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A beautiful aweakening...

I imagine myself sorrounded by dolphins,

lying in the air,

and then we sorrounded by lions,

and then sorrounded by cats,

and then sorrounded by flowers,

And then sorrounded by drops of water swirling in sacred geometric shapes,

and then sorrounded by sound

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i'M A damn Idiot. Help.

/////////////////////////// THE ONE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I'm God.

Here is a clue to find out who you really are.

Say with proud the bad words of your language as if it were you. I'm and Idiot, I'm stupid, I'm bad.

Here everything is backwards,

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A map of higher dimensions


It's us.


The world of emotions


The world of thought


The world of essences. E.g. Love finds the lover.


The world of sounds derivated of your association with the 6D essences. E.g. If you are lovable and spread love, you are sorround by this esse

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Being of violet flame

This mantra of the violet flame it's a transmuter.

REMEMBER, the mantra itself IS ALIVE. It's a being from a higher dimension. It's a being expert in transmutation. If you know the mantra, you already know the being, hence if you see the purple, you c

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