitants under Mount Shasta, but only 25,000 made it to the new city of Telos. They moved the Lemurian records and sacred flames to Telos (Jones. "About Lemuria and Telos").

Telos is a city of the Argathan Network that is made up of over 100 cities. Its capital and seat of government is Shamballa. All cities are of the light. They honor spiritual teachers of the surface including Sananda/Jesus, Buddha, and Osiris. These cities were built to keep records, sacred teachings, and technologies. Two other cities are Posid and Rama. Posid is located in Mato Grasso plains of Brazil and is Atlantian in origin with a population about 1.3 million. Rama is the remnant of an Indian surface city with a population about 1 million. ("Subterranean Worlds").

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Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred mountains of our planet. The legend of the mountain includes stories about angels, spirit-guides, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and great masters. Lemurians allegedly live in the underground city of Telos, This city serves as an inter-planetary and inter-dimensional portal. Telos is also called "The Crystal City of Light of the Seven Rays." In the future Telos will manifest on the planet's surface. There will be a merging of Telos and Mount Shasta City (Jones "About Mount Shasta")

Telos is a large city about 1.5 million inhabitants. The city exists in a dome. Its size is two miles in depth and 1.5 miles in area. Telos means "communication with spirit." Its language is Solar Maru, the root language for Sanskrit and Hebrew. The average height of its people is 6.5 to 7.5 feet. The people of Telos live long lives. Many are thousands of years old but look thirty or forty. Telos has a King named Ra and a Queen called Ramu Mu. A council of twelve that is composed of six men and women governs the city. . There is no money system as all the inhabitants basic needs are cared for. They use barter to exchange luxury goods. Their predominant spiritual activity is Ascension that involves visiting different dimensions, particularly moving from the third to the fifth dimension and is learned in temple training.

Telos is a technologically advanced civilization. They have a remarkable transportation system. The inner-city transportation is composed of elevators and electromagnetic sleds. The people of Telos travel between other underground cities on an electromagnetic subway that moves at 3,000 miles per hour. Telos is a member of the Confederation of Planets, and its people travel to other worlds. They possess inter-dimensional spacecraft. Their computer system is amino acid based and is linked to other underground cities and galactic civilizations. Each family and individual has its own computer

The city is made up of five levels. The most important is the first level, which is the center of education, administration, and commerce. Its central structure is a temple that holds 50,000 people. Other facilities include government buildings, entertainment centers, a palace for the King and Queen, a spaceport, and schools. On other levels, there are manufacturing centers, hydroponic gardens, and circular houses ("Subterranean Worlds").


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