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  • The role of GFL Ground Crew Global, is to co-ordinate sector commands, in support of internationally placed members of the EARTH ALLIANCE, as interlocutors, linking the GFL "flight crew" operations, with Earth Alliance agents..

    Earth Alliance comprises talented people, internationally....and in all spheres of endeavours, possessing a great variety of specialist skillsets, working in unison, in support of ridding Earth of the dark cabal and it's evil minions and expediting a transition, which will lead humanity to freedom and abundance and finally, ASCENSION...This is known as "the Plan" and is a microcosmic version of the DIVINE PLAN.....the macrocosmic...

    My immediate Ground Crew superior, is a Major General, who is the SGO, or Senior Global Officer, for GFL Ground Crew operations...He is a Russian telepath and Plejaren starseed, but views his role through the lens of co-operating nations, working in harmony, even if in practice, that might not always seem to be the case...The vanities that motivate politicans and central bankers, abound...

    Nevertheless, beyond governments, international organisations and NGOs, are the people of the world, which is of salient importance to us, as we encourage the great awakening in all lands...

    👏🏻How far the people of the world have come, with regards to the great awakening process, over these past years...Soon those on the left of politics, will also realise that the so-called DNC leftwing in America and the various "labour" and "liberal" movements of the west, are not truly with the people, but rather enemies of the PEOPLE....

    Decadent and dark elites, vs the People.....The elites using the pretence of humanitarianism, liberalism, socialism and internationalism, to hoodwink many.. but the many are awakening to this falsehood and rebelling against it, now, in greater and greater numbers.....Now concluding that national and individual sovereignty, not top-down control, is the better way forward, to liberation and prosperity, in a new world free of our true enemies, in central banking....The debtor system, of endless debt slavery..The left must and will, now join the right, in political matters and beat the real enemies of humanity, the dark cabal...We are the army of the People.....We are GFL Ground Crew...👏🏻🎖️🎖️🎖️

  • And a merry Christmas to you, dear friend.....!! 😉And, my gratitude for these amazing energy upgrades, is boundless.....I FEEL IT.....!! It is happening, beyond all doubts..2024 will be both exciting, thrilling, dangerous and a white knuckle ride, leading to victory for the light..

    🎄🎅🏻 A Drekxmas gift of music for you.....

  • As in America, likewise in Britain, the dark cabal operate a deep state military/industrial complex, which is used to attack Federation craft, when they can....Mostly they fail to down GFL craft, but sometimes they are "lucky," as in the event in Wales, near the village of Pentyrch, in a forested area....
    This video, though not perfect in it's re-enactment, basically demonstrates that the British army did indeed fight a fierce battle to capture the craft, which was a genuine ET craft and GFL....

    Although, the makers of the attached video did not know anything else I can state that the ship was a specialist observation craft of the star nation of Hamal, or Alpha Aries...which is actually an equilaterial triangle shaped, triangular craft, of 240 feet in length...This ship was effectively crippled in the fight, the crew killed by the British army, using some very exotic weaponry, conventional weapons and using techniques deployed over decades of practice...
    As stated, they were "lucky" with this one and do not usually succeed in downing Federation craft..

    See this video, which provides some ideas of the event and the usual deep state coverup and threats to local witnesses...Plus the forensics teams deployed in the area, to remove any evidence left...

    This event took place in February 2016...

    A side note: The crew killed were of the system they describe as "Japosdalar," and of a hybrid type...Andromedan/Dinosaurian...

  • Spy vs spy...🕵🏻‍♂️vs🕵🏿‍♂️..Glad this got out in the Durham report....:

    British intelligence regarded the FBI probe into Trump, as "corrupt and incompetent." British intel knew the fakery, right from the start and mentioned this.....So refused to co-operate with the Mueller investigation...😜

    So you can appreciate that the globalist deep state don't like us very much in Blighty......😉

  • Corporations continue to prove how insane they are..The latest being Adidas, advertising women's swimwear, using a male model....🙄

    Yet another woke suicide for company profitablity, as they turn away their female customers, with idiotic political theatrics....Or to put it bluntly, go woke, to go broke...!! 🙄

    Well, I did say to expect weirdness, as we are currently living upon the lower astral plane, in which this type of upsidedown "thinking" is prevalent....Notice the dreamlike qualities of our world, at present, where nothing makes sense and all is totally insane......?? Actually, it makes sense to esotericists, if not anyone else, as we recognise the lower astral, for what it is....A place of evil and goodness, existing side by side.....The most wicked people rubbing shoulders with the most advanced minds and hearts....A place in which criminal abomination is forced upon the innocent....It is also absolutely laughable, as mad people compete to be madder and who can be the most mad...And in all spheres of human activities: Politics, science, academia, business, religion, arts, media, et al.....🤣

    There will come a "time" in which those of us who have attained mastery over our lower natures, relatively speaking, will move on up (in vibes) to the higher astral, leaving behind the insanity of the dark cabal and it's "human" pondlife, animal/human/robots.....
    🤖🦧👿These weird beings will simply disappear from reality, then....Our reality......

    This is one example...Expect more, as the mad never learn from mistakes and repeat them, over and over...🤣

  • Why is ´George Soros´ spamming Russia?
  • Happy Christmas Alternate...Have a great time and be merry, in spite of all the gloom and doom, in the secular culture...🎄🎄🎄🎅🏻
  • 😉🪆Elina was so impressed by the efforts of porters and guides, on mount Kilimanjaro, when she was in Tanzania, that she decided to aid them with a fund raising program and cover their activities in this vlog, just posted..👍🏻

    She says: "When you watch vlogs about climbing mount Kilimanjaro, bear in mind that the real heroes of this climb are the porters and the guides. I will give you a glimpse into the life of one porter and one guide on the mountain. What are their stories? Why do they do such an exhausting job? What are their dreams?


    The funding details for any donations are here, if you wish to contribute:

    Western Union:
    Id number 19911003257230000229; name WILLIAM ROGATH MUSHI, phone number +255699325684
    Bank account:
    Account number
    Swift code, CORUTZTZ. P.O.BOX 26 TARAKEA , ID NUMBER 19911003257230000229.

    Bank account:
    Bank code 047, Branch code 3012, Swift code EQBLTzTz
    Account no 3012111412885, ALEX MAHIMBO

  • The vidio question does that mean there was a transfer that walked in can see on camera but the guard could hear him???
  • Selamat balik jarinbha,

    Evolution of people, planets and solar systems......
    Yes I appreciate what you say, but, each of these planets, including Earth, possesses a crystalline core, or central "sun," which emits high amounts of bandwith, EMS and beyond the spectrum...The infrared heat emitted will be calibrated in accord with the distance from the actual Sun Solaris.....So even a water-world located outside of Martian orbit, will be able to maintain a viably constructive inner warmth...The sun compensates her children, after the adjustments are made....A living planet , with a viable biosphere, results...And of course, we are talking of a system that has entered the 5th dimension.......It will have a multiple plane expression....
    Note that heat will be emitted from the planet core and vacate through the poles and out into both inner and outer atmosphere...

    Planets and sun are living and communicate with each other...Feedback is made....If a planet has guardians, it receives special grace...
    Think of the way bodily organs interact with the brain and nervous system and hormones are released, as required for a particular result...?? Well, as above so below...!!

    The divinely planned change to planets and moons, is not simply an artistic fancy, but a seriously calibrated alteration, which changes the overall tone of the system....Such a tone raises the whole to 5th dimension and above and also moves the Solaris system closer to Sirius....By several light years...
    This is the will of the Logos...Lord Surea.....
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"Skeleton Specters up all their arses!"
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"Russian intel told US officials, before the Ukranian war escalated, that kamala was a victim of directed energy weapon in Thailand, I think, but definitely somewhere in Asia at a US consulate-her brain fried a little-try and find some vids form 2020…"
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"Let's wait and see what the AI's do with channeling;
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"you can buy my book on alltimeprice.com, a S Korean company-you can also find it on sites like KOBO that translate-

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